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Conditions That Affect Cultural Variation People have so many ways of solving problems whether they are common

or not. The approaches vary from culture to culture on the following: 1. Environment - it play a major role as a factor that affect the cultural variation. We all know that most part of our world has its own different physical and natural environment. Specifically the climate, some part of our world has a cool climate, in other part it has torrid and hot. Like here in our country, Philippines has four season while the other has only two seasons. Geographically speaking, it also affect cultural variation, some part of our world has sandy while others are made up of soils. Some country covered by trees and forest while other is desert. These environmental conditions must adopt by the people not only people but also plants and animals in order for them to survive and live along with others because if not it might destroy their food habitant. Example for this is if the environment started to get dryer and colder, the crops wouldnt grow. The culture that eats those vegetable and fruit will have to start eating other stuff. Also if the environment changed for the animals they would be forced to move somewhere else or die. And again the people who use these animals would not be able to eat them or use their fur, hides, hoofs, etc. 2. Isolation this correlates to environmental affect, because when people start to adopt the environment, they will isolate themselves to the other. They will live base to the environment which they can adopt. With this condition, a culture arise and continues on its own course, uncontaminated by other culture based on the mode of living and cultural patterns that have been established based on the

adaptation to its physical environment. And for this, the absence of contact with other societies tends to perpetuate the patterns that have been established by the society. 3. Technology this cultural variation is also result based on the technological position of the society. Technology is a means for change in the environment in order to make it compatible with necessary and inevitable human needs. As they say, technology used by a society determines its social structure that leads to changes in culture. 4. Cultural Themes this cultural variation means that in one society, they have cultural patterns that leads them in their living, people on it may contribute and reinterpret new ideas that are meaningful to them. This new idea might help them to have a better society which must correspond to the usual one that they have. They will try the new idea and if no point of correspondence between the new ideas and their usual ones, the new ideas are abandoned. 5. Diffusion - cultural diffusion is the spread of culture when one society contacts another. Some of the ways that this contact happens are through war, trade and exploration. Cultural diffusion can have both positive and negative effects on both cultures. For example, when French explorers met new tribes in North America, they brought many new foods back to Europe but left smallpox with the natives.