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GENERAL INFORMATION 1.0 1.1 General The Tender Book shall be read and construed in conjunction with the other documents set out in Part 1. Reference to the Tender Documents means the documents described in Part 1. Reference to the Conditions of Contract means the documents described in Part 4. Reference to the Specification means the documents described in Part 5. Reference to the Drawings means the drawings described in Part 8 - Appendix D if any, or the drawings issued for construction. Pricing, Measurement and Payment The Works described in the Tender Documents are to be priced in the Contract Sum/Bills of Quantity (Part 7) of this Tender Book and pricing, measurement and payment shall be as stated below 2.1 Bill No.1- Preliminaries The Contractor is allow and price for all direct and indirect cost and associated expenses necessarily incurred in complying with and fulfilling the Contractor obligations and responsibilities prescribed in and/or reasonably inferred from the Conditions of Contract, other than costs and expenses related to the following Clauses, which must be allowed and priced for separately hereinafter, unless otherwise priced and included in Bill No. 3 (Site Preparation & Earthworks). 2.2 Bill No.2- Provisional Sums Provisional sum shall be expended against a written variation order in accordance with Clause 51 of the Conditions of Contract. 2.3 Bill No. 3- Site Preparation & Earthworks The Quantities described in Part 7, Bill No. 3 in the Tender Documents is a Re measurement Basis. The Quantities are provisional and estimated only. The actual quantities shall be measured on site and as-built drawings. The Contract Sum/Bill of Quantity shall be detailed by the Contractor as follows:(i) The Contractor is to price and extend each item listed in Bill No 3. No alterations to the items or appropriate quantities shall be made in this Section. No additions to or deductions from the Contract Sum shall be made in the event that the actual existing ground levels encountered on Site differ from those on the Drawings (if shown) or ascertained by the Contractor.

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(Note: Clause (ii) is not applicable for Re-measured Contract) (iii) The Contractor is deemed to have checked the actual existing ground levels, and to have satisfied himself as to the complete nature of the soil and sub-soil conditions of the Site before tendering. (Note: Clause (iii) is not applicable for Term Contract)


Variations (i) The Contract Price shall be adjusted in the case of work added to, omitted from, or changed in character or quality from that included in the Contract Documents only when authorized by an order in writing of the Engineer. Variations shall be priced in accordance with clause 52(1) of the Conditions of Contract. The rates and prices inserted by the Contractor in Part 7 of this document will be deemed to be the Schedule of Rates for the purposes of the Conditions of Contract.



Location of Site The Contractor is deemed to have allowed in his rates for executing the work at any site or a dispersed combination of site anywhere in Kingdom of Bahrain.

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Scope of the Works The Contract comprises general earthworks required for future housing development. The Works generally involve excavating and filling to achieve formation levels prior to the execution of building and infrastructure works by others with formation of associated surface water channels is required. The Contract constitutes a term contract valid for a period of One years from the date of the agreement. The Works shall comprise one or more Contract Assignments of varying values to be executed, singly or concurrently at any time within the term contract period. The Contract rates shall be applied to each Contract Assignment irrespective of its value. Each Contract Assignment shall be executed following the issuance of an Engineers Instruction duly signed by the Engineer, (constituting the Engineers written order to commence the work) stating the Notional Contract Sum, Contract Period and Contract Drawings relating to that particular Contract Assignment. A Certificate of Completion shall be issued in respect of each Contract Assignment, but only one maintenance certificate will be issued for the whole of the works. Notwithstanding any clause to the contrary in any other Contract Document, the Contractor shall be deemed to have allowed in his rates for all necessary programming, demobilisation and remobilisation arising from compliance with the Engineers Instructions regarding the various Contract Assignments constituting the Works within the term contract period.



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Work of Other Contractors The contractor should particularly note that other contractors will be working on or in the vicinity of the site and no claim will be entertained for want of knowledge in this respect. The Contractor is deemed to have included in his rates and prices for all costs of liaison with other contractors (through the Engineer) to establish mutually acceptable procedures and programmes of works. No claim of the Contractors will be entertained for want of action by him in this respect. The Contractor shall protect the Works against any damage that might be caused by other contractors operating on the site. The Contractor shall also include in his rates and prices for adopting all means necessary to ensure no damage occurs to work performed by other contractors. Any damage for which, in the opinion of the Engineer, the Contractor is responsible, shall be repaired to the satisfaction of the Engineer entirely at the Contractors expense. Programming etc. The phasing of operations within the Contract shall be as directed by the Engineer and no financial claim will be entertained for complying with his instructions in this respect. The Contractor shall allow in his rates and prices for all necessary demobilisation and remobilisation arising from compliance with the Engineers instruction regarding programming of the whole of the project. Responsibility for Setting Out The Contractor shall be responsible for the setting out. Neither the Engineer nor the Employer will accept responsibility for the setting out.



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Tender Documents Refer to Part 1 of this Tender Book.

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Samples The Contractor shall provide samples of all materials and equipment to be incorporated in the Works without cost to the Employer, in the quantities, forms and dimensions stipulated by the Engineer. The Contractor shall execute all sample sections of work as directed by and to the approval of the Engineer without cost to the Employer. Approved samples shall remain in the custody of the Engineer until the completion of the Works.




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Testing of Materials and Workmanship The Contractor shall provide samples of materials for testing as and when directed by the Engineer and shall deliver them to an approved testing laboratory as required by the Engineer. The Contractor shall execute all tests of materials and workmanship that are required by the Engineer. Test shall be carried out in an approved laboratory if so instructed by the Engineer. The Contractor shall be deemed to have included in his rates and prices for all costs of testing including sample materials, workmanship, all associated costs, discounts, overheads, profit and related attendance on the Engineer. The provisions of this clause shall apply regardless of whether the materials or workmanship pass or fail the tests. Site Inspection The Contractor shall visit the site entirely at his own risk and expense and obtain all requisite information regarding the nature of the site, local conditions, levels, means of access and any other matters affecting his tender and sign the declaration (Appendix C herein). The Contractor shall make his own arrangements for ascertaining all factors relating to the site conditions. The Contractor must satisfy himself as to the nature of the soil and sub-soil conditions, water table level, rock levels, ground levels and all other factors which may affect the contract and include for the same in his rates and prices. (Note: Clause (11.2) is not applicable during tendering, but the contractors are obliged to visit the site upon issuance of construction drawings.)




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As-Built Drawings The Contractor shall within 14 days from the issue of the Certificate of Completion provide two complete sets of computer produced as-built drawings for the project together with the same recorded on two discs (or CDs) for the Employers use. The drawings shall show such things as levels of foundations, routing of services, invert levels of pipes manholes etc. the positions of tees, bends, and other appurtenances, details of any underground services encountered, locating dimensions where appropriate, and incorporating any design changes to the Contract Drawings. The as-built drawings shall be prepared similar to the Contract Drawings in the ink on paper. Records, details and drawings shall be completed to the Engineers approval as the Woks proceed in a format acceptable to the Engineer. They shall be handed over to the Engineer on completion when they will become the property of the Employer.




Record Sheets The Contractor is to record and submit to the Engineer measurements of all works completed at the end of each and every week to enable the Engineers Representative to check such as the Works proceed and give sufficient time to agree and compute quantities and records prior to receipt of monthly payment submissions. Work not properly recorded may not be included in the Engineers Representative recommendation for payment, at his discretion.

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Submission of Monthly Statements The Contractor is to submit monthly interim payment applications to the Engineers Representative by the end of the month in order that they may be checked and processed during the first week of the following month. Any submissions received after the end of the month will be held over until next month for processing and payment. Application of the Rules and Regulations concerning Bahrainisation in Government Tenders The Contractor shall comply with the decision made in Cabinet Meeting No. 1383 dated 18th February 1996 which states that Government tenders/contracts will only be issued/awarded to private contractors and companies who follow the regulations issued by the Ministry of Labour for the percentage of Bahrain Nationals to be employed by companies. The Contractor shall provide a current standard certificate issued by the Ministry of Labour (Specimen as Appendix L) confirming that the required percentage of Bahrain Nationals are employed by the company. This certificate must be submitted with the tender and shall form part of the Contract. Submission of a tender without this certificate will generally result in the tender being suspended or rejected except in special cases acceptable to the Tender Board. Performance Bond The Contractor shall provide a performance bond as required by the Contract Documents. The bond shall be valid until the date expiry of the contracts Period of Maintenance or until the date of issue of the Final Certificate by the Engineer, whichever shall be the later. Fixed Price Contract The Contract Price will not be adjusted in respect of any increase or decrease of cost to the Contractor in carrying out the Works subsequent to the date of the tender (see FIDIC clause 70).

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