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What does it really mean to be healthy?

by Jivanmukti
"To be healthy does not mean only physical health. True health is formed out of overall physical, mental (includes emotional) and spiritual aspects. Thus, knowledge of proper management of health on all levels is the most precious form of knowledge, one should get access to and preserve. Preservation of this knowledge happens automatically when people make it a part of their daily routines and pass it on to further generations. This knowledge should be comprehensive and easily applicable in everyday life. First of all, true health science should help people prevent frequent illnesses and show methods to improve immunity and hormonal system that would result in slower aging and overall balanced body/mind spirit state. Health sciences cannot be static or one-sided since our work and household environment; social and cultural aspects are in a constant process of change and renewal, introduction of new features and practices, diets and lifestyles. Previously, people lived in more static conditions based on agriculture and manual labour. At the moment we are facing a different scenario. We are surrounded by electronic devices, automatic machines and city environment. As humans, we operate through the complex nervous and hormonal systems. They are a communication bridge between our physical and mental apparatus. That is why, when we are stressed for a prolonged period of time, our hormonal system fails to perform well and we start facing indigestion, gaining weight, age faster and get easily tired and depressed. Mental balance and proper nourishment are crucial here. Mind literally shapes our body by sending impulses of the nervous system to the hormonal system. The hormonal system this way sends impulses to the subgroups of organs and their systems. When we expose our body often to the unsuitable for our body constitution environment or artificial diets, we are prone to harm our hormonal system. It results in "a broken bridge between the body and mind, metaphorically speaking. This in turn leads us to inner conflicts and overall undernourishment of our systems. This conflict if not prevented in time is going to sooner or later manifest incurable (for the mainstream medicine) diseases, such as diabetes, Alzheimer, mental depression, psychosis, anorexia, cancer, HIV, other. The mainstream medicine may have their theories and other reasons and explanations on why those diseases occur and are incurable. The problem with the modern science however, is that they cannot access other aspects of our being besides the physical. Thus, their approach cannot grant us a complete picture on the subject and cannot form the complete medicinal science.

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The current medicine is good at resolving acute infections, blockages, and traumas. It has found the ways and chemical solutions to sustain even a half-dysfunctional or in coma body alive, for long. The point of human life however, is not to sustain or prolong life to a sick body that is going to keep on indulging in all kinds of abnormal unnatural stimulating activities. The point of life and of the health maintenance is to maintain physical and mental balance and to live in overall contentment, naturally and in the union with all aspects of one's being, so that one is able to grow spiritually. Sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda introduced to the humanity from the beginning of times, speak of the same. No matter how ancient their methods and techniques for health preservation, rejuvenation and prevention of old age may appear, they are still effective and applicable to the modern environment. They emphasise the importance of body preservation and overall body/mind health maintenance for the sake of spiritual evolution. The essence of Yoga and Ayurveda is human spiritual evolution in a healthy body. Yoga and Ayurveda are very effective at the following: preventing illnesses, accurate diagnostics without application of machines, curing even incurable diseases, rejuvenating the body and enhancing mental functions. We need a healthy body/mind structure in order to evolve spiritually and to live in contentment and bliss. Normal life and health should result in those. Al other states are signs of imbalance and some sort of illness. Hence, we may assume that 95% of the current population is sick to some extent. Spiritual growth is not possible in a sick abnormal body with the imbalanced nervous and hormonal systems. In most of the ancient civilizations (Greece, Rome, Egypt, Sumerian, other) a strong healthy body was a cult and a sign of spiritual and worldly attainment. It is only during the Medieval Times the age of political and religious wars, ignorance and disease that spirituality and a crooked body went along. It is due to the Medieval Christianity (Churchanity) the false notion of spirituality of suffering and severe bodily austerities were introduced. Since then, they have been deeply rooted in and a part of the collective consciousness of the European and American societies until today. Religious and spiritual ignorance took suffering as a sign of spiritual progress and sainthood. However, the truth is that people with broken or damaged spine, for instance cannot progress spiritually in an integrated way. The integrated way is to integrate spirituality into the body. It means to support one's life in a healthy body/mind structure in the union with the spirit. This is the goal of any yoga science to return to the point when everyone is able experience a blissful state of existence, being conscious of themselves in a healthy balanced body. Sometimes illnesses and life challenges may reorient us towards spiritual matters and give us a lesson and a life experience of a great importance. However, they are not any sign of punishment from Above or anything like that. Most of the mental/ physical diseases we face today are a result of the human activities, lifestyle, diet and approach to the environment. We punish ourselves. We forget the simple truth of life, which is to remain happy and enjoy every moment of our existence, free from
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expectations and time projections (of the past or of the future). To live in the present moment is to be conscious each moment of self and the surrounding and enjoy each action, feeling and situation to its depth. This enjoyment however, can be interpreted in so many ways. Real enjoyment of a simple just being-ness can be only experienced in a healthy, free from addictions body. Although, who can tell the difference, if one has never experienced contentment and bliss of a healthy body? How can one compare if one is born in a sick society, where the socially accepted overall notion and standard of physical health do not correspond with the evolutionary universal spiritual understanding of health? We know of health only through the media and what is dictated and imposed on us from the average medical and educational system. As a whole, people live in ignorance towards understanding of the meaning of their birth, understanding of purpose of their life, their own body and mind, not to mention the spirit. The core message here is to start paying more attention and learn to become more aware of ones body/mind/spirit existence. We need to know the vehicle we drive so that we can prevent imbalances or if something happens to it we know ways to fix it. This knowledge is universal. However, due to the common disagreement with the current advocating of the mainstream medicine, natural qualities and methods to restore physical/ mental balance and prevent diseases before they manifest, is lost or not propagated. It is very unfortunate for the future generations to come. Technocratic network society is not the sign of a human progress here. What we pass on to our coming generations is in the form of a seed. This seed is formed by an interaction between a male and a female species during copulation. This seed is an essence of our overall health. It is a result of our diet, lifestyle and spiritual evolution. That is why noble bloodlines for example were preserved and their maintenance was sacred. Marriage was viewed and guarded as the most sacred act for the preservation of the tribe and its genetic code. Unfortunately, today, the majority of young men and women are facing tremendous problems with their bodies and minds already at a tender age. They use a lot of chemicals and artificial hormonal misbalancing substances. It is going to result in a dismal overall picture of a future human society. It is sad for some intellectuals and spiritually advanced people who have realised the value of human evolution and life through healthy body maintenance. For the rest, though, it is "normal", "a part of life", "socially accepted", and "supported by all governments and the corporate world" system of living. The standard of health we hear and know of is a slavery-like state of existence, where one's creative intellectual and spiritual abilities cannot sprout out and develop to the fullest. According to the mainstream medicine that addresses symptoms rather than root causes of illnesses, healthy body means a body with no severe damage to its system that could be recorded by modern medical machines. It means that until one gets cancer or brain damage, no one is able to record the process of its development and prevent its development. It is

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because the official medicine is faceless and addresses people in a much standardised way, as if they are faceless too. This system lives on making the billions on production of chemical drugs and vaccinations, medical equipment and keeping people in a drug-induced state and ignorance. For the past 100 years we have lost human touch and moral approach to medical science. The contemporary system and its major branches make money from human body exploitation in various forms. Agriculture, education, the social system and the corporate world support this money-making machine. Health industry is the most profitable industry in the world. It lives on disease and misfortune of billions of people, with other systems supporting it. Today, the doctor is paid to cure diseases rather than to prevent them. It means it is more profitable for the doctor to keep people unhealthy because he gets paid for that. If the doctors and the entire medical system were based on prevention of diseases and were paid for that, we would be the healthiest human nation. The doctors have to be paid for preventing diseases, and have to offer free services to cure them in case they failed to keep us healthy. Then the system would be for the benefit of the human. For now, the doctors and the entire medical system benefit from the unhealthy population and its problems. Hence, they are motivated to keep us ill to earn more. When our governments realise the importance of the human evolution through healthy nation and spiritual development the entire system is going to change. Until then, the future looks as gloomy as the present. Ayurveda, on the contrary gives us knowledge to detect even a slightest change in the body/mind system through face and tongue, nail diagnoses. Ayurveda is able to detect illnesses on their early stages of development before they turned into chronic or incurable. These diagnoses show weaknesses of certain organs and their sub-systems on the early stages of illness development. These stages of the illness development are left unnoticeable by the mainstream medicine and its machines. According to Ayurveda though, imbalances have to be prevented on early stages by correcting diet and lifestyle before they turn into any serious form of imbalance and disease. Ayurveda does not require machines to detect abnormal states of health in any part of the body. Its tools are so simple and effective that an Ayurvedic practitioner or a doctor can make exact diagnoses instantly by just interacting with a client. Ayurveda and Yoga Sciences however, are not profitable for the corporate world, since they give people knowledge and tools how to prevent diseases by themselves and live free from chemical drugs. That is why true Yoga and Ayurveda are not promoted in the society. Only the commercial yoga and Ayurveda that play by the rules of the corporate world are seen all over on the market. We are humans and a part of one eco-system. Each body has its own constitution, genetic inheritance and signs. Only those can be called as doctors, who know and can read the signs of the body and its first signs of imbalances before they yet manifest as an incurable disease or result in a severe damage of one or many body/mind systems. Why body/ mind system? It is because they are not separable units of one system. They operate as one system. When
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the bridge between them is broken or slightly damaged or there is a deficiency in the system, one is prone to various imbalances. The issues if not fixed soon may result in physical/ mental illnesses and overall disharmonious existence. When we experience constant fatigue, apathy and stress at work, in relationships, in interaction with others, it is the first sign of a probable damage in the link and a coming with it future sickness. When we are not content with ourselves, we are not able to build healthy relationships around us and pass on a positive model of those to our younger generations. We are not able to stay in friendly and peaceful relations with people. We are irritable and fearful. Irritability and fear are very clear signs of the overall health imbalances in the system that happen through wrong lifestyle and diet and destroy our life from within. We are not able to be successful in our career, at work, lack creativity and motivation, are in a constant stress, restless and unable to concentrate. When one is in balance one is able to approach everything through the feeling of inner contentment. In this state of true health, one thinks clearly, knows exactly what one needs and how to build ones life, how to live within one's true li fe purpose and how to maintain peace around. This is the true happy existence in a healthy body. The fact that we have a nice job, get a good salary receive respect and gratification, have a great family and children, or have fun on weekends with friends, go out and travel, or have a nice spiritual club, does not mean we are happy, healthy and content within. Contentment is only possible in a healthy body/mind. When the body vibrates positive currents, they result in the peaceful concentrated tension-free yet focused and conscious mind, good mood and overall neutral state of acceptance of life and joyful state, free from a need of stimulation or extra activities in life. Too many activities result in restlessness. And the restlessness of the mind results in a hectic lifestyle. The hectic lifestyle results in undernourishment of the entire body/mind system. This undernourishment reflects on our self-perception, confidence-level, emotional states. Most of the people, today are emotionally depleted or in a constant search for emotional stimulation. Our social system aims at keeping us emotionally stimulated, so that we end up being emotionally dependent on those stimulants. This dependency creates a certain mental urge to project one-sided reality, where those emotions would get stimulated and receive short-term satisfaction. Constant emotional stimulation in turn leads to our inability to view the world out of our stimulated mental projections (desires) box. It occupies our mind with a need to daily look for varieties of the stimulations. Another problem is the on-going overproduction of things and services. It is again a result of the overall mental instability of the contemporary society and its desire to project more and more variety. Most of the people do not even notice how foolish and self-destructive this constant race of innovation and over-production is. It is the fact that with the current mental, emotional and physical state we are unable to project out of the box and see that no matter how advanced or fancy or slightly faster vacuum cleaner we use, it is going to
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remain the vacuum-cleaner. The fact is that all what supposed to be produced for human household consumption, for instance has been already introduced 100-50 years back. The corporate world of competition and profit though is keen on stimulating our scenes and emotions, introducing us same products in a slightly updated form or version, and in a better, more exciting wrapper. Sometimes we end up buying absolutely unnecessary things simply because someone brainwashes us from the TV/newspapers, on the radio, through movies and cartoons, at social institutions, stores or direct sales. We are practically unable to distinguish necessary from unnecessary and make clear choices. That is why we are in a constant need for more money. The old truth about money says that not all those are wealthy who possess much money but those who need less. It is very well applicable to our contemporary society and its consumerism. If every one of you looks through home clothes, electronics, other things, you are going to discover that half of the things you have accumulated are not needed. We bought them emotionally. Our healthy reasoning is under pressure by unhealthy social trend to buy and accumulate. It has become a tremendous psychological issue in the society of a human nation. It keeps our minds and emotions in a restless state and reflects on our physical condition in the form of hormonal disorders and indigestion. Hormonal disorders and indigestion lead to slow metabolism and when supported by the fast/ junk food diet, or wrong combination of foods very often result in obesity, diabetes, chronic liver and kidney problems, sexual dysfunction and inability to have healthy children, In this state we may also face mental/ psychological instability and emotional imbalances. We should learn to never stimulate mind more than the body or the body more than the mind. In the case of stimulation of one more than the other, the imbalance in the system occurs. It leads to the overall stress and tension, inner dissatisfaction and physical discontentment. Now as we know of the reasons we can make choices to continue as it is or become more conscious in our choices of lifestyle, diet and approach to life. This choice is in the heart of every individual. Today, we are able to both take a lead of our own life and spiritually progress by laying a stable foundation of healthy balanced body/mind before attempting to engage into any serious spiritual practices, or we may continue as we do now and end up engrossed in a chemical slavery and the overall suffering, devoid of contentment and bliss. Contentment and bliss are the states of consciousness and the signs of a healthy natural way of existence. Our human structure is such that to ensure overall health we need to pay attention at the environment we live in, diet and lifestyle. They do affect our body and mind (emotions). We mostly consist of water. Pure water is vital for our well-being and long life. Plenty of water consumption daily makes it easier for the body to detox and lubricate our skin.
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Consumption of foods that are fresh and organically grown is another way to preserve good health. It is crucial to understand that our body is a crystallized light. In order to keep it healthy we need light in various forms as well as plenty of water. We are just a bit more complicated than plants. We receive light in the form of grown in the sunlight plants. We consume dairy products, that have been produced by cows and sheep that eat grass. The grass grows and gains potency if three factors are in balance: plenty of fresh good water, sunlight and fertile soil. Plants are more primitive forms of the crystallized light, however they collect and assimilate light within, making it useful for consumption for more advanced forms of the crystallized light beings - animals, birds and humans. When humans consume organic fruit and vegetables, as well as nuts, beans and herbs they feed their entire system and should be certain to stay healthy on all levels. Such foods supply not only our physical structure but give nourishment in the form of energy to our mind, emotions and spirit. When other parts of our being (mental and spiritual) are undernourished, we lack motivation, creativity, easily fall into depression, are lethargic and subjected to fear and irritability without any reason, unable to think out of the box and are in constant ignorance of who we are and our true-life-purpose. Today our lives have become mechanical and robot-like. We are unable to feel permanent bliss, which is supposed to be our natural form of existence Hence, we start looking for chemical or other addictive ways to stimulate at least some sort of lower bliss in the body by means of sweets, sugars, over-salted foods, alcohol, drugs, TV, loud music and so on. I am not trying to say that all those are bad. However, if they occupy the most of our daily routine we turn into addictive slaves, unable to be content with selves. The root cause of all suffering in the society is inability to manage one's own body/mind/spirit structure and keep it in balance. The other root cause of suffering is comparison. It is based on inability to be content with self. It is a driving force for all the existing competition, over-production and envy. Out of those come physical irritations and illnesses, low confidence, inability to build proper relations with the people around, inability to live out of the box, think free, create constructively and enjoy life free from external stimulation. The reason for it all is undernourishment of our being on all levels. We may eat every day and a lot, yet our mind will be craving for stimulation. To learn practical methods and easy techniques how to maintain one's body/mind/spirit structure properly nourished and in balance is the vital need for every individual on this planet. We should take an individual choice now for ourselves and our family in order to ensure healthy future for our human nation. For the sake of our children and ourselves we should not accept or allow our society feed us with fast food, stimulants, sugar in all forms and proportions, alcohol, recreational and chemical drugs.

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We are unable to think independently and are hooked on senseless never-ending entertainment, TV and other forms of media (common ideology driven movies and cartoons). These dependencies make us faceless, dumb and depressive. We are not able to be in silence and content with ourselves. Current medical science cannot resolve most of the health and social issues. It cannot give us a tool to quickly and efficiently resolve possible imbalances in the body and mind. Ayurveda and Yoga are based on the thousands of years experience of civilizations and time-checked sciences for the overall human well-being and evolution. They resolve most of the issues without radical surgeries or other methods alike. You may keep on applying the mainstream medicinal practices for acute cases. However, when one aims at health youth and beauty maintenance practical methods of Yoga and Ayurveda are here to help you out. AYURGOOD Practical Spirituality Centre is established precisely with one aim to revive and introduce authentic knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda in the form of comprehensive programs for all categories of people. People who consider these sciences as spiritual may now discover their practical side and learn to apply and benefit from them in their daily lives. As a Founder of AYURGOOD and an expert in Siddha Sciences, Yoga and Meditation I would like to introduce our clients the best and the easiest ways to rejuvenate, detox, live free from tension and stress, improve personal relations and life in general (be it finance, health, love matters, children, addictions, beauty, career, spirituality). We offer authentic Siddha tools (Rudraksha, Gems, Ayurveda, Alchemy, Power of Resonance (mantra), Yoga and meditation techniques) as well as personal knowledge and presence to guide you on the way to a happy balanced and content living. During consultations or on seminars we teach people the Siddha art of living and introduce Yogic/ Ayurvedic techniques in an integrated way for daily application. In addition Jivanmuktis being spreads healing and transforming vibrations to people. These vibrations are beyond space and time. During personal or online interaction with Jivanmukti people happen to benefit physically mentally and spiritually. Their lives change, their body/mind structure activates and they discover a new way of being and living. In other words their lives transform. This transformation is evolutionary. It cannot be well-explained but can be experienced by anyone who is open and ready for a change. By changing individuals we are aiming at building a healthier, more intelligent and spiritually aware society, conscious about its environment, people and generations to come. Jivanmukti.

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