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The story has begun in the middle of the 30s in the II world war. My name doesnt matter; I was in an army squad in a navy force. My crew looked into some Hitlers movements in France. He was considerated as real threat by the alliance nations, especially USA.

In that moment, we found out privileged information about the design of an extreme dangerous massive destruction weapon. Our mission were destroy it and come back at home with a real physical prove on that.

Our contact in France, told us the exactly location of the weapon. He continued informing all security aspects that the weapon had for your destruction. Besides he told us about the surveillance that protected the weapon. After that our Captain made up an infiltrations strategy that it started at 01:00 hours.

Later, we managed to get into the enemy base; we could see an amazing and terrifying

construction. This base could guard more than 10000 soldiers, tanks, armed vehicles, and lots of weapons and bullets.

We could see the weapon, it was the most terrible and awful invention. This weapon could destroy a big city in few second, your size was little, easy transportation in fact this weapon was to be moved by sea into a faster ship.

Our plan must be at night, It was the only opportunity for blew up the weapon. Afterwards, the captain ordered was moved quickly for the security didnt detect us, unfortunately a guard that was watching shouted out to their partners and screamed: we have intruders into the base!

The alarm started to ring after that a soldier turned on the switch, the guns shouted in all directions until a bullet passed away to our captain. My team was confused, in shock; we didnt know to do however in that moment one of the team partners told us: Distracted at the enemy meanwhile me active the bomb for blew up the weapon.

Then of these words, we began to combat with the enemy, I could see how my team was falling down into the camp, I couldnt believe it my team was over, at this moment I wish I had an opportunity to see my family again.

When the cruel combat finished, we had few bullets, we had some lost and the enemy was

growing up every times more.

My faith and hope were disappearing until my partner could look at the exactly point where we had to put the bomb and after he was going to activated it by destructions weapon. In addiction he warned us that the bomb was armed and we need to run away in less of 5 minutes.

We could found an exit near to us then we get escaped in a ship and the same time we could feel the explosion into the base. With that explosion sound my team and I understood that our mission had been finished.

Thats my story; nowadays I continued thinking back my team and their familys tears, especially when they received the notice that their families (fathers, cousins, uncles) had been killed in the mission.

Now, I live in a veteran hospital. Im trying to recover my life. These images cant leave of my mind. I feel fear in the real world. Now the war is in my head