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Most Surprising Book Ever Printed

Revelation to every Christian

Inspiration to all Thinkers

By H. S p encer Lewis, Ph. D., F. R. C.

W orld Traveller, Lecturer, and Imperator for 7s[orth A m erica o f the Rosicrucian Brotherhood;
A uthor of A Thousand Years of Y esterdays," M ansions of the Soid," etc.

Dr. Lewis made a special tour through Rome and the Holy Places of Palestine and Egypt under the auspices of the secret schools whose archives contain the ancient records of the real life of Jess. Dr. Lewis presents in this book the facts which he contacted, and describes evidences which he and his party of investigators actually saw. Here are living, vibrating surprises for eve^one^

Do You Kno\
T h e Essene Brotherhood
Have you ever been puzxled, like millions of others, about the references in Christian writings to the mysterious Essene Brothep hood? Do you know that this semi-religious and mystical organisation was the largest and strongest body of spiritual workers in the world? Do you know that Jess was a member of this organization and that the records kept by the organi^ation give us a complete account of the youth of Jess and the incidents of His birth, life, crucifixin, and resurrection by eye witnesses? Until you read about the Essenes and learn that disciples of Jess were members of that or' ganization and how they controlled many situations in Palestine, you will never know the real story of the life of Jess.

T h e Unknown Life
Do you know that after the Ascensin Jess continued to meet in secrecy with His Apostles and instructed them in the founda' tion of the early Christine movement? Do you know that even statements in the authorised versin of the Christian Bible sub' stantiate the statements found in the other records of the Orient in this regard? Do you know that Jess lived for many years after the Ascensin and conducted a work not explained in Christian records but known to the early church Fathers and verified in many records that are undeniable and abso' lutely authentic? This period of His life is filled with mystical, spiritual information for every student of the higher mysteries.
Do You

K now W



Not an Attack T h e Crucifixin

Do you know that there are several ac' counts of the crucifixin of Jess as re' corded by eye witnesses and by members of His staff of disciples, which no longer appear in Christian records? Do you know that these true accounts of the cruci' fixion were originally a part of the teachings of the early Christian church and were set aside in the later centuries by a few men, who attempted to rearrange the story, which now appears in Christian records? Do you know that the real story of the crucifixin reveis why He was crucified, and who actually crucified Him, and why it was He did not actually die upon the cross? This incident in His life when properly understood makes us appreciate the high place that Jess had in the world as the Christ and the Saviour. This book is not an attack upon the Christian doctrines or an attack upon the authorized Christian versions of the life of Jess. Jess is made more understandable, more lovable, and more easily acceptable as the great and greatest son of G od and R e' deemer of mankind. Gentile and Jew, R o' man Catholic and Protestant will find in this book that which will help them in their spiritual and religious beliefs.

T h e y w ere fou n d on th e J are still used in C h ristian and sym bols are exp lained

T h e Imi Conc

T h e Youth of Jess
Do you know that incidents of the life of Jess from His birth to His thirtieth year were accurately recorded and have been preserved in Oriental records for many cen' turies? Do you know that these records tell us a marvelous, beautiful, mystery story of Him that does not detract from His di vi' nity or His divine sonship, but makes His life a marvel of power and goodness?

Do you know thai tion for the so'called u was accepted by the Christian church and by all the mystics an East and the Orient? ception of Jess as pi tian Gospel is not cor story taken from actu; is made understanda other mystic incident Avatars and Sons of The astounding facts reader a better idea of presentation given he

now These Facts?

T h e Preparation of Jess
Do you know that Jess carefully pre" pared himself for His great Mission in life and underwent more tests and triis than the Christian Bible records? Do you know that in the incidents of these preparations we find an explanation of His parable and all His miracles, and of the foundation stone which He laid for the ultmate building of the Christian church and other spiritual movements? This story of His life will be a revelation to students of mysticism and occultism as well as students of Chris' tian theology.

T h e Real Place of Birth

Do you know that Jess was not born in a manger in Bethlehem? Statements from the authorized versin of the Bible contain contradictions in this regard and the ancient records show why the writers of some of the Gospels seem to contradict each other in regard to the place of birth?

T h e Resurrection
Do you know that Jess actually rose from the tomb healed of his wounds, and ready again to carry on His mission with His Apostles and disciples in secrecy? Do you know that the real story of the Resur' rection is one that is easily acceptable, be" cause it is so astonishingly in conformity with natural law and spiritual law that there is no mystery about it at all? And do you know that the Ascensin into Heaven has an explanation that contains no mys' tery, no miracle, and no improbability?

Do You




S t r a n g e S ig n s M

ean ?

Previous W ork of Jess

Do you know that Jess accomplished great miracles and marvelous things for mankind in another period of His life not recorded in the authorized versin of His life? Do you know that the records hitherto unpublished tell a story of His accomplish' ments, which enable every spiritual student to discover the key to salvation, and the kev to Cosmic power and spiritual mastership?

T h e y w ere fou nd on th e E arly C h ristian T o m b s, and are still used in C h ristia n records. M a n y such sign# and sym bols are exp lain ed in th is book.

T h e Immaculate

Do yon know that there is an explana' tion for the so'called miraculous birth which was accepted by the followers of the early Christian church and which is understood hy all the mystics and masters of the Far East and the Orient? The story of the con' ception of Jess as presented in the Chris' tian Gospel is not complete and in the real story taken from actual records the mystery is made understandable by references to other mystic incidents in the lives of great Avatars and Sons of God preceding Jess. The astounding facts fascnate and give the reader a better idea of the mystery than any presentation given heretofore.

T h e Fathers of Jess
Do you know that there were a great number of Avatars and Sons o f G od born in various parts of the world preceding the birth of Jess? Do you know that many of these were worshipped by millions of people as Divine Messengers and recognized as Messiahs? None of these were as great as Jess but because they helped to develop the religin taught by Jess, they arecalled the Fathers of Jess" in all sacred literature. Unless you are acquainted with the work that these great men accomplished, you cannot understand the real life of Jess.

Secret Doctrines
Do you know what the secret doctrines are that Jess taught to His disciples and Apostles, and which were left out of the authorized versin of the Christian Bible because they had no place in that great book? Do you know that these doctrines enabled Jess and His Apostles to accomplish marvelous things and that you will find in them methods and processes for bringing about wonderful changes in your own life?

The Real Jess Revealed at Last!

Not compiled from some questionable documents, but taken from served for centuries in the true archives of the
E ssen e A u t h e n t ic R eco rd s



R o s ic r u c ia n B r o t h e r h o o d s .


tions are also given from Historical and Ecclesiastical writings of the Holy Fathers of the early Christian Church. The facts are indisputable!

Of Special Interest to Freemasons, Christian Scientists, Rosicrucians, Theosophists and Metaphysical Students

See These Wonderful Chapters:

1. The Mystery of the Essenes. 2. The Neighbors of Jess. 3. T he Parents of Jess. 4. Immaculate Conception of Avatars. 5. The Mystical Birth of Jess. 6. The Birthplace and the Magi. 7. Birthdate of the Holy Child. 8. The Boyhood of Jess. 9. Jess Enters the Mystery Schools. 10. Jess Enters the Secret Priesthood. 11. Jess Attains Mastership. 12. Jess Attains Christhood. 13. Beginning of His Mystic Mission. 14. His Real Doctrines and Miracles. 15. The Truth About the Crucifixin. 16. The Secret Facts of the Resurrection. 17. The Unknown Life of Jess.

A Beautiful Book At An Economical Price

The Mystical Life of Jess is printed with clear, large type on specially selected paper, and bound in beautiful purple silk, stamped with gold. Its many chapters and its many pages constitute a book that will be a companion book to the Bible, and to every spiritual or religious book ever printed. It will be a beautiful gift to anyone, and you will not want to let your copy leave your library, for you will find in it matter to read over and over many times a month. The book has been published at an economical price so that it may have a world'wide circulation. The price has been , especially reduced to $2.25, postage paid, so that you and your friends may order several copies after you have read the one that you will want to keep tor yourself.

$ 9.25


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