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List of new tags this Mod brings. Featured en, ru
Updated Mar 10, 2010 by z0r...@gmail.com

List of new override tags

Font scale
\fsc< scale> Similar to aggregate \fscx< scale> \fscy< scale> . Animatable by \t. Example \fsc200 make the text double size.

\fsvp< leading> Changes text leading. Animatable by \t. Example

Baseline obliquity
\frs< angle> Character's baseline obliquity. Rotation anchor depends from style definition and \an tag. Animatable by \t. Example

Z coordinate
\z< arg> Sets z coordinate. It may be signified as a distance from screen to text. It's noticeable in case of using \frx and \fry tags. Animatable by \t.

\distort(u1,v1,u2,v2,u3,v3) Distorts text by moving corner pins to specifed relative coordinates. Animatable by \t.

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Boundaries deforming
\rnd< arg> \rndx< arg> \rndy< arg> \rndz< arg> Moves border points on random number of pixels from (-arg,arg) interval in selected direction. Animatable by \t. Example

\$vc(left-top-color,right-top-color,left-bottom-color,right-bottom-color) \$va(left-top-transparency,right-top-transparency,left-bottom-transparency,right-bottom-transparency) Creates gradients by using anchor colors or opacity levels. May be slow. Animatable by \t.


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Images instead of color fills

\$img(path_to_png_file[ ,xoffset,yoffset] ) Replaces color fill with repeated image pattern. Parameters are slashed (/) path to image and optional fill's base offset. Path may be relative to current subtitle file location. First VSFilterMod loads attached images and if fails trys to find them localy. VSFilterMod supports only 24 or 32 bit truecolor pngs with or without transparency channel. Offset is animatable by \t. Note that \be and \blur tag will not blur image but only mask which is used to place fill. Example

and {\3vc(&HFF00FF&,&HFFFF00&,&H00FFFF&,&HFFFFFF&)\1img(Z:/subs/as.png,0,0)\pos(300,250)\bord10\p1}m -150 0 b 150 -80 -80 -150 0 -150 80 -150 150 -80 150 -1 150 80 80 150 4 150 -80 150 -150 80 -150 0{\p0}

Polar move
\mover(x1,y1,x2,y2,angle1,angle2,radius1,radius2[ ,t1,t2] ) It works like \move but now it's possible to use rounded, oval or spiral trajectories. Example \mover(10,10,60,60,0,0,0,0) it's equivalent to \move(10,10,60,60). \mover(0,0,0,0,-90,0,150,150) moves relatively to upper left screen corner along an arc of a circle (-90,0) with radius 150 points.

\moves3(x1,x2,x2,y2,x3,y3[ ,t1,t2] ) \moves4(x1,x2,x2,y2,x3,y3,x4,y4[ ,t1,t2] ) It moves subtitle by spline curve trajectory. Functions with three or four base points are available, they produce cubic or bicubic Bezier curve trajectory.

\jitter(left,right,up,down,period[, seed] ) It performs subtitle position shaking. First four parameters adjust maximum offset in every direction, fifth parameter sets shaking period in

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milliseconds, sixth parameter sets the initial seed for random number generator so the form shaking will not change upon calls. Animatable by \t.

Moveable vector clip

\movevc(x1,y1) \movevc(x1,y1,x2,y2[ ,t1,t2] ) It moves vector clips (\clip, \iclip) independently to subtitles (unaffected by \move or \pos). Parameters are same to \move. Pixel precision.

Comment by amae...@gmail.com, Mar 20, 2010 : 1. \fsvp<leading> \fvsp (Vertical SPacing)? , ( 0 = ) ( , = ). ... 2. ? \md \t ? , rand() scale, seed \md. . , . . \jitter seed, \md ? 3. API . , ? ? , . - A:\test.png, . , ( ) , png . > . . Comment by solei...@gmail.com, Apr 6, 2010 about 1vc, 3vc and etc. ass file's color code sequence is BGR, while html file's is RGB. for instance,05214D in ass equals to #4D2105 in html. So, that's why I always found vc shows an wrong color. =.= I think since it is designed for ass, BGR may be a better choice^^ Comment by dpined...@gmail.com, Apr 7, 2010 @sole: I made a function to pass .ass color to html and use the 1vc tag. Try to make yourself something like that D: Comment by solei...@gmail.com, Apr 8, 2010 Aegisub provides a color code to html as well as to ass, so it isn't discommodious to use color to html. I just thought that wrong codes in the diagram showed in the wiki will mislead users.= = And the author should annotate about the format of colors or change it. By the way, I found \fad code dones't work when being used along with \vc codes =.= Anyhow, thanks to the author for showing FX-makers such a useful dll^^ Comment by project member z0r...@gmail.com, Apr 8, 2010 @soleileb: First of all, Aegisub will never support VSFilterMod's new tags and VSFilter has nothing to do with Aegisub features. Second, \vc behavior is completely based on how \c tag works, it doesn't deal with any html color codes (we are speaking about ass format now), so \vc does the same. About \fad and \vc, it looks like a bug there, we'll check, but in future please fill a proper bug report. Comment by project member z0r...@gmail.com, Apr 8, 2010 Also ass uses GBR color scheme, not the BGR. Comment by solei...@gmail.com, Apr 9, 2010 @z0r: I know Aegisub and VSFilter are developed by different teams and are in different systems, and I don't care whether aegisub supports VSFilterMod's new tags or not. Cuz' I only use aegisub to set styles and colors, and output lines by python. What I really care are tags themselves. And I still have some troubles on tags> <. I've attached details in the Issue page. And, I don't know how to use \movevc. Should I write {\clip(259,0,350,400)\movevc(1,1)} if I want to change x1, y1 of clip to 1, 1? Or does it works like

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{\1vc(00FFFF,FFFF00,FF00FF,000000)\movevc(1,1)}? Could you give me an example about \movevc? Comment by project member yateplof...@yandex.ru, Apr 9, 2010 @soleileb: an example about \movevc This is a tag for moving vector clip) Rectangle clip animated with \t() tag. {\pos(80,140)\movevc(0,-60,0,60)\clip(m 46 84 l 120 141 146 206 188 144 268 102 155 130)}Nya Comment by jofor...@gmail.com, Apr 23, 2010 What is radius1,radius2? \mover(x1,y1,x2,y2,angle1,angle2,radius1,radius2,t1,t2?) I dont know how to use this tag \movevc(x1,y1,x2,y2,t1,t2?) Like this or? {\movevc(0,0,100,200)\pos(241,297)\clip(m 212 272 l 323 277 240 331)}foo bar Comment by richar_d...@hotmail.com, May 17, 2010 this tag \alpha&H10FF dont works with the vsfilter mod :( Comment by project member z0r...@gmail.com, May 20, 2010 richar_dj00@hotmail.com RTFM. It'll not work with original vsfilter. Comment by dpined...@gmail.com, May 26, 2010 I have problems with img() tag, don't load any .png file (24/32bits). I try with many ways but don't load =( In the first versions, load imagen files, but in the news just can't. Comment by dpined...@gmail.com, Jun 22, 2010 is posible a request for floating point for Draw? m 2.5 3 l 0 0.5 l 5 5 Comment by rande...@gmail.com, Jul 4, 2010 why my aegisub didn't work with moves4 or 3, mover, movervc but it worked with other tags. I'm sure i installed vsfiltermod in crsi according to your guiding plz help me Comment by alquimis...@gmail.com, Jul 17, 2010 I second the floating point for Draw Comment by switchin...@gmail.com, Jul 28, 2010 the new tag \1img{} doesn't work with me... it seems like it doesn't load the pattern. What's wrong? Any solutions? please, i really need your help! thx Comment by EunbitGa...@gmail.com, Aug 11, 2010 The img tag only seems to accept relative paths now. It can't accept absolute paths. In src\subtitles\RTS.cpp, line 2144~2150, statements accepting absolute paths are treated as comments. I think it should not be comments. In Aegisub, the current ass file is saved in the windows temporary folder. So the relative path can be different from the original ass file. Comment by ASEDA...@gmail.com, Aug 12, 2010 Hey man no funka lo de las imagenes, ke onda con eso :( Alguien sabe como funciona?

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Comment by switchin...@gmail.com, Aug 25, 2010 thx EunbitGaram?! but still, it doesn't work even with relative paths... it can't load pattern, wherever it is. Comment by zguz...@hotmail.com, Aug 25, 2010 trabajar con imagenes se puede importar S/C direccion de la imagen Comment by leonel...@hotmail.es, Oct 10, 2010 Alguien sabe como funciona el tag "movevc"? probe los ejemplos de arriba y el aegisub me hace crash Comment by bakazo...@gmail.com, Jul 10, 2011 Comment by ASED...@hotmail.com, Today (moments ago) lo de las imagenes solo funciona con una version anterior al vsfiltermod que esta publicado aqui, y se puede usar asi: \1img(imagen.PNG,posicionX,posicionY) De forma que donde va imagen no necesariamente es necesario poner toda la direccion completa, sino que tambien se puede poner solo el nombre de la imagen siempre y cuando esta se encuentre a un lado de nuestro archivo de subtitulos, y en posicion x y y es para mover la imagen colocada en el interior de nuestro fondo del texto en este caso, asi la ubicas.

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