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Topic List 1. Endocrinology : Definition ,endocrine glands ,endocrine system ,basic elements of endocrine system .

regulation factors of endocrine glands. 2. Hormone : definition , classification Embryological origin of endocrine glands 3. Hormone receptors : role characterization of target cell receptor ,classification localisation 4. Neurohormones : Definition ,chemical structure , physiological role ,characterisation of neuro endocrine regulation through neurohormones. 5. Regulation in endocrine system : regulatory systems , feedback , neurogenic endocrine regulation , endocrine rythms. 6. Hypothalamic neurosecretion : posterior pituitary hormones and hypophysiotropic hormones 7. Physiological and pathological role of hypophysiotrophic hormones . 8. Regulatory system and effects of hypophysiotrophic hormones 9. Diabetes insipidus : definition, pathogenesis, etiology 10.Diabetes insipidus : clinical manifestation 11.Diabetes insipidus : laboratory investigations- basic tests , direct and indirect test 12.Diabetes insipidus : complications and clinical forms 13.Diabetes insipidus : therapy 14.Hormone secretion of anterior pituitary : origin cells of anterior pituitary ,correlations with secretion of hypophysiotropic hormones 15.Prolactin : role, regulation, inhibition and stimulatory factors 16.TRH : role ,regulatory secretion of TSH 17.Gonadotropins : FSH and LH : Action , regulation 18.Pituitary tumors : Mechanical (compression) phenomenon . Xray changes in sella turcica , stages of pituitary tumors development . 19.Characteristic of headache in pituitary tumors 20.Acromegaly : clinical semiology

21.Acromegaly : definition ,pathogenesis, symptoms 22.Acromegaly : somatic changes of face , neck , skull 23.Acromegaly : laboratory investigations functional and morphological changes of pituitary 24.Acromegaly : positive diagnosis , therapy 25.Clinical forms produced by excessive growth hormone 26.Pituitary short stature : definition , etiology 27.Pituitary short stature : clinical forms 28.Pituitary short stature : clinical symptoms in classical type 29.Pituitary short stature : clinical diagnosis , particularities of growth disorders , morphology (standardified scale) 30.Pituitary short stature :differential diagnosis 31.Pituitary short stature : treatment 32.Adult pituitary failure (insufficiency ) : classification , etiology and pathogenic criteria 33.Simmonds syndrome -pituitary failure with cachexia (weight loss) , clinical semiology 34.Sheehans syndrome - pituitary failure without weight loss clinical semiology and laboratory tests 35.Pituitary insufficiency : treatment 36.Amenorrhes galactorrhea syndrome : physiopathology , clinical forms of hyperprolactinemia syndrome in women , treatment 37.Synthesis of thyroid hormone , regulation of thyroid function 38.Thyroid scintigraphy (nuclear scan) iodine radioactive uptake 39.Hyperthyroidism : definition and classification 40.Thyrotoxicosis : clinical symptoms 41.Toxic thyroid adenoma : definition ,clinical symptoms , diagnosis, therapy 42.Hyperthyroidism treatment 43.Graves disease : definition , ophthalmopathy

44.Adults myxedema (hypothyroidism) : clinical semiology , associated endocrine changes , treatment 45.Congenital thyroid insufficiency : clinical forms ,congenital myxedema : clinical diagnosis 46.Primary thyroid insufficiency (hypothyroidism) with and without goiter 47.Thyroid insufficiency : laboratory investigations and treatment 48.Acute and sub acute thyroiditis :clinical ,laboratory diagnosis , differential diagnosis , treatment 49.Thyroid cancer : local and general symptoms , laboratory tests,treatment 50.Chronic thyroiditis : clinical forms , diagnosis , therapy 51.Endemic goiter : definition , endemic cretinism , therapy 52.Primary hypoparathyroidism : clinical semiology , laboratory tests , therapy 53.Phosphorus calcium regulatory system : PTH ,vitamin D , calcitonin 54.Hypoparathyroidism : etiology , clinical forms 55.Latent tetany (mild) : clinical semiology , laboratory test , treatment 56.Acute tetany : definition , clinical symptoms , therapy 57.Chronic tetany :definition , clinical symptoms ,therapy 58.Chronic adrenal insufficiency : definition , associated endocrine changes , clinical semiology 59.Chronic adrenal insufficiency : laboratory test , therapy 60.Acute adrenal insufficiency : addisons crisis : diagnosis + treatment 61.Cushings symdrome : definition , etiology , pathogenesis 62.Cushings syndrome : clinical diagnosis , therapy 63.Clinical manifestations : of pheocromocytoma paroxysmal crisis .