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STAIRCASE PRESSURISATION FOR ENNOVA PROJECT DESCRIPTION No of Floors Assuming Gap Between Door and Floor Height of the

Door Length of the Door No of Doors per Floor AREA OF LEAKAGE Area of Leakage (Sq.Mt)= Door Perimeter = Area of leakage Case -1 When doors Closed Q = Leakage Air (m3/sec) = 0.839 *Area of Leakage * Sq.root of Pressure Diff Pressure Difference (Pa) = Leakage Air (Q) m3/sec = Leakage Air (Q) CFM / Floor Case -2 When Fire Floor Door open Area of the Door Area of leakge through Door Air Velocity Q =Leakage Air Per Floor 3.125 33.625 100 3362.5 Sq.Mt Sq.ft FPM CFM 1 Nos 3362.5 CFM 50 (Bldg Ht is more than 100 Mt) 0.266968165 565.3443499 CFM Door Perimeter (mm) x Gap (mm)x 10^-6 7500 mm 0.045 Sq.Mt

48 6 2500 1250 1

Nos mm mm mm Nos

No of Doors open at the time of Fire (Only Fire Floor Door) Req Air for pressurisation when door open in Fire Floor No of Doors closed at the time of Fire Req Air for pressurisation when door closed Floors Total Fan capacity Required for Pressurising the whole staircase

47 26571.184 CFM

29933.684 CFM