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Jumuah Checklist

Before Recite Surah Dukhan night before o Elapsed time ___:___ to ___:___ o Total time ____ minutes Recite Surah Ale Imran night before, break up into 2 sittings o Elapsed time ___:___ to ___:___ o Total time ____ minutes Ghusl & wudhu before leaving, consider water conservation Cut nails is a sunnah on Fridays, if in a rush do while walking or while on the toilet Use itr Nice clothes and clean socks, ensure your backside is covered during sajda Miswak Dua for heading out to masjid, 70,000 angels pray for them o Transliteration: Allahumma inni as'aluka bi haqqis-saa'ileena 'alayk, wa bi haqqir-raghibeen ilayk, wa bi haqqi mumshaaya hadha ilayk, fa innee lam akhruh ashara, wa la batara, wa la riyaa'an wa la sum'ataa, bal kharajtu-ttiqaa'a sakhatik, wabtighaa'a mardaatik, as'aluka an tu'eedhanee minan naar, wa tudkhilanil jannah, wa taghfirlee dhunoobee, fa innahu la yaghfirudh-dhunooba illa ant. Commuting Driving dhikr/Dhikr CD Arrive in time to make the first row o Time first row starts to fill up ___:___ If kids are in the first row, dont push them back since they earned it, according to Imam an-Nawawi. Time it takes to commute to jumuah o Elapsed time ___:___ to ___:___ o Adjust for weather +/- ____ o Total _____ minutes Park far from masjid and walk o Elapsed time ___:___ to ___:___ o Total ____ minutes For students and employees on the run Is this khutba known to be: o Long?

o Start and end at same time regularly? o Have different speakers whose speaking time fluctuates? How long is this khutba? o Elapsed time ___:___ to ___:___ o Total _____ minutes What sort of khutbahs is this jumuah known for o Political? o Social/Community ? o Spiritual? o Controversial? o Vitriolic ? Basic Masjid Etiquette If people busy praying/reciting Quran: salam alayna ibadillahi saliheen No spitting, killing insects nor cracking knuckles No raised voices in the masjid nor walking over shoulders No passing in front of people praying, unless more than 2 rows ahead Not fiddling around nor distracting people during khutba Enter masjid solemnly with head down Dont bully people or search for their faults nor forbid people from praying At masjid Remove left foot shoe first, place on low shoe-rack Dua for entering masjid, enter prayer area with right foot Pray by pillar or wall or use sutra Salat Tahyat al-masjid (except before Fajr, after Asr makruh) o Imam Ghazali suggests tahyat masjd with 4 raka, Surah Ikhlas 50x each Surah Kahf o Elapsed time ___:___ to ___:___ o Total time ____ minutes Return Quran mushaf to same spot for others who use it Baqiyat salihat (tasbih, tahmid, takbir) & nafilat prayers Salawat an-Nabi upon mention in khutba for Shafiis, but silently and with heart for Hanafi madhhab Post- Jumuah Sunnah raka at home, post-prayer Dua for leaving masjid, left foot Visit graveyard, recite Surah Yasin for dead

Finish Kahf if didnt, salawat after Asr Dua between Asr and Maghrib near end of day mustajab (accepted dua) Optionals Bring candy to give to children Record pre-khutba speech audio and take notes, not during actual Arabic khutba Salams to people with big smile and cheer (10:90 mercies descend on most cheerful) Have money for sadaqa? Need to visit bank on the way? Greet Christian, neighbors of masjid Give ride to brothers walking to masjid Buy something right after jumuah prayer to fulfill Quran, 62:10