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G8 & G20 2013 Summits Calendar and Background

(25 April 2013)

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Russian Federations G20 Presidency begins UK G8 Presidency begins

G20 International Financial Architecture Working Group G20 Finance Ministers & Central Banks G20 Energy Sustainability Working Group G20 Task Force on Employment G20 Anti-corruption Working Group G20 Development Working Group G20 Sherpa meeting G8 Food Security Working Group G8 Accountability Working Group Foreign Affairs Sous Sherpa meeting G8 Sherpas G8 Political Directors (unconfirmed) G8 Foreign Ministers (Declaration on Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict) Framework for Strong Sustainable and Balanced Growth Working Group Russian G20 Sherpa meeting with CSOs G20 Finance Ministers & Central Banks G20 Expert Workshop on National Energy Regulations G20 Anti-corruption Conference: governments and business Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow

3-4 5-5 11-12 19-20

London London London London Paris Washington Washington Paris Paris

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May 10-11 11-12 14-16 16-17 28-30 June 3-4 5-6 6-7 6-7 7 8 8 10-11 13-14 15 17-18 18-20 19-22 20-21 26 27-28 July 8-10 17 18-19

G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Presidents G20 Sherpas meeting, with brief civil society presentation G8 Sherpas (unconfirmed) G20 Development Working Group G8 Foreign Affairs Sous Sherpa meeting (unconfirmed) G20 Energy Sustainability Working Group G20 Task Force on Employment Financial Stability Board Plenary G20 Anti-corruption WG G20 Finance Ministers and Central Banks Deputies Pre-Nutrition conference event Nutrition for Growth, DFID & CIFF ( Nutrition, possible media) IF Campaign Global Day of Action Nutrition event: Bread for the World (US), Concern Worldwide, Ireland Civil 20 Summit Golden Thread of Development event: trade, transparency, tax G8 Summit: Northern Ireland (media centers in Lough Erne, Belfast, London) Y20 Summit then Joint C20 and Y20 meeting (media accreditation) St. Petersburg Inter Eco Forum: B20 Focus (3,000 participants) B20 and L20 joint session (to be confirmed, possible media accreditation) G20 Conference: Commodity and Energy Markets G20 Energy Sustainability WG G20 Development Working Group B20 and L20 (Social Partners) and G20 Employment TF G20 Labor Ministers meet with Social Partners

St Petersburg

London Moscow London

St Petersburg St Petersburg St Petersburg

St Petersburg London

London Global Washington Moscow London UK St Petersburg St Petersburg St Petersburg St Petersburg St Petersburg Moscow Moscow Moscow

18-19 19 25-26 August September 2-5 5-6 October 8-9 10-11 11-13 13 23-24 28-29 November 7-8

G20 Finance Ministers and Central Banks G20 Joint Finance and Labor Ministers meet G20 Sherpas meet G20 Finance Ministers Deputies and Sherpas meet G20 Summit: Constantine Palace, St. Petersburg Task Force on Employment to meet at the ILO G20 International Financial Architecture Working Group G20 Finance Ministers and Central Banks World Bank and IMF Annual Meeting G20 Development Working Group G20 Sherpa meeting Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion Forum and Seminar G20 Sherpas

Moscow Moscow Moscow

St Petersburg St Petersburg

Geneva Washington Washington Washington Washington Moscow Moscow Moscow

G8 UK Summit (June 17-18) Not a pledging summit, development related agenda items (first 3 are the UKs priorities):
1. Trade liberalization, addressing trade barriers, supporting WTO Ministerial meeting in 12/13. 2. Tax Reform: avoidance and abuse, information exchange, strengthening international tax standards, tax havens, improve tax information exchange, and developing countries to improve tax collection. 3. Transparency of company and land ownership, accountability, and open government around aid to poor countries, e.g.: extractive industries. 4. Golden thread of Development described by PM Cameron at various times to include: rule of law, absence of conflict and corruption, transparency, property rights, private sector investment, effective public services, strong civil institutions, free and fair trade, open markets, free media, and free and fair elections. 5. G8 Accountability report: nutrition to be highlighted 6. Sexual violence in conflict areas (Foreign Office) 7. Food security / nutrition / hunger (Separate event on June 8th) G8 UK Sherpa: Ivan Rogers: DFID: Justine Greening MP, Secretary of State for International Development: G20 Russian Federation G20 Summit (September 5-6) Russian G20 Sherpa: Ms. Ksenia Yudaeva, Chief, Presidential Experts' Directorate and G20 Sherpa UK G20 Sherpa: Tom Scholar, HM Treasury, former UK Executive Director at IMF and World Bank Agenda: 1. Framework for Strong, sustainable and balanced growth 2. Financing for Investment 3. Jobs and employment (structural unemployment, vulnerable groups) 4. Strengthening Financial Regulations 5. Enhancing Multilateral Trade 6. Energy Sustainability (infrastructure and regulation, energy markets, green growth, GMEP Initiative) 7. Development for all (food security, infrastructure, human capital, financial inclusion, Post MDGs) 8. International monetary Reform (IMF quotas and governance reform, Government borrowing and public debt sustainability) 9. Fighting Corruption

G20 Development Working Group 2013 agenda: 1. Food Security: agriculture and under-nutrition 2. Human Resource Development: global skills database 3. Financial Inclusion: financial literacy, access to financial services for women, migrants, and youth 4. Infrastructure: long-term financing 5. Post-MDG development agenda 6. Accountability mechanism for commitments on development

Civil20 Co-Chairs: Elena Topoleva-Soldunova, Commission on Social Policies, Labor, and Living Standards, Russia Marina Larionova, Head, International Organizations Research Institute, Higher School of Economics, Russia mlarionova@hse.ru Alena Peryshkina, Director, AIDS InfoShare, Russia alena@infoshare.ru - alenajhu@yandex.ru Civil20 Working Groups Co-Chairs: Environmental Sustainability and Energy o Environmental Sustainability Issues: - Evgeniy Shvarts (Russia) | eshvarts_CivilG20@wwf.ru, (WWF Russia) - Galina Angarova (USA, Pacific Environment) o Energy Issues: - Vladimir Chuprov (Russia Greenpeace) vladimir.tchouprov@greenpeace.org - Peter Wooders (Canada, International Institute for Sustainable Development) pwooders@iisd.org Food Security Vladimir Chernigov (Russia, Social and Industrial Foodservice Institute) civil20fs@gmail.com Kelly Dent, Economic Justice Advocacy Lead, Oxfam Australia kellyd@oxfam.org.au Anti-corruption Kirill Kabanov (Russia, Chairman, National Anti-corruption Committee of Russia) Casey Kelso (Germany, Transparency International) | ckelso@transparency.org

Post MDGs

Elena Konovalova (Russia, Oxfam), ekonovalova@oxfam.org.uk Nicole Caridnal (Australia) nicole.cardinal@savethechildren.org.au

Financial inclusion and financial education Farah Mohamed (Canada, G(irls)20) | farah.mohamed@girls20summit.com Dmitry Golubovsky (Russia, ATON) dm.golubovsky@g20civil.com Jobs and Employment Elena Yatsenko (Russia, Eurasia Heritage Foundation) | G20civil.JandE@fundeh.org Daniel FUNES DE RIOJA, International Organisation of Employers | thorns@ioe-emp.org Global Financial Architecture Peter Lanzet (Germany), peter.lanzet@brot-fuer-die-welt.de Igor Lavrovwski (Russia) ilavr@mail.ru

Civil20 Task Force on Equity Chair: John Kirton, Founder and Co-director, G20 Research Group, the University of Toronto Co-Chair: Marina Larionova, Head, HSE International Organizations Research Institute Co-chair of G8 & G20 NGOs Working Group Civil Troika Coordinators: Evgeny Shwarts, WWF Russia (eshvarts_CivilG20@wwf.ru) Carlos Zarco, Oxfam Mexico (carloszarco@oxfammexico.org) Rev. Tim Costello / Nancy Waites, (nancy.waites@worldvision.com.au) World Vision and ACFID, Australia B20 Task Forces (2013) 1. Trade, 2. Investments and Infrastructure, 3. Financial systems, 4. Innovation and Development, 5. Job Creation and Investments in Human Capital, 6. Transparency and Anticorruption Activity, 7. G20-B20 Dialogue Efficiency.

Future Summits: Year G8 2014 Russia 2015 Germany 2016 Japan 2017 Italy 2018 Canada 2019 France

Previous Summits G20 Year G8 Australia (11/15-16) 2007 Germany, Heiligendamm, June Turkey Japan: Hokkaido, July 2008 Japan Italy: LAquila, June 2009 Canada: Muskoka. June 2010 France: Deauville, May 2011 US, Camp David, May 2012

G20 Washington, Nov

London (4), Pittsburgh (9)

Toronto (6) Seoul (11) Cannes, November

Mexico, Los Cabos, June

G20 Countries and Institutions (G8 countries in bold, BRICS in italics) Argentina China Indonesia Turkey Russia Australia Saudi Arabia France Italy United Kingdom Brazil South Africa Germany Japan United States India Mexico South Korea European Union Canada Additional participants: World Bank, IMF, OECD, ILO, UN, WTO, Financial Stability Board Russia is inviting leaders of the following countries to the 2013 G20 summit: Spain (standing invitation); Ethiopia (presidency of the African Union in 2013); Senegal (presidency of the New Partnership for Africa's Development in 2013); Kazakhstan (representative of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Customs Union, and the Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC)); Brunei Darussalam (presidency of ASEAN in 2013); Singapore (presiding over the IMF's International Monetary and Financial Committee and president of the Global Governance Group (3G)). G20 web sites: www.G20civil.com www.dialogues.civil20.org http://www.g20civil.com/calendar/ Russian government site: http://www.g20.org/events/ G20 Anti-Corruption WG: www.g20.org/index.php/en/anticorruption, Business 20 web site: www.B20russia.com/en G8 web sites: www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/g8-2013 DFID food security: http://www.dfid.gov.uk/what-we-do/who-we-work-with/international-community/the-g8/ G8 events and meetings: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/g8-events Bond 2013 G8 page: http://www.bond.org.uk/pages/g8-uk-2013.html Other useful web sites www.sherpatimes.com (Kel Currah) www.boell.org, Boell Foundation

Please send additions and corrections to: John Ruthrauff, Director, International Advocacy Coordinator, G8/G20 Advocacy Alliance (US) InterAction - jruthrauff@InterAction.org 202-552-6523