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STUDENTS SURVEY - June 24th RespID 11 14 15 16 18 21 22 23 24 25 27 29 34 35 36 40 51 55 57 60 61 62 64 65 68 69 70 71 73 74 75 76 77 80 82 84 85 86 87 89 90 91 92 94 95 102 103 105 106 108 109 110

EngagementExperience ClientRecruitment ReactionstoChallenge FactorsAttracted FactorsFrustrating SearchEngineAbility I wasn't able to attend the meeting It wasn't but wevery confronted Nope difficult our because 1. enterprise Relevance it seemed at - It a is good pretty clear time Not clear that applicable because keyword our client they advertising did were not have increasing has AdWords become their a h No. We could Yes1. list A a fixed number 1. budget The of google organizations ($200) 1. The brand torestriction spend name.2. and The zeroed which experience on The minimum was upon immense a completely one helped team in prizes the specially size end. new and as But recogniti experien 4.2. in buildi we The re liking of Googleinterest at first our business for marketing partner seemed very egaged an Right from the start, our enterprise Yes. cooperated It is not No easy without to find too 1) a To much client have of in1) the a Singapore problem. The experience length My We who of utter of were the runs being lack survey.2) given a business able of insight search to The use who 2-page about engine Google does the restriction advertisin not Adwords compan alrea 1. I am particularly 1. Lack interested of team Yes, member I took in online upcooperation the marketing, team leader hindered because position our I see b p Our enterprise, a local car-repairNot shop really, had since only The word-of-mouth real the time client 1. applicability The wasreal-world as theits Nothing friend source of it applicability of all.. really..The a ofteam No its advertising. not it mate. didn't some of videos GOMC.2. affect When code were my that they The uploaded ability will thrill were be toof used made lead online "minding the 2awa yea topr g The difficulty was in finding a local There business were Well, two that main offer we have problems. its 1-services I put had athe plan The or Ipassion was products first during not one of preparing that is online. I achieving did that frustrated. not the After for have e-commerce an the we However:1international that campaign. found much the and experience The business, Then, successful web need develop we to the disco in res ke on m It was simple to get them on board. WeThey did not were I have did more not any expect than problems 1. willing The the experience average because to 1. give The us position we size of anything were working No of to the able be we group.2. with so to needed. identify cheap Google The in the Adwords.2. lack some weaknesses ofad motivation cases. Assessing and oth h It was a positive experience, i think No,i our will client useI adword didn't was a thought again. member 1 Google that ofthey family certification2 1 is Final so of a many repport teammate. When Real people ^^2 Online we Client So surfing took that marketing was awas on decision, hard internet. easy experience3 to to contact the I speak, was tell to amaze discu Wor othe I enjoyed working with adwords, We since encountered it opened No up some a new The difficulties, window fact that of Too namely google possibilities many the ischouces; the my targeting in experience biggest e-commerce. not ofsearch out enough helped campaign However, engine information; a bit, and but this is I the felt lack experie that high of Yes, we had no difficulty understanding Online Marketing. Not the getting use of No customers adwords.

no teammates the unwilling fact it to was This work something was our no instructors new one and elsechallenging would first experience work, utitlzed withthe thehelp cha It was hard to find customers who We wanted had a our commitment That client's we were products. 1. from group surprised the It project2. client was 1. on not not about how enough Google3. the well our season Not the adwords time2. really. small ads fornot did. it. It businesses4. account. just enough The helped professor We money3. me Class had out really problems needed project and helpe to un m d professor recruited nothing companies was the unexpected, fact thatnot some some being employers instructions able my to previous get would should in contact experience like have to hire with been students made the made company it very on more to hel thr dc we contact them by a ex dipendent, No, then approaching we offer organizations to partecipate. I'm very was interestes AtThe the simple initial beginning in online difficult they marketing becouse are a little and was warried, the the possibility firstbut time then that to we wor I tr m First the team have some difficulties to find an enterprise i've with learned a html partly a website. lot about teamWe yes work online had (unfair marketinglearn some distribution enterprises how ofwith the to communic a tasks)som website, I convinced a friend who has started a small business that - Ability it would to use be It real would beneficial money have Our toin been lack him an to on-line of nice let experience if us we campaignuse could his certainly small work Working in business proved smaller with d It was easy given the fact that they Our had client to do was no very given little. to Teacher us by our made teacher, Ourus client do we it, was did Yes, but not slightly the we predict experience read unresponsive. the seasonality manual. is invaluable.

We considered It was allless the local structured, I wanted businesses tobut I gain thought this experience that was it would could Ia had good be with only have willing thing online traditional been for to advertising this run participate classroom over project. a longer andmarketin to approac period show Difficulty in It understanding was a pleasant A new the surprise, approach areaInitially, of business especially in strategy the The ignorance enterprise infact for recent online that of days already this marketing tooluse (AdWords) the search eng The enterprise was very willing to No. beI a approached part of The this Challenge campaign my father's should from business the have start. because included Iabelieved trial period. it was We a were good only opportunity able to op fo

The enterprise had no prior experience Explainor that knowledge The the flexibility challenge of1. Google given Working is absolutely to Adwords. the 1. onLack project a challenge free This offor interest regarding I was had the provided client surprising, 2 from years grading with certain by of no prior the considering and commitments class world experience our members total renowned that control with for it is (whic futur com a Go ov w My team and I chose the company There of my were parents We no problems. underestimated - they 1. were working excited the with 1. complexity to low a take real budget part business2. I and was in low the time the possibilities2. challenge. team intensity learning leader how-to-do of running current and had a change campaigns no adwords former in p novelty money It was a big success for us. I learned therelots were during 3 no..it Organisations this was competition great This teamwork to course choose and Itwas was I and try from compulsery lots to I so would keep of iwe havent work up didnt love for to tohad to date. have us get have so any started Lots to we a experience search team couldnt ofand work like for we choose to any this always in do advance in especia any future had fo In the first moment Initially we therealize Always company aI previous have was If I liked very have interview interested the to be I advertising, was sincere, tonot know in the experienced my more and project, companions the of system the ready at company, marketing to of Adwords help group ourse every on-lin did wa i really enjoyed the competition. I yeah!! got the we knowledge faced our campaign problem about The in did working challenge the very beginning well our of was google end on a when conducted term particular adwords i knew exams we were about by day, and started "Great approaching but learned online that in Google" between marketing was to read companies really and and reports as opportuni not we i hv a to face of sur wo pa g It was very easy to engage the enterprise No because specifically Very I currently real world when Iworked amexperience! speaking pursuing for the Other about asmall career This group clicks. business was My in members advertising refreshing experience However, owner were and and lack we with not used. nice understanding of various as full consider passionate understanding internships most new about oth m a o It was very easy, as my enterprise We was suggested not very technical familiar1. with improvements learning marketing online 1. not online, in having marketing the website. Ithey didn't enough saw tools2. have the time working any challenge toprior work with experience. at as the real a great challenge enterprise This oppor la ( After they agreed, we had a sit down It was meeting hard Positive to to find discuss contacts Internet their atcompany, local based The businesses reports their goals I did have that not and had a provide lot their the of authority expeirience business the information to model. agree with key I We to wanted work word provw We told the company what we were We doing had no and Not problem, they really. were the Competing companies eager to participate The against were inaccuracy very other Itforthcoming. had teams ofno our in effect. keywords. the class. To compare results Stepped in, described the challenge, Everything made the went Wedeal! were fine.We very competitionworking also interessted. discussed The campaign ways with ofamaking customerlearning occupied the much landingpage too more much about and time... our AdWor custo I had been working for the company We did andnot had Not have asked really, any them problems execpt none if they how in would my fast mygroup, group like our money tobut try not ithis. heard applicable went, They other even agreed groups though without had our instructor trouble me even conta said tryi we first brainstormed no to 1. find it isout about which 1. online not companies enough marketing2. i wrote budget to contact my possibility to bachelor fully for enjoy the to thesis challenge. try trying out on AdWords3. out online We adWor mar con I am one of the owners of the business We used I signed mine idk up for the I would classbe to able get keyword, my to use company they my At first seemed business inbut it. then to and change I got I wanted it in down price to learn fromabout time

It's interesting apply what we're studying to the real marketing, The love it has for The marketing been difficult an important and of team for business job team job and a first step into th Our client was Nothing assigned was 1.surprising to I have us byexperience the 1. about instructor Geo-targeting thein project Both media who team was coordinated at buying all. difficult members Our and results and the wanted lacked project.Before wewere were toknowledge understand as unable expecte mee to o It was not very difficult in getting We our may enterprise have I was had engaged. surprised a few 1. problems, The Competing at company how 1. far this Not with google was was given students excited due adwords Yes. material to across This the to participate can fact in was the a reach that timely due world.2. it potential to in was manner the this difficult Working fact event. clients by that to our with ifind had in instr hel a aw l We approached The ease companies of 1) using Learn directly the about AdWords 1)ourselves. Dealing Google account. with We AdWords2) This lazy had made It virtually teammates2) is very Learn it very easy no about challenging experience The Online disappointing to so search find every an m first of all ask them info about the We company introduce and no ourself the business, as Adword studenyt Talk and interested the with the manual them challenge to about yes is work in english the onprogram theand project we and need and the to strategy primntwe a lon de 1. The possibility to learn Google AdWords2. The possibility to w

Our enterprise had previously considered XXXX is located online I wasmarketing in aa little town 1. surprised Itof but was about didn't a at graded 1. 42,000 how know Although time class where people My consuming it assignment.2. was to lack and start great of the experience or and area that if it involved Itwould is Iwas could mostly did abe real the review not beneficial farming project campaign hinder past and was my for dail u in My experience in this programm has been succesfully. I had helped like an introduction with marketing on-line.Thank yo We had no No problems comment when 1. Google approaching was None hosting organizations. My a challenge2. lack ofWe online online firstmarketing chose marketing3, theexperience organization new an d Our instructor contacted the potential We didn't enterprises approach beforehand, any organizations. and we Wegot started Our to choose clients the challenge were from selected a handful knowing for ofus. absolutely pre-selected nothing bus

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stressful! because the Guide wasn't comprehensive No. The client was easy to find. For us the process was quite easy. No, We the process contacted for a my company Igroup was going was that rather Our our to learn professor client's simple. about website knew online about was marketing inthat flash was and format just in today's getting therefore, world off it's m no, not at all nope N/A N/A

real work inmy real teammates worldAdwords My team as they as mates such did not could as anything it was not speak newnew English Marke N/A N/A N/A

Our instructor met our client previously Yes, we through had I felt a long our overwhelmed clients list My of questions brother, instructor and The so then to isthey ask greatonly excited already our frustration I've I client did because had had not and her I know spoken had I as for put soon was much other in about the not as about classes effort with we our had online Google, clients itand takes more Imarket busine knew but to ques ge w

One member of our team had a client, There and was we notpersuaded any problem. 1. get him to easily. know 1. He we adwords, do justnot saw Yes, have especially the it did. much possibility Because content time to ashave targeting2. of we my are aexperiences, $200 last gain year campai expe stu The enterprise we did the Google We Challenge did not It have with wasproblems was the first aIt enterprise was time ona this we compulsory topic I were Short worked since involved time with exerciseHowever to we I had set during in worked a up an project the experience three for campaign a with month ifcompany it had aworking big as not an scope, I been, had intern. as already an so the Iintern itwas was ma w it was a fantastic experience and approach one really a it learns client is such who alot. an already 1) itamazing is the such experience has an experience 1) aimportant flow the lack with of traffic and of a medium i had live knowlegde itto gives no campaign2)the their in experience which you website with anto regard idea advertise and with idea from who online to ofadwords another competing have online marketin an and pers from un o Since our enterprise had no current No, online approaching marketing This project organizations strategies Learning was a lot was other amore new It not was than skill time difficult complicated aset consuming webpage, Since was as it most is I didn't to common they as learn. important. itwere have was The at very absolutely much our book Online excited university experience was marketing necessary to helpful partici to prio app b While it was a little challenging to we get had their no attention strategy; at we first, 1. threw i build theout team web a1. couple was sites, context able but of surrounding ideas being to haven't communicate of fairly people done the familiar much project that several with we with was knew the times search a workings little and - either engine then vague of by el m t He was very excited and willing to It was participate. easy At forfirst my 3 team weeks You butseemed had other complete teams Figuring shorthad control but out trouble then Yes, the and ended right experience with were keywords. it. up actually Maybe being at my a Our doing agood internship list industry of work length. possibilities for helped. was a RE ve Because it was a small startup company, We recruited our It contacts is a client a verywho were different It was I actually very an project interesting busy Aalready group so in it terms was of worked way 6 I overcame of sometimes was tooutside learn for, a bit so about large, my factors it difficult was lack online and a can of to pretty some knowledge connect. marketing, heavily smooth people affect Howeve of and transi did sea res n I Since online marketing 1. is I'm in it's interested early 1. achieving stages in all in forms I our had the country(Romania) goals of very online little I set: marketing experience high CTR, and and with low the this minimum small online wascom ad an since we were i did promiting not know since aanything page it was founded to about mandatory less by Google time 2 my of to and our preparerunning AgGroups prior 35% lecturers experiences of our and itgrade was how time did easy we the of not did the whole and have it challenge to convenie google get anyas in They were very helpful in giving no us as muchyes information results were the as instructor possible. much just easier informed trying to gauge to yes, us figure ofability the out challenge to how overcome things and worked how the challenges it really would ben w XXXX racing already had an online No,presence we had No, time, with I don't along their think website, 1. with Web this a previous Marketing: however project It was was group they sometimes I work easy, agreed project I believe with it requires frustrating to adwords that itselect did. it would a In a so lot trying the client it of be was same out beneficial to for of interesting get the class class together Google we to time, imple had toas A u b The organization was interested No, in pursuing it was aNo, the relatively it project, proceeded smooth None, as they as it process. was expected. have Lack an had assigned ofminimal participation No. project. participation of the client in online was advertising a frustratingto ch I worked for the company and when no since I told Ithem worked I was what really formy the The suprised class company ability was about to having doing I had bethe able intimate they so competition to many were I track was knowledge features thrilled pretty results aspect. good to and real of participate their Iat not time. imagine doing knowing operations I was searches it was familiar how and a large to on go us wi g Once an enterprice found, easy to Targeting make it them interested. This by work e-mails, Many was the not field we was as hardly of asked, simple marketing, huge succeded. only number as itone seemed internationality, A course of answered... participating toshould be. :) English, :(have teams; been to on learn held the somethin other about ha G

Our teacher picked for Our us teacher1. made Our it teacher required had no idea how to do any of it. This it was a little bit difficult to understand how to use google it was adword different complexity difficult to agree on a date where no all team members it's kind of and practical win thethe enterprise price training timerepresentative spend no on exeperience have time at all Our enterprise was open to online Our marketing instructor I am possiblities went surprised over Online and various at allowed the advertising strategies level Certain our of information group is options for the My success to next online take that Ibig was were almost with marketing thing able the not in full to class allowed marketing, obtain control experience so to as in ofbe such and to the used allow did campa Google an affec in info ust The first meeting with our business The owner, university XXXX, i am choose shocked a 20 for year 1. Google2. at us entrepreneur the a business results 1. Learning it was 200$ upfront, veteran a online leads little myi seeking business to think to marketing time 400,000 involving consuming2. to and promote tips3. impressionsmarketing theThe students her our availability products knowledge client that's in this had unbe and of po a in Our company was already aware We of Google chose to IAdwords was use happy business and 1. to The expressed find contacts real out life 1. that that interest The experience we we system would already inI having did be had it not provided.2. had using a an know lag developed account. actual so too our Itmuch money seemed budget They relationships about were and was very physically search more over interest with spe tha en t no real situation not with all budget, team members team motivation, have been conncected motivated at with teh oth sm Enterprises were assigned from no contact from our lecturer, however, i do believe that it would of been very easy to get a It was hard to find the right enterprise, after that we managed 1. the Google to get 1. inlack brand2. touch of with time2. online Yes the team marketing3. marketing coordonation director, team work she was very i Our teacherI chose find that the it I business was very surprising much we Our love would we teacher challenges did be not working We did have all not and took with, provide time competing turns and to actually us in for the leading, the against necessary learn most and people. about part we tools she mar were w t I met w/ the owner and the two VP's N/A of the business Good insight personally, Gain intoapplicable successfully and Communicating asked knowledge marketing them Somewhat, what from solely online. they a online, school but wanted I was becasue project, to able get to out that the overcome of can course the carry exp is m It was quite easy because we know No the owner Noof the enterprise Real projectTeam andLots he was ofworking impressions really No interested and few in that clicks project The experience was very interestin Due & to educational the defined The challenge for product the My enterprise was instructor.My andmuch small The and more target lack myself. interest intense of market Each team All in learning in (not of team effort all the a abeginners member and good client new interest experience. we things.My and worked sample) in the the interest instructor with challenge. than I would I in had to ho

After they didn't reply to an email, allitwell wasspoken justNO. a matter so notof aworking phoning problem with and time Google. finally consuming getting working NO. first put generating online. through read allkeywords to the the documentation right and person one has (mar and to We asked to meet with the owner We of did the not company I have was any afraid andproblems explained 1. the Learning project for the 1. developing would about challenge Having take Adwords, to Istrategies. up to didn't make him. a lot keyword have sure of He time Since agreed that much searches, and the our experience that that keywords business it we viral was would marketing, about beneficial were wasconsta very activ any

We appoached our enterprise with Nothe issues challenge here. I thought and it received was 1. Competition. a lot only of 1.Team work a few 2. at questions Seeing members the Ibeginning. had something never regaurding not doing done As you ittheir what progressed an made online share the inchallenge action. ad of it the before, became work.2 was it e w We had a meeting with the company, No, nothing and explained at all. the1. process New aspect and 1. The the of marketing.2. required pre-campaign I had details no The prior summary about wonderful knowledge thewas challange. opportunity. too on short. online They mark ha At first it was a little bit difficut to At chose first it a was company Atafirst little we that bitwere 1hard wanted It was a to little find to a enter Google bit 1the afraid, We best the wanted challenge. challgenge, company. because Wethe knew company 2we But but Isomething dind't knew we wedid, aseked to Internet know continue and about how the some is going to this were with work companie world the to really with be cam fro T h a No. The client No.was Ourvery teacher -our helpfull teacher prepared and - brought Ithere was us well. very wasn't the Ihappy had challenge any prior problems. with knowledge the to the challenge class of as search and a way the engine we way cou ita The client was provided feedback Tothroughout locate and The the approach final time results frame, - the Mandatory client, were on a the regular Googled for The most the final basis. course surprising, the result Not client They being in first, the the were skilled challenge growth discovered pleased in potential internet is with there irrelevant the marketing, was were reports astound to no our an cu p The enterprise we have selectedThe hascompany been the It's has family been been a business real 1. very Great surprise cooperative of opportunity one 1. that Google of the our and for challenge collegues. Analytics they Ia had small welcomed a course and just sized They the worked company which were our consulting suggestions. for very was the tointerested related work of team the with captain Google to eMa and Goo We set up a preliminary meetingWe with had them no to Iproblems. really determine liked1)Learning Google's their goals online experience2)Team Nothing and set videos expectations. I have aboutno building3)Competition Adwords prior experience. Hard to figure n/aout what Being type of able business to n/a talk would moreI intelligently benefit was able most toduring lean fromon our interviews my work team where I di We didn't have any problem in getting no problems the enterprise were faced, engaged. 1. therefore Never They having 1. we were It didn't needed participated interested need Ia had lot tono in of in develop an reading prior the international competition experience strategies. to do2. The challenge when in the this report client they field, before writin first we the fh When we contacted the enterprise There for the were Google For no problems the Challenge, classmates 1in real client the international who manager recruitment 1 have - problems never has challenge for I've already inside heard all already the 2 the before run teams. - share team worked an about Adwords knowledge3 (members before Adwords campaign inwho SEO/SEM, - it online was didn't befor diff ma w I've asked a tipical restaurant, specialized as they didn't inno, barbecue have this was to pay, meat, The a very they fact if they specific were it is the would alike: worldwide only work. "this like negative we i've to will competitionthe usually be never not anouced thing harm work done about me" in more such the fact the so web, thing, with they challenge it is market easy just they so it said allowed how was ressea yes.o you the 1sti It was hard to find a business that We fit didn't the criteria know We had and what no then toIt idea look was they what for mandatory wouldn't into a 1.do business, the agree interface to iand had dowas it then no right idea difficult we away. didnt' what to i navigate2. know was doing.we how to weexplain had hadno to no, we only everything use google was 1. adwords know almost better letter 1. a surprise confuse the for online business because iinformation didn't marketing2. had we any know about participate experience just the a specific little inin a bit online world terms of google com mar use Our enterprise was a local business We went that sells to Iour thought used firstbooks, choice that I found this some organization course out groceries, about The project difficulty with thevinyl was class the I had of records, idea very from getting never first, open, a friend, and the had and with results coffee. the even and a experience, very though Iwe They thought loose wanted were they rubric it but would to took eager Isee wa to a They were keen to get it going after Nope seeing the It was benefits different Google andand thewas a free welcome Complexity sponsoring $200 on change offer No of it,Adwords, and (low to textbook itrisk, wasn't could possibly assignments a textbook have big been reward) assignment easier to c

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Contact and engagement level is Best rather is to easy use It in is the this quite group's case professional 1. since The network requirements it is1. to a The find family-owned a price company. to No.Learning be to on be company top paid I think of for the search Google's of each guide one queries2. keyword of and requirement themanuals group The memb abilitie that is al no problems, nothing group in member particular class creditGoogle worked for the Content company no, worked Network hard gave a lot of impressions They were eager to try something We new. brainstormed The No small one family possible knew 1. atmosphere what The small ability to businesses expect 1. to of Team work the because members enterprise with in The the a itlack business area, was didn't was of completely then knowledge easy work from checked to with the comunicate different was leader.2. community to see offset than ifThe with. they throug aroun anyth ma As ha Yes, as very Found limited it marketing very 1. difficult real time spend in1. assignment regards Budget overall to and Did setting costs2. not notmuch budgets have keywords3. appreciation any and prior cost experience Getting per for clicks marketing informatio and c o Luckily we had a contact in our group No, we through were I was lucky family--the surprised and 1) had shop It how was a good owner little mandatory, 1) contact. we Wish had knew athe great but N/A once real I was simple time we glad got response website because started and had compared it was was lesskeen such lag totime on fun how inte and m Basically we had a member whoNo knew notthe really owner I was we just of just the got surprised Professor enterprise. together how showed and 1. We well Had broke sat out it one down to everything campaign Not us horrible and and really, talked had team went. down I it would to be member and him apart say added and of we who he our all our did was class had views. not delighte the projec want sam They were up for it from the beginning, We had due no to It trouble was being compltely at an all. The enterprise They fact open were that ended who That it very was has the and willing going been directions no I did to one, est. toparticipate. not affect for even weren't have awhile, my our much grade that teacher but clear experience and was could and how needing there to help before. target some was us o t T It is hard to 5 figure people out is whether 1 too Compulsory much the for client 1 this campaign assignment2 will project. benefit No length 3 people Worldwide from (too AdWords, would short competition3 to have improve and done therefore the the Google4 results) same hard O jo

They were pretty open about theYes whole because online This the marketing was company just It scheme was a different was compulsory, so inPeople small the type first of within so assignment.. place we Noour didn't because team really different not we have working learnt from a say as together, any we went otherthe along subje firs The first business we approached was more then happy to get help from us to use a Adwords campaign We chose a The client fact that that 1 was we mandatory based were given in 12 team the hands real US, work money on3 because I had different to noconduct a search family engine an member online advertising of campaign one of our orwas on te No, we learnt Adwords in class is Had expensive to do it advertising. The to pass set up class of Yes, theI ad didwords, e commerce, hard to so monitor. I understood w We initially had some difficulties Our in finding only strategy an I was appropriate initially for success - Being pleasantly enterprise was a global that surprised The in our we and very city, were realistic limiting that I after was aiming our less challengeseveral budget entire to knowledgeable find course companies and aThe organization problems would prospect we in be marketing associated enquired that of mainly a would winne ba w in We brainstormed I liked ideas finally The of being local professor able businesses, My to Ilearn team do research a leader but solid I wasn't nodidn't skill one taught the Ihad can take team the a apply the strong class, leader, challenge outside and feeling but it looked of I seriously was either class. able inter way a t For sure weYup, met through some This problems this ischallenge, totally before Almost new recruiting I realized for none. me Yup, Iand like that clients due I it like the toas power it doing is our the project things and firstefficiency time through partner. for me of online. Our using to firs us A simple email introduction, a face-to-face this was fine, introduction there but was it is important aand 1lot it is to discussion a read challenge for which 1 groups - not introduced was that being to determine vital I1have able - past the to never o understanding client experience choose straight before to the our away challenge. been gave groups the whether involved us project, meant insight Athe further so in2 there of clien havi I wh le i Firstly, our group had to make initiatives We did not and This really set up whole have appointments challenge The major factors difficulties stood that The that would challenge attracted out when because be I first had convenient me itself approaching some we to was the were ideas challenge wonderful for actually our our about client. client include given and search Once as did real our the engine not having money client follow frustr aw As an international student, it was really hard to find a business, Real-life project because it was sometimes I don't know hard anybody to find in good this country. keywords The sec

We really had no trouble, she was no. very excited We and found wanted it1. interesting ability to know to work 1. that our short the progress with time Geo-Targeted adwords2. I had frame2. onsome a weekly idea inability Adwords online of basis. ato marketing "challenge"3. change and She Ads really keywords experience, worked ability was the in m to It was a wonderful experience. The It was client notwas easy We happy had to convince technical to 1. promote Knowledge the issue organisation. its 1. product regarding Technical and understanding online However, our It problem rather campaign. and generate improved after regarding of adwords.2. informing However, awareness my our knowledge adwords them Interacting it was about about a good accoun and it. with the un Sin ex They were open to trying AdWords...they Our clientdid was I was not a seem tattoo excited to 1. parlor, to have With beand a working an real understanding 1. only Not company2. with some knowing Googleof 1. the My Money of anything the group lack a real importance involvedof had company about knowledge knowledge online made of that keywords, to it marketing everyone start more of the didnt serious indust but whe kno inh th Google Adwords helped the enterprise no everything get more nope worked clicks smoothly for seemed their website. interesting none, It once helped andwe it was got them better the gain hang then more of doing it people's it came work interest. very out easy of theto Our enterprise was a team member's It wasfamily helpful business to know someone Being able with to The a learn company dollar about amount in online mind was marketing, too little for having the time the real period worl o

We had several companies interested I was concerned in working It sounded about with us like 1. finding for I didn't a the lotaof Google company have work 1. It any was to Challenge. do that previous a in lot I would had a of group outside very experience It be was setting. completely little a class more experience using Iwork. was difficult trusting AdWords2. concerned The prior process challenge and to coope this. Iabou for liked o I it feel good like i am a business man Yes. who We was was No. unable marketing toCan pick myCreate product the right Too Money, through choice much Easy but the of no. challengers it net. to iwas create setup This dissolved the a competition javascript and campaign, the with coding the to increase the overcome instructor of most Javascri my comm this kno giud There were The some first difficulties online - fact project, that figuring we -so occasionally, could out it was what work athe fairly By with inadequate requirements reading new a real experience. and businessinformation some of thefirst trial challenge experience and error were. w Very enriching. Had to do some research on the nature of their business and the marketability of their products and ser LACK OF INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE CO We had a problem Adwords choosing was 1) extremely It was the run right 1) difficult by adwords kind google2) of tocompany. yes. learn asadwords really We to use. had hard We seems We no realized to experience use2) had like all much it the gone would guides at later in all. be with on We weren anin zer imp re th good Yes LIVE project! 1. Real client Finding and real a client project2. Yes. Learn Implement along. project3. Monitor cam It was rather easy to communicate It was and a interact challenge Compared withto our recruit to 1. client other Basically, a business. client, university 1. itbut Organising was They due projects, part to were No of contacts the the the the very team course lack challenge helpful that of to work. experience be certain and able required provided team to meet did a members lot not to the more discuss affect team, ha co m One of our group members' families Veryhad little awork small, Nope. necessary but growing, I was here. interested business Teammate's This in survey that learning was family I is had an far more no had easy farexperience far a about and small farideal far online business far in match too online advertising, long. that for search online was (That's and perf and ad a I It was hard It towas find really an organisation. It's good an internationa to doThere's It something can take challenge. not Itime. enough practical. already ItIt's would about run Running practical. Google have online a been AdWords Google marketing good AdWords campaign ifin we gener were c My experience with Google adwords We did cannot have It only some was be magical problems described 1. The to see initially exposure in words, your Reports inads setting to it was international showing a up Initially different meeting in 85 it standards.2. countries felling was anddifficult appointments altogetehr. inTeam 15 to understand languages work.3. My with specializ the com the c The letter to our client business was We developed the firstReal step, a resources strategy detailing 1. It of our (money) was calling 'nomination' an1. optional our and The nominated real constraints of part time Research their ofmonitoring business the business, placed unit was structure, first on used was and the toavailable.Additionally explaining to establish actual but overcome was 'structure' a the graded point any strong sh of of a Our client was amazing and very We flexible. had conducted They No! had It was 100% some all 1. well The research, trust explained ability in us, 1. and to Time which take went consuming made a into practical No it the the did experience meeting to approach not. keep monitoring with to evern a online background more and marketing2. fulfilling. altering of the a O It was similar to working as a comercial, No. Oneso memeber it It was was interesting quite of the The time team interaction consuming in the was Some sense friend with and keywords we of the there the are I firm actually marketing management were in and not did people also native assistant not the students know who languages facteasy of that much the and it involved was enterprise about were there runnign not searc is to alw as its It was easy to show them what we our planned client has to do, a highly and how visual the we possibility - planned design theof based increasing to increasing measure advantage, I have price results. the experience client's ofwhich keywords, Webottom we also intried web explained even line to analytics, few convey hours them using which sev aft It was interesting to show them the No, main we agreed points AdWords and easily aims was on It the was of totally the strategy. obligatory campaign. new It was forfor me hard After Online before We that the read Marketing. from the introduction Online Challenge, 6 members We marketing ofhad the but only to campaign now 3 participate books members I am and happy they in als wo b t Experience,Not diploma long enough for the CV It was very simple. With google adword One organizations we had The an weather interesting was ahad littlean marketing sceptical influence about opportunity. of our the cpc. whole But online they were marketing. a little sceptical But an other abo I don't haveNothing any problems about recruiting Altough many Nope. companies Not really. Better in Hungary understanding User understand interface of I AdWordsIn read was that all difficultToo a the sound depth possible on-line knowledge many tutorials, marketing assesments about registered strate ondu I enjoyed the experience as it was Most a practical were interested, Thought assignment it was yet experience, rather some too big, hung than Starting yet the theoretical. up found certificate, not the long out We campaign that Furthermore, after.People can had it put little was on on experince not adwords my were the through resume, skills put online therefore time off that assumed when was i acquired we we hard wer it sta w a It was very easy to acquire our company. We haven't We Iproblems was are immediately already for The develop working factors motivated together strategies No attrecte factors to to participate me for create frustrated That are: sucess isn't learn the in when me a online your how problem with first challenge. to shop the use approaching because Challenge. and AdWords,test Your to make AdWords challeng organiza online real i NIL yes no Get experience Cannot in online achieve nomarketing enough numbers of clicks that it was a sometimes real project it was very complicatet and no groupmem it was very long to found our entreprise. yes A lot tought of entreprise to find manage an already entreprise a full had budget SEM an Adwords and campaign yes, lenght it experience. did.my experience At last, we and found professor the pe h We had a meeting a month before No, commencement got a client firstof time our The of campaign asking prize!Sharing Illness to discuss of my one knowledge Yes, our team strategy I shared memberLevel with and my my knowledge make team ofarrangements.D matesTest interest and from sources myso o it was all good for some reason getting we used had that to a saldo google we were ofadwords i -40.000 hada a team noand $ of experience before 4 having and our it was abefore campaign word only wide but 2 ppl that has compet check eve was The website was almost closing we when have we no invited ta problems, thethem beginning to we running participate, developed we a had real not a so a marketing lot to set they be ofof doubts, able saw questions No, online to the as modificate but competence we campainghave we for had investigate the few the company knowledge as site athe as and last so we possibility pratice chance we about wantedno can so the for hav to w Find a enterprise is not easy for We students did not and The have quite announcement a particular often The wefact are strategy. of not the discovering We credible Challenge We hadfirst a to lot At a tried them. of new first was information to we online That's aidentitfy good only marketing why news knew but potential it since was but marketing strategy a hard entreprises we bit did frightening toadvertisi find and not kno an wo bee

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the company was headed by a freinds no, it was dadthey just wetime worked were consuming planning together i thought onreally the starting the project well last toas paper use was a didnt group, adwords really was have way fun. even at any too i the have though long time done i took mostly on most simulatio of th Both the $200 and the new advertising No possibility No counted. 1 getting experience2 1 mistakesgetting I made had a by knowledge3 little us experience winning with Adwords, an Yes No Mandatory Group Members Familiarity with Google helped The experience was very positive Luckily and the the willingness co-operation The biggest to-opportunity suprise co-operate between when the -The was to team the work over mutual project and with assesment My between the adwords was previous organization introduced of the inknowledge the practise-use team module went to and usvery as in the that the the well enterprise. smoothly. gave google beginning as us ourad lim te E It was quite a heart throbing experience We were as rejected we Fun approach and a few interesting a times nunerous different and way way and terms it to is to gain quite various learnhands-onfun more hard itcompanies help hands-on to look me by for but interactivereal-case experience enabling companies it's either meto automated towork lead scenari with. the ma pro th Our experience was one of difficulty in primarily finding a client. Everyone The Google that we AdWord conntacted website seem proved to hold to be a tainted quite diffi vie the client never heard of adwords No, before the business but no whenwas explained very 1. previous receptive. they valued experience the tool Ion leaded and emarketing agreed my team to use because it. of m previous The experience was relatively easy Theas initial the business choice Initially, of the was what mandatory project eager business seemed to participate requirement setting to approach farup less and the My complicated was adwords were lack difficult of willing knowledge account as than tocompetition provide itwas proved was intensely easy overcome to success access be. frustra This wit wa ro c i had previous experiences from working with the enterprise real-life so iexperience just the contacted adwords withthe online interface CEO marketing did not work with my firefox in The entreprise was rather interested in the Google Online 1. work Mrketing with Challenge, a real business so it and was a not real too budget difficult to engage them

It was very easy to convince them, regarding the many advantages that the programe offers. Furthermore it didn't caus Our group had help through a local Client online recruitment marketing It was awesome was company 1. stressful experience2. to to work at get 1. first with hold pre but prizes3. real campaign of once our money We working SME we had page got and and never help with spend outline they it real done wasn't were it was money4. for online very our too a problem. small clients marketing helpful working you in with nee gett in r via email that it was mandatory and the challenge counts a thi It was preaty easy. They thougthThe it was client a great helped the idea high ussince dificulty to 1.the define the of real begining the making time2.that strategy. at the of an second the ad it project that was I've day people a never "real and of the heard gave want project" challenge to us of click wiht it support. the real on was high money3.apli challengi dificulty Hard to identify The small Challenge companies 1. Real seemed world that 1. very effects2. Lack had relevant a ofwebsite. team Actually Had and member no hands-on affect. helping support2. acompared company3. Short to page Witnessing other limits proj Our professor connected us to the Done enterprise by our No professor Interest in internet Our pre-campaign marketingInterest My experience strategy inhelped, had Google to be but Adwords corrected nonetheless mory t We explained that the process would No be free We and felt very a bit beneficial. 1. abandoned The fact We that 1.in The said regard I would lack thatto The of knowledge they the information lack had Challenge of nothing prior on 2. a as knowledge subject The to we lose lack did which but of not of detail only receive Adwords many gain, in oth the m a We were pretty clueless Having and picked to do Investing randomly with real too businesses ian wasn't much enterprise really time and in which able writing real to money was lead a concept interesting, our group without due but

The owner of the company was very No, not happy at all. to The meet The real first with life organization Being experience us and able engage to The Google we use lack contacted inreal learning brough ofmoney No funds they was morea to at and us very did some was actualy bout not. enthusiastic points. very the having enjoyable Google about anChallenge. affect and thesome on Goog th T One of our group members worked Client for recruitment the organization. The formal was Being nature easy, Buy-in free able ofwas the $200 to Not easily Challenge learn being for how marketing attained able No was to it to market did as great. have certainly a not. result. using everyone helps. Google access everything the client seems it involves a bit unwilling quite 1, fun a to lot to collaborate of make 1, knowledge client changes seems with no on others to experience Google unwilling its existing onAdwords an to before online make website and so marketing changes iand itjust takes reluctant tried challeng some to do to ti In my opinion Google made a very No, good the organization move No,toitgive was XXXX away great. internet was 200$ project great for none every and giving company. i got usaall lot It the is ofaknowledge support way of promotion about e-marketin and vice Since the enterprise was mine, I No, hadthey to present were Yes, more my How case than many 1.to willing Class the would group mandatory2. view 1. Not in the order knowing site Interest for No. verses them which Made into who own me adwords use would curious business my company. were contact advertising helpful and I wrote who wou up All the guide 1)were the bildings2) diificult 1) we to the read were challenge and obliged understand was to be only 4 students before on 3 weeks to per set team2) up so the I liked chall to w th Contacted family business and sold Recruited them on family the the budget numerous business was Passioinate of benefits too leader small 1.) about of for lack online group aonline realistic of budget advertising Yes. advertising campaign I leveraged to create/test with and and/or Google. my marketing. various lack challenge. of experience strategies2.) I wanted Not eno to b 1. desire to 1. learn, difficult interested to find information in how AdWords aboutworks2. some aspects AdWords of We picked a It small was alocal real 1. world business The project. reallike 1. world Our suggested We experience,2. business/client,2. were It helped able by GOMC. tosince The workcompetition Figuring The we with were business a real out learning company how weto had online use and did A m We were referred our enterprise We by a had friend to overcome South and consequently Africa initial 1) has The resistance relative had exposure good 1) low Lack from communication to internet of real the support Yes, business client penetration prior and due and experience and relevant to having interest levels, learning knowledge no did we from how prior nevertheless help. both toexposure deal a from sides. compan with lect sa T t It was tough to persuade but we No still manage Amazement to do it The on the versatility power Lengthy of internet guides No

We contacted the business through Not their really marketing Not escpecially department 1 Competing and Not asked against enough if other they No professor would previous students be involvment, experience willing around to the participate advice world2 and Possibili inguida this c yes no learning, teamwork tikmeplanning reading books, internet sources

The enterprise was very interested in working with google a real adwords. project. Slow answers to questions I know the owners of that enterprise, we didn't so they have yes, agreed problems, surprising without 1. working we isany the developed problems whole with 1. low real idea strategy CTR2. clients2. ofitAdWords didn't not for working enough success affect challenge, my ideas with later ability "real for it is the because money"3. very adsgood, I workin didn't we There were Our no problems. professor It was We wasassigned. had newa Itto contact was thishard also, within Yes, to so sign-in she the ournot was lack to for our little ofprofit online account. help; sector marketing but It as seemed and a that group experie as pers w if It was ver nice One of our team members works no in engaged no company so interested it really in was lack handling not of time?don+t a problem with adwords, to know explain wanted them to how learn things more work abou a The fact that No I can experience learn no and experience with tryonline how the marketing AdWords works in real It was very educational. From learning I believe of the No, criteria hardest the Challenge needed part 1) of Google finding towas implement - -noneextremely learning a client the was search straight-forward. campaign My convincing experience engine our optimization them enterprise using I loved that Yahoo!'s we it. wanted, for were Google search "for starting real" (the en No. The company We were wegiven chose It was real had a real money a The website program to only use that aspect with in I'd was real never real of already world the results. used challenge situations. managed Google It was that easy Adwords by was one to see frustrating of before, our howgro th s Yes, my teacher The large required scale 1. use us of to on where copy resume/interviews2. 1. her teams need on to were our constantly I had letters located. nolarge to prior check our I scale loved knowledge/experience. organizations results of how challenge3. 2. applicable forced we were to ability it fit was wo re Iu Keep trying and do not get disappointed no when Yes some of Get them to may know rejected When adwords there you well No is less and another of no number way to of get clicks some experie I had my team start on a cold calling Obstacles1. campaign 1. Being The to extract inability accused 1.a Test to few of improve my selling companies knowledge. 1. Coordination some quality from type score Definitely. I already online ofwith to internet "Great" searches the had It was client scam2. online when aaccording from strength. marketing Not it surprisingly a being technical Ito was experienc the taken very comp stand drop se in We did not encounter much difficulty. Yes. The The customer co.'s Not owner much base surprise, had 1. of Friends' other our except client business, influence 1. Time is the aged mere and constraint - since around Yes he fact is I some think that a 30, frequent Our the which so. IT campaign experts nature I have user is quite of no in of started this our Google prior old challenge class compare experience in AdWord the aremid go wi is We spent 1 month to find the good The company. problem Very We was excited wanted to find 1.to the to Google work get most into with brand suitable 1. athis Too small name2. wonderful short company company I (3weeks) had marketing tool no for with experience the which no campaign3. challenge: or islittle online at experience all small, contact advertising, in search big with about margi engin the bus no no class Short time lenght no One of our team members had worked with the company at his current fitting job the incharts advertising to 2 pages! with the school newspaper. He The experience with the enterprise Yes, was wewonderful made My a first small because reaction "market 1) It the is towas the comany segmentation" international.2) challenge 1) The is time, new was I where in ididint would the of The happiness+entusiasm, market we have experience like choosed experience to and have the the using more target best with adwords.3) time.2) organization segment because search Not eng Op are th m Straightforward. They offered support Simple, forclient content Looked was etc. employer forbidding New medium of team None for member marketing no The client was Thegiven real budget by The the possibility tutor given, and The competing it to limited was work a client against for Ilenght knew a real we of very teams had client, the little pre-campaign already from the about all opportunity worked over Adwords the report with world to before for learn (not ano and ea s m We identified the targeted SME through It was pretty brainstorming smooth. The and 1. The client prepared fact has that 1.knowledge a Lack tailor I have ofmade support experience Yes. about proposal It saved from AdWords. with Google2. for my AdWords2. them. time Not research transparent I might about getthe jud a no high CTR and learning sales how writing to organize reports i have campaign set up my own campaign before

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Taking part of google challenge was Choosing a great the Not experience right aplicable company The to learn possibility was more very Relation about of difficult a practical with online Not at the the applicable advertising experience client. begining. LowThere as budget. and well lear were how more necessary a search about en on s Google Adwords has been very useful, no problems and n has o not disappointed an excellent our nothing opportunity expectations no to learn indeed about .... all a the tool tools that is made redefining availab th We met with them to discuss then/a plans, and A they lot more were interested involvement Provided real in1. than what world Report other we experience, were lengths No, projects doing therefore were and and a ability bit it made was short2. to necessary recommendations. work Budget with to was athoroug real too cl

Initially selecting This project a business 1) was The quite was chance difficult, different 1) The to work as fact tosome our that I with think other the "live" companies that campaign projects clients2) my relative were for needs Exposure our apprehensive lack course. constant of to experience aThey newer, monito parti ar Very positive experience and enterprise Our lecturer was I provided extremely have never us Practical interested worked with a contact element on in The a the class budget in selection of our room managing enterprise. Yes, of $200 project ofmy adwords a lack was live with very of campaign and such practical limited, the a large results and experience particularly amount putting of ourof theo in cam wh pr o Our first enterprise did not respond Had tono a series response of attempted from The our first mark forms client allocated of Mixed contact after format numerous tovia the No phone criteria course attempts. and in criteria documents email. Our As second the on the deadline client campaign was for h m Yes, because It was they pretty thoguht Google exhausting, we were It going is but was we to very kept do Streghts: a difficult on traditional going Ito always set mkt communications use campaign to be the leader with Go o we had to do 200$ it was very few money I thought it was Nothing a way really. for Not the enough It was professor mandatory. I time work to to in get do the out a technology real of having trend analysis industry, us develop so a eve m The enterprise we used were very People engaged wouldn't not andreally? interested. take the That time They it was to listen were Alot unique. actually about of information A real Adwords No excited life not project really. to and about take just Iwith the in didn't said and Idea real have no tomoney. and understand. to the being you best Being could involve know Alot inv te The enterprise was very interested No, in the this instructor "new" No (to took them) care The way involvement of to that. promote short time and their work period No business experience and gain withleads google. online. RealThe client bu the first enterprise (XXXX) i asked client didn't was like easy itto was participate. to hard convince 1.after work but by and a i mail think while a 1.i lot and it would of time was reading phone to my have spend.i had fault tutorials been no to thought experience go happy, it directly was it if was really i to knew easier, one fun there of watching the if its ismenswe a once goog the o its was a very nice experience. some no we thing didn't new all have thing i had any was never problem its good a doing nice with challenge befor first me the , somoney iti attracted know its affect did so not many me ondiminish to me things de on well positive so i didn't , when this things thing know i see make it it my befor give ad m personal contact, introduced through friends It was fun and exciting as we getNo. to know It was more very In terms in-depth smooth of marketing -work about Hands-on done. the challenge, operation -practical The results experienceof it No. is the of a the very client's campaign good Online business. practical marketing However, experience challengeit isoutsi a ch L first google has the $200 that can yes help themmy grow, teacher and the chance company to study no can time(too how learn tostrengths more busy)not start adwords adwords my language familiar teacher's tool, skillsearch to language sure encourageteam thay at about may interne suc the No, I had no I was major pleased problems. 1) practical that this 1) project evidence2) inactive hadkeywords Ipractical teamwork3) had no real relevence. without that eperience it prior wasnotice a with real online challenge4 marke no, we didnt i was have intrigant any 1)it problems to was know a marketing about 1)it was adwords everything challenge2) in it english was from google, a huge com no It was greatTo that know the challange more the about prize includes adwords argentineans We truly wanted to help the enterprise We did and notteach It have wasthem amore problem new 1. work Learning ways because thanto I1. on was advertise. Directions we my expecting, knew own/learning I They the am fororganization but very prewere Iby and experienced was familiar doing.2. post-campaign surprised before with Teammates with Google hand. to find technology strategies I that noticed Adwords sugges I did a tw They were really interested so getting We just them selected The to participate project the first 1. sounded was company Learning notlike very 1. more that it The hard would someone about pre-campain be My online good knew limited marketing experiance page experiance limit was did too not short affect my a Our approach was to find I loved a client the whose "real We were world" product promised I application entered we could 'unimaginable" this that relate project this to. challenge with After amounts no choosing previous supplied of repor two ex u none given real money not enough time. teacher didn't teach about how to d First it's been not easy to find a company. We need to do Real a lot life ofwork telephone undone experience work calls, by but teammembersdecisions after the first contact with made ourby com oh it was easy to get the enterprise in engaged the begining avrey open we body my traying eyes want opertonty to to who understand be on to the we the lern internet dont net!!! more the have organiztion is how i didnt working more marketing have budget and any than in to exprerience the play tointernet build white astrstegies and him is working try to w yes we had at difficiulties, first we found 1. but Free only it interesting, advertising2. once 1. Questions we started butExperience after yes in working it both three did,Pre ithrough weks had with and to the and Post rely participating company then on campaign still a friend having in too the who to lon cha ha w Telling them it would increase web traffic. To awake interest and to get engagement I think a presentation was easier then about 1. the toAdWords maintain fact of 1.taking difficulties for them. awaking part I think Yes in with a the but in challenge2. teamwork2. the interest reading future of the the using difficulties a AdWords potentail enterprise a modern with would textbook would the and be res us ne u a we setup up a meeting to show him No, how one adwords of the I was group excited worked members 1. to and learn take had a knew on new them 1. such our the skill2. participate clients client. a new working I had we and website in did some interactive with the have was a creation experience client some too project. small2. to of strategies improve some with I had got search oftheir real a about the bad exper text mark engin tea typ a Since the company marketed online yes, was only a a company bit it was though, quite that we The interesting I tended worked winning to for, to how advantage, get work itto was tofigure on the pretty this Since point a out chance project, easy after cost none to per some to especially of persuade do the click. elaboration. something team as them members a group. new to participate online, includi We ha My lecturer already had some small-medium There is theItneed scaled was hard for firms discussing 1. to Global which gatherwant contest team about 1. The to members the join : lack able firm's this No of to project. for knowledge objectives compete experience meeting(5 My among and clients about leads members, marketing students online chose to many different marketing my plan. from difficulties group It all time isoth as :ve I

It was very easy to get them interested No, clients due were to Great thevery fact project, helpful that Getting really the and project ahelped good wanted It was could grade me like us get only to in the Yes, help in the help stockmarket, the class luckily them habit their it succeed. one business. of was using of gambling for, our google it group took on the as members what a place busines you of th w My other group member knew the noclient previously no so itIwas had easy always to The wanted getpre, them post an on no extensive campaign board knowledge report instructions of the internet were not

Getting the Enterprise engaged was Finding easy, anwe organization This picked challenge a small The in the seemed chance manufacturing areaThe that alot to work group more all team with company members fun I had my members to dad little me and that because in tothey a could no Igroup had online seemed get we chosen activity.The got excited marketing very towhere use about eager chance actual experie particu was to le m It was simple. It took an email to tell them what we were opportunity doing ... the managing to email learn AdWords had my no to school include workload "you can't in addition already be to the an AdW Cha It was hard to find an enterprise,yes, but they it was were hard All the very to course find nice challengelearn a and business projects showed were it and was some something we new worldwide, havent interest. for We me newlearn studied tried and tooto bigI surprising. know about more have more online about never I have about marketing googlelearn used never online Adwords done yet. mark mo a Different expectations from eachYes, side. we We had need Client some tomanagement, explain problems. Challenges ourwe intention Real tried The and life to time unexpected and get campaign, managementwe justify a yes, client our itresultsYou other which does project affect. online was did scope won't from the marketing for campaign example, to one know the ofhow client.Mean strategy my we when teamma succes need lik we We were introduced to our enterprise I would via recommend our The Professor, verythat real I XXXX. am online client focusing support case We 1.met studies my Organizing and with postgrad interest of them My the the experience research initially various in various the during project accounts and resources was class a was helpful class be work fantastic. of published presentation in off on the and search sense I onlin neve so th w e t it was very hard to persuade them I think to put the some most codes problems tolittle itsis webpage effort for client but budget because influnence they spending don't they no. know around didn't is where hard the pretty to world. to control find much the understand persons to what carry No our professor How much was very work 1. Google helpful was involved in Working pre-arranging as in asuch We % mark had clients a large the of the for advantage team us overall to it would've use unit. of someone I strongly been much who dis yes we have yes some I love problems it.It Google's is the in idea terms brandFuture language how of business net issue.We can employment yes!keywords be objectives a service. are ruuning advertising a France and company's search en It was very overwhelming to negotiate No, the with first an Language approach overseas issue was The company, successful, possibility was bigger from None of negotiations athan a different hands imagined Yes, in country prior project were to ability smooth. develop language. using was real campaign driving From market, Australia, knowledge and money makin w ct Yes we hadnot a lot really... of trouble being the whole trying in the project to alot marketing figure of overall many everything class yeah different wasn't iand would out. what it things... like was say we what part that expected. first of was it of did our all needed affect grade... not understa it. toitbe didn sho d We had an easy time getting the business to use google, because we knew they already had an interest in using googl He was absolutely helpful. 1. Get a feel The of online fluctuation advertising in the price in real ofbusiness the words. world. Good A bit Somewhat Adwords and Learn stand moreYes, with google be innovation It went well.It was a quite I'm new intereted experience I didn't in marketing have and Ii had enough was and absolute enthusiactic wanted time to lack todeal try at of myself the with (online) beginning. it.in marketing it. It was easy, because the enterprise had already heard of 1. the Learning Google about Online online Marketing I had marketing no Challenge. experience attracted After on me. this we 2.sector Working presented prior in t o No no Learn about an online marketing no tool t any history on our t campaign had any kind account. of experience Therefore w At first it was a pretty big challenge No,for weall did ofnot. At usthe to Attake beginning first a we 1. part To have we get in Google discussed hadn as1. much Timing competition. information all - the not Wemajor enough haven Our about fact team time PPC with has tothe as get been possible company positive participating and results. leaders. to fin in Organised a few meetings with the No enterprise the enterprise yes manager it was was selected a 1)New and different explained and for experience It diverse2)interesting us was the by difficult our challenge, Lecturer as yes everything to i did get asked not and precise have was challenging them key online much questions words experience and asand we using and were took they "real" with quit all as

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We struggled a bit identifying 1. Working a company 1. with It wasn't a real that company very would I definitely easy inspire with to lacked work all real ofexperience out time us how and results.2. to had set in not this up The used a spac opp cam The client was very excited in the No beginning. problems They - our client were Assigned a was new assigned business by Our professor. client by that ourhad had professor. No an no one unproven sales on our and team product. littlehad website any They significant traffic had 0 atsa th e

our enterprise was willing to do this no,our campaign client i was wanted from excited the to first 1.experienceparticipate and moment looking from 1.lack we forward this contacted the of is begining, experiencea to real it was it,because them project aso weakness and our we and ithad team they was i am no showed that a had happy new problems none never and high that inreal done with our iinterest got exper team that. som the Actually, they already knew about We this had opportunity no Iproblems wasn't and really because we 1. The suprised had possibility no weproblems all 1. because the had to complex many learn in i understood explaining Yes, contacts how interface i was to advertise to we searching the them of could meaning thewhat internet a use thought real does of as life the our version the this company online clients. internet campa ofadv the S o google online marketing is totally nah, newwe fordo me, cooperate have even a really i have with learning good use different google cooperate how have nationality 2as use 2 searching with learn google yes client member, how adwords tool to use for and ages. to adwords learning help this client edit project how tools 2 use really and new atten help te Easy. They were open to the opportunity. Amount of timeInclarity about success vs failure one of the participants owned the company Our enterprise was interested for There participating was no Surprising in problem the campaign fact 1. because marketing was from number the 1. the client experience2. too of beginning small was clicks Ia CTR didn't from friend team due have different to of work3. it our is a problem an teammate countries working enterprise with on because that the that internet main our w ta There are many firms in the same No. industry plausible Fact thatfor there's 1) this Google competition. real money name.2) 1) Necessity and The Experience clients challenge Yes, of reports2) but involved.International that read in our can Fact up case be more that gained.3) was i.e. other to Google's competitors. ensure team's Real mone that help clien We simply asked her if it was something This went she very I was would well, very be no excited interested 1) problems. I was tointerested participate. and 1) Itold thought her to learn it Isome felt was how confident pretty of AdWords themuch explanations about $200 works online of and were free marketing be advertisin not able clear to bu bueno vender chocolates, mermelada si bueno y bombones ensi laclaro propagacion fue la experiencia un bueno reto delos para lasfactores nadie las palabras micampaas ya laque que tenia claves bueno no estaba eramos no habia no rendian no en se hecho tanto nuevos supo ingles como el este como los motor enqueriamos tipo manuales este empezar de de tema busqueda estrategias y y tuvimos fue queard so pa Our client seems No not entirely 1] Innovative, cooperative The different inability with NIL from us to and get the clear did usual not information. projects alert/inform we Information get us on to a do, lot esp pro of I helped visits to the company and If we try have to convince small The experience problems to participate - Find but was out commented in interesting more the The marketing about time-perhaps on and online The the somewhat campaign, campaign search marketing a bit short engine surprising and will - for to Compete solve. was the the because final most campaign with Convinced helpful several we have but t Our team was in the search of the Yes, suitable we have enterprise Everything thoughtto through related 1. work New on to expirience the during the way 1. campaing Lack of the best 2. of campaign. Ability time Neither approching was due to very participate me We to new other or and have my to commitments, convincing all analyzed team in something of usmembers the a the number team like related client had famil and of to mu to I convinced XXXX to atend in Google No, all AdWords organizations There Program areshowed very 1.by Real small showing a experience good differences 1. them Unknown, will tothe in participate. between testing Choosing advantages small ofinterest good AdWords2. the like and most in free bad some attractive An testing AdGroups. award AdGrups2. of AdGrups for applicatio the Tobes sh to No - we used Did contacts not know Something enough about different That it was - had and Yes an no real actual idea - my - an what experience compaign actual AdWords campaign competing searching was, how against on it Goog work a real time,real money limit, They were excited to be involved. Time constraints, No they were The $200 busy dollars most Choosing of of the free the time. I've advertising. right always keywords been a toleader use, since so I just we were took c n Free online chance to see if Google Yes,AdWords we look It is at works impossible threefor aspects. 1. the Managing to company manage Reach, 1.daily Impossible and your relevance budget2. what camaign - this to and Development manage will on ROI. cost a dailt daily onbasis a of daily ondifferent keyword on or keyword weekly campaigns level level. basis 2. A It was good for us because the enterprise Yes, thereshowed were There few were keen plans Working good interest in our enterprise in as team it Less aand group which selected number shared inwe new Yes, their of approached by kind clicks use the feelings of groups to challenge keywords our with about of enterprise the students their was conducted enterprise improved. enterprise. earlier. who by created and Goo Bu lat This is a very good experience in Planning marketing of The the practices proposed effectiveness ! Curriculum, of integrated interest interest marketing We wrote a business plan about online marketing. It was helpful when we tried to visiting our client. 通常企業不肯參與多是因為&# They were very interested from the we start. didn't Their have we website used any problems the needed 1. keyword it was because to a generator be cool 1. advertised. our the way teacher company to and learn i had the They was about little simulator. manager not were knowledge helpful. e-marketing.2. happy was Wehe a were to of friend. didn't be online surprised able it was know marketing to a itmuch real for to se fre jo no no nothing This survey. Yea. FirstI've of all.. done talk this about before online and marketing. I got bore They came into the class and told noabout their no company.learning Then we about got hard started online to navigate on marketing the campaign. and theThey effect came google in to adthe words clas The client was I thought very busy the 1.Challenge and The pre-occupied global 1. was scale Businesses thrust 2. wuth The Yes, upon running unwillingness name lack us and of Google3. her experience we business were to 'Real participate not meant and world' given had because I applicati could adequat minima no o

the company chosen by our team we has don't been have Iexemplary was problems very surprise in the his convenience role. and We to happy use gave of english for get wide this in availability the project game using to putreal to the money test in to a advertis new e good contact person in the enterprise, strong help from Google, the enterprise experience until nowin nothing online marketing, a project which we hav It wasn't really hard to discover enterprises No. Luckilywho /my group weren't members 1. advertising Possibility were 1. throught to Only all work pretty thing with AdWords. /creative, that realwas companies But so really we persuading had frustrating 2.no Possibility problems them in the toto start with challen work wit de r

t The enterprise is new in the interne We didnt market, have No in Colombia any problem, 1. The and we expereicne it has had None, a discusions, very maybe to specific work I had the but with target. previous time, no a real real it They was company.2. problems. experience are justyoung right, in The but so, online experienc iitstill was mark wan no The enterprise was willing as weWe explained identified we The the would dissapointment organzation be The able ability to and generate we to selcted The had work fact isinterest on the metrics that aaccount Had project the for that not account their real did used they product not time would search was reflect while hindered be engine online interested participating due optimization and to in the techn and at cau a I keep my enterprise engaged by There providing are some them To manage problems with the 1. the latest Online like total having update budget advertisement 1. The a of and hrad the budget to time campaign. handle as that to it is meet increase the an The interesting whole with enterprise unexpectedly.2. the campaign. client knowledge will as give the The client me that num som ar is Our team has to make a tough choice Our team's between I approach was two surprised businesses isI to was evaluate atattracted the in quality the The each beginning. to lack of the business work of opportunity Iquality have Eventually, produced objectively no contribution prior to by work we knowledge my and picked with teammates. and decide local commitment the on the game one online choice Given whose develo mar from th w IT WAS EASY AS ONE OF OUR ITGROUP WAS EASY MEMBER THE AS USE WE KNEW OF IT HAD WAS CAPS AN MANDATORY ENTERPRISE INHOW OUR TO ADWORDS REDUCE NO TO IN THAT IT GAIN MIND DOES CAMPAIGN WE THE CREDIT THAT LOOKING NOT NUMBER NEEDED AS FOR THE FOR OF COURSEWOR TO LECTURER IMPRESSIO MARKETIN MARKET we first hadI problems thought it with was 1. All finding going learning to a 1.business be That about easier not Internet that to all Nowrite groupmembers actually is the a fun reports. wanted experience2. were And to be helping that inOnline the we challeng out were marke and go Our team made It was aa strategic surprise 1. Getting decision that we experience 1.to had I found locate to do it with an Yes, frustrating the organization working challenge, I had no working with prior as that online many experience with would marketing2. people people not have of who inonline the much Lear didn co, It was quite simple for us as the We owner didis not a friend I have was a of very problem our excited On team time approaching mate, atreal the Time therefore, challengeAttractive thought differences organizations of it Itdoing was did not. when easier the because prizes We Challenge tracking for were him Competition the able our to because owners say campaign to research yes against were it to was us, result friend and oth one and

They were very nice and listened We to what didn'twe have I had think any to that offer.They problems we 1. It ran was finding a were good a good 1. very Our a campaign.It client. experience interested, teacher THe I did was was owner not to especially work not not really of helpful easy with the lead because because business a at the real all. project.I company.2. He they we was didn't didn't had a lead friend. know the It know the wa op Relatively easy to work with enterprise. No They No were just as Gaining excited knowledge to Nothing, learn about of I would E-advetising, No google like as more much E-Target in depth as the and with marketer E-Copy Adwords writin Str

The only problem I had never was trying Iworked wasn't to really with convince 1.any Working attracted type the organization of I in for had marketing a any group, to learn other as to program, quickly reason work I generally with as than:1. sous, numbers it dislike was but It being a even them.2. new popped an tha ch We had to provide a professors contact We hadinformation a few There problems, was for a Helping our lot but enterprise. of that detail a small was Detail tojust this They business orientedNot because project, wanted I didn't out but our to have having Iconfirm company think any aifcomplete the experience this wasn't actual Challenge sure understanding project. with if was this online the was m They already know Google Adwords, No problem. and they / also planned Because to start it was The using something second it in 2008 / report, new so for was and my easy was opinion very for me interesting. was to too have long their We to ha pe w It was a great experience to have Well known hadabout some Well this problems the tool realization The asat indispensable factors the of beginning this We that project are led as or frustrated us the the was Good toadwords the first a great for contestation by time directing the that experience you following made apply the were: me eletronica project factors: that Competing learn will these a serve Finding the lot abou facto conc with us We drafted This various is the notification first 1. RealityThere's school emails project 1.Team and ai've drive MembersThe informational done Placing to complete that myself incorporates documents group this inwas the challenge shoes formed for a real our of global to without client search the best so comp prio us tho The company was very reluctantI to believe change we anything I went reallythrough thought in their Its Google. three the business. ad clients words The I love prize before was Google, was cheap, I finding had not use no but so one it experience everyday. great. it that is rather qualified. Also however expensive. I not personally everyone This the was Also always ability was espe the t We emailed our enterprise and communicated the challenge to them over the internet. I had some marketing experience and an The enterprise was somewhat difficultat NO firstNOT to fully ATengage ALL HANDS in the ON competition. VERY ADWORDS SHORT NO However EXPERIENCE TIMEFRAME after a high volumn of traffic to Firstly it was a joint effort by all our We group did not members no encounter it looks , initially any parallel Theproblems, feeling it was and Not hard a ofgood Iworking had getting to pursuade footing experience with It a was clear into google our aunderstanding the little inclient this online and hard field to their tworld adopt understand and method tohad espically to wards online to ofprove different how approac when marke to tous g m As our client was one of our team We member's did not This face friend, is problems a it real-case wasn't 1. The intoo recruiting prize situation. hard 1. toThe to visit the persuade As difficulty client Google such, Prior them we in Company to sending are this into all subject, agreeing serious in the the Pre-campaign iStates. do about tonot this improving have 2. marketing The and any chan Po ex th

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Yes. As thisNo. is the first time 1)The that challenge we 1) are Trial doing of and getting online Yes. error the As of marketing most fine my experience tuning favorable campaign. keywords.2) CTR prior for to this our The proje camp bidd Although the business was not that No interested Stretegies Postivie in - just growing an reaction. 1. idea their practical for customer a good 1. learning Distance small base is buasiness as NOt more between such inhibited efective they to group use were at than members.2. all. based interested learning on Google via Cultural in promoting a text criteria diffe bo

WE HAD PROBLEMS 1.INNOVATION BECAUSE 1.NOT COMPANIES PFMUCH THE ISPROGRAM2.SOMETHING THE DON'T HELP FIRST FOUNDED2.THREE TRUST REAL ONPRACTICAL US. IT WAS EVER WEEKS TASK VER DO Requested if business would like Not free really, advertising. it's Not free! really No business would set up, say currency no was incorrect and set back our star They were hesitant at first but the Atprospect first the clients of I was getting excited were free 1. reluctant at Learning traffic being was to given 1. about participate something Team the using members' opportunity Yes but Adwords. they they my couldn't timetable previous called to2. participate. Utilising pass us online clashes, back up. the As marketing and keyword due I am said to an they other experi Goog tools wo c chose an organisation different experience in representing which our in terms setting team a real of leader up organisation group gmail ability isprojects currently accounts to lead with employed the realproject results at was not affecte Enterprise owner was the father Client of onewas of the the How group father freaking members, ofNothing. one complicated of so the It the was How group relationship AdWords forced complicated members, on No. is! me was so and by solid. the my boring relationship lecturer. it was. was solid. It has been great They were interested in participating Our professor in the challenge It was recruited very but effective. 1. organizations were I wasslow interested 1. atGoogle and giving in we the us Adwords had I had information course an no internal interface search and that was competition engine was we required needed difficult advertising for to to my the best navigate progra comp orana on A relative of a group member owned No problems, the enterprise Given already huge making knew real scope it world the very org applicability easy needto for engage very No regular real them prior interaction experience, steep learning Our enterprise was happy to participate, hard to find butI'm an thenot appropritate campaign used mandatory to was doing client, not group for we 1-Couldn't a priority our used assignments class, workplaces from print Had but them. the no I in found experience report class. of They the it direct really team didn't I find before from interesting members. have in a the work hand, any Adwords environm time and Not so this or usef sure s pw We informs them of the benefits No of using Google On how Adwords, much 1. Real we that have life since situation2. 1. to No they do one considering have search Competing I try not to got for learn this any the with isabout not keywords online other a online real form people life we of marketing projects have marketing put more th very enthusiastic about being involved Organisations to see Thought what were the very it was campaign Real keen a money, great to could be Having opportunity involved, real do time people for there and so Ito dont learn there in real business the think business how was group so Adwords no that problem I considered worked as well to be as s Our company was the second business Only problem we contacted, Not was really. the they business 1. A were 'real'we very project 1. first Account positive approached with amanagement to Not 'real' participating really. business. did not I am at reply and very 2. the Freedom to we AdWords used emails didn't to of conducting nor have website control, answer to put wa fr Friend who teammates graduated already Yes. Leading told usthis about project it. He was suggested hard ( neg tha Initially engaging the enterprise was We had difficult. problems ItWe was wanted more when It effective approaching to was domandatory a small than 1. Reports organistions. iboutique initially so there were It thought fashion was was Looking much difficult nothing it onutlet would too back having short attracting and have now to many little been include it would me prior companies to all knowldge have the details chal bee w The enterprise was interested in We the worked development the well targeting with of the the The campaign using business real alife massive The manager and experience geo-targeting the amount process and We and the of had of working communication different was targeting a broad only with keyword avalible knowledge on a real a manager world-wide combinations on client. the about campaig to market get keywo ac It was an interesting onlince challenge, No showing Wasus a bit the diffrent many The possibility possibilites than inone expected to participate of making i do not money in a have economical trough problems advertising project in leading rather online. the than pro The enterprise was very excieted No to problems learn about Little at running all, dfferent communication Itan was because adwords required it Just between is campaign alearning competition us I and had how and to never the with to see actualy client other run the results. an were schools run adwords the great! campaign. as campaign well. But stil be we worked on a website that was Not created muchand Nomaintained The by global an individual. arena Nothing and He that the we was particularly real didn't not life much have online experienced much advertising problem neither experience we, b Because we were a group with international We did not have students, many we 1) problems, wanted enthousiastic to searching 1) engage to enterprise2) few pages an for I enterprise did organizations. to not possibility write have that the experience we reports. In to fact, get were to we We all work with found familiar had online with to 2 organ Goog delet with. adv It was difficult at first due to not being We didn't able have to I was talk any to excited. the problems. 1. people It We was don't that We required 1. were make usually I wish able the for have my our decisions. to I did teammates find class.2. projects not a business have I The that was would any opportunity involve eventually that experience have fitbusinesses perfectly taken able to prior get as tointo real big reach to outs thi the an w The company we chose is quite young. No Alsoititwas has very young surprising It was employees, fresh in nothing and common sointerestining it wasno. interesting oportunity for us that and I didn't not bore want for to them. mis It was very easy, and they seemed Weto had be a strongly problem no engaged withmaking making fromup up the keywords raports our beginning. stragedy.

The group members and the client The were group dynamic members We were during and very To all the exciting. improve of client the campaign. a were newdynamic businessTo The atmosphere during improve all of of the the campaign. ROI work and and thethe traffic team o it was very interesting planning aitreal wascampaign a little difficult for a because real 1. a enterprise. real none life1. experience2. of The the use post-campaign managemnet hadno experience an , not opportunity at of report(because all the in this firm to domain. was measure a our little our lack sceptic little of exp ex at

Yes. We had The developed fact being world some in a competitionapply world strategies teamwork challenge before performance No knowledgeteamwork and entering working in wasn't contact with google. achieved with the enterprise It was not easy, but after we explained the benefits of online news marketing, on some web we sites. persuaded I was familiar them.with those subjects, but the As the enterprise already knew of No the not challenge, at all. There Weitall was was were a 1.The not great familiar a problem opportunity organisation withto the get to client, of get him the Before acquainted engaged. so challenge. we starting didThis not with Itthe was have was the project, a subject a any great start-up problems I just team of company Google have work with he A a

We contacted one enterprise only Yes. to find Wethat had Not the difficulty with enterprise course It finding was projects already assigned an organization The used - I've Challenge - we Google worked were My that Adwords, not business my was was given way added not through experience so using a choice. to we (on AdWords. had school, top to helped, of) identify so our I also course not anoth exp hav The enterprise was suggested by Our theclient professor. was Thesuggested Challenge Our team 1) Interest by did was the not not professor. have in 1) conducted online Atto times actively marketing We no Yes, as did noticeable a seek my regular not and experience have out AdWords2) class, an supervision toenterprise. actively i.with e. our Conception AdWords seek by deliverables Google, a busines and as no a A

The results might be surprising. We communicated We didn't very think 1. well. The we functions could 1. make To that understand a Google good No, Iperformance did how provides.2. not to have conduct of he the adwords reports Adwords.2. experence that for a Google before The non-p qu It was hard to find a company Hands-on because experience shorteither time framesome in they no online-marketinginterested already communication used AdWords difficulties or in they AdWords had witn I worked a job in town where theIt the seems enterprise that Very nearly was interesting already all Working business a opportunity; client. with can none. a Ibenefit obtained legitimate very from appealing Yes, their business, online this contact was due marketing, full the to info "real control second from so world" a of finding time co-worker, a Google aspect I was a client of in AdW got pr an a we got the enterprise from our professor Google AdWords too much are paper very yes.important without work online in online marketing marketing and knowle Extremely easy since they had heard of adwords. They were hig motivated from the start and believed the campaign w It was not hard to engage my enterprise, We didn't as really n/a the company have much I liked weof worked that a problem. we The with got Challenge real was Our money the Yes, client employer seemed I think knew and ran that to they ofbe a my one real needed a lack bit of campaign our complicated. of to online group get into with membe market the real Thio

We visited the enterprise or rather the town which was our we learned AdWords our a lot partner partner about and AdWords we town we did XXXX explained not how have has it workswe a online it very how Google bad marketing learned homepageou AdWords knowle a lot ab We told them about the benefits and used free advertising as a selling point. At the begining it was a little difficult, Yes, but at first when Yes time We we explain have Realtime some them some trouble busines low benefits budget identifiying work I and at learn low short target a cost lot time market they were for our very client interested My experience as a participant in Well this the great first contest; Yes, time it gives isse surprising basa 1.-Teamwork a bit in ofmake that fear, 1.-The provides 2.-Good but a good with timeMy e-marketing us the understanding with passing experience the help and of time between of as direct google a isparticipant acquired relationship members adwords, much in of this was to the expe ass gre wi c I hope I can get experience using NO the keyword NO I want to visit It is GOOGLE hard to strengths find in the matched United sotres States the potential of the adword once no. explained to the the real client time 1. made monitoring Very it Prasctical2. easy 1. was to less get amazing control them Real did time3. engaged. to not some have Interesting4. extent2. any experience very was little the in time best online to way und ma o

The company I engaged showedNo. interest The client because It comes wasthey related as1. were a The surprise to still a Live team new as 1. scenarios member The this and class inability saw of Yes. the project marketing to Google I gauge had is no unique Adwords apre-challenge experience real in company that account we in competitiven online in are as a competi real an marke oppo indu Promoting the site using Google No AdWords was No a new experience, The fact that that None is was thought a competition No us a little bit organized about online by Google. promoting mar

The enterprise was hard to find at No, the we beginning, find Nothing our client butparticular. we very Making found easily, it, a and project itNothing was then a based friend we particular. had Not on ofa at marketing someone great all. experience of is a the great group. introducing experience, Even though it to it im A Learning a new 1. It was formfrustrating of online advertising. trying to make I hadn't new been AdGroups... taught

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We had to think We learned a lot about We a lot wanted how out to of The get the to have to documents, cooperation a experiance strathegy I had but within problems and had the to to team. test dobe everything our the Promises skills one in practical. ourselves. comman were bro B After we checked several companies, No. we decided No, eventhough to select 1.) Easy the it was company tracking Nothing different of that the one (like I performance did Iof most am our have aware of team the a fundamental about. Members, group of the works campaign. after understanding in Germany our Google lecturer fo A I was a Trainee at the company a few years ago an d still had good contact to the marketing manager. So the story wen They were more than willing to participate After explaining after I thought offering themthis the Being the project benefits benefits online was of Group of during using easier using dynamics ad class, than Google no words, isurfing thought. was ad and words. difficult. the theinternet opportunity Advertising We lost as iftwo to I their was increased group a compa cons me creativity

there was no sometimes problem all it was factors hard were all to understand factors the same were no for the the me "challenge" same for me We had lots Really of difficulties. interesting TheWe fact and found that different Just the 2 hotels the project way amount which I had to was learn of just seemed real:provided about little real knowledge first online companymoney really marketing. ($200): happy about real moneyto search not Great work suffi re w e e srgrsgf sgrreg wteewr qerewr etrewfr It was a challenging task to select There an enterprise was some The that challenge problem could The relating be was big benefitted exciting name to Reaching convincing - GOOGLE. right as well from to yes. conclusions as the the It that ithas client, definately start. could been but being and benefit my we helped making related dream managed us me in decisions company with this toto give google, challeng convince direc was right it

Some members Great of experience the team We had prefered and real a I had lot money their of really information own and Ibad know or we friend's team could that in our and help Isites. had course. I had to to It someone be was to do more very a lot with strict hard of his tasks and to bus find se b

It was relatively easy because one Noof we the did group not, I was but members intereseted, it can The be knew idea challenging specially them of Not getting quite sufficient because if none to well. know no of time, it is the aa new not group tooladvertising sufficient which members actually previous tool. have exists, a knowledge connecti and w Also on firstIn approach, the first place 1 clients - worldwide it appeared should 1 -size be too all provided of few very challenge2 trasparency 1boring, most with more of as - understanding us in it all knew numbers adwords. seemed almost and You related something nothing stats know to about nothin abou keyw i'd h w We know some people that workwe in find the enterprise some problem we've for 1-The choosen finding possibility the for the appropriate to challenge work No, with keyword i haven't online marketing2-the experience on that possibility before to Thanks to the intermediation with on of our professor's partners We work for that company. There was no It was problem a surprise 1. with Practice2. client for me recruitment. 1. to Real Time work life to with workflow3. spend We Our an searched teachers enterprise (it took Online hours suggested for outside trends Business4. to confirm of and some the did Internationa university each and some we keyw br h Well, we tried to share the ideas More with them or less, and we make have them made The participate idea a kind of The developing of in schedule kind the of decisions Well, enterprise a of complete things at thewe begining campain chose. shouldof over Well do theinternet we project did not and alway ha h We had to get a connection with Give the manager a pre-list Allof of the the companies project company, The give real that that me life will surprises None was experience; to participate. just the because hard increasing part, I was after of not knowledge. that familiar he agreed with Online to give mar u It was easy No probelms H ow expensive It is used it is and in 1. the itCTR isreal a lot - world i'm of No not work I didn't sure monitoring how have these any the experience are account, calculated i.e. if I had

international all challenge is in english It was a good chance to work with We google decide adwords. to Yes, focus because I on think It promoting is Iwe didn't from succeed GoogleIt expected their It was in product our will difficult to challenge. help participate Almost to to their me rise yes in potential We the my or work throw career increased costumers. inrate project with their with a good like huge market this experie numb sha

- Our enterprise was dependent We more tried on offline to How find marketing adequate to market 1- The and before our name negative business GOMC.1-of Running Google keywords online However, Ithe and itself didfitting challenge not let has our as have to enterprise an mush our impact, any in business. acustomer previous short was because time. situated The click experience 2it results Limited and is far one hav fro of th fo Telephoned and met with them regularly. No, the client Provided I had was difficulty very results Hands helpful creating andon when feedback. experience having the determining account to have in No. at consulting goals first my I read account and for as and created the much recreated project. e-marketing. information the account due toas using the need mix C Organisation was happy to get engaged it was hard and I to had was convince interest surprise I the wanted in how organisation how much to the cost learn campaign traffic of about ofsome the google Iwas online benefit just wordsa gets doing. try marketing of to in lot the use They aof short online words competition were and period marketing that more very are of for interested about time most certain compare how popu wo in g our professor asked us, whetherblank we would like blank to analyze -learning our study possibility reports path in -certificate english just a little bit

it was quite easy because the enterprise wanted to improve new experiences their marketing it was sooo anyway. -much that's work why they were very openmin We had not enough time Everything to make bannier in english... (flag?) it's before not easy the ! challenge... Incredible! The company felt important No. and with I was potential happy New and to expand. opportunities, I began Nothing. to research work Really! Yes. in on group I the showed survey. and it my asvice I knew in internet. to my group. Did a google search on the company, No stratagies discovered The were snowball they developed, weren't In effect, the course running intial of Team the contact adwords result. members proved My no, already, main the successful. team surprise approached members was that through that the were marketing thier interest webs Yes, the experience How unpredictable was 1. knew possibility the to us 1. market to and some work we can uncooperative with needed Ibe. didn`t real some online hav eany teammates2. time campaign2. experience. to adapt. unclear help This a local options wasa bu I have enjod it because I have learnt yes, a we lot did no not have enough To make infprmastiuon decision The time and about pressure see Yes, the by company result talking fastly with my teammates The participating organizations 1. Hands-on were 1.experience approached I would have I had in and internet liked a higher selected it to marketing2. be than by longer average our instructor so It was that understandin a we project via could alu They were engaged prior to our client no setmeeting strategy, I liked as used they the prior real were Google world relationship aware application Amount of Google withof business that AdWords literature My the lack challlenge to of to and determine knowledge read understood and provided. client. what in this this seemed area challenge presen to bew it was very interesting and useful. no Our we interprise don't was quite it was satisfied a new experience for me and it agree with my study majo It was easy - the company had already We entered considered Most with of a using strategy the Mainly people Google in mind the in Adwords our opportunity 1. for The class our difficulty to particular could advertise. to We work not had in company, see keeping with no They how experience a different were keywords this and would very were system ofhelpful to online fit able ainto viable and to and marketin our streng progr bid inte Jou2 i was amaising It was easy to get them take part in the Challenge, they 1, were spend interested real 1, money2, timeline2, in it, but Google3, we they get were late international not information aware competition4, ofabout online results marketin lear OpportunityWasn't to get familiar directly Thewith related adwrods Adwords with guide the courseLength was an important of repo res I can say that it was a good experience that It let was me my believe first 1 Grade!2 experience that there Knowledge 1 Short is &nothing it was Time No fantastic impossible. opinion You just have to give yourse They were very interested from the No,start. our team They No... leader knew knew what 1. budge Google of the was company could 1. duration provided2. dowe but of Yes, could had ease challenge2. Ino work already of idea use with how knew working when tohow get we around started. it started. worked other They so clas we w our instructor did the initial leg work our on client finding was it was our very a business scattered little learning overwhelming partner. asthe to it what unknown was the as she team difficult wewanted starting yes, just tohad Imake had us with to to no present marketing promote. this experience project how decisions without we so could I often first without help felt learn st in u Students have to find a1. motivate it was aclient! GOOGLE 1. group2. Otherwise challenge we I don't didn't working understand. !2. have we on ahad Google lot time sorry a diploma Adwords to improve in the is our less end3 c We have had We difficult was happy! to I were findWe the attracted think client, 1. The that after byinsufficient Google 1. many the I think possibility is searches the that competences best my to ICompany online improve have asked of marketing our my that teachers2. to online my operates compete friend, marke Th o Quite easy, the enterprise was small no there and haven't only nofew not been employers. really any learning problems how the touser to an interface adwordsdesign campaign of the for adwords my own website career late is n It is very important The different to know New, assessments who did in not The the know company about small anything amount the Not will same at about be all, ofmarketing more potential even adwords likely when customers campaign. to I had run the seen who Every adwords many looked me oi as a member of the team who developed no the i was campaign curios1) for about Idea XXXX, the of the I challenge 1) see conducting division the enterprise and of yes regions the how it helped challenge2) it benefit will was be akind lot.we a done. lot Idea of from had unbalanced2) i wan't itself the an to advantge challenge. supprised attract the m o o u Clients are not Great, interested very Practical useful in what programe and we Clients Google were and and doing related I no have Budget sinced being developed too low my own persona We contacted them and they were looking forward to do online marketing and very happy with the challenge we approached XXXX via email, we describing developed the didnt strategies challenge, seem 1. very by different the first straight benefits understanding than my forward group for any him other members so our and the much assignment main the business information and to form learn i didnt of culture i had before research sign relevant ever and you a done group what was understand to via him is before. agreem lacking Goog provi lo

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Learned how to use online method to help enterprise for Learn Ad. online marketing nope nope it was required This survery Not is to really, long this really helped it was a new task (unique) and quite challanging writing ad-text Might and get selecting low Lack number of keywords experience of clicks was overcomed by s

We think a on-line campaing would We help had to nomuch No problems. a company Our All this client toworld, get collaborated no his I one. think objectives I that really with Atadwords the done enjoyed us first very Iwill kindly. was a lot be really with the We future this lost have challenge. inand to this thank all area, the also for b a He was very interested and anxious It was to just participate difficult It was however incredibly finding It was the knew time assigned appropriate nothing consuming Lackby of of business the instruction. advertising and instructor no.in to terms work the online and of instructions with required directions and and little then to provided incredibly about pass making the marketin were frustra class. time ea a It was not too difficult as our enterprise We had was 2 businesses Ireally was very interested interested available increase in google and the intoo the knowledge had adwords little challenge to money decide - and on as (200 online for online I wanted one USD) marketingexperience marketing. of them. to forknow the It whole was They more difficult haven't campaignto about how to onlin had onl es It was a great learning experience! We did take Ita was while quite to settle The a pleasant fact on that my We surprise client weare are because unfamiliar to competing find Yes.out most We with that with did of online the a students our lot main selected of marketing reading bulk from of companies all up lingos. the over tocourse familia the are w

no People in their compulsoryStupid 3rd years of University group no mates it can did still not. who have Idid lead nothing no by idea example and as to gave how and lame got to co th this is a new experience that introduced the enterprise to intresting a new kind advertisement, set ofup advertising. of the campaign, worlwide it was challenging, challenge the website exciting that we had and to fun. d



1. experience2. 1. long prize timeno forhow implementing We were working with our client We for a had different no It problems was class convenient project. approaching 1. Related While to have to 1. our meeting a Our our business2. client. low account with CTR My them, team Team information waswe had frustrating2. oriented3. brought very online. little up Something Confusion advertising the This Google way different on any exper challe when tea

it was no problem at all to convince no the enterprise it was important to take 1. part a project also in the totime with communicate challenge. was an enterprise tooour short via partner mail who a wanted knew lot because that to become he many would more things benefit fam ha f We wanted Overwhelming! to find an organization 1) The It seemed new 1) era that The like of could online fact a lot use that I of tried advertising work the our to help teacher learn because of seemed as Adwords. had much no no one like as clue had an possible how important worked to befor use wit c A It was a bit of It surprised a problem Working me to that create Online with contacts Low real Marketing interest companys.Managing with I had of companys can companies.Low no cost experiences so which little Money.Having we money. effort in indentified online on helping marketing one asof goo us ou f the first enterprise (a shop for men's no it wear), wasn't i've realized to difficult asked once didn't work more like in teams, the to iparticipate, difference feared workto with manage in my because using google, experience my goolge i work asked campaign wasn't between with just real the before good business men manager enough the and start women of to one of ta It was a good experience to know N/A about the Yes. business The project and Working to know was with not about 1. Google. A fiction. lot online to We read. We marketing. were are Some working OKof about thewith team search a famous members engine, and do especi huge not r

No, they were no chosen for Learning us. more Not about having online Without enough marketing. time any experience, to work hard this on was the project a bit di We used a company that I had worked Our instructor for in I the was had past very recruited and excited 1. Using a family enough and real member enthusiastic 1.money organization The camaigns works in I the when had for for project2. little could each now, I first tohave group, so heard no Being it experience was been about then able easy longer allowed to the see to with project. get than our onling our our 3 work indiv wee Wh ent m I would update XXXX daily with how No, the I went campaign in None and of talked was mygoing. 1. partners to The theThey fact company helped that 1. seemed Lack we at and were of all very explained effort and No, competing interested Ieverybody put wrote in exactly by that against to my on in know what team. the my students team how we were many evaluations. voted around going people me to the to b b Unfortunately the company didntno have much no to do with the 1. Free project adwords once 1. Nothing it2. was opportunity started to learn new skill it was interesting experiment NO NO New experience time spending NO Easy MarketingUsing google toolsNot just a trial

Copetition, fun, Sometimes great time i just witch didn't friends have doing enough this time competition, for it :) The enterprise we chose for the As campaign a friendwas I of found avery team itkeen very member 1.Before on challenging participating works the 1.Team Challenge, for and the in Iwork was it, enterprise Definitely. itIdid really was didnot not very fascinated. we work, hear I much did chose of unfortunately. not online interested for have It was the marketing any camapaign, something in experience Out it and of and the was com we s6

1. the domain 1. First "online our marketing" campaigns indid general2. not work the asdifferent we had expec coun One week of test would have been good to familiarize with Google not Adwords enough time to spend on the Google online chal Client recruitment I was pretty wasn't 1. surprised a Working real problem. about 1. with Writing Google how We effective the just No, AdWords2. reports randomly my a lack Google of Earning picked experience AdWords an experience organization, with campaign online with inte onl ma ca

Being a regular client of our enterprise of choice, surprised my team to1)competition2)use beapproached competing 1)Being with the owner the of unable real No, rest and money first to ofput the give online a for world, desired a marketing brief marketing and outline url todisplay be campaign3)cha assignment1)c of engaging the name; campai in it h Perhaps the most simplest way to The describe main problems our experience: that Our we expectations It encountered was like going as during a onto group After this a rollercoaster refering were challenge met to quite online sprung that well, we guides mainly had considering an never from suppor our hea th no no Was assigned the to adwords us, didnt no interface have a was choice difficult but to toparticupate navigate, we h

We mentioned it to our client and No, immediately my group N/A had they a became clear 1. The vision interested ability of 1. what to Learning to work we expand were with N/A all their real of planning the clients2. potential rules on by doing The online reading ability from sales. the the to handbook. use beginning Goog It was very easy. They loved the No. fact that we No. wanted to A do teammate something That was forwe very their didn't exited, marketing Wehave all and knew a and clue so enough was promotion, about I. about it when for search free. we first engin sta It was very easy for us to convince Generally our customer there Yes for were to participate sure, no - Possibility problems. our professor in the -of We Our Google having was had adgroup a many Challange. a little Yes! real was liberties bit I customer was surprised deactivated Please very in executing - interessted Having about consider for our aaour periode real our experiences in campaign. the Postcomp budget of Google hour for s F I proposed to the business my group We were chose able A the much to idea, use higher and our 1. first they Google ability choice, seemed to was 1. customize Getting my running quite employer, pleased team It it2. the may Online campaign to as have to participate the receive Marketing client helped options $200 in for somewhat setting our has than of AdWords free been Iup would online but and somethin I have main challe just adv t I have a good relationship with the Yes, shop we owner, looked Setup so over took I called the The more XXXX's to ability time ask and if than to Setting they help XXXX's anticipated. would aup local the Specialists No, like shop Adwords everyone to participate that website had account. on been the in and the team helping identified challenge. had me somethin ways for Once yea w It wasnt quite a challange. Your enterprise he had to search trusted no a our while presentation real to world find a experianceaddition suiting the of the reports, partner campaing we but but had still facts. all to to they over the deal So are existing itthey with was nessescary the almost not courses problem to difficult emidiatly at of universi the pro pr

it was a very good experience. i learned We had about a very i was targeting good very relationship surprise 1-it advertising was with a with new 1-it this using our tool demanded tool. this client. to it learn tool. iis search the very afrom Itlot client was borad of in google2-i forums, time,so awas extraordinary and very versatil. ithe study had satisfied experience to technology, way it reorganise `s with a tovery learn.A from our and us m ca o I think that was a good experience No. that wehelps dont have a lot to any the problem I really enterprise dont because Itknow that waswe one a what short choose of No, the the time Ichallenge team to was to have learn not have some involve was aalot contact about, more of inconcepts, any clients but in experience the i think organiza and so that also a Google as enterprise.

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1051 1052 1053 1057 1058 1060 1061 1065 1075 1076 1078 1082 1083 1089 1090 1092 1094 1095 1100 1101 1103 1104 1106 1107 1108 1109 1111 1114 1115 1118 1119 1120 1121 1122 1124 1125 1126 1127 1130 1131 1133 1134 1135 1137 1138 1141 1142 1144 1145 1146 1147 1151 1153 1154 1155 1156

- GOOGLE -CHALLENGETHE CHALLENGE NO LEARNING WAS TOO HOW SHORT: TO USE THE A NEW FIRS I oh yes we did. It was a we bit hard just had to decide nothing to do it. for specific It which was the about company whole thecontent Challenge. we should of the work I missed course. with.some learning by 3 doing weeks were to short and amount of money to less The Manager was very intressted No in we joining just tried Google I love it toadwords. do such learn activities. So to we deal - not havent with I the just googlesuccess was do much happy hope i expectedto to to engage join get the a not job them:-) callenge enough in the google time and impe m La universidad de encarg de obtener, El cliente y convencer se Aprend mostr a del abierto las El uso empresas. conocer a de colaborar, adwords, el El uso haber y y de no todo empezado adwords, present - lo que y esto de ningn el manera que conlleva. problema estos rpida, tambin Me para sorprendi sin sean lograr nosotros. un ent elm -continuous updates-final presentation doesn't with apply suggestions How quickly Itthe was money real-time, nothing can real be spent money, not really, people it was searching a greatthe learning Internet experie were Just had a small meeting with the Minor managing discussion No director and and just new he do kind immediately it. of very marketinggetting short agree. durationI Yes. my to want experience knowmore morestructured helped about googles's me report a lot. pro Exciting, as more I learned more, Yes, by teaching Tothem... see howThe everything challenge Restrictive is automated of competing collaboration I consider and at manageable a global myself from level, as the an business, and uncrowned do andespite outstan group it was relatively easy to engage our Yes, enterprise we had I was some because surprised difficulties The theyto possibility were learn explaining gaining ithow was of affective gaining the frustrating advertising project yes, real ad i to to had words world and monitor the little we organizations experience were experience were the atnumber doing advertising. setting we in all of this were the hits up area work. an and targe ad pr im It was easy and fun for the enterprise No, organizations were excited to participate We didn't get No, the the high challenge results was we would helpful have in educatin liked to We used a company we already The knew business and who Our we had instructor chose participated 1. was Learn didn't very know something incooperative 1. school Instructor much related knew about We but not and projects didn't the knowledgeable useful challenge show know so ita much was whole or in adwords fairly about adwords lot easy of Adwords interest so2. to we Confu use had in so th Having to write the post-campaign report without kno We were doing brainstorming, also Nothaving at all. ideas individually, I wanted and to then to trymake myself in the reports:) meetings in I found an online awe free marketing decided email-course the challange. next on step. Adwords Also I think it w a The experience has been very interesting I feel it was challenging an a lot of WE hard had work to think It as was I about was justa unfamiliar it differnt The quite fact hard marketing with tha We and it online was didn't do approach, something a marketing, know lot It hindered of hpw research with new and towhich us utalise and specifically and in teh unkown we reading all begining had of teh Google not and up functions had onhow but pushed Adword that after thin mu on us re yes no the company the (google) time no The first business that we decided - to work with - seemed-to possibility be open -to forset the up cooperation areal campaignbut was to in get fact more unavailable familiar with for uA Very Easy They were very Thathelpful this was The in pretty the platform beginning easy. The we However fact were but we we using. N/A had didnt I thought toreally up the this know bids would what so do much...since to more do with for the them it wa coa It was fascinating. We inform them no everyday about the campaign, To learn to how use The was a team new it work. going, program: the "adwords" changes we that we were doing We had difficulty in the beginning to find a company that was within the norm. But a friend worked in our company's clie It was a bit difficult to choose the correct enterprise, but finally we decided that XXXX, was a great option, because the Our enterprise was easy to engage No because problems, Everybody they the are strategie a on 1. starting Ithe didn't was team business to know learn 1. found not about first having with the about the experience a Yes brand google challenge it adwords affected new maps usefull. webpage when in my available order ability i signed to and be to inafter lead in prepared argentina to hearing the proje clas to r t We told them about the good things We did thatnot can I have was come problems, excited out of The to advertising experience be we apart hadhow strategies of with it and to google become learning yes, and familiar others that were essentially with the more tools knowledgable it will be free adve in t They were going to sell a new product We had online an How idea so it of easy was what it a How was good to look online totime use! forNot advertising to but The advertise being later impact did able Iis online. think not AdWords expanding. toagree put it was my any can all full a more have. attention learning and wish into experience. it. we choos We engaged our enterprise by approaching No, I was able No, theto there business scout was 1. out owner not The businesses anything prestige and 1.presenting That particularly by of working simply Google My the visiting prior on surprising Analytics letter a experience project them from was during Google. and sponsored not was handing the given just Afterward, onset by as adequate them Google.2. much of the the we att pro G e k Current employer and was interested we did when not spoken it have seemed any to problem about tedious well the the at as major challenge.... the my nothing beginning, previous is that really is was employer was but frustrated very gradually mandatory unfamiliar was me excited made to about do with sense it..the about the the challenge...the and challenge power the was challeng ofwor adw wa

In order to engage our enterprise, Our weclient contacted was I enjoyed selected them watching via 1. for telephone The us challenge as our a1. campaign volunteer. and With outlined was our mandatory suceed. 1. busy We No the developed schedule, entire forproject the our it class was strategy and tedious so how I did by we work not asking thought have to ha ou it was ok, we had no problems spreading my views of doing business Well, we talk to a friend and tell him No it about was very the When idea easy. i and saw1.he the The like sistem it. teacher.2.Then 1.i thought The we The rigorous have it was Iexperience think a meeting very form so,easy to because iand give was to talk use, the going some about reports.2.and toof understandab win.3.the mybenefits teammat Some Use th co a This was not a problemAd forwords us because basically low ctr, weneed work more with a time client of that campaign. takes bookings online

We had trouble initially getting a Client company selection to I was respond was most fairly to surprised 1. our It haphazard. was email mandatory with inquiries 1. Team the There high for effort and was I CTR participation. did worth was some not of not 40% grammatically have disagreement what of Once any our I had prior grade. wehoped incorrect had experience, within solidified for the searches among group but anIs After trying to work with several internet Yes we companies hadI problems loved the who dealing fact 1. we real that later life with it found dealt application2. teams certain with out companies had real Ia worked took money serious the because and with lead area real ad even of words they clients. interest though were before for quick i had me3. weto no decide meas agre prio they were interested already andThis i was survey just paired This is too survey up long with itis was them too neato long too short, too nomuch money

I was a great experience. Workng with a new team trying to now their The needs qualification and offering of the them final a reports solution and for the free, last At clas firs

No problems, Good the project, organization 1. Better but I feel was knowledge 1. AdWords easy No easy to find, ofwas to My the and use little not internet2. they dictionary very bit of cooperated easy previous Better of toterms understand. knowledge knowledge easily. (termsof such The provid online inte as I called the owner and spoke to him. A member of the group comes from Fortunately XXXX, the The we city had reaction where no kinds 1.to on the the line of enterprise Challenge problems marketing when is itin at happened located. experience2. developping the No. onset He the of yet strategies cpc the learn knowed project low to use the for was the enterprise success very Google positive. when and AdWo w s It was very motivating experience. weThough selected I Iwas business tried doing to apply of it 1.for my understanding data project piano mining teacher for work atype false real , i 's felt of web time positive yes analysis like site business ,Iprior am response . so to doing advertising our very forproject. real doing welltime versed knowledge the finally consultancy realtime with i came her helped consu bus up wit both of us have the desire to do a this, lillte so bit we get no togethor. the organiztion: money Googlemy and noteamwork time teammatesthe chanllenge itself t Added looking to management solve problem; we were looking to move In in an oppo The client delegated the integral The management client delegated We of weren the campaign.W the integral value have NoneI for a the not think labor had Iit of have any was marketdifferent the particular not a campaign.The wonderful had any inconvenient. from experience relation studying with with that fact, from the I this wou from bo cli t We were assigned enterprises by our professor, I wasso excited it was I liked to not be that difficult able it I to was hated to work find with working on the Google I this was companies, with project not which my very especially group is and strong such Iand feel a inhuge at created, online that theand I national would marketing monitore powerfu have lev We had trouble Everyone selecting was It is a very a local developing excited. business The biggest However, niche thatFor in would source online the nobody correlate most of marketing frustration really part, well no knew that with prior was too itthe the is marketing/adv much becoming Google time about it requ Ch m

It was very easy. One of our group member's father was an employee and the group member had worked there also. no NO NO there was no the concrete challenge examples The was fact a that little or choosing success we complicated. had a adwords, stories no budget itIt didn't. to was some convince hard I had words to great them. get were the internet ad ambiguous, words skills right it he an The enterprise owners were initially Since very it was interested Ita was teammates ain great the 1. program, the way contact, competition to practice Nothing we but had I guess what with no We problems. fellow was dueworked to taught students2. time as and constraints a use team The the chance and we marketing each hardly to made take manag skills a up ri it is quite easy to persuade themNot as they much are of Doing already the problems, a module using - We the the and have same client winning to - The do kind of us this time aof is contest Challenge application our zone, Not second much at have the as to of choice, same to it attract a is wake problem, part time as customers up of our is in our quite as the 1st assessment.already early choice, refreshing online mornin know the mi equipo. la empresa con la que no participamos y yo estamos muy complcidos con esta experiencia y por la oportunidad It was fairly easy and they were receptive Our team after leader I was we had excited explained an able idea about to our for use the situation a Some company real chance money team to and get It and members was she some real a talked learning results true notto real helpful, them experience world personally, groups experience which may it have made took usin

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It was pretty simple finding a small We business found itAdwords easy to participate finding turned 1. business Real considering outlife to be experience.2. 1. to Didn't cooperate aitlittle was get more free 1the in I Working advertising/marketing. felt complex the results I challenge. hadwith that an than average a we Ireal though, We wanted.2. company simply understanding Throughout yet Didn't went not asoverw well out hav th o t a We were very fortunate to obtainWe a client thought that Excited of had ways a to website that learn The this people, about that could engaged a Finding benefit the toolprofessor, widely in a the providing business. No. client. used GOOG. inpolitical the industry. information to the public It was a quite new area for them.ATheir fixedcore price Setting business could be upis more a 1. changing campaign experience2. acceptable at Nothing was thenew quite for moment, major. them. skills3. complicated Yes but I fun4. had I think some the forthat ability the experience they first totime. plan know to before, Google's use itbut in th c I Initially, we had some problems in We getting are not our Its able company a different to find 1. as an kind Itmost organization is a ofchallenge of project the 1. Not companies initially that being around I've We as able came the that most went to world.2. we find across online of find them an We already so and organization we far. were look approached This have out provided project to for sponsored work anything already with allow with m Often Clients I liked refused the size to The join of possible the competiton. Collaboration Prize, the and No chance with affection the unproductive possibility to use AdWords to work teammates, for outside free I tryouts, aalso challe m no no I approached my employer on behalf No - This of the was group. The very complexity They straightforward. were of happy the reports We for the simply available. group used toThe use my employer detail their site, that but we could really drill did not down par It was no problem to engage the company! We presented the idea and the company agreed. it was very easy to engage the enterprice, no because no they real were - life aware experiencereal not ofenough google AdWords time: customersreal it should campaign be companyreal longprobably and knewmoneyhigh the additiona possi Our team member got it organised At and first an they organiztion It were was happy the first didnt We totime take were get iback part. participated graded Finding to us on for keywords it. in a no a few project weeks sometimes where so we it was was just annoying. changed a competition to anoth bet yes we went No in with suggestions 1. global 1. Lack of teamwork2. no Constant monitoring of the ca WE JUST LOOKED THIS PROJECT FOR 1. A ACLASS LOCAL REALLY 1. PROJECT COMPANY THE REQUIRED MOST I INVOLVING DON'T THAT FRUSTRATING A LOT THINK WAY OF GOOGLE COMMUNICATION READING MY PRIOR FACTOR WAS AND EXPERIENC THE WAS NOMOS WOU ONE THE

As I work for the enterprise, it was Choosing put forward a Was business as less a business structured. was 1) The simple, plan use But and as of 1) I AdWords Pre-campaign I undertook submitted am employed No. tofor this benefit My approval. strategy on as prior a an my full experience EXTRA organisation2) was time All went not basis project, long smoothly, was by enough the a on The benefit. top organis ability and of m th T The experience was good... the problem Yes. There was Iwas was explaining not happy a clear Developing exactly to finally business what make The a deep we model team experiments were knowledge members I doing kept exactly... studying on of that Adwors AdWords subscribed and of make what in a and risk professor research free didn't shenar do and thoug an t This was done by the university staff. The enterprise was easily found, but was not the right kind of business for the cha The business was continaully eager No -to I approached see and I am hear surprised the feedback client 1. The just as unique and how they 1. was well were Group aspect always Google family members (no No engaged Adwords friends other not group supplements cooperating assignment at antimes2. was organisation' theSome same our client was really engaged. They knew that wethey were could really for benefit us interested it was from the a in new our large gaining work. topic amount At more They and the of we beginning knowledge have time really really needed wanted our about supported group toto get the learn had a topic, us, pre more a they lot knowle due of abo cre to d it was great no no none none no Hesitant at first as the enterprise was worried This at lowering was by1) far brand The theuse best image of 1) class real The by using money2) lack project Before of internet support I have Working the advertising. done. add wewith recieved campign The a team3) use Then from Iof didn't as real The out feedbck tend money percenta unit to inst a p g Yes. Every It success was anthere interesting The isfirst always factor experience I was challenges. that frustrated attracts asYes I It was was as with me able itwas not was the to easy system the rather gain experience touseful difficult develop at times skills to Istrategies at was login through results able and w to a t LITTLE BIT advertising statistics, graphs They were excited about the opportunity No issues. at the The I approached outset. length Metatags of It was the the Google business assigned and The Adwords Search usual owner by theEngine group and instructor By manual reading he challenges Optimization was isbut a the receptive bit was manual oppressive of an each were excellent toand the person new for following free concepts a class class contribu advertis acti oth pr t Nothing, it was Non-active an assignment team members

yes ya It was easy to persuade the manager No, because because N/A the they company hadAdword thehad previous is use aI new Adword. am experience not advertising familiar Some before. with area information online as a marketing marketing...the that I can tool. find As campaig on agoog mar Fortunately we could persuade the entreprise Itsone not of clear our online-marketingreal enough group members how unknown the internal works world internal altough at processes experiencereal processes i knew ofaGoogle lot of money Googlecompany about are, online-marketi tooften spend wenot cou the experience is great because I understood how useful Learning tools that a new Studying google skills is Adwords before By self-studying, I can engaged asking my enterprise groupmates using and My experience has been very helpful yes to me and No our company, - To identifie and now No on the I become Adwords- Yes aware my To experience for my the knowledge utility inof Online that this every service, Markting thing eva it was really interesting to provide owr client Team with this workpro internet 1- Online active tool Marketing2skillsresults as 1-we Not succesfully to much orientated Adwords In my info. helped case, tool3about as them working i the am to development studing increase with owr Marketing, their client/en of AdWo webit t It was really easy because the companys Not at all, because President Of course the was it1 companys was The in my aexperience completly team, 1 President AT sofirst, he new of was learning how was experience, I think willing to onincrease Online my the tolack team cooperate where Marketing.2 the of and prior i CTR2 found aware in experience everything What my The ofself AdWords. convenien changes amuse it that affec w I was very enthusiastic initially about Initially thethere challenge. Not was really. some This The difficulties. proved most to important Reaching be But true wetill soon wasan the Yes. agreement targeted The end.oppurtunity As it our was in client. our a of great own competing group. learning with experin peo It was tough at first. XXXX (our company) Our groups was We had not were problems active allItvery in was getting online new mandatory. advertising. to aHaving willing Google to client. Adwords. constantly It Yes. was Having something But check somehow, knowledge on new ourto we adgroups. of them. manage search Nonethele engine to pu I was not an active part in working one on one I was with happy the enterprise 1. at Itfirst wasthat required representative. 1. the It was challenge to pass required n/athe only to class. lasted pass the 3 of class.2. the 10 weeks The amount in the o q We worked with a company that We onework of our with team It was a client mates surprising that The was one challenge already that of we our It were familiar was team was hard given a mates with manditory All to"real find and members hadtime money" had already part worked when of to our the worked work all for team class of in with our for. the had inteam rather which past. an equal mates I than was a s c My enterprise was very eager and No had already NOapplied for Different a Google marketing Google's AdWords medium campaign grant My lack and forof layout. funding seemed experience Difficult when cutting-edge made we to navigate. arrived me hesitant Man It was very easy - I just asked and There received were At a no positive first problems I was answer 1.quite at Very allimediatly. thrilled with interest 1. my the item2. client. keyword Inew Igave had prices experience no us problems card raised blanche 3. very freeness to lead fast2. the of there project. doing were wha On a Our team selected a XXXX because Our one client ofwas our Theone group Challenge of members our 1. Real team wasworld member's extremly aunt 1. owned business How time aunt time the consuming yes experience-we so consuming shop,therefore we being had that comparing no the iproblem were had challenge sheno able asked to prior approaching other to washer experience see course aunt the how acco if her onl pro sh It could be a good oportunity for We a lothadnt of enterprises any no problems - To with do the a real relation - Itdigital takes with campainga lot At the of the client my beginning to leisure test the timeof Adworks the the campaing date marketing of our we cam was to One of the team members worked Nofor the business. It was nice Histo 1. connection do Real something world 1. with experiece2.Competition there that thewere company affected Since a lotAdWords a of made real times company. it with easy when is very many to details get structured, other the about client schools/g it cetain mad eng We had no We difficulty were recruiting totally The challenge unfamiliar a business The of with instructions familiarizing to AdWords. work We with. learned and ourselves We We text were the used were material delighted with the diffcult a business new and to totool grasp completed be for using and at which act firs a

We had some I think disagreement the idea 1. Relevant of about the project 1. the in Project the choice was reala length n/a of world2. good company. too one Hands short as We it to had on3. eventually really real Not get world too involved. settled much relevance writte on W a Tough and challenging experience. Yes. But Because at the No same we are time, not The I aware get response toof learn No the received factors background more about we from have the of web the company tousers group company out background at the the task first to and stage individu also t They didn't ask many questions since No, since it's free. it Yes. is my Itfriend's. is unusual Grades, to the be Too participating prospects much documentation of Not in using that a competition it I can to promote think to read. that of.my is graded business, at the the sa p The Challenge was all in English. We did not have m It was an novel one. As i used tonone work that in marketing i am Reminded aware getting of me Umm alot back honestly ofin Mart The to the . Strat interface none client/consultant (a really. Used marketing was it to a was setting bitsimulator relationship clunky, compulsory up online unable used was enterprises in tointeresting. 3rd see year any... cou nu s Difficult to have Easymuch to understand. contact 1. learning with Not a 1. the new very trying client skill complicated to to receive I learnt put on quickly, more compared resume2. clicks it's to One not a finance day2. very can trying complicated. see assignmen results to incre m I felt the amount 1. Getting of material to 1. write The to ads2. read amount No. was Getting Iof read massive, time the feedback to learn information but was how on ad necessary tobeforehand performance3 use the to setup be an yes , they wanted yes the some fact1. that success prize2. it was opportunity stories 1.difficulty a global and challenge to were in NA learn getting not adwords and sure a client2.inability the if google substantial hands would on3. to starting opportunity effectively keep appro amou u t Our Client, i.e. XXXX, was worried null about thenull leak of web 1.usage A study data. online 1. Enterprises marketing Held and opportunities2. online the interaction2. marketing Understanding activities Use googleadwo adw I am sure toI understand find this project - this Before very question.We this interesting - project, We didn't wanted I because have Iknow have the never how never website a lot to worked of worked begin schools wason this the on awere campaign. this most challenge kind in visible. competiti ofonline -proje Our We Yes, most of Though the clients a student Learning we spoke of Finance, about to It was were a new too Iaware took prolonged. marketing up of the Google challenge platform The Adwords pre-campaign was because but the were main I was wanted pessimis reason quite tosl No, our client The was challenge a friend 1. Real required of one world of 1. aour experience2. The large team tutor amount members I lacked didAcquiring not of work sufficient fully so no relative understand new strategy knowledge skills the relevant weighted was the about mechanics required to grade goog my a excellent

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The company was run by the wife No. of one of our It was team great members, 1. toIt do was something so practical2. 1. it was Writing practical. really It reports. was Itquite meant using simple. But IAdwords, was then further There again, which could ahead noone is have a in very likes the been powe learni doing m 1 - I find AdWords 1 - A lotas of a work I'm effective working to do marketing inat order on interactive totool; reach getting good communica know results2 it The face that the it challenge was a first I have guidelines time no experience experience where for very inme the long field before, The company was very interested in this type of online marketing I was not a so traditional it was easy class, to cooperate it was online... with them. But some com After showing the eventual add value No, Actually of the NA online i made marketing theThe suggestion online for an compaign reports! and e-business, it was evolution NA adopted they were straight entousiastic away to participate ac Very good learning experience The client was I viwed known it as to (1)The aone field group fact to which (1)communication that member it i wasand not a Yes challange(2)That was exposed this was thus was not and easy a new always learned to itfield approach was easy and alot online with i had marketin group to equ m It was difficult It was to find more the Google real. right organization, brand Availability name.there Using of No, Time were learned internet in time a from very marketing-which pressures. very teammates busy quarter is the lates No problems.Approached 1. real-life my father experience 1.who it was was easy in more n.a. online for than alladvertising.2. the willing workto toparticipate. be being left for able one toperso help We had no The problems amount approaching Getting of thought Real-World Trying organizations, and planning toExperience find Having keywords needed and built they with tothat a seemed begin online few were websites the marketing very useful Challenge open for and companie topertine was the ide hi Via school contacts. We did not No have problems. Competition However, Insufficient against manyother teams No. client student did. interaction. In teams the future, and other if running schools. this as Because it was a class project, the Since company the project I wish was already was we could part -Working engaged. of have a class with been -not assignment Google-developing in being contact able n/awith the to be company Google incampaigns direct administrators. came contact to attract collaborate with Google Our consume instr with A We met with the owner and explained Our small the benefits town It was made more anditwould New easy hands-on experience periodically than I had usual to check learn No in a lot with and updates felt behind and feedback. my teammates on None None International competition, I could gain use on-line my experiences marketing experience, effective. tea the reports where yes pretty difficult to made

It was very easy to get my enterprise No, The engaged company It was surprising we chose The fact that was that we an The we would employer way would have the Yes be of instructions to one recieving because goof out our and a were i team am real find not given mates experience our a management own out so in business it was in "guide marktin very ma for to

The posibility I think to go that to California. googles campaign is very bored From the beginnig the enterpriseSometimes was interested not Language in participated, barriers First was but he because The wanted in general time was their assigned not Asking part business problems of the my to the class to teamwork that be campaign display outline, all. for was effectively then advise tobacause short on th o it was a real world experience, as No we need to We explain were the given 1.We objectives the are $200 going 1. of to the the to market Adwords work campaign Our our with website lecturer clients real andbusinesses2.Setting that was helped we not were us really every going user-friendly2 step to up market a ofGoo the 1) Chance to be exposed to online marketing2) Opportunity for We shortlisted Excited our potential when 1. Chance weclients found to after our try campaigns out weAdwords2. had Experience identified performed Getwith our into better business Adsense, online than marketing3. for Analytics our the estimation challeng Wor and We sent e-mails to potential companies. Yes, we Our were I was client not surprised familiar responded 1) To with by better with the Google effectiveness 1) high understand The Adwords interest marketing Our online initially. as of team the he terms marketing.2) has Adwords And leader heard used. wehas campaign. did about 2) To previously Writing not have the have potential Prior the access atried strong pre-cam to the Goo to ofa m It was not so hard to find the enterprise. No They No were interested It is new in for Google-AdWords. Nothing me. I will make No After it probably the first professional meeting they in the were future agr No No 1. New experience2.Curiosity Nothing frustrated In fact my to me work experience but Iwith could Adwords3.The say with that online themarket compa Challe

The company I selected was happy No problems to engage N Oin the Challenge Real money, because Group real they business work recently Didn't was awful affect created - it only their I participated, website and others wanted di 1) interest2) 1) chance the failure to learn in the while teamwork practicing3) working in an on It was a pretty easy sell, given the Former prominence colleague, The of time Google sointensity process 1 -AdWords No-risk required wasexperimentation 1 simpler in - the inability to setup marketplace. than to Yes, the most. import/export with I AdWords worked AdWords2 Plus,previously campaign akeywords2 no risk, - Opportunity for $200-spend (defining -XXXX. inability to Ad in refin to for 20 G i

matsu i don't knowthe project the clicks i don't know Contacts were established via email Not really, and telephone however No. Thethroughout organizations most The difficult factor theis that seem Extremely period to it maintain was not of to the going time Somehow put the campaign demanding. so to team much be an yes. members informing trust improve By With on reading, motivated the a on full seriousness the my day reading personal status so at work you and and of on ob a r

The Professor was approached by Yes the some organization opportunities no for this experience opportunity. Things They notwere explained n/a a not properly for profit and were looking to p The only difficulty The level seemed of1. constant Opportunity to be finding monitoring Communication to and work approaching and with search reporting real with engine business2. the aof targeted client results advertising was Opportunity was business. not was different. always pretty Howeve to work so The eas sm its very nice experience, i was very happy when i do this experience It was an enterprise which I worked No.for earlier It was so it really wasn't 1. interesting! really Google that brand2. difficulties difficult. education with I knew reports in what online and wemarketing monitoring have to do.ads And performa we have The enterprise was extremely involved The instructor in the It competition was assigned very interesting The groups and chance excited to to businesses Lack to learn to participate of participate. about teammate Iwhich used online in itwas my participation. with marketing basic very a real helpful knowledge company, through This, considering however, of such real online money a popu the is sea ty o No problem at all. They knew the No service problems. and gave Strategies all cooperation Mandatory. were developed 1 dutign But Noifhelp it all later. wasn`t, process from other I`d still team enter member. 2 the price per w

We had 3 options to choose among we didn't the prospective have none any specific clients: 1) An problems, 1) opportunity Internet-pictures 1)sometimes, but to we know didn't I had company; Iadidn't new know a little tool know, if 2) experience itfor lawers was ifonline I the made office; best in marketing2) the search buisness 3) best XXXX engine chang to (co we k AS A PROJECT MANAGER IN THE ENTERPRISE CLIENT THE WAS WAY FULLY NEW MY 1.REALLY DEVELOPMENT; EXPERIENCE SUPPORTIVE TO NONE MONITOR GOT AND REALLY I WAS IMPROVED INTERESTED THE GETTING IT PROGRESS WAS FOR INTERESTING IN GOOD THE THE OFBETTER SEARCH THE TASK CAMPAIG OF TO SEAR EXPE THE REC no no reaction Which we will nothing google Adwords,And happy we have to participat well we advertised on message boards No, theacross factno, that the not we internet that were 1) i can working gaining forthink businesses experience for of 1) getting free interested and to through it were know helped offering in the working taking inaccount the a fact part, good with and that google we package setting we then could as compiled was its up inform very of a suc big a m We had to translate Google's 1. The letter possibility Any explaining to learn My demore Challenge, experience about online but helped after marketing me that in it the was and beginnig simple adw I knew the co-owner, and felt she No, would we knew be a I was good whovery to fit choose for excited Being the project right able to begin away to I think help the that out project, a the n/a business handbook but was that met was I believed with much lots too needed of technical, confusion the fre an a My experience formed from my work into Software system development and Networking in many countries especially E The enterprise that I did made it NO, very Ieasy knew for Ithe received me. owner They an of Online knew the e-mail business, marketing about from We online the started so is instructor I the just marketing Iout tend had sent being about a of him class and the a an the team day. about in e-mail class. the of I Googl am fall, two and I going was it and he adwords. was very was within to 3 school days all excited a excite Most few for fo The experience was of extreme importance, as much for To profissionale more know to have the Internet staff, beenwill one media be week able and practically to its speak easiness that " out" I of participated of spreading the chall The opportunity The duration to manage (too a short) real campaign and the budget adwords (not with enough "real nice no time consuming fun factor time factor yes One of my friends had contacts with Yes,the We senior had Not tough management surprising time The shortlisting but Brand of lot the more Google Everyday company institutions effort and monitoring and No... and planning that it rating was made was a went their nice our notsuccess in job possible learning unlike quitefeasibility course easy because experience. project we T w fantastic more time we can make meetings frecuently

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We initially I had was great a bit success overwhelmed I was attracted withThe our with to lack chosen the all of the unknown My a organisations, new user(student) lack information area of experiene asbut beginner-friendly it was that the caused we a organisation new had me field/area to learn to online throu later or fo It was a great experience. Our Team It was learnt a little a This challenging lot about was a strategies real-time It was designing a challenge! challenge and the a their plan technical through implementation. There providing Working difficulties was which us team real-time with we that Personally work an would we opportunity was involved, faced convince smething I thought for which to 2 the learn weeks.... I it had clients is really alw rea lit N/A NO Ability to work Teamwork, in 'real life' No, client situation had involvement no previous with a real experience client our engaged with XXXX, were the We information did not It have was that problems amazing we provided 1. the to know responsibility develop week about 1. to at strategies, the week, firstthat importance we My to do we inform we client not took thought know of the heard inthis this advanced about in campaign something project2. clear the strategies, status behaviour to the about analyze responsibi of the adword then ofthe cam the w The key factor to persuade the enterprise Yes, cause is the to let client them was I'm know really running thenew tool Since a existing to with the some low online AdWords risk With of our business and the team great project experience members and feedback with there prior a company were are ofto our still this not contributio some familiar project, and Iser wo 1. The project 1. Feed-back was real (money, with the company, companyreactions, almost inexistent results...) It was a very good experience. We No worked in team and Management discovered the Words adwords withgoogle, money which is an excellent way to pu Discover Adwords and Adsense was a rich experience. One possibility Maybe to "play" the most No withgap adword for me and isadsense the language ! Easy to use2We can see the We have a real tha fe No really, we I really just explain like to 1 participate what Adwords Atat the the is begining and challenge With the of benefits time challenge besides Iresults3understand that atthe organizations the performance beginning the adwords could i don ofman and my After sending the letter, we set up The a meeting limitation The by ofphone initial finding task and Competing a small-medium seemed met in person Since with daunting other sized English soon as groups Since organization after. I was hadmy around Since no the experience experience formal that our the contact didn't world language was with currently was was limited, Google and inspiring.Wi a friend Iuse was I AdWo did Ad ou th fin The business was sold the idea of Noparticipating Thein real thetime campaign 1) reports Gobal as challenge2) and 1) anPage campaign innovative limit An Literature for statistics oppurtunity marketing pre strategy survey were strategy to practise very on report2) the useful. to same market online Requirement was marketin their usefu offe o The enterprise was informed about Me it and so it my was This teammates eas challenge 1) have The is a problem name bit hard 1)GOOGLE Being while for us, a developing engineering engineering attractedstrategies. us student. students. to the Challenge Because 2)But Having lot of this most. lack experien was of Goo kn ou

In the beginning The client we had had Two problems never factors used The finding were the fact decisives the online that client, We on marketing made for the but us day after use when that our of this we expectative the we decision decided started Internetwas the to wasn't and participat campaig taken, wehigh got i When you create a presentasion to explain your point it World is easy wide to work POst competition with campain the Yes client report I leadis my not team orgnize using my experiance We reached out to a family member with a small business We had an initial meeting and regular N/a email very correspondence beneficial course andrequirement practical short timeframe n/a of campaignway to much other mate The hardest part was figuring out We who expressed to ask. I was Once to surprised our we potential 1. proposed Real by two client time our things: 1. aspect2. that Unequal campaign this by how Chance was As team (including I much a had contribution no-pressure tono time work prior the itwith free took experience -pitch. to a$200 out real be of fair, We company3. worth my in explained we schedule online of had adver two Se ma w I was the liason between our group Ad and hoc recruitment; the client. The ad They words ended Interest were CPC up intrigued going in were learning The with more relatively byathe more fluid friend challenge N/A than about low of a expected, rate group ad and of words click member. opportunity especially for through, potential and during even future excited though holida bus to

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ResourcesSuggestionstoImprove Quote An actual tutorial I would might starthave the challenge been even process simpler earlier so wein could the semester see exactly so how the three AdWords weeks worked were not before at a our very eyes busy but time I think for students. the mater The resources 1. Restrictions were very Explore handy on team the in running exciting sizes need the world entire review.2. of Internet campaign. Restriction Marketing Theregarding real with time Google reports a professor. made Industry the whole people experience could also very serve exciting. as ment The t first our business partner seemed 200$ very seems egaged to and be not intereseted enough to inmake the challenge much impact but later at least on he not lost in the interest businiess and was sector notof engaged our partner much more I thought that Increase the resources the A number 3-sided provided of marketing prizes. were very challenge. sufficient. Can Ayou possible balance suggestion it? could be a "live" chat feature with support personne Yes, I took up the team leader position because I was already somewhat familiar with online marketing. More money Less to spend, of report if not, writing.More a different time set of to metrics run campaign, for businesses and more that funds are to local runbrick it with.. and mortar (hence get lesser hits) compare These material Provide are excellent. better Google prizes However, challenge for the there winners. is anis offer aAnd, need that try to provides to give improve more students details the e-books with about the contents. the ability Quality to gain score real and great its determinants. offers. Also, man The effectiveness Restrict of group the keywords sizes. really helped us decide what needed help. Maybe some Should information the randomness Ask like google the begin =) of finding procedure the good is notclient enought must visible. be so important ? student skills should really matter my experience helped a Written bit, but agreement I felt that I between wasnt't prepared the company and google, as to prevent misunderstandings More tools and More resources time to do should the project. be available online.

I would not Update of been manuel able to complete for easieror the more challenge "interesting" with out reading... them. It read make like start a DVR up easier. manuel. for It example could ofsetting been broken up the difrent down into "campai less I think the resources 1. More money2. didn't Google affect more can our time3. help ads. you more trying pages to get foryour pre and business post campaigns off the ground and on the maps. the resources thewere challenge helpful, should but the beadwords longer with manual a bit more did not money flow very for the well ad and spend had unfamiliar team members asking questions where I've find all the resources given by google really interesting for taking information on websites like google trends, or for following the the period of yes the running campaign is too short I thought the It materials would be "The were very interesting Google very useful. Adwords toIt see could Challenge a summary be helpful provided ofto the have results aa unique quick for the reference and other interactive teams section way while at to the their learn beginning; campaigns about applying there arewas running. on-line so much Avera adver in The quizzes more weretime helpful. for Learning campaign through experience

Geotargeting I listed was a them bit confusing. in previous For questions the future I would also set up a service (aim screenname or a special email) that students wo Nothing, in my I have opinion no suggestion The wereadvertising perfect is in the need to search ave included a trial period. We were Give only a2 able week Great to trial optimize way period to our learn before campaign about the online actual and learn advertising 3 week from campaign our that mistakes anyone begins. after going2into weeks. the business world will benifit from.

The GoogleGive Adwords moreLearning sense The Google of Center competition Online is awesome. Marketing among teams, And Challenge the such textbook brings as a real-time provided real-world map by marketing the ofChallenge scores lessons and was progress. and a great strategies The complement. Google to theOnline classroom Some Mar rea We read a lot I really about liked adwords The it how challenge and it was, the Imaterials was would funny not from and change google interesting toohelped much. andus I could to get learn an overview a lot in case but also of implementing detailled information. an online-marketingMaybe som

the materials maybe were get great some to get more started contact waswith verygoogle easy to directly read and very clear!! The tools were A motivation very useful.Probably for the people a service they would of alert be more (with a prizes, mail) would but thebe challenge an interesting is perfect option as now. the materials Increase are in documented campaign Living intime Online form. to 1 It World month. will be ofmore Increase Great helpful Google!!! budget if they to are 350$. in Adobe Flash Animated form. Google's resources Longer and areThe more awesome! Google money! Especially Adwords Challenge the online represents forums and real manuals world experience regarding running regarding the new campaign. media and was crucial to my The readings I would provided reduced by Google the world wasareas useful and to us. give However, more prices not every to teams team (for member example was visiting fluent the in English, closest Google and some affices, of them internshi could No issues. $300 over 4 weeks. We spent too much money in the first few days learning how the system worked. Clearer instructions. None. he campaign occupied much too The much challenge time... was very enjoyable! they actually not didn't make help it aus class any.requirement I was still confused it made it easier, 4 weeks as it instead explained of 3 the software.maybe an interactive online trial to create an account would help. like a tutorial accoun I have nonenone i loved that the i can resources think ofand you can google anything

he difficult of team job The materials I think provided that the The by Challenge Google Googlewere AdWords is a excellent, little Challenge unfair but ina that bit provided lengthy. some clients me It with would have knowledge have great been websites that more allows and beneficial me dedicated to stand to have IT out support, step-by-step from my while peers guides others in m I would have Having instead easier of lengthy to useguides, guides, aincreasing short few pages the length that of explain time the of the key campaigns, parts required and for by the having project. materials This would delivered make to finding the ins I would have Intermediary liked the documentation results or stats to of becompeting more concise. groups for different stages of the challenge. The student improuve need printed the material material and if possible in own language I used the Google Might consider resources providing as primary, feedback and then on pre-campaign looked beyond and searching post-campaign, the internet and for total more campaign. information.Google resources are g

I found the My resources suggestion to The be would real-world, very helpful be to practical provide in running future experience the students challenge. I gained withOur examples from professor participating of poor, gave average, in usthe a graded Google great, quiz Online and with outstanding Marketing questionsChallenge performance about running wil like an introduction with marketing on-line.Thank you google, its very nice!! The resources Provide provided more by detail Google or insight allowed onme how to the implement competition and is execute graded, my therefore campaign teams seemlessly. will knowNo what suggestions areas to focus to improve. on in orde We started the challenge knowing As absolutely a non-traditional nothing about student marketing with a full and time absolutely job and nothing a family,about this challenge adwords. required The campaign entirelyonly too much started ofto my run time smoothly outside in

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Our client's website was in flash format therefore, A tool many thatkeywords any student/professional was not able to must be used have because under their of the belt. format. Not only This will was it a expand huge challenge. your knowledge of onl it affected very Extend much!!! 3 weeks It was to very a month helpful! N/A N/A N/A I would loveI a would bigger allow font "I any learned in all team of how the member guides. to harness to submit the power the papers, of the not internet just the for original usage in one. my future business"

They helped longer a lot, run especially (4-5 weeks)less the guide report for thewriting pre and (or post it should campaign be in strategy.Maybe line with the judging some- advanced nobody read adwords our reports techniques until we could get int he The document More "Marketing interaction and with Advertising the dedicated using team Google" of the was Google clearly Challenge, the most to usefulMaybe see that there it would are real have people been behind good toit, include organizing a vid it was so beneficial provide the andcontestants user friendly with and more made information everythingto we make had it toeasier do so to much find easier the perfect website to market for the challenge The resources More helped, required however time in itclass was sometimes with professor difficult to review to find the answers challenge. because the booklet was so large. A glossary may have h being fairly familiar with success the workings in the of challenge the web seemed helped to a save bit ambiguous time on campaign and there setup weren't and really helped any togood guide benchmarks the team when thatit i wasn't could find sure for how suc They were fairly Morehelpful face-face but help very and longguidance. which makes it hard to really read everything. I think that it would be good to give more example cases of what types of keywords may be used for a specific campaign. The materials I think where that short Google andaccomplished precise which his is apart good in thing. the challenge. i think the instructions longer preperation provided timeto by google increase are very time usefull span of and challenge i cant really as a think wholeof any improvements the resources make at times the setup wereprocess hard to follow easier considering a lot of the information only applies to certain people and not across the boar I thought the resourcesWhether were very you helpful. work with The internet guidelines marketing were clear daily, and ordirect. are a student who is new to online advertising; this Google The reading materials provided sufficient background to effectively manage the program. Most of my Suggest group members adwords "This and is for experience other dummies classmates has to students. been I spoke one of with the did absolute not have highlights a goodof grasp my college on howexperience; keywords work. I wish more opportuniti All the handouts Organise wereone-day grate. But! trainings How to to use make a software the (future) is not applicants easy to get more to involved, know from and papers... with the aim of teaching them, how to be

The helped More mildly, step butby there step are guidelines. still manyPerhaps questions anunanswered. example project, It was not nice so to you be can able copy to look it, but upso some it can things, servebut as sometimes perhaps guideli we d multilinguagethe mothertongue's english are favorised helpful, maybe longer shorter time of introduction They were extremely As the majority helpful. Online of Whenever participants marketing I/my will have soon group little be had or one no any of experience the question, biggest with we tools were Google in able marketing. AdWords, to find Google the a more answer has simplified within already the version proved provided of through the resourses AdWor its pa the materials Add were thegreat print, "@Google and andsufficient! TV programs with 200$ enabling you will reach the students 400,000 topeople learn all within the Google 3 weeks!" possibilities. The material Try provided to fix the byissue Google where provided the system a lot of lags helful and information spends over for the running set daily the campaign budget allotted. and understanding This will help the students basic manage concepts t ot all team members have been motivated Everything atis It's teh fine, taking smae maybe part state, a that bit therefore counts! more time some had more work to do do not give a survey this long None A more dynamic Are you communication capable? Make platform the best with AdWords studentscampaign participating within in the theChallange. XXXX! I think it would Overall be athe good challenge idea, if we was could probably be assigned a great learning someone experience, from google due to to bethe in contact nature of with how I think our class it would turned be aout good I do idea. not fe W None None. Overall I though the challenge met my expectations. All the material I think was it's very right. Yes helpful Maybe to it run would the Challenge. be a good idea It was to clear extend and the easy challenge to follow to four weeks The material Make given it contained less Challege overwhelming excellant yourself maybe information to take in a the smaller but Google there dose challege! was or so something. much Learn of it, beyond Not it became meaning the limits overwhelming less with time the but Google and maybe a chore challenge. focus to or find learning what yo o it helped. all none. materials are very helpful. especially question and answers... The resources Thewere challenge my biggest is great "help" the way throughout that it is. the challenge.

There were A answers better way to every to have question all team I had members but they do were theirdifficult share of towork. find on I did occasion. all he work in our campaign. It seemed like the othe the resources Provide was outstanding, more help/support and provided as the lecturer me with knew all the absolutely information nothing i needed. on what was going on. I think it was Perhaps really important. it would Be part be Without of wonderful the Google it it would to separate team. had In been spanish:Forma the english impossible speaking parte to rundel countries theequipo Challenge. from de Google. the ones Or that experience don't speak the that life inside language, Goog I fund the reports That itthat should we could have material generate prizes very hepfull, to the top so teams, we used and them a symbolical to perfect prize our strategy to all teams. during the campaign. the documentation None. supplied Dynamic was marketing good. To improve from Google the quality AdWords of reports simulates I would a short suggest term examples fast paced of learning previous curve reports for all be marketing made ava The online learning It would be tool better was very to understand helpful because the grading there with you could the different find a lot tools of hints and parameters and useful examples. because as The thekeyword challenge tool has provided been 5 Include more None external resources for keyword research The materials were very The helpful. Google I have Challenge no suggestions. allowed me to test out my online marketing skills that I had learned at school in a realthe resources were very helpful, and made it easier for us to write the reports, set up the accounts, and choose the keywords. The resources Maybe given push by The Google theGoogle teachers were Challenge to very a closer useful, was monitoring, ita would very enlightening nevertheless giving more experience be details good about tofor have students the more key results, info to gain regarding etc. knowledge the success in online key marketing metric i think your the manuals/instructions adwords conquer campaing your were management market perfect with was online a bit adwords confusing campaign the handbooks More were basic helpfuldon't background put information exercises in at the the handbook starteasier interface the documents 1. documents provided google by available google adwords help in several and but,students some languages2. issues in webworld like clarify the concepts3. concept definition creat reports wasn'tthat very evaluate clear. The thedocuments performance should of each be ava cam I think that Google Maybe slightly wasThe very more marketing informative money, challenge and about suggesting the was challenge a great specific and classroom types the resources of experience, organizations that were helping that available, would me to provide see and what $200 good great was business opportunities sufficient to online for the XXX m 3 Materials were More very time good, abeit there was a lot of it

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Excellent resources 1. It would be GOMC nice if isGoogle a good can start give to learn a business about online case showing marketing an example of successful adword advertising.2.Perhaps I didnt really keep use doing them it The resources were extremely helpful. Clearer info on budgets N/A It was greatThe as is. most exciting assignment I've had. The resources Maybe were an good, increase "Google they in Adwords, were the easy available ato great understand budget. start to online and were marketing." very inciteful. The resources Have helped a better but "Google idea should of your what have business we been areorganized expected to the top" a tobit dodifferently. and maybe Such a little as longer step by time step frame. directions. Yes, that is a little elementa The textbook It would is too simplified be great to and have contains the possibility information to use useless all kind for of the ads challenge (particularly (video theads, local image business ads,ad). ...). Thus every team would

It was informative Make it in more relation fun... to Guess all the emails. open up Helped the boundaries a lot with choosing a business. from us to use a Adwords campaign The resources Have helped it in groups a lot. Not of 2 many (although suggestions I understand for improvement! that is not in Google's control), instead of 4-5. Thats it! Not enoughpost infomation campaign on how writeto up write guide. the post campaign summary. I would suggest I don't that feel Google there are increase any other the time improvements period of the needed campaign besides andthe theissues budget regarding as much the as possible, amount of as time both and of these money factors provid They were useful More structure but too wordy. and segment It would the have overall been teams more into helpful regions. to have short video segments. It really provide haveus more a detail such information activities and on how if can, to have set up a the small adwords department and how focus to on write solving the written students report. questions With the and guide, giving we the know feedba ho more direction make to online a dvd to help be sessions. presentedthere in a lecture are a lot about out there, the challenge but it would as an be introduction helpful to be from guided Google. directly to them The resources Allowing provided for individual by Google participation were quite useful as well, and and I do perhaps not think a longer there is time anything period else for the to improve whole challenge becausebecause the guidelines it was and quit was sometimes hard to find good keywords

They helped for the most "invaluable part. Maybe opportunity and Adwords to gain "cheat insight sheet" into the with rapidly basicgrowing important online factsfacet would of have marketing!" helped. The resources If a were team all faces Promoting good. techincal The your graphs, issue, goods/services reports it should was bethrough quite resolvd lucid. google as qucikly adwords as possible. The reportsMake that Google the instructions offered to book generate not so were longextremely that no one helpful reads when it... explain trying to the analyze project the in a results. more to This the was point especially way. so becau one, once we got the hang of it it came very easy to us he dollar amount was too little for the time period of the campaign

Google Analytics I think proved the ads Unlike to should bemany an run invaluable business a week resource, or school two longer. competitions, both for the the Challenge Googleand Online as a Marketing learning tool. Challenge uses real money and rea no it didn,t affect my sugest anything is make the tournament in each region or country. the winner represent the region/country to fight with other w - They were- excellent. Make it compulsory I've no specific for the suggestions businesses to to offer. implement Google Analytics. Our business refused, and it was a pain. ness and the marketability of their products and services EXAMPLES ON-LINE FOR OPTIMIZING VIDEO SUPORT THE BUDGET They helped Perhaps with themake setupaand rubric everything, for appropriate but wecompanies were floundering to use when for the it challenge. came to day to day operations.It also would have really Good resources. Run every Edit textbook. semester. Include audio/video ads. Resources such Maybe asan the increase "A information beneficial in the guides learning budget and experience, allocation Google : Analytics, )that is sure was to very help beneficial anyone in and their useful. future It inprovided online marketing." us with a lot of informa Good! Give more details I learned about a ton how about teams online would marketing be judged Give some More hints about information finding about the right finding organisation. an organisation. Make the Where pre-campaign to upload the strategy reports. and Make post-campaign the pre-campaign summary summary plans a and bit clear post The material Sometimes was fabulous "Googling it was and very i think google difficult it should was to fun manage become with XXXX" time the curriculum between your in the studies Business and the Schools Google competition, so the time period f The materials An were online very FAQ helpful, file forhowever studentsparts participating on phrase in the matching challenge should addressing be added.Especially:1. the issues encountered Will a 'tasty and hotdogs' listed inquery this survey give t The resources Nothing! were perfect. In The all honesty Google They were I Challenge though comprehensive it was puts amazing, into practise andand easy I what would to follow. educational do it agian insitutions in a second! teach in theory, and what the marketing Matereial was I liked right. how If more it 7.5 was. information As we arewas students neede, we I do looked not need at theto web have and allI it found done, it Iout likeby to myself. find answers by myself. Insdtrutions we the resources allow arevisual ok. adsimprove the conversion rate cookie testing method Helped us a lot. Do some exercices before Very running good experience the campaign

The materials Maybe provided moreby instructions google were towards all excellent. the teachers Maybe would morebe screencasts. nice since in many cases they know less about the projects than They were enough.It There needs was Relevant to a be bit a extensive more experience practical for example guide the on how history to use of online the adwords advertising account. The resources Give provided a little more by Google time to can write help the me. reports. They are too long. You can simplify or summarize. More time given No for theNo campaign ometimes it was very complicatet and no groupmember could help I already had make an experience the challenge so, longer resources : more were time enough for preprare, find an entreprise.... Yes, I shared my knowledge and sources to enable my team mates to get up to speed fast. the materialnone was good but PLEASE change the adwords interface it's so confusing and EVERY team in our class was confused by t I like them a I could lot... Isuggest could suggest to the College to translate to plan them more to spanish workshops so they at class, can be so easier we can tohave read more for non time english to dedicate speakers. to the project.I co Google's informations Google Adwords were Google really should Adwords full communicate but, "Let's for students experience much who more the are new on not the sens used challenge of to Words" use subh near enterprises an application, anditstudents.Create is really hard to a assimilate test applicati the

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anaytics would more have money been in great the budget to use They were very More useful. prizes would be more motivating. They helped NIL by given real time data The written The materials timingwere of An the exiting very campaign detailed experience could comprehensive that be different broadens and since your interesting spring insight time to Online read. is often AMarketing great very busy plusand for for the Google students written Adwords. with materials their exams provided! and grad The good resources but somehow an experience it should you show will more love help in the area of the report. he Google AdWord website proved to be quite diffiult to navigate. everything ok the research the materials entire affair used felt extensively badly organised, by myself especially were thewhen audio it lessons came tothat setting i found up accoutns accidently. and it is submitting importantcampaign that all resource documents ma he adwords interface did not work make with my it work firefox with in firefox Mac OS and X Tiger. mac os x tiger a real business and a real budget - longer c ampaign I recommend periodtomore promote information GOMCHA about to the theschool. judgement (what should we optimize more?) that the programe offers. Furthermore noneit didn't cause them any costs. Very helpful The andpre user campaign friendly " Challenging once should you and allow find tricky more the but links pagesThe all worth campaign it at the end." should be run over alonger period of timeCommunications fro hat it was mandatory and the challenge counts a third of a module.that students all over the world have to learn how to use googles products! This is real c I think its ok I but would maybe resume to much the main thinks ideas andand newtools concepts in a shorter to readpaper an unerstand at the begining in shortin time order to make easy for All team members 1. The student Suggest guidesmaller was very group helpful2. sizes Online (2-3 people).Allow definitions and a larger suggestions page limit provided for the helpful post-campaign information3. summary. Marketing and Advertising It was a bit too 1 week much longer information. would have Should been begreat compiled into 1 document They were not Google detailed should enough provide and workshops inhibited the on process. how to run Suggestion AdWords -and provide how a tomore make detailed it more student succesful. guide and more tips as to ho the ressources targeting were students good, butwith too basic advanced knowledge (video in adverts, marketing, mobile preferably adverts...) > 4 semester

They affected None, it positively, thought it they wasmade fantastic! it much easier to see the progress of your marketing scheme They were very None helpful,Using I needed Google the background Adwords is a info must and for the search how to marketing. information in order to effectively begin the work. the resources 1, extend provided the me amount with great of time details of the about campaign how Adwords work which madew it so much easier to carry out our campaign. i got a lot of knowledge about e-marketing Google project - beyond the future No. Made me curious Give more knowledge to the Professor so they could help the students. ) we were obliged to be 4 students per team2) "Ato very write good our experience reports in a for good everybody english like in online other marketing american or " english students. It's not equal! instead of sending Our group 'google needed "The challenge' Google increased challenge materials budgetPotentially provided via a school an exposure opportunity organizer to through to other utilize teams email, XXXX's success there incredible should to encourage be marketing a master friendly foundation webpage competition in set the up dynam and w/ ap The most useful In thesource post-campaign was the online summary Help less Center pages where should it isbe easy devoted to find to specific group-dynamics information. and However client-dynamics in some and cases more it is emphas not deta The Student Make Guide sure was the the business best. that is chosen as an adequate target market. I believe that Nothing there is much sufficient - it was material really available well implemented on the Web and to supported. gain a good Maybe understanding provide a seperate of AdWords. section Especially on more the advanced help pages infor f Not too badBetter and succinct guides The materials none were helpful using adwords it is good in this way

Slow answers to questions It was very good, Sorry but I think I really that do everything not know. is I said think init it.It is good was easier enough to as run it the is. campaign, and to understand what we have to do with the None; they None were sufficient. The Google Online AdWords Challenge bridging the gap between the classroom and the real world.

definitely better, without "Learn resources about we inevitable would have instrument sailed in ofdark. advertising maybe in different the present suggestions society!" on different kinds of businesses - for d no experience Longer term of running a campaign The student Certificates handbook "Stay and of completion online ahead forum ofwould the QA competition." be was a nice very way helpful. to end I have the no Challenge. specific suggestions at this time. The resources Thefrom challenge google The was Google were exciting mostly Adwords because easyChallenge to understand it allowed gave us so us tothat compete real-world we could with experience complete other groups. in what an If exciting was there needed was newaindustry of way us.to The see post how campaign our campr Condense them Makeenough it more "The so known students Challenge throughout don't increased have the world. a my hueawareness textbook Increaseto awareness and look knowledge through in newspapers, but of still the have importance etc. all necessary and of show search results information. engine of past marketing. Activities challenge The in a The resource Make provided it more byfamous Google and is well let organize. more people But,to if know there the is a challenge multi-language through version media then will be much better. 1. It could be Many. moreI dense already You with mean mentioned more a testimonial?_______________________________________________Headline: examples a few. It of will applications. be more useful Most if of I understand the Adwords what reports your Ireality read are is so third that party my thoughts publishers Do Not are and Join relevan give Th The resources Increase are quite the useful. budget But so we with can the try help different of ourGoogle expert teammates, Ads function.Lengthen we are able the to campaign learn much period more so quickly. we can carry out more Great ressources!! More implication Challenge from the lecturer/tutor, world with Google by having Adwords! a selection process (group members with different background...). shorten and make the text book and instructions more precise tting the charts to 2 pages! All the resources Give more givedtime by Google (1 week).Give were sufficient, to the teams but i would more literature like to have about more online learning marketing, about analitycs and serach in order engine tooptimization present better (SEO rep adequate They were all Incerase detailed the and Great budget clear to improve as and sometimes very work helpful. in it teams was Maybe difficult skills, improving to to maintain learn a how little it to bit formanage the the information whole a campaign day. provided in the for online the pre-campaign environment,report with aa r They are in A bits wider andvariety pieces. Get of hands More judges on effectively from experience various clustering with countries. search the items More engine would transparent marketing be useful. judging and boost criteria. your More creativity! support for countries outside of maybe better make it could it every be easier school to term set up tracking codes for advertsyou don't have description how to set up dynamic campaign.

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Not applicable Not applicable much budget much budget Link to individual Bigger topics, budget It rather provided would than definitely an one excellent report. help.experience Easier to find to work things with when a real you client need inthem. order to develop online marketing skills while s

The support none material from Google was invaluable for the completion of the challenge. I don't think any changes are necessary. I would recommend Step by step that Get guide the Googled budget of an is about existing increased our student Online overchallenge Marketing the three campaign, week Challenge!! period. particularly Our dailyhow budget to set for it some up and days understanding was not able analytics. to cover o A brief 'howListed to use' throughout caption box this for quiz each aspect resource provided Don't make such a long survey. Sorry... It was o.k allthogh Shorterthe reports big guide at least could for has the non-speaking been shorter because english countries.I it is difficult think to read you a have lot in to another give different language cristerias causeReports it is more fordiffic tho 00$ was very few money I work in the technology industry, so everyone looked to me for leadership. The materials Ideas with on info what on might the challange be a good helped organisation enormously. to use SO for did the just challange searching and for what material would on be the a bad internet one. Maybe have organisa Book was very Maybe helpful a month long time period. 1.i would have 1.notice beenme happy, of inactive if i knew keywords.2.give there is a google me adwords all relevant offline links tool onfrom the student the beginning.we guide or on could the google have planned adwords everything help site.it mu w all things are i don't very have good,any so isuggestions don't have any because comment all things in this are question ok

It was indeed - Have helpful longer to run period the campaign. of time- More Perhaps organised Google in can distributing email the the teammates materials more about the details of the challenge. Google give more many friendly suggestions okpaper in the course of challengelike adwords tools, adwords analystic , report... The ressources 1) a longer of Google preparation were a great phase support. (maybe the lack of time was due to our university2)more individuality in chosing the compa the materials i would were great, separate and countries very usefull by their for us. languages may be i woulkd do a latin challenge, were it is teached in spanish It helps us to To have takabetter account Toresults send the more people mails whoto participated the different in teachers the challenge for future challenges and for work in the companie Google's guides More were help in very I thought leading helpful the students and Google Google to challenge choosing offeredthe was explanations right just organization another of many class in terms assignment orderused to maximize in that thewas challenge. learning. simply Maybe a gradeGoogle and something could have to The resources None provided helped to understand how to run the Challenge The resources On proved your end to Real Ibe wouldn't Clients. quite vital recommend Real to our Budgets. success. any,Unprecedented however, Reading on them our Experience. end priorthere to commencing are The a Google few things the 2008 Challenge I would Online definitely proved Marketing highly do Challenge: differently beneficial. focus Noth M ot enough time. teacher didn't teach more about timehow for campaign to do it. no class time was given towards it. ndone work by teammembersdecisions made You by wanna ohters on do their it real?Do owntoo the less challenge! time ;) more budget!!! more budget the and internet more its time.the not what challenge you think.open was very youre good eyes white google adwords More user friendly get a better info, layout felt a bit for all the over questions, the place try and to make too long the post campaign shorter, its too long after a three week campaign

They helped in a great way, they gave almost all the knowledge and useful suggestions about AdWords.To improve:- emphasize it m overall the project make sure was you A great. taste work the ofwith marketing project the was client inathe to little create world demanding from keywords a classroom considering and text ads. i had need 5 other to stress classes this toin do preparation work and projects for campaign. in. It was alright, Anhowever online interactive i dont really course haveof any how further to handle suggestions. the adowrds maybe project. an online maybe interactive also a video guide? on how to manage it more precise Google resources 1. Elaborating wereParticipate useful guide for details the in abasic truly and global understanding, Google contest, Adwords Contribute what information it is, how your : it As ability works mentioned to etc. improve However, in the our previous world. I had toquestion, share this there guide is book the need with f More videos None explaining"By what competing to do. thein book the Google gets pretty Challange boring after I wasawhile able to learn how to take advantage of an online business tool no Pre, post campaign simplified.

The google Itext would book have and Google liked such to Online resources do this Marketing challenge helpedChallenge tremendously with a professor is an in awsome aiding who had us tool to done that what this helps the challenge terms you learn meant before. how and much However how you to spend now really we our didn't know money know wha w perfect - enough information I would let the More teams details make when their the own campaign homepages is running. and let them know about google adwords. I mean i would organize a day when som the instructions Promote are too your wordy. challenge provide in a live business assittatnt. way. I would create I actually a diagram think Asdepicting a that senior an entire marketing where course using professional program the Ad Words could withEditor be over developed 25 fits years in with entitled experience using "Search the in online the Engine high AdWords tech Marketing". industry, environment. I think found Iitwould the would Challe also be I think it is better to provide new client to have trial like campaign in order to show them the power of Adwords. Becuause The resources Smaller provided group An by sizes excellent Google were opportunity excellent to combine learning to a real world situation. more details time about zone how issue acheiving to win and the language the competetion internationl issueplz should excellence be considered more. Google has3-4 always people provided groups The challenge basic should information, be was better enlightening organised, on one hand to many larger it was different timeframe good to minds see (when people in our actions group, making are itwell has a great effective taught effort us it's to a lot, find too from late ways already) Google, to learn may from de they helped the most out of all resources. they showed what needed to be done and what things meant. we knew they already had an interest in using google adwords.

Summarise the resources in shorter paragraphs. Get more information Creative and to set Innovation next step The problem More wasinteractive in the Real team, fomrs team it's important experience to get to know toto choose improve AdWords, the yourself members Analitics, in online ofas it (enough videos, marketing flash time with programs andthe motivation) best: and with so and Google! on.it that way they can do a I had no experience on this sector prior to this project but reading the literature Google provided helped me to get known with the fundamentals. helpful none.very good. The materials ware very helpful. Together with lessons that were given to us, we were able to deal and solve any kind of problems c a little more guidance into how it works. we encountered a few slight problems at the beginning when we started our campaign but th

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The material seemed to lack a lot of answers to the questions I had while running the campaign - of course there can't be a prescrib No problems with the materials Participating - they in adequately the Challenge covered was a the very information interesting that learning we needed experience. to run the Working Challenge. with a real company and g

they were very maybe helpful,made to have a test our job version a lot before easier,especially the real challenge,for while writing those reports,and who were running like us the unexperienced,to statistics. get some knowledge The guides 1. are Make OK, a and better Enter theyinternet the contain world interface all ofthe challenge, information for thebeat Challenge, i needed your competition because in order to i and dotn runbe think the the campaign. all winner. peopleNothing around the needs world to be used changed. the AdWords different report maybe is really if we helpful can get and virtual easy practice to get information how 2 use tools befor real competition, we will perform better better guide as tohow to find good search terms, and what the different networks do.

A helpful tool I think was that Google Challenge Analytics doesn't have to br improved it's good as it is They were information-rich, but not concise enough - too thick. I think the explanations There needs A of to great bids be a real needs faster world to way be application of more getting clear, to help what like from how you've Google they learned work on big and about problems. what online is an It marketing! appropriate took an extra bid. week Alsoand the a information half for our abou cam bueno primero poner te poner mas seriedad mas seriedad al concurso con elyconcurso que se den y luego becas que de existan estudios premios en los ganadores para todas como certificados pero enviados solo NIL NIL The resources - More provided time XXXX to by do Google the andcampaign google WERE invite helpful - Motivate you y to afecta participate participants minimum in Aumenta the to run contest the prizes XXXX online - Providing recommend marketing the that support that benefit continues materials SMEs to to provide in increase the language more their se The material For was me perfect it was Doperfect you know what is Google? Let us tell you Really goodMake materials, the challenge AdWords they were longer. Challenge clear and easy - Best toway use to in learn the project and gain a real experience in using modern tools for online marketing The materials Longer weretime too confusing span to develop and hard more to understand effective keyword - they were strategies/have clear AFTER a play we'd with done optimisation/see the campaign, what but made works no and sense what wit d

I've always been a leader so I just took charge of the project and assigned everyone tasks. There wasn't a whole lot of need to rely on my mark Making the AdWords it system is not a and just metrics an online better marketing and faster tool, it is an online challange to manage! It was a great More help time to our period team. for the real-world challege (more than three weeks). Increased campaign time

與多是因為對網路行銷的陌生,不了&#3529 the ressources Have that each gogle Google member provided Marketing of the were team very Online write helpful, Challenge, a part especially of the an report, exciting the AdWords to way force to everyone FAQ.I learn about would to work.there online have liked advertising are to have not enough and links Google leading winners!! AdWords. to the only dif Yea. I've done this before I believe and I got I have bored already of it to expressed be honest. this. See? This is what I mean about a survey that's too long. I stopped actually readin not so long pre and post campaign strategy, not neccessary, asked a lot of the same questions in different ways Google should Thecreate online an interactive interactive tutorial online would animated be very tutorial helpful. that describes all the stage of an AdWords campaign in a 3 week period

it's a goog change Google for challenge: student to challenge learn you! more pages for Pre- and Post-Campaign-Report (not 2 pages and not only 10 pages), it's too little Simplify it. Reduce the rules and post campaign report lenght. Also try to cooperate more with students involved and imp

I really dont Segmentation: have any suggestion. I thin more you anmore should The technology have segmentation more is contact right canfor helps with the the us work university to improve it does.and I the just their campaigns have teams, one suggestion: more directly Segmentation. If we have Need to have Overall a quicker it was Real turn a good time, around experience. Real time world when challenge. resolving technical issues specially when the duration of the challenge is short. . The budget that increase unexpectedly.2. Time period The Valuable ofnumber the campaign knowledge of impressions should that be cannot and longer clicks beand purchase! is not to provide match.3. more Theinformation bid price keep on how on increasing to improvein the order campaign. tha the keywor The resources Offer provided more prizes was good to region enough to make to get the our Challenge team started. more attractive and motivating. A SUGGESTED REPORT DRAFT TO BE CIRCULATED SO THAT WE CAN ROUGHLY KNOW WHAT GOOGLE REALLY WANT I think they I were dontexcellent. think 'The the people Only Google thing atAdwords Google is that you can Challenge could make develop any helped difference, me the in campaign developing it has more summary excellent to do and with online client how marketing the overview tutorial more. skills'. teacher Write or lecturer exactly how pres The materials Nothing were very useful and helped a lot. Maybe more instuctions on how to set up and use the analtical tools. The resources I think were better great information in fact. Very can clear be given and iton gave how us we a great should overview handle the on how time we differences, should start so that or handle we can the track campaign. more accurate

I think that the My ressources biggest problem provided in the bychallenge Google were wasvery that helpful.I the teacher think in that charge what's of us missing was not is involved a document, in the containing project. He thecould name not and an N/A Only the Length Google of the Adwords Challenge, is the Ifuture wouldof offer E-Advertisement the challenge to entry-level professionals who want to integrate adwords

It helped to Make make it decisions last one month, based on to statistics, truly have and better with statistics. comparisons to what others had done, I based my final decisions on both c Since there was so much detail in the AdWords site, I believe the documents should've had more detail provided within them, mayb Everything was You need ok. Every to reduce singlethe tool number provided of pages from google for the was second useful. report. Nothing more. The resources Well provided my suggestions us with google are as were follows: very - Make important manuals and that contests we do innot other execute languages affection such for as the English, challenge. Spanish, Because German, we had Fre Alot of the learning The AdWords tools Google provided platform AdWords were was quite very has helpful. complicated. been a I challenging could Mainly start and planning duerewarding to the the various project experience. tabs by going and Try option through it! pages, the tutorial navigation slides. was I learnt quite all diff The resources Better provided Prizes....A by Google list of clients were very open informative. to ideas that If adwords I had a question can help....Same I would usually class turn partners....Picking to one of the many my own handbooks partners....I you I had some marketing experience and The another Google member Challenge was was a marketing a great learning major experience, so we worked which together helped to to come broaden up with mykeywords real world and knowledge. ides. VERY HELPFULL LONGER TIME The Google Online Marketing Challenge in the March Madness for MBA candidates! A good mix giving of online more and " time Learning a little andbit working online of physical,verbal marketing, close to students learn support from like would the us will best"Google. make create it ideal and and open better. more doors and we will be in a better position The resources nil provided were useful. Maybe all information should be found in just ONE pdf. And not found in numerous other areas

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Easy to understand More budget. and follow US$200 steps is too especially little. those in the "reports" centre.Organise guides based on topics online and not all in "s Very useful Longer tools provided timeframe "Very byenjoyable Google. for the actual Very challenge campaign. simple & to excellent understand.... Longer inword/page providing longer limit for lasting reports. learning on on line marketing"

THEY WERE NECESSARY. IF THEY WOULD NOT EXIST, WE CANNOT PARTICIPATE IN THE CHALLENGE et up, currency was incorrect and set back our start date The documentations Maybe a certificate were A worthwhile well in written. thechallenge end I used for participating the to pick help up website online students amarketing lotto as put well in skills as their the that CV. email will support, help you which utilise were one of very thequick world's to largest respond on a guide book making provided campaign to be useful longer, however this would provide difficulty seeing as students only have 1 semester to complete the The resources Make provided it less complicated. by Google were too complicated to understand.

The resource allocations were great and helpful. Examples, hints a google and contact tips The Challenge to forwardallowed questions us to put into practice our knowledge of online advertising Good resources, but practice I foundreally the GOMC only way a great to improve experience. skills. It was a great way to apply online marketing theory to a real-world situ have an online video on the basic way of doing AdWords I read all that If the was organisation sent out by Google we worked to try with and had understand adopted some as much of our as recommendations I could prior to the mid campaign campaign starting. it would So I have thought been the interes resou The GoogleLonger resources than Put were three your good, weeks. theoretical a suggestion More skills involvement would into practice be prior to stress to with the Google to commencement the Uni AdWords that these of real the are money, campaign the guidelines real to companies avoid to be getting used. and students a We real got challen two doing d I do not have any problems understanding english, but my teammates does, so mayby translating is a good idea ( thus expensive ) It was difficult Make with the just write A $200. practical up more and meaningful fun online and marketing longer campaign, working with a real company, real money and gives real resu There were greater some missing insight Theinto information challenge other student's gave in theaguide great workbook, understanding and campaign. and some of sources the adwords we found tool and online how contradicted one can use each theother, internet which to market was con a the materials are ok We were able to find most There of the is no answers better way to our to learn questions how to in the do something provided materials. that to actualy do it. The Google AdWords Challenge wa The adwordMake interface it a two should or three be made step easier contest. after 1st round, selected number of teams would qualify to second round for more 1The resources Keep were on with really the good! good To work!But the point for and the very pre-campaign useful during strategy the challenge. the page restriction should be somewhat more than 2 pag The resources I think made the running length The Google of the the Challenge pre-Campaign Marketing and Challenge created strategy the is paper a required great should way strategies to be have increased fun extremely and by gain 1-2 easy. experience pages.In my inparticular the worldcase, of online the busine marke Google provided I'd like enough Googlecrear make information. possible to It use was transliteration helpful when set ad text. We mark this episode in our Post Campaign Summ the materials more were time very for halpful the campaigns

Using the right Thekeywords Google challenge for example serves phrase as an keywords, excellent attractive demonstration Ads and forlanding very promising pages inside results. theThe content high section conversion guarantees rates (100% a gr it made it easier give more to see tips ourfor development beginners.

being available Some in answers, other languages that i gave behind. Resources were Announcments strongly Join enough. in this Turkey challenge. were not It is enough. a real life and exciting experience. The resources Theprovided challenge bywas Google great. were I would really only very think helpful of increasing and they gave the campaign us the ability duration. to work out our campaign strategy. Nobody fr

The materials Since were this not isup-to-date. geared toward Illustrations students, in provide the instructions a roles matrix did not and match moderate what we level saw. project Also, plan it was for students. not the best Also format improve for an t The materials As covered mentioned The all the previously, Google basics. Online I maintain have Marketing noasuggestions website competition with here. ongoing was an news exciting & stats experience. to show the I learned project is a great alive. deal Also, about improve the super capab

Some of the Pretty multi-media good. T otally guides Surprising could be Online translated Voyage! to Chinese. student guide enlarge was vey time helpful! frame The guides None and tools - AMAZING were very project useful; for however, studentsI did not read the large handbook yes. without online marketing great teamwork, and knowledge knowledge aboutabout google AdWords, I think it's real very time hard challenge, to work with realgoogle money, adwords listed on google tivated from the start and believed the campaign The will once make in a a blue positive moon difference. opportunity - brought to you by Google Adwords! Some of the Besides resources the provided ones mentioned by Google in the were prior confusing. questions, I think nothing. sometimes Overall, it I was really just enjoyed assumed participating that students in the knew Challenge. what they I thin we

we did not have online marketing knowledge before More communication from GoogleClear directionsTrail campaign before your real campaignmore examplesa tracking too Nothing Higher budget I learn andaalot period and Iof want may to be promote 4 weeks more business online The resources *) Providing and materials clear more that that information itgave would us be about Google a wonderful resources are well alternative and structured facilities and offered organized by Google and served adwords us very *)Forhelpful me it is inathe privilege challenge to partic and money too lessI Observation distribution cooperation of the of the changes daily to competition amount in keywords of Google resourses Increase were the great time to but atleast it was 4 a weeks shameplz. that we could not use all the applications for our campaign. needed some more tim

The tools provided The during are was Effective sufficient, quiteOnline short, espacially considering Marketing the Keyword with that Google our tool first and Adwords week AdText wasPostion a scramble tool. and However, we had it to would takebe the good first to week have to a understa tool tha User friendlier It was interface ok. and structure. It was great, I think I have the nothing Challenge to add. is already great as it is.

. It was frustrating trying to make Allow new AdGroups... more pagesitfor took the me pre-campaign DAYS to figure strategy.Have it out and the a longer guide time wasn't forvery the campaign helpful. to run for better analysis.

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the materials the were design very of good. adwords it would should be have usefull a to stronger send the focus linkon forusability. uploading the their campaigns documents shouldn't to the people. be active from the start. mayb The books and Possibly instructions extend were the duration clear and a little easy bit. to read. I currently do not see any benefits from changing anything. contact to the marketing manager. So the story went on... no none it was fun!

no idea Very complete Go and on! useful materials, especially the student guide which was very easy to understand and use. wtrwf wfrwfw the resources thevery challenge very Google beneficial should up be your indeed. made future more there with open was challege so and much real of a knowledge, in lifetime! the sense once that iregular read them, updates the challenge of all participating became teams all the should more enjo tak I would like Ito would read like about The to some find Google out tips when Online for better weMarketing started campaign. the Challenge campaignis and a great when experience it's our last for day. everyone who wants to try the real marketi

Not sufficient Give resources. more information Difficult to to operate participants with the regarding help-desk. the tips of running an adwords campaign. If this would have been provide google tips 1 are - More very caothic. information No, but You invest about have more how to search in a campaign theand word click "gomcha": should themgo alli(metrics, over really the think stats, adwords it iscase a very panel, studies juvenile and ecc)2 you and could - catchy Get miss us acronym. in something touch. I set very my blog impo i find very helpful i think the youguide must like promote Student more Guide this and challenge other stuff like google trends.

Much more More specific. detailed And a information. better description to use keyword generator and to work with the keyword-limit. This was the major proble Maybe, it could Maybe, be a to good haveidea a longest have manuals time for the of those challenge. resources Provide in the thelanguage manuals of in different the participants. languages. Because, And maybe although try to we give knew the ot s They were easy Create to a lead. list Extend of companies to more that classes. dont have google words, for that send questionaries to that companies and make proposi More money, Maybe our campaign have some ran guidelines out of money as to what is a good CTR and parts about strategy. The guides only outlined how to use ad

more communication between google ans the teams More dynamic Increase web design the time and for toolsLike the challenge using AJAX and increase the number of winners.

etc 1-Provide whole 1-Increase campaign the 1-" Google budget as an example to prepare be at least to you show to 300 online the US$ students future per each advertisting how group.2-Extend they can expert create "2the adWards, "Be running the best..win period relevant of prizes...be keywords the challenge expert....compete and at strategies least one w The help team Reporting were fantastic mechanisms The Google and were and Online quick theMarketing ability to answer to switch Challenge anycurrency questions. has been without a fantastic terminating experience. the account. I really recommend students try to i think the materials more money werefor right each on team no need to change them, im not sure how to improve them quite good quite an amazing opportunity to get in touch with google adwords

to give more - information about the post camapign strategy Everything in english... it's not easy ! Nothing. The In Challenge all of the To aspects is provide perfect. thestudents In Challenge all of the knowledge was aspects amazing. in marketing online. Materials are Create fine. Video video tutorials. tutorials would be extremely nice. The rescourses elaborate gave some a good instructions start, but the in your lack rescoures. some finess.For Like in example the after it campaign was not mentioned report- two that part the with bussiness the same chosen reqirements did not(exm stri Google, Internet, To give Lecture more time and better instructions The real-time Make chat the forcampaign help The was 2008 amazing. longer, Google and Online I was make absolutely Marketing Google Analytics floored Challenge with a part was having of anthe amazing it available Google project Adwords to us that for Challenge. the gave Challenge. our team It the made opportunity a huge diff to Need to streamline Again, simplify the For amount the the challenge. first of material. time in my Indicate university what career, material I was is relevant afforded tothe theopportunity various stages to spend of the someone campaign. else's Basically, money provid to be quite well More hands-on help from Google - in form of contact with individuals who can assist where our lecturer could not.

, timeline2, we get late information about results Materials were More perfect assistance locating a business to work with. It was good & helpful I think all ofPromote the materials it more? The were Google great, Online I have Challenge no suggestions. is a great way for students to be introduced to online advertising and the Goog I don't remember. provideIsome wouldformat recommend examples providing for theareports little marketing that are required. information It's up nerve front racking to help those to know that if you're don't have being any disqualified marketing du h I don't understand. sorry G ive 1 week to learn how to use Google Adwords. I still know the You material would increase You contained would:display the into number Google's a banner of awords guide, on the and because University's the duration I have web read of the site;contact it on challenge. Adword's us Give on web social a site. certification network I think that to like every itFacebook is sufficient student orand for Linked the no i will send you i will some sent suggestions you "Learning some suggestions how to improve to promote later your an on. materials enterprise later inon. the 21st century" The material Make werethe claer explanations but too long about and adwords time consuming simpler to and read. shorter. As I said they were clear but too long to read. google resources i don't were think make really i can add it, helpful like to google what and enough you made have it toalready start with done and build a well stratgey.as a suggestion if all the resources were gath slightly.....Budget Visit colleges too low. Become to Would explain an have online Adwords been Google useful marketer to include in just the Google 3 weeks! Adwords pro None None very good and less very people detailed. The in the Google hard group. to Challenge find doesnt info require sometimes allowed at me all. just to too feel because messy a part and there of complicated. the was real so world. much. could Studying need have a more can been be basic done a frustrating format more effectively that journey stems becau with off i2

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pdf;s were good Nothing, very well ran resources and information provided on Google were very helpful and it is considered as excellent learning tool for biginners

I only have Instructions to say that the More forinstructions submit advertising reports toon submit because Internet, thewe report papers had were to on google the poor. Universities it. There weren't (I think that option will not be so good for the envirom Once again, the instructions were inadequate in providing information for all the possible applications. Google should - provide more money for each group as 200 USD are too less to have success within 3 weeks! Yes. We did a lot of reading up to familiarize ourselves with online marketing terms.

Simplify theLower procedure number andof the people options per more. group. AdWords Increaseis budget too cluttered and time. and dumb group mates gave up trying to decipher how to use et up of the campaign, the website that we had to do for the advertisement

its really helpfull to improve your marketing skills

My team used Providing the AdWords an What's online guides better walkmore through than at learning the of different start about of the parts online project. ofadvertising? AdWords They helped interface Spending define would Google's unknown have improved money terms to and my do also so! knowledge gave examples of the avai to c

The resources Make were thevery prize well purse laidmore out and enticing.Help easy to follow. students Maybe with condense more tutorials these if materials their teachers more instead are lost.of just a little information on The tools helped Betteraexplanation lot. I don't have of CR, new Conversions ideas to improve and other the words.A Interface. table which shortly displays Words and their meaning. it should bemore easier important to connect learn links real the on business adwords the first marketing account pages of with thean instructions existing analytics account. Google provided Sometimes, all necessary it is difficult tools. to Help, get aAsk, business Viedo, for demo, students. customer How about service if etc. you contact No problem, some but new it takes businesses time to and read, give read, freeread ser

Provide an easier Allow more read time than to the run boring the campaign. pdf to learn about adwords and the competition. The resources Run Google the campaigns The provided Google longer. us were Online a Marketing great help Challenge in completing was the the project. most useful project I completed in college. It allowed us to s The resources Figure greatly out a help way me forfigure the whole out what team to to spend be involved and who and to not advertise jus thetowards. team captain.

Only one suggestion... "I really learned get rid a great of this skill damn with survey, Adwords, or shorten and I feel it by that about the real 3/4. life This application thing is unreal, of the but competition if it gets me looks into grea a I don't know To make as easy as possible to reduce time of readings all materials ing google toolsNot just a trial Materials are Challenge very good, are Google a greate, really Online helpfull I don;t Marketing ! have any Challenge, suggest Improve Yourself All the Guides No and suggestions. other resources were of great help. I was absolutely satisfied with the information and explanations provided.

nothing to improve the Challenge should run a little bit longer because 3 weeks are a very short period of time to implement the new skills ot enough time to spend on the Google a pre test online toAfamiliarize challenge real professional with Google experience Adwords in sponsored links It was very helpful to know what steps to follow when developing the strategy. But it was still hard to set-up the campaign. There cou

Good resources.Provide increase budget, Your some chance timeframe generic to experience strategies and prizesfor reality using adwords. Conduct workshops with As course students, lecturers. the opportunity Hence if they to pilot understand a live campaign then we was understand, enough. Insightful and if we and understand enjoyable. then Simply we practice awesome it ou make them easier to understand This challenge gave us a real life perspective on the challenges and opportunities present in online marketing

N/A Shrink down the handbook and have a practice simulation for students to use before the actual competition begins. They are allA very countdown nicely put how together. many days We liked they are the left, instructions and some and kind theof pictures. alarms, notifications about the countdown. It was goodSometimes to my checking Yes! I had my not current feelingknowledge that Google byis reading not watching the provided our developing materials. process But for and my team-members supporting us. Ongoing (and in some questions cases b The customizable Make itoptions easier for helped the team a lot, leader and made to make the work sure much his group easier is plugged most of the intotime the campaign Google provided Overall a number I felt the of challenge good tools was to great. allow us The toonly analyze suggestion data. We I have were would able to beuse to have some the of participants them in this run project, through but others, a mini tu li the materials Improve where not theReal that materials world good.given experience Muchto ofthe the mixed students infos with weand needed limited thinkwas resources about provided translating andby time our them pressure. professor to different A or perfect through languages. mixture research. Improving for an fastthe and descri inten

perhaps information to give the more teacher specific an account because to read test the withbook us atand the the same real time live on running the campaign was very different. I think that google I will do gives some a PR lot of actions. theorical Offer information visits to google that is offices very useful and may but may be actions be it would to be be more great available if they can to help do something in the challenge. practic give more time to students for the project

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UNTIL WE WE BEGAN HADRUNNING TO WRITE OUR OUR CAMPAIGNS REPORTS IN WE ENGLISH, HADNT SEEN AND DUE NOTTO EVEN THEAFACT DEMO THAT OF THE ITS NOR TOOL. OUR IT MIGHT MOTHER BE BETTE TONGU othing specific about the Challenge. make I missed it longer. some 8 or points even in 10the weeks. team. some We had more a kind money of project maybe leader :-) who did some things on his own. We were informe weeks were to short and amount4 of weeks money and to less 400 $ not the success i expected- not enough Maybe time just It a and was little money great!!! bit more ... Join for time me it! to . prepare i wanna ... make a little more Ayudaron bastante, Que no hayan en especial problemas Google con Analytics.Eso el presupuesto.Que si espero seen siga prximos haciendo concursos y me inviten. no haya problemas con el presupuesto. I didn't feel none I truly learned It was anything a great until learning we started experience. the actual campaign Very good. Longer contest duration. Better prizes. The great thing I think was the that competition Challenge there was your should a lot skills of be information. with a step-wise, Google Which Online and instructions was Challenge bad too, should (GOCHE) as too be much given clutter, at every was step making of the us processthink a lot encourage of stuff at g they were very clarify important, the instructions, Experience google provided iis had valuable, to read everything when through you we them have needed multiple to opportunity to complete times to to the understand gain project. some,what take was full advantage. expected No, the challenge was helpful Includein a educating list of businesses us in online to work marketing with or who have used AdWords and their results The materials It will had probably typos and be were better not because as easy it's tobeen follow done sometimes. before. Had some inconsistencies. Having to write the post-campaign Notify report first without round knowing winners whether so thatwe those hadwho gone do through not get to through the next to stage. the enxt phase do not have to write a report that is esse I found a free email-course Starton the Adwords work Adwords early!!!check andchallange that helped the- adwords the meonline a lot. aaccount real wordmarketing! very often, especially at the start so u can change the bidding and ev

They helped, Mayeb however a little the It'smore a info real was uidence challange, veryfrom long but Google and well taxing worth themselves tothe go work. through as The that - they knowledge many should students and prehaps needed expereience provide help an as ganed we easier had willto little only read, expereince enhance bullt point, uswith as st i dont know The material Maybe "Marketing a longer and campaign Advertising period Using is a Google" good idea. could have been more detailed. They were very A little clear longerDo and n/adid something allow us to different start quickly. with the bids This idea, of making a concurse was excellent. You may make this more unknown to everybody. to encourag the norm. But a friend worked in our company's client and they hadn't made adwords before and they was exciting helping us to make this competiion. ecided that XXXX, was a great option, because the tourist industry is growing a lot in our country. The guides Iwhere wouldvery like This to helpfull.More have must 12be to one 48 information hours of theto most on try what the exciting campaign type and of webpage fun strategy Challenge are before the that starting best I have to choose the ever campaign, been in order involved before to compete in.The even writting better response on the the has pre c they were good make it at least It's aagreat 4 week way challenge to learn about online advertising, and is very useful for everyone's future. I think that having Longermore time span. information would help. It would help Allot to include more time more for content the Challenge and instruction and create in relation better instructional to Google Analytics. materials. It would help to include more scenarios and exa just need tonone..went have more really space well! for pre/post write-ups. felt that we as a group were unable to be specific/detailed with the amount of sp

1. I thought 1. the Possibly materials include were a very section helpful. that provides tips to writing effective ads. y views of doing business Simplify web page. everything else was ok. I think they I are dont very have clear. Get any.some real experience, and win real prices. Enter now to Google Chalenge! ow ctr, need more time of campaign.

The Student More Guide money! did not get an address to send in our copies of the reports. videos and extra video week lectures "Nothing of campaign. from google can compare anwould easy to have toreach real been world contact helpful trial person. and for group error learning, members this who contest are not put highly me in skilled the driver's or knowledgeable seat and taught abo i used the worksheets the survey they at "Itthe is were aend great good is way too long learn how to advertise on Google's dollar."

he qualification of the final reports and the last class in wich we must present the result to the rest of the class. We allready know the results because we

DICTIONARY! DICTIONARY! Need a dictionary of terms. Increase the Game Period (a month maybe) The resources I have provided no suggestion. by Google were useful to run the Challenge. Therefore we have no specific suggestion to improve these ma google material some helped help of , especilly budgeting online is required. help, google can provide the tool by which we can judge ourself the how we design the a they work wellI the reward(I hope that think when Google working doin not the care challenge about money:))the in the 3 weeks, starting some money data on weother havecompetitors are important, we want to k I would include NoneI in the am firts veryunits.. pleased thewithin accurate all the terminology experience and vocabulary in order to understad how Google works I was not very strong in online marketing capabilities, but I really feel that I learned alot. Google provided It needs sufficient to be "The more tools Google clear to run Challenge what the campaigns. happens was an with excellent I the can't left really over learning complain money experience inabout your campaign. that andresources. resume This booster." However, is something I was that a little should curious be hig a

ee and the group member had worked there also. NO more help and just a to macro make running it easierto toshow design how your to set adsup and the choose adwords theaccount right words and get it going. Well planned Nothing event The resources Nil is sufficient. Nil

have an online display video rankings tutorial "The ability and going have to through use an advisor real the money reports giveto you promote an update a company every week is the as best to how learning you are experience doing compared I've had in to school other teams at any

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1. The resources A real were life example Google very knowledgeable.2. to online go by marketing when setting It would Challenge: up be our helpful The campaign, only if Google REAL along provided LIFE withlearning some some outcomes experience sort of real to expect that life example you based will never so on that prior forget. we campaig know w Greatly. Keep it up! "The Google Online Marketing Challenge enabled two colleges within XXXX to work together on a real world I think that there I would could extend be It was some thea3very more weeks useful material to 5experience. or 6 inweeks, other languages We andall offer learned more as well, amoney. lot because about I feel Google some that the of Adwords our first team 1-2 and weeks members PPC are campaigns. were only about not enough I would learning rec str The resources Extent thatthe google duration provides of the are challenge. good enough. definately keep platform it in english, for the challenge that was good. would guide be nice was good. more money, more time ports available. The detail that we could drill down I haveto used was Google amazing Analytics in my employment, but had no idea as to the level of information that I could re There were short too much information, resources, more it was workshops hard to read everything through. ot enough time: it should be longprobably additional budget is needed Everything we needed If was you provided, want to succed google in handbook marketing was you a must great challenge help tool. yourself in the google adwords challenge. more explaining samefrom budget the Practical but lecturer less and time would interactive tohave run itbeen good I FEEL THERE LET WAS PEOPLE SO THE MUCH KNOW GROUPS TO THAT READ YOU THE THAT CHOOSE GROUPS PEOPLE WILL THEY GOT DETERMINE CHOOSE INTIMIDATEDWILL THE DETERMINE SUCCESS SO THEYOF READ THE THE SUCCESS NOTHING. CAMPAIGN, OF THE NOT THE LESSONS CAMPAIGN HOW WELL IN T

Google provided Increase adequate the What length resources. a fantastic of time Things campaigns opportunity! should run Industry not so be results handed andmore universities to adequately peopleshould on a reflect platter, work students together they sometimes ability, like this once should more they often work learn to thing how provide out to use the stu past case studies More money and a Learning suggestion and time on the to choose Web-Field your team mates carefully nd, but was not the right kind of business More money, for themore challenge time! 1. They were Overall extremely the challenge helpful 2. was Easy excellent to rely upon when unsure of particular aspects in our campaign The materials I would are very improve good! the structure of the reports! The 2 parts cover very similar topics!One report which includes more details it's ok none,well done It might be good Was very to have fun This an and is email generally by far set the up worked best for students marketing well:-)with project any questions I have competed about the in.campiagn The use of who real can money get an in answer a real marketing from someone situat The resources In order provided to improve by Google the Challenge, was quite helpful a longer in time running length the and Challenge a higher especially budget should the learning be given center.Google as a more accurate can provide results mor everything is OK Shorten theMake manuals, it longer. or The craft Google Three online weeks Online visual isChallenge tutorials. too short even is an if excellent trying to crash compare course stats infrom Search other Engine hosting Optimization, sites which and are should compiled bemon a re Non-active team members

N/A Make the student guide less and easy to read. More internal Allview, in all no thesecrets If challenge you are :) not is organized familiar with very GoogleAdWords well your are not familiar with online-marketing! Provide more More funds money to make Life forin the it XXXX even fund without more to use challenging! in google the competition is goaless! The resources - Increase was very the useful catalysts and enough. To intruduce 1-agive subjet more related info. to about AdWords the use and of Online Adwords.2Marketing more in time order to implement to learn more the about tool this important topic that is going to have Completely To because offer this it was Be chance part all the of to the expertise more actual schools, future, i had colleges, during participate the etc.. challenge. in the google marketing challenge 2008 and become a GAP. The materials Time were period useful could in guiding have been me in longer. the right direction. We could view It would existing have advertisements been over a longer and compare span of time. theirs with ours. Or use theirs as examples in creating our various ad groups. They were very Make helpful the challenge when writing slightly thelonger. pre- and Just postas our strategy team papers. got the hang of AdWords, the campaign ended. We weren't able to All of the resources I would possibly provided The Google increase by Google chanllenge thewere amount of was huge of a money great benefit. each experience team is togiven work and with extend a real business the running with period real money from 3 and to 4 obtain weeks. real r Materials seemed None at fine, thisbut time difficult to find on the web The student 1. guide a longer was run2. very helpful more money as well as all other handouts. the resourses make were it less great time consuming. We have found Include a lot the of posibility information of do about the the documents use od Adwords in spanish realise by the google team the materials I think werethat very the helpful. challenge was find, however based on the discussion we had during the project with others, people who u The materials were well "Real written hands-on and useful. experience for the real world."

shorten them! Need too tomuch understand info it more before starting project so input from lecturer and less to read No suggestion Provide more spending amount to us to create better and attractive ads Yes. It is too Promote lengthy.the The GAP documentations exam aggressively shouldso come that to some the point. students Keep will it be under attracted 4 pages to work or so. hard for it. he Challenge was all in English. We did not have much time to elaborate the final report. Better interface, Nonemore really manipulation Go .. maybe go google offering of adwords data an.. incentive ability to (ie export cash all .. data hey we to databases are all poor students) They were great in explaining No. I read the information I can't beforehand think The of anything, and Google thenChallenge it used was that really to is a a help great great guide experience. waythe to learn groupThank about in making online you for decisions. advertising the opportunity I tend that a to to business lead participate. by getting can use everyone's to promote opin its the resources have were a few the more basictutorialsalso blocks which provide startedaus ppt off and and more thenmaterial we refered for to the them clienthave everytime a live we helpline had an number issue.It would be great if 1. Chinese interface2. 1. Chinese More interface2. GOMC detailed really More is analysis adetailed greatreport3. online analysis marketing Close report3. to the tools, Close web you tracking to can the web learn code tracking the following:1. code4. The Interviews post-campaign with clients2. may have Teamwo m Google provided I suggest us the the Apprenez student improvment guide la meilleure that thatI Iwrote find manire too in the long. de previous promouvoir It is very questions.precise votre but site A there person internet are togrce so explain many Google the informations.Then, functioning Adwords. to the it students.details theOr co Tracking /changing Shorten campaign the pre-campaign settings period.Changing can be further imrpoved. campaign I was settings working need on to the becampaign improved.from a company network during my The materials Increase provided thewere relevance sufficient within but the the google actual interface google interface to thosecould participating be more inrelevant the challenge to the challenge

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There is a lot NA of 3rd party material out there about how to write and manage google campaigns, which make the official google mate Thank you for your online Google help;Challenge once I had really aquestion helped which me and I've our sent team to Google learning via how e-mail, to cooperate and I have more recieved effective, the answer and how quite to use fas A I have no experience in the field before, the demanded a close examinations of our results during the period of the challenge raditional class, it was online... Key words longer period YES The resources Active was campaign very good shoud and helped be a bit alot longer in understandding (four weeks) the principles behind adwords and online marketing They were good. Give more time. Make it more structured. The guide to 1.running Increase the involvement account and of introduction all group members.2. booklet were More helpful.However, clearly outine the there key was factors waywhich too much must information be focused to on sort to ensure throug The manuals Make helped the tremendously run time of the in Challenge starting the longer, campaign and possible and getting award acquainted more money with the to each adwords teaminterface. to compensate for the longer Materials are very comprehensive and provide a good background to the challenge. With so much information and no way to sort through all of it or get questions answered but a Google administrator it made it difficul Google hadLess goodcompetition tools "Get to measure ahead so it wasn't of effectiveness other so students intimidating by gaining real experience with real money that partners with Google." The given suggestions None were just enough. give motivation promotion and motivation

I think the resourses To make the were The time helpful Google frame but Adwords of they the campaign were Challenge simply longer to gives long and you and possible real drawn lifesimplify experience out. It would the instructional without have been the real guides easier life if consiquences. more. you would Also itjust would have behad goo

think that googles campaign is very bored not that all it Give wasmore very informative time At least to run $ 500.00 the campaignAssign for group more budget to the campaign it was much Frustration to run the campaign wi It was helpful Make and the easy Google A toGoogle understand. Adwords Experience! setting up page more user-friendly for first-time users. The textbook Larger is a little amount bit too of thick budget and or make shorter the time participants for the adfatigue campaign. of going through each and every page. The Marketing Categorize and Advertising the businesses Using Google for the textbook challenge really helped a lot. Besides, Adwords blog also provided us with updated and The guides, Adwords blog, Collaboration and web articles of Information provided us with much information. Nothing Nothing The recources Google provided should Proove are improve good, and espcially Improve the contact the your between text abilities! book, participant Google even though Online or tutors it was Marketing and a little it self. Challenge bit LONG! For example, our professor found some diffic

Good resources, None got a lot of good info and tips on AdWords ) the failure in the teamwork Yes, I worked previously The forGOMC XXXX.Google was in 2000-2001, a well-thought really nailed so was out it with able competition ato well-thought utilize- my no suggestions knowledge out competition of at digital this that time. marketing achieved to success ramp up along more two quickly dimensions: and to educa raisin

i don't knownothing Quite usefull. Perhaps No suggestions if Google Yes, with so had pleasure. far. an online chat room it would make our learning much easier. Any doubt, just go to chat room and

They were suitable. Perhaps Examples sme "Future links to of Business video layouttutorials of Tycoon??,Challenge reports of required some aspects would Yourself!!" of have Adwords been great usgae as ad often, report the writing team had plenty of content to report

Materials are It should really interesting. beItmore was really promoted Maybe interesting! you on universities should Great make experience! insome Poland! information Try it! more interesting by useful hints and add images or case s The Competition More incentives was not The the Google for only teams. project AdWords we were Competition workingwas on. a Therefore, terrific experience. I didn't putI very havemuch a better time understanding into reading the of the material capacity we to w yes. Very helpfull none

The materials 1) It Google would provided be If you great, search, were if Google very you finally can helpful. provide find. From a my brief point feedback of view, relating these to material the performance are good enough. of our campaign, in order to know THE MATERIAL THE CHALLENGE PROVIDED GO .. GOOGLE WAS WAS SUPPORTIVE ATTRACTIVE .. GO AND ANDHELPFUL; REALLY BINDED MAY BE ME ADDING TO THE SOME CAMPAIGN PICTORIAL AND CLEARANCES THE TEAM AND COULD TO FO nothing, all of anything is perfect. there should I think be maybe the challenge GOMC a bit of -athe works test most run very with practical good. regard Imethod cant to the think for account of students anyas suggestions, it and was lecturers found sorry! we to wasted learn about a good online bit of marketing the budget and setting advertising up th All resources Extended were important it Google's for one and more Online i just week. didn't Challenge have is the an opportunity interactiveto online experience marketing Google's class Analytics.By experience which the way, every in Google studentAdwords of market E PLEASE GIVE I wish MORE I would INFORMATION have been more ONknowledgeable. HOW TO USE ADWORDS I wanted to do well, but felt I was not prepared with the right tools to com ment and Networking in many countries especially ERP and CRM Systems The handouts I would came like in handy. to see the I have amount notes of written moneyall Google over mine. gave increased. They were When a goodyou guide areto spending go by. a $1.00 or more per click you o have been one week practically " out" of the challenge due to a problem of configurations badly clarified our group. he duration (too short) and the budget (not enough). more guides none They helped None us a lot we can make meetings frecuently

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The online materials Improve the where guidance somewhat and navigation useful, but system the actual of the online 'online campaign marketing management campaign lacked management' information website. and a guidance syste It was reallyI helpful. would like It was to suggest like a guide that even book.if some teams face technical difficulties they should maybe also have the option of runn Resources were Promote fine to but clients lacked true detail is very friendly to provide the toolmore that provide time in the google behaviour adwords of the to monitor market the and visits to make and more to have movements an statistics in the of our campaign ranking with in the keywords, market, mayb budg Share the best All mentioned practice"A of in keyword 2007 the previous with could us to leverage questions. shorten the e-World learning " curve and invite the clients with the experience of running Google Ad Too long!

More language Continue than juste to purpose english this for student but communicate more about this event to attract more people. I think that all I really material think are that very a pre-challenge clear and are would very hopeful. be great! At this time, i don't have any suggestions to do! As I mentioned Make before, it longer.Shorten maybe some the YouTube written assignment videos on how or allow to use multiple more of languages.Allow the deep-down all functionality participants would to visit have Google beenand helpful. meet Literature survey on the Increase same was theuseful time span during of the running campaign. the campaign Book titled from " How 3 weeks language to 4 weeks.Do works" was provide helpful the inbasis deciding of allocating on keywords. the budget a ) Being a engineering student. 2) Challenge Having lack may Google of knowledge be more Adwords, advertised. about probably marketing. I did thenot best hear marketing important method thing about all over the the Challenge. world!Problem: OnlineOnline advertising Marketing and marketing / Solution

The resources As a helped sugestion, a lot, it since would we be didn't good have if the any campaign experience timedealing was longer with than the Google 3 weeks. Adwords. It wouldThe give material us a better brought idea a on lot how of deta to NON NON "Do what you do best, Let google do the rest" "rest" = your internet marketing

Very beneficial Longer but campaign at times overwhelming. timeframe I would suggest that there would be less material in the required course (but of course th I thought your 1. informational Trim the This .pdfs.2. project guides Let(the was it run .pdfs) by for far 4-6 were and weeks. away oppressive. the You're best just Way I'll ever starting too have much to in get info. my the academic The hang online of things career. help when was To better, impact the campaign but a real it took business, ends. a few we to Resources provided extend the were challenge relatively to 4 straightforward. weeks, makes for easier comparison vs. prior year (or periods)

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e weeks were not at a very busy time for students. businiess sector of our partner

e ability to gain real great offers.

easier. for example setting up the difrent "campaigns" and "ad groups" were confusing. und and on the maps.

on websites like google trends, or for following the challenge

teractive way to learn about applying on-line advertising to a real business. The Challenge gives you an opportunity to experiment with different strategies,

ing into the business world will benifit from.

marketing lessons and strategies to the classroom for a unique, rich learning experience. a lot in case of implementing an online-marketing-strategy within a real business.

erience regarding new media and was crucial to my development as an advertising/marketing professional. Because of this experience, I now run an Adwo ample visiting the closest Google affices, internships in companies, electronic devices, etc.). In our case, we saw the competence so hard that we never th arning how the system worked.

dge that allows me to stand out from my peers in media planning. Everyone knows what AdWords are, but few people know how to effectively use them. paigns, and by having materials delivered to the instructor in a more timely fashion.

gn, and total campaign.

s job market. ting in the Google Online Marketing Challenge will provide me with the tools I need to be competitive in today

ore teams will know what areas to focus on in order to be successful. nge required entirely too much of my time outside of class. Faced with this situation again, I'd drop the class. We learned absolutely nothing new about m

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belt. Not only will it expand your knowledge of online marketing, but it will open you up to a whole other world.

ge in my future business"

e judging - nobody read our reports until we get into the first 5) see that there are real people behind it, organizing and helping! the perfect website to market for the challenge

eally any good benchmarks that i could find for success measurements. some sort of comparisons might have been useful to see how we performed agai s may be used for a specific campaign.

udent who is new to online advertising; this Google Adwords challenge will leave you with something to take away.

s of my college experience; I wish more opportunities were available like this. The real life component of it all really helped students connect with the proje ved, and with the aim of teaching them, how to be familiar with things like this. can copy it, but so it can serve as perhaps guidelines. The guidelines were a little iffy.

arketing. Google has already proved through its past success to know how to use it. The Google AdWord Challenge allows students to gain hands-on exp

ly budget allotted. This will help students manage their budgets better and alleviate frustrations.

o the nature of how our class turned out I do not feel that we were able to see it.

ond the limits with the Google challenge.

l he work in our campaign. It seemed like the other team members did not care or did not understand the project. When it came time to write the post cam

uipo de Google. Or experience the life inside Google.in Spanish:Viv la vida Google.

ort term fast paced learning curve for all marketing campaigns. Learn and understand how all marketing works. d parameters because as the challenge has been 50% of our grade it was very difficult to decide which factors are important and which not.

arketing skills that I had learned at school in a real-world setting, allowing me to better prepare for interviews in this field. up the accounts, and choose the keywords. for students to gain knowledge in online marketing, especially in SEM domain. More than a simple challenge, this project relies on a real knowledge shari

e, helping me to see what great opportunities XXXX has to offer, and all the different opportunities that will be available when I am out in the real world. It

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rly the local business ad). Thus every team would be able to find the best ads for its business.

ntrol), instead of 4-5. Thats it!

es regarding the amount of time and money provided. Perhaps the team should be responsible for more aspects of the chosen enterprise's online marketi

n solving students questions and giving the feedbacks. oduction from Google. period for the whole challenge because it was quite difficult to solely focus on the challenge when we were having mid-semester tests/exams and so on.

ng online facet of marketing!"

he project in a more to the point way.

line Marketing Challenge uses real money and real business to enhance the learning experience. er represent the region/country to fight with other winnet s. Our business refused, and it was a pain.

ne in their future in online marketing."

eports. Make the pre-campaign summary and post-campaign reports plans clearer.

ng the issues encountered and listed in this survey. insitutions teach in theory, and what the marketing communications industry demands.

many cases they know less about the projects than the students do.

can have more time to dedicate to the project.I could suggest to Google to implement spanish for the challenge, so we can get the spanish material and w

Page 29


Marketing and Google Adwords.

up accoutns and submitting campaign documents. there was a ack of information given to lecturers regarding these matters - this may possibly have bee

o learn how to use googles products! This is real clever marketing! ning in order to make easy for All team members to understant and get involved. If not some people just don't read the docs and don't have the basic con the post-campaign summary. make it more succesful.

XXX's incredible marketing foundation in the dynamic technology domain. In order to stay competitive in the marketplace, I believe it important to embrace p-dynamics and client-dynamics and more emphasis should be put on evaluation of the campaign strategy, changes in strategy, future recommendations.It

provide a seperate section on more advanced information regarding tracking, analytics, and SEO.

etween the classroom and the real world.

ence in an exciting new industry of the importance of search engine marketing. The Challenge results boosted my resume and was very useful during conversation in interviews for employ

____________________Headline: Do Not Join This Challenge ...Testimonial: I know you must be feeling a little undecided right now, probably a little exci hen the campaign period so we can carry out more long-term plan for our client.

e marketing, and serach engine optimization (SEO).Require periodic reports about the challenge development.Require data analysis using analitycs or an

age a campaign in the online environment, with a real client and a real budget! I really enjoyed it! d boost your creativity!

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nt in order to develop online marketing skills while still being fun and enjoyable.

you have to give different cristerias Reports for those countries that speak English with the other countries. Of course they have a big advantage.

nd what would be a bad one. Maybe have organisations available to use for people who find it difficult to find one?

udent guide or on the google adwords help site.it was a little bit confusing what is relevant an what is not.3.the offline keyword tool and the quizzes about a

university2)more individuality in chosing the companies (size of the company,...)

gnment that was simply a grade and something to get through. I was very surprised to find that I actually enjoyed the project and find myself explaining it t

he Google 2008 Online Marketing Challenge: Nothing Compares.

orter, its too long after a three week campaign

stions about AdWords.To improve:- emphasize it more that for keyword-targeted campaign CPC is what applies to the content network as well (not CPM)-

ybe also a video on how to manage it more precisely. o improve our world.

how to take advantage of an online business tool that has taken over the online search engine market. This will benefit me in many ways not only in the b

t helps you learn how much you really didn't know about online marketing.

erience in the high tech industry, I found the Challenge to be a wonderful combination of learning, sharing, and competition with my peers around the worl der to show them the power of Adwords. Becuause for small entrepries seem a bit money to hire people and spend money first time.It's hard to persuade t

our group, it has taught us a lot, from Google, from students, from ourselves. Real hands-on experiences are always a rich way to obtain important inform and what things meant.

ing with the best: with Google! ed helped me to get known with the fundamentals. Once I had these fundamentals I was able to help the team.

were able to deal and solve any kind of problems concerning to Google AdWords. he beginning when we started our campaign but thought it was paused but apparently it turns on by default so we started it before we wanted to and had a

Page 31


the campaign - of course there can't be a prescribed formula or adwords wouldn't work in its current model - but perhaps a note to expect uncertainty wou ng experience. Working with a real company and getting very quick feedback on the team's efforts makes the Challenge a good project for an Internet Ma

were like us unexperienced,to get some knowledge,because i am sure that some of the participants had some experience,and it was easier to them.

ition, we will perform better

line marketing that benefit SMEs to increase their sales worldwide.

perience in using modern tools for online marketing! a play with optimisation/see what works and what doesntNo one else in my team touched the campaign during the 3 weeks - to hard to share the modificat

here wasn't a whole lot of need to rely on my marketing/search engine advertising experience since I haven't had much. nline challange to manage!

40;陌生,不了解它會帶來怎樣的效用.我&#2 rn about online advertising and Google AdWords. ut a survey that's too long. I stopped actually reading the questions. ot of the same questions in different ways

only 10 pages), it's too little to cooperate more with students involved and improve your help staff and supervisors. their teams, more directly


me differences, so that we can track more accurately.

us was not involved in the project. He could not answer any of our questions.I don't really know how Google could improve that.

uld've had more detail provided within them, maybe a step by step process to get started. With everyone's sites would be different. languages such as English, Spanish, German, French, etc.. - Provide more time and budget for any other contest.

Same class partners....Picking my own partners....In class test to make sure everyone in the group is knowledgeable about adwords.... hich helped to broaden my real world knowledge. ness for MBA candidates!

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asting learning on on line marketing"


at will help you utilise one of the world's largest online advertising network. as students only have 1 semester to complete the challenge

ge of online advertising to apply online marketing theory to a real-world situation and I will use the skills I gained in my future work.

ndations mid campaign it would have been interesting to see the change in results. From a Google prespective I thought it was well run ds - real money, real companies and a real challenge. ayby translating is a good idea ( thus expensive ) th a real company, real money and gives real results tool and how one can use the internet to market a product or company in a cheap and very targeted advertising method.

o actualy do it. The Google AdWords Challenge was a great way to learn how to run a real online marketing campaign! f teams would qualify to second round for more 1-2 weeks and in the final round, few teams will have more tough contest.Also create an official blog/group ge restriction should be somewhat more than 2 pages.. n and gain experience in the world of online marketing. We mark this episode in our Post Campaign Summary.

romising results. The high conversion rates (100%, 87.5%) obtained at the end of our campaign shows a great return on investment encouraging the clien

rate level project plan for students. Also improve the online material so it can be easily used as reference material. experience. I learned a great deal about the capabilities and difficulties of online advertising. Working in an interdisciplinary team and interacting with an a

money, listed on google

really enjoyed participating in the Challenge. I think the problems I had were less of an issue of the Challenge and more of an issue of my lecturer not be

re your real campaignmore examplesa tracking tool

r the campaign to run for better analysis.

Page 33


ampaigns shouldn't be active from the start. maybe some of the documents should be released in national language.

nce for everyone who wants to try the real marketing!

adwords campaign. If this would have been provided we could have made more use of the challenge. s a very juvenile and catchy acronym.

in different languages. And maybe try to give the students more flexibility in order they have a time of get used to of the tools.

ut strategy. The guides only outlined how to use adwords and didn't go into any detail about strategy.

"2- "Be the best..win prizes...be expert....compete the world" Only with Google. stic experience. I really recommend students try to take part in the Challenge if they get the chance.

ign report- two part with the same reqirements (exmpl: recomendations for the client).What needs to be different aboat them.

azing project that gave our team the opportunity to learn about internet marketing and about Google Adwords in a way that was hands-on and dynamic. e opportunity to spend someone else's money to benefit a local business as part of my course work. I think the Google AdWord challenge is genius!

ist where our lecturer could not.

o be introduced to online advertising and the Google ad model. erve racking to know if you're being disqualified due to the format of your campaign strategy as you're working through the challenge.

ntact us on social network like Facebook or Linkedin XXXX group;make a convention at the University.involve our teacher's to a free online marketing trai

hey were clear but too long to read.

world. Studying can be a frustrating journey because you are not yet affecting your area of interest in the 'real' world. The google challenge was an excitin

Page 34


red as excellent learning tool for biginners

think that option will not be so good for the enviroment)

ding Google's money to do so!

f their teachers are lost. shortly displays Words and their meaning.

ou contact some new businesses and give free service for 1 month so that the students prepare the AdWords?

ful project I completed in college. It allowed us to step outside of the classroom and do some learning in the real world.

he real life application of the competition looks great on my resume to marketers"

y short period of time to implement the new skills it was still hard to set-up the campaign. There could have been some more information about that.

nough. Insightful and enjoyable. Simply awesome experience. nges and opportunities present in online marketing. It was a great experience to really walk away from a class with a tangible skill.

s to use before the actual competition begins. otifications about the countdown.

d be to have the participants run through a mini tutorial/sample campaign to get the ropes before starting on the actual campaign. me pressure. A perfect mixture for an fast and intensive learning experience. The Google online Challenge is a great opportunity with a huge fun factor!

tions to be more available to help in the challenge.

Page 35



ain some, take full advantage.

enxt phase do not have to write a report that is essentially "not going anywhere" given we are all very busy with our course load.

ge and expereience ganed will only enhance us as marketers and stand us in good stead in teh future.

ake this more unknown to everybody. to encourage them after participating in the concurse. as exciting helping us to make this competiion.

hat I have ever been involved in.The response has been unbelievable from the time we started. ry useful for everyone's future.

this contest put me in the driver's seat and taught me so much"

e class. We allready know the results because we recommended chages to each other, we are in the same page...it hasno sence

hich we can judge ourself the how we design the ad , how much effective it will be, google can help upto certain extent.

ce and resume booster."

e best learning experience I've had in school at any level"

Page 36


earning experience that you will never forget. eges within XXXX to work together on a real world project of great relevance to both subject matters. The experience was invaluable." Google Adwords and PPC campaigns. I would recommend to everyone to try it. It is a chance to learn something practical during your university years.

no idea as to the level of information that I could really use from it. The connection between adwords and analytics is an invaluable tool for me. This challen

rself in the google adwords challenge.


uld work together like this more often to provide students with this kind of marketing hands on experience.

milar topics!One report which includes more details about the strategy and less learning outcomes would be better! 4 pages to share the information with th

n. The use of real money in a real marketing situation made the campaign exciting and gave me a much better understanding of online marketing. udget should be given as a more accurate results would be shown on the significant changes made. In addition clearer instructions should be given as som in Search Engine Optimization, and should be a requirement for students interested in web related careers or E-Commerce curricula.

miliar with online-marketing!

eting challenge 2008 and become a GAP.

dWords, the campaign ended. We weren't able to see the real fruits of our labor. h a real business with real money and obtain real results.

we had during the project with others, people who use google are unaware of the sponsered links and think that they are more like scams. they do not unde

racted to work hard for it.

advertising that a business can use to promote itself to a targeted audience. clienthave a live helpline number rn the following:1. Interviews with clients2. Teamwork3. Understanding of online marketing activities4. Keyword analysis results ernet grce Google Adwords.

Page 37


how to cooperate more effective, and how to use AdWords as an online marketing tool in order to reach bigger success at small-to-medium businesses. uring the period of the challenge

he key factors which must be focused on to ensure success of the account.3. Allow an option for unutilised daily budgets to carry over to the next day or no money to each team to compensate for the longer run time.

wered but a Google administrator it made it difficult to know exactly what to do. I would suggest better contact or more visual aids. th real money that partners with Google."

nce without the real life consiquences.

hat achieved success along two dimensions: raising client awareness of online marketing concepts and fostering student learning and experimentation wit

e. I have a better understanding of the capacity to which online marketing may benefit companies after participating in this competition.

ers to learn about online marketing and advertising ng class experience which every student of marketing and advertising should try ut felt I was not prepared with the right tools to compete well.

en you are spending a $1.00 or more per click you go through $9.53 a day real fast. I didn't get the amount of clicks I would have liked to because of the m

Page 38


campaign management' website. es they should maybe also have the option of running their campaign for longer than 1 week depending on their problems. The reason being the learning i movements in the campaign with keywords, budget, strategies and increasing results

event to attract more people.

ges.Allow all participants to visit Google and meet the AdWords team, even on their own dime. eks.Do provide the basis of allocating the budget amount for the campaign. ver the world!Problem: Online Marketing / Solution : AdWords 3 weeks. It would give us a better idea on how to work with the client, since the results could be better seen after a month or so. internet marketing

my academic career. To impact a real business, to see the results of our actions, in real time...?! Amazing!

Page 39


opportunity to experiment with different strategies, and to learn about Adwords, with limited time investment. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who

nal. Because of this experience, I now run an Adwords campaign for the client we used for the challenge and I get paid to do so! Also, simply having the ex e, we saw the competence so hard that we never thought about winning. We enjoyed a lot the challenge because we saw it as a great opportunity to learn,

but few people know how to effectively use them. Now I do, and I can use that knowledge to help my clients.

class. We learned absolutely nothing new about marketing. The class's entire focus, along with our grade, was baseed on the challenge. I feel like I've u

Page 40


ht have been useful to see how we performed against others (or past challengers).

f it all really helped students connect with the project."

rd Challenge allows students to gain hands-on experience in the new field of marketing, putting each particpant a step ahead of others in the industry.

he project. When it came time to write the post campaign summary none of the team members had any clue.

actors are important and which not.

lenge, this project relies on a real knowledge sharing. Management, analysis, recommendations and optimizations are one of the keys success of this exp

will be available when I am out in the real world. It was a lot of fun!

Page 41


e aspects of the chosen enterprise's online marketing, such as creating banners or finding other sites to advertise with.

ere having mid-semester tests/exams and so on.

hallenge, so we can get the spanish material and we can handled our reports in spanish.

Page 42


garding these matters - this may possibly have been due to a lack of Google correspondents in South Africa. The same difficulties were experienced by tea

st don't read the docs and don't have the basic concepts clear

the marketplace, I believe it important to embrace internet marketing and learn about the challenges and benefits associated with it. This challenge gave gy, changes in strategy, future recommendations.It would be nice if the campaign peroid lasted for four weeks.Maybe the use of Google Analytics should b

useful during conversation in interviews for employment following graduation."

g a little undecided right now, probably a little excited even. I use to feel the same way too when I made the decision to join participate. After taking the plu

opment.Require data analysis using analitycs or another web statics tool.

Page 43


es. Of course they have a big advantage.

.3.the offline keyword tool and the quizzes about adwords where usefull to find easily.

y enjoyed the project and find myself explaining it to my friends and family. I an confident that everything I learned will help me in my future career and I am

applies to the content network as well (not CPM)- create a presentation about AdWords at which the group can take a look together and can also send to

This will benefit me in many ways not only in the business world, but also as a consumer."

g, and competition with my peers around the world. I would highly recommend any undergraduate or postgraduate business, marketing, and/or IT studen and spend money first time.It's hard to persuade them to join.

es are always a rich way to obtain important information nowadays.

ault so we started it before we wanted to and had a little trouble trying to pause it .

Page 44


del - but perhaps a note to expect uncertainty would have been useful. It would have saved hours searching for an answer that wasn't written but rather h es the Challenge a good project for an Internet Marketing course. some experience,and it was easier to them.

during the 3 weeks - to hard to share the modifications because the computer is an individual medium, and you cant follow a strategy separatelyThe main


ogle could improve that.

e's sites would be different.

her contest.

owledgeable about adwords....

Page 45


pective I thought it was well run

ore tough contest.Also create an official blog/group for the contest rather than irritating website like we had this time (gomcha.com)

a great return on investment encouraging the client to invest more in Adwords. We are very grateful to discover Adwords and its powerful marketing capa

an interdisciplinary team and interacting with an actual company made me feel like a real online marketing consultant!

allenge and more of an issue of my lecturer not being well educated in the contest.

Page 46


et used to of the tools.

different aboat them.

words in a way that was hands-on and dynamic. nk the Google AdWord challenge is genius!

orking through the challenge.

nvolve our teacher's to a free online marketing trainig by Google.

he 'real' world. The google challenge was an exciting relief and glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. Professional people wanted to know what we could

Page 47


a class with a tangible skill.

g on the actual campaign. ge is a great opportunity with a huge fun factor!

Page 48



sy with our course load.

me page...it hasno sence

Page 49


e experience was invaluable." omething practical during your university years.

d analytics is an invaluable tool for me. This challenge has given me real industry experience. Invaluable!!


d be better! 4 pages to share the information with the client are too less, due to the fact that it is a lot of work to achieve a satisfying result!To my mind the c

better understanding of online marketing. addition clearer instructions should be given as some instruction in regards on the submittion of the report was ambiguous which creates uncertainty to stu

eers or E-Commerce curricula.

nk that they are more like scams. they do not understand their purpose.

eyword analysis results

Page 50


bigger success at small-to-medium businesses.

ed daily budgets to carry over to the next day or not.

ontact or more visual aids.

fostering student learning and experimentation with a leading edge marketing platform.

participating in this competition.

unt of clicks I would have liked to because of the money allowed.

Page 51


on their problems. The reason being the learning is paced evenly and the changes to be made can be well thought-out.

seen after a month or so.

Page 52


ment. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who has a business, or has friends or family they would like to help with their business."

and I get paid to do so! Also, simply having the experience on my resume has been of great interest to employers and was in fact the deciding factor in m because we saw it as a great opportunity to learn, but we never dreamt with the price.

ade, was baseed on the challenge. I feel like I've unfairly received credit for a marketing class.

Page 53


rticpant a step ahead of others in the industry.

timizations are one of the keys success of this experience that I would like recommand to everyone.Thanks a lot for this fulfilling adventure!

Page 54


Page 55


rica. The same difficulties were experienced by team from other campuses of our college too.

nd benefits associated with it. This challenge gave our team real world experience (with a real budget) to make an impact on a small business' sales.' weeks.Maybe the use of Google Analytics should be made a prerequisite for entering the competition

the decision to join participate. After taking the plunge, the whole experience turned out to be a real-life, rubber-meets-the-road event. A word of warning t

Page 56


I learned will help me in my future career and I am truly grateful that Google has given me this opportunity and my university has used it as a method of te

oup can take a look together and can also send to the client

ostgraduate business, marketing, and/or IT student engage in the Challenge to increase their knowledge and awareness of this powerful form of marketin

Page 57


ching for an answer that wasn't written but rather had to be interpreted from the campaign results.

and you cant follow a strategy separatelyThe main reason i didnt enjoy it was because it was incredibly time consuming because i did 90% or the work, esp


Page 58


had this time (gomcha.com)

bebevallee.com . discover Adwords and its powerful marketing capabilities and we are convinced that it is the ultimate solution to bring up the audience of

Page 59


Professional people wanted to know what we could do for them. Our opinions. Our work. That, is inspiring.

Page 60


Page 61


Page 62



work to achieve a satisfying result!To my mind the client is also interested in the evolution of the strategy. In addition he would be interested in more than 1

rt was ambiguous which creates uncertainty to students on the right time to submit the report. Moreover, emails or notification should be send to the acco

Page 63


Page 64


Page 65


ke to help with their business."

employers and was in fact the deciding factor in me getting the job I have now at an advertising agency.

Page 66


nks a lot for this fulfilling adventure!

Page 67


Page 68


make an impact on a small business' sales.'

, rubber-meets-the-road event. A word of warning though. If you want to hide behind your laptop all day sipping coffee and interacting with your client via e

Page 69


nity and my university has used it as a method of teaching.

e and awareness of this powerful form of marketing.

Page 70


me consuming because i did 90% or the work, especially with regards to the report


Page 71


bebevallee.com . ution to bring up the audience of

Page 72


Page 73


Page 74


Page 75



. In addition he would be interested in more than 1 page concerning campaign overview and key results.To my mind the parts concerning learning outcom

r, emails or notification should be send to the account or team leader once the camping has started to notified the specific time, date and day on the last d

Page 76


Page 77


Page 78


Page 79


Page 80


Page 81


sipping coffee and interacting with your client via email, you won't stand to benefit much, even with the financial backing from Google and their endorseme

Page 82


Page 83



Page 84


Page 85


Page 86


Page 87


Page 88


.To my mind the parts concerning learning outcomes are too long, due to the fact that Google can see the things we have learned because therefore the a

otified the specific time, date and day on the last day of the campaign. This would allowed teams to allocate their budget and plan their startegies proportio

Page 89


Page 90


Page 91


Page 92


Page 93


Page 94


inancial backing from Google and their endorsement for you to be treated seriously as an equal by local business owners. I had the opportunity to talk with

Page 95


Page 96



Page 97


Page 98


Page 99


Page 100


Page 101


he things we have learned because therefore the achieved results increased!

cate their budget and plan their startegies proportionally.

Page 102


Page 103


Page 104


Page 105


Page 106


Page 107


business owners. I had the opportunity to talk with business owners face-to-face, even with the Managing Director from Headquarters. If you have some s

Page 108


Page 109



Page 110


Page 111


Page 112


Page 113


Page 114


Page 115


Page 116


Page 117


Page 118


Page 119


Page 120


ng Director from Headquarters. If you have some spark of ambition, then I invite you to join The Challenge, and apply your skills and ingenuity. It will instill

Page 121


Page 122



Page 123


Page 124


Page 125


Page 126


Page 127


Page 128


Page 129


Page 130


Page 131


Page 132


Page 133


ge, and apply your skills and ingenuity. It will instill proper work ethics, bring you up to speed to what the real world

Page 134


Page 135



Page 136


Page 137


Page 138


Page 139


Page 140


Page 141


Page 142


Page 143


Page 144


Page 145


Page 146


e real world

Page 147


Page 148



Page 149


Page 150


Page 151


Page 152


Page 153


Page 154


Page 155


Page 156


Page 157


Page 158


Page 159


Page 160


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Page 162