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The U.S. Government

3rd Quarter 2013 VOCABULARY Match the word with the definition. WORD BANK Constitution Compromise Federalist Executive Branch Bill of Rights Amend Antifederalist Senate Money. Supporters of the Constitution who wanted a strong federal government. The branch of government that decides if laws are constitutional or not. The branch of government that carries out laws. The highest court in the United States. A speech where the president tells the country how things are going. A written document that explains the laws and organization of the country. To change. A government where citizens choose representatives to govern them. A settlement where demands are given up in order to reach an agreement. A list of freedoms that the government promises to protect. The branch of government that passes laws. People who opposed the Constitution. They thought it needed a Bill of Rights. The larger of the two groups that makes up Congress based on population. The smaller of the two groups that makes up Congress each state has two. The powers of the government are divided so no one branch is too powerful. Currency Separation of Powers Legislative Branch House of Representatives State of the Union Republic Judicial Branch Supreme Court

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THE EARLY U.S. GOVERNMENT Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. 17. What was the first constitution of the United States? _________________________________________. 18. What was this constitution missing? ______________________________________________________. 19. Why was Shays Rebellion important? ____________________________________________________. 20. What plan created three branches of government? It upset the smaller states because of how the seats in the legislature were decided. __________________________________________________________________. 21. What plan was aimed at making the smaller states happier? It said that each state got only one vote, no matter what the population of that state was. __________________________________________________. 22. Roger Sherman created what plan that appealed to both sides?__________________________________. THE PREAMBLE Please fill in the missing words. We the (23.) ___________ of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect (24.)___________, establish (25.)___________, insure domestic (26.)_______________, provide for the common (27.)_______________, promote the general (28.)___________________, and secure the Blessings of (29.)________________ to ourselves and our (30.)___________________, do ordain and (31.)________________ this (32.)___________________ for the United States of America. THE FIRST PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. 33. Who was the first president of the United States? ___________________________________________. 34. What is the name of the ceremony where the president takes the oath of office? ___________________. 35. The president has a group of people known as his cabinet that help him make informed choices. Washingtons first cabinet consisted of a secretary of state, secretary of war, attorney general, postmaster general and ________________________________________. 36. What event was happening in France during the time of Washingtons presidency? _________________. 37. What type of land was the new capitol, Washington D.C., built on? _____________________________. 38. Washington issued the Neutrality Proclamation. What does it mean to remain neutral? _______________ _______________________________________________________________________________________. 39. Why was there a tax put on whiskey? _____________________________________________________.

40. After Washingtons second term in office he gave his farewell address. What did he warn the American people about? __________________________________________________________________________. 41. Who was the second president of the United States? _________________________________________. 42. Who was the third president of the United States? ___________________________________________. 43. What are changes to the Constitution called? _______________________________________________. 44. How many ways are there to propose an amendment? ________________________________________. 45. What are the first ten amendments of the Constitution called? _________________________________. 46. What does the second amendment protect? ________________________________________________. 47. If someone pleads the fifth what are they protecting themselves against? _______________________. 48. What amendment protects your freedom of speech? __________________________________________. 49. How many branches of government are there? ______________________________________________. 50. What branch of government passes laws? _________________________________________________. 51. What branch of government carries out or suggests laws? _____________________________________. 52. What branch of government interprets the laws? ____________________________________________. 53. Congress is made up of two houses, what are they? __________________________________________. 54. How many senators does each state have? _________________________________________________. 55. How is the number of representatives from each state determined? ______________________________. 56. Who is the head of the executive branch? __________________________________________________. 57. What is the name of the highest court in the country? ________________________________________. 58. Who can veto a bill? __________________________________________________________________. 59. What takes place every 10 years where they find out how many people live in the country? _________.

MULTIPLE CHOICE These are questions concerning Washingtons first presidency. Every 8th grader at Dixie Middle School will be asked these questions. Write down the letter of the correct answer on the line provided. ____ 60. Which of the following could be said about President Washington during his first term? a. He agreed to be called Your Highness. b. He reduced the national debt. c. He called on Congress to set up a national bank. d. He set examples (precedents) that are still followed by presidents today. ____ 61. Why did President Washington want the national to remain neutral in foreign wars? a. He wanted to prevent American ships from being seized. b. He felt that the United States was ill prepared for war. c. He did not want to disrupt United States relations with other countries. d. He wanted to establish friendly relations with Great Britain. ____ 62. What did many people fear would happen if political parties formed in the United States? a. George Washington would have too much control over the nation. b. Political divisions would threaten national unity. c. Party leaders would abolish states rights. d. Factions would seek to reunite the nation with Britain. ____ 63. Which statement represents the political view of Thomas Jefferson? a. For government to work effectively, the Constitution must be loosely interpreted. b. States governments should be stronger than the federal government. c. The United States should encourage manufacturing and the growth of cities. d. The United States should favor ties with Britain over ties with France. ____ 64. The rebellion of Pennsylvania farmers during Washingtons presidency was a reaction to what? a. A tax placed on Whisky. b. Attacks by Native Americans. c. Jays Treaty. d. A tariff. ____ 65. The results of the election of 1796 were unexpected because: a. It led to war with France. b. George Washington was elected for a third term. c. The president and vice president were not from the same political party. d. It showed that the United States would stay neutral. EXTRA CREDIT The following questions are extra credit. You may or may not have written the answers down in your foldable. These are all things that were discussed in class or found on worksheets throughout this unit. 1. How old do you have to be to be president of the United States? ________________________________. 2. Who is the Secretary of State? ____________________________________________________________. 3. How long does a supreme court justice serve for? ____________________________________________.