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Biggest Range

Purlins & Girts

Stratco produces an extensive purlin range with 8 web heights and 6 thickness combinations, from 75mm to massive 400mm purlins capable of impressive spans. Fascia purlins are also available in the larger sizes. The following table shows the thicknesses available:

WeB DepTh In mIllImeTRes Thickness 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 1.9mm 2.4mm 3.0mm 75 100 150 200 250 300 350 400

Installer friendly bridging system

Rapidfix bridging is a very fast and easy to install system developed with your installer in mind. The receiver end has a unique locator tag that allows both ends to be held in place. Installation is easier and faster for the rigger who is operating Rapidfix will save both time and money.

well off the ground, often in windy and difficult conditions.


and are trade marks of Copyright, July 03 Stratco (Australia) Pty Limited.

Stratco (Australia) Pty Limited.

simply the best purlins for your project

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Best service

comply with Australian / New Zealand Standard AS/NZ 4600 : 1996 Cold formed steel structures, using the latest software at the University of Sydney. They are your guarantee developed by the Centre for Advanced Structural Engineering of strength and

Stratco offers the fastest service in town. Installation of new state of the art machinery allows not only faster production times, but greater flexibility to meet your needs. A guide to standard lead times can be seen in the table below: For larger projects, some additional time may be required.

structural sufficiency.

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Stratco Rapidfix is a range of quality purlin and bridging products designed and produced by stratco.

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Top Quality

Stratco purlins are crisp, clean and square and by any assessment are a quality product. There is no need to tolerate rounded corners, inaccurate lengths, or out of square purlins any more. Insist on quality Stratco purlins for your project.

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Give stratco purlins a try

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying Stratco purlins and girts on your next project. Quality, ease of use, service, competitiveness and personal follow up are an the test

weight, and a long serviceable life.

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Stratco Engineers have carried out extensive testing on both purlins and girts, and on the Rapidfix bridging system.

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