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Rockwell Hardness Test

Aim: To determine the Rockwell hardness number of the given steel and aluminium samples.

Machines/Tools Required: 1. Rockwell hardness tester. 2. Diamond indentor. 3. Steel ball indentor of diameter 1/10 or 1.6 mm. 4. Test samples.

Theory: Hardness is the property of the material which represents the materials resistance to abrasion, scratching and cutting. In all hardness tests, a defined force is mechanically applied on the sample surface for about 15 seconds. The indentor, which transmits the load to the sample, varies in size and shape for different tests. Common indentors are made of diamond or hardened steel. Rockwell hardness testing gives the reading of hardness number directly on a dial. In principle, this testing is similar to Brinell hardness testing. It differs only in diameter and material of the indentor and the applied force. Although, there are many scales having different combinations of load and size of the indentor, commonly C scale is used and hardness is presented as HRC. Here the indentor has a diamond cone at the tip and applied force is150 kgf. Soft materials are often tested in B scale with a 1.6 mm diameter steel indentor at 60 kgf.

Procedure: 1. Clean the sample surface and place it on the special anvil of the machine. 2. Turn the capstan wheel to elevate the sample and make it contact with the indentor. 3. Further turn the wheel to force the sample surface against the tester till the needle on the small gauge reaches the red point. This ensures that the minor load of 10 kg has been applied on the sample surface.

4. Set the pointer and dial gauge in appropriate positions based on the scale to be used. 5. Push the lever forward to apply the selected major load. 6. As soon as the pointer in the dial gauge comes to rest, the load lever is to be reversed in order to release the major load. 7. Read the Rockwell hardness number (RC or RB) from the appropriate scale.

Result: 1. Rockwell hardness of mild steel, RC 2. Rockwell hardness of aluminium, RB : :


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Material Indentor Load Scale

Observation for Sample 1: S. N. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Material Load (Kg) Indentor Scale R Mean R

Observation for Sample 2: S. N. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Material Load (Kg) Indentor Scale R Mean R