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Musculoskeletal & Sensory System Point Locations

Knee Joint Toes Lower Leg, Calf Ankle Joint Heel Buttocks Hip Joint Upper Leg, Thigh Thumb Fingers

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Lower Arm Abdominal Muscles

Sacral Spine Lumbar Spine Thoracic Spine Cervical Spine Skin Master Point Atlas of Skull Occipital Skull Temporal Skull Frontal Skull Frontal Sinus Auditory Sensation Visual Sensation Olfactory Sensation Nose Cheek Eye

Elbow Chest & Rib Cage Upper Arm Clavicle Shoulder Joint Neck (Throat Muscles) Master Shoulder Point Temporo-Mandibular Joint Maxilla (Upper Jaw) Mandible (Lower Jaw) Tounge External Ear Facial Sensation Lip
Triangular Fossa Inferior Crus of the Antihelix Superior Concha Helix Superior Crus of the Antihelix Auricular Tubercle

Raised Surface Vertical or Hidden Surface Depressed Surface

Auricular Anatomy

Master Control Points

Shen Men 10Hz Sympathetic Autonomic Point 10 Hz Point Zero 10 Hz Master Oscillation 2.5 Hz Valium Analog Point 20 Hz Endocrine Point 80 Hz Allergy Point 10 Hz Copyright 2010 www.AcupunctureProducts.com

Crus of Helix Tragus Inferior Concha Intertragic Notch

Scaphoid Fossa Antihelix Wall of Antihelix Antitragus Lobe

Master Cerebral 160 Hz Master Sensorial 160 Hz

Thalamus 80 Hz

Point Zero - Brings whole body into balance. Shen Men - Tranquilizes the mind. Alleviates stress, pain, tension, anxiety, depression & insomnia. Sympathetic Autonomic Point - Balances sympathetic nervous system & Improves blood circulation. Allergy Point - General reduction in inflammatory reactions associated with allergies, arthritis & asthma. Thalamus Point - Reduces acute & chronic pain, anxiety, depression, nausea & hypertension. Endocrine Point (Internal Secretion) - Balances endocrine hormones Master Oscillation Point - Balance left & right cerebral hemispheres. Used in learning diabilities. Valium Analog Point (Tranquilizer Pt) - Produces general sedation & redices high blood pressure. Master Sensorial Point - Reduces unpleasant or excessive sensations. Master Cerebral Point - Diminishes nervous anxiety, fear, worry & poor memory.

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