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Environmental Monitoring System from Cooper-Atkins Integrated with Intelligent I nSites Operational Intelligence Platform Healthcare providers to improve

patient safety and increase patient and staff sa tisfaction through integrated environmental monitoring solution Fargo, ND, May 08, 2013 -- Intelligent InSites, Inc., the leading provider of re al-time operational intelligence for healthcare, has announced an integration wi th TempTrak Environmental Monitoring System from Cooper-Atkins Corporation (Coop er-Atkins). The TempTrak Environmental Monitoring System, currently utilized by more than 1, 200 healthcare facilities, including over 50 Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, i s an enterprise-wide solution that automates environmental monitoring protocols for all healthcare departments, including laboratory, pharmacy, OR, blood bank, nursing, and food services. Completely scalable to fit any environment, TempTrak maintains compliance to meet the Joint Commission, USP797, FDA, CAP, AABB, and HACCP standards. The TempTrak solution streamlines the temperature monitoring pr ocess of all medication and nutrition refrigerators and freezers, as well as bla nket warmers, incubators, and other equipment designed to enhance the patient ca re. We are excited to have been selected by Cooper-Atkins as their enterprise softwar e platform for their environmental monitoring system, said Ralf Mehnert-Meland, D irector of Developer/OEM Relationships at Intelligent InSites. The Intelligent In Sites platform provides Cooper-Atkins with fast and easy access to real-time ope rational business intelligence, helping them increase the impact of their innova tive solution for leading healthcare systems. Environmental monitoring in healthcare is a critical yet very labor-intensive pro cess that takes staff away from patient-oriented tasks, said Carol Wallace, Presi dent and CEO of Cooper-Atkins Corporation. By utilizing our TempTrak solution, en hanced with the real-time information from Intelligent InSites, healthcare provi ders can automate these processes to further improve patient safety and increase patient and staff satisfaction. The Intelligent InSites real-time operational intelligence platform, being rapid ly implemented among healthcare facilities across the United States and all 152 Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, collects and processes data, in real-time, fro m healthcare information systems, nurse call systems, communications platforms, building management systems, electronic health records, and wireless sensory net works, including multiple RFID and RTLS hardware technologiesempowers multiple he althcare operations applications, including inventory optimization, cath lab sup ply management, surgical instrument tracking, workflow management, staff and fam ily communications, infectious disease reporting, and environmental monitoring, with real-time, actionable information. This ability to leverage real-time infor mation across the enterprise enables healthcare organizations to optimize operat ions and care delivery processes, resulting in more affordable care and improved patient satisfaction. About Cooper-Atkins Corporation: Cooper-Atkins Corporation, headquartered in Middlefield, CT, has been a leading manufacturer of environmental solutions since 1885. Cooper-Atkins serves the Foo dservice, HVAC and Healthcare markets and has built a solid reputation as a lead ing manufacturer and provider of quality time, temperature, and humidity instrum ents. Led by Carol P. Wallace, President and CEO, Cooper-Atkins is a Certified W omen Owned Business and proud member of the WBENC. For more information, please visit www.cooper-atkins.com About Intelligent InSites:

Intelligent InSites helps transform healthcare with real-time operational intell igence that improves care, enhances the human experience, and increases efficien cy. Through its open, real-time, healthcare platform, Intelligent InSites automa tically collects and processes data from multiple data sources such as EHRs, fin ancial systems, building systems, sensory and Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), mobility solutions, and other healthcare IT solutionsthen provides actionable in telligence to achieve cost savings, operational excellence, and better care. By utilizing the enterprise-wide architecture of the InSites platform, healthcare s ystems can leverage all legacy, current, and future data sources to optimize the ir technology investments across the entire organization, then have the flexibil ity to meet changing organizational, regulatory, and compliance needs. For more information, please visit www.intelligentinsites.com. Intelligent InSites and the Intelligent InSites logo are trademarks or registere d trademarks of Intelligent InSites and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Contact: Joanna Wyganowska Intelligent InSites 102 Broadway, Suite #200 Fargo, ND 58102 701-893-2080 press@IntelligentInSites.com http://www.IntelligentInSites.com