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S GD V T THANH HA TRNG THPT H TRUNG chnh thc ( thi c 07 trang)

THI TH TUYN SINH I HC NM 2013-LN 2 Mn: TING ANH; Khi: D, A1 (Thi gian lm bi: 90 Pht, khng k thi gian pht ) M thi: 209

H tn th sinh: S bo danh: THI GM 80 (T QUESTION 1 N QUESTION 80) Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions. Question 1:A. horizon B. synchronized C. canoeing D. opponent Question 2:A. personality B. horizontally C. urbanization D. individually Question 3:A. policeman B. wilderness C. survival D. incredible Question 4:A. referee B. overtime C. recommend D. reunite Question 5:A. outstanding B. etemal C. applicant D. acacia Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. Question 6: If you're not too tired we could have a ..of tennis after lunch. A. party B. play C. game D. match Question 7: I was angry when you saw me because I .with my sister. A. would argue B. argued C. had been arguing D. have been arguing Question 8: . is a complete mystery how they ever got there in that car. A. This B. There C. It D. That Question 9: Can you.. the papers with you when you come to see me, please? A. get B. bring C. take D. collect Question 10: A:"I wish you wouldn't smoke in here!" B: "_______________" A. There's nothing wrong here. B. Thank you for telling me. C. I don't agree, I'm afraid. D. Sorry, shall I open the window? Question 11: Carbon dioxide may be absorbed by trees or water bodies, or it may stay in the atmosphere when ______________, while it is only in the atmosphere that chlorofluorocarbons find their home. A. emissions are released by cars B. released from car emissions C. by releasing emissions from cars D. cars that release emissions Question 12: Peter: Ive been awarded a scholarship to study in America. Kate: Uh, really? __________! A. Take care of yourself B. You are always lucky C. Congratulations D. Lucky as you are Question 13: Going on this diet has really ________ me good. I've lost weight and I feel fantastic! A. had B. done C. made D. taken Question 14: Our football team lostthree goals to nil. A. by B. with C. to D. in Question 15: He has just bought. expensive new furniture. A. these B. those C. an D. some Question 16: The doctor told him to keep.. sweets and chocolate to lose weight. A. back B. at C. off D. up Question 17: I think we should recycle these bags. It will help protect the environment. _______ A. Its rubbish. We shouldnt use it. B. I cant agree with you more C. You can say that again D. Never mind
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Question 18: _______ of the financial crisis, all they could do was hold on and hope that things would improve. A. At the height B. On the top C. At the bottom D. In the end Question 19: Don't forget our appointment. You'd better put it in your A. diary B. calendar C. agenda D. directory Question 20:.This is.the most difficult job I've ever had to do. A. by myself B. by heart C. by chance D. by far Question 21: You'd better leave for the airport now there's a lot of traffic on the way. A. in fact B. in time C. in case D. in order Question 22: I've never been .insulted in my life. A. quite B. such C. so D. much Question 23: Because it had not rained for several months, there was a of water. A. scarce B. waste C. shortage D. drop Question 24: Anyone who has ever pulled weeds from a garden _______ roots firmly anchor plants to the soil. A. is well aware of B. well aware that C. well aware D. is well aware that Question 25: When I arrived on the spot, I found out that I _______ the heavy gas bottle on my back because the campsite now had electric cookers. A. can't have carried B. needn't have carried C. didn't need to carry D. might not have carried Question 26: If you wish to take photographs you'll have to have. A. an application B. an admission C. an allowance D. a pemit Question 27: When I got my case back, it had been damaged _______ repair. A. above B. over C. further D. beyond Question 28: Do you remember Daisy? I ran _______ her at the Fair yesterday. A. in B. down C. by D. across Question 29: Come.. , children! Get your coats on or you'll be late for school. A. to B. across C. along D. over Question 30: I should like to thank you, my colleagues, for the welcome you have given us. A. on account of B. instead of C. because of D. on behalf of Mark the letter on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correcting. Question 31: If either of you take a vacation now, we wont be able to finish this work. A B C D Question 32: Childrens games, which are amusements involve more than one individual, appear to be A B culturally universal. C D Question 33: What we know about certain diseases are still not sufficient to prevent them from A B spreading easily among the population. C D Question 34: Among the worlds 44 richest countries, there has been not war since 1945. A B C D Question 35: When I came back I realized that my camera had been disappeared. A B C D

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Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 36 to 45. Collecting coins can be a good investment, but it requires the study of popularity, availability. and grading techniques. Some coins are more desirable than others, their popularity being affected by the aftists' talent,the subject of the design, the material from which the coin is made, and the time period when the coin was created. Availability is just as critical. Providing the coin is otherwise interesting or pleasing to the eye, the number of coins minted and available on the market seems to have a direct relationship to the popularity.The ability to grade coins is perhaps the most important requirement of a collector. A coin that is popular and scarce, which would normally make it valuable, may be worth much less or nothing at all if it has a low grade. Grading is standardized, and one can buy books and take courses on how to do it. Grades are given letter designations as well as numbers. The letters represent general levels of the grade, while the numbers are more detailed. For example, there are 11 number grades within the letter grade for a mint state coin. A mint state coin is uncirculated, which means it has never been used in commerce. It is in the condition that it left the mint, the place where a coin is created. The mint state letter designation is MS, and the numbers range from 60 through 70. An absolutely perfect coin is MS-70, It takes much training and a good eye to tell the difference between coins in this range. The things one considers include whether the coin has contact rnarks, which are marks obtained when coins bounce against each other in a coin bag; hairlines, which are marks appearing on the face of the coin from theminting process; luster, which is the natural coloration; and eye appeal. For example, an MS-70 is said to have no contact marks, no hairlines, very attractive and fully original luster, and outstanding eye appeal, while air MS-60 may have heavy contact marks, noticeable hairlines, impaired luster, and poor eye appeal. Below the mint state coin, the letter designation and number have the same meaning. That is, there are generally no numbers within the range of letters. But there are categories: . Coins thaf are About Uncirculated: Very Choice About Uncirculated, known as AU-58; Choice About Uncirculated, known as AU-55; and About Uncirculated, known as AU-50. .Coins that are Fine: Choice Extremely Fine, known as EF-45; Extremely Fine, known as EF40; Choice Very Fine, knoiam as VF-30; Very Fine, known as VF-20; and Fine, known as F-12. .Coins that are Good: Very Good, known as VG-8; Good, known as G-4; and About Good, known as AG-3. Thus, a circulated coin can have a number designation between 3 and 58, with only the numbers shown above available. That is, one cannot have a coin with a grade of 6, for example. It is either G-4 o VG-8. It is possible for a coin labeled G-4 or even AG-3 to be extremely valuable, but generally it will be coin that is almost unavailable in higher grades. Books and publications monitor the coin market regularly, just like the stock market is monitored, and they described a coin's type, date, and grade, assigning a price to every one unless that grade would have no value. In general, coin collectors loathe cleaned coins, so artificial cleaning by adding any chemical wil detract greatly from a coin's value. A true coin collector will say the dirt in the creases is a positive attribute and much preferable to a cleaned coin. Question 36: A good title this passage would be A. Coin Grading One of the Most Important Skills in Coin Collecting. B. How to Grade Coins A Detailed Study. C. How Popularity and Availability Affect Coin Value. D. The Financial Benefits of Coin Collecting. Question 37: The author describes a coin's popularity as involving all the following except A. the coin's material. B. how well the artist created the work. C. grade. D. the depiction on the coin. Question 38: The author implies that availability is printarily related to A. the popularity of a coin. B. the material used to create a coin. C. the age of a coin. D. the number of coins of a given type and date that they were minted.
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Question39: The author implies that the most important feature of a coin is its A. date. B. depiction. C. grade. D. artist. Question 40: The one grading category that has the most numbered grades within it is A. Mint State. B. About uncirculated. C. Good. D. Fine. Question 41: According to the author, the phrase contact marks means A. marks on a coin caused by banging from other coins. B. connections among coin dealers. C. defects in the rninting process. D. defects caused by cleaning. Question 42: The word luster in the third paragraph is closest in meaning to A. marked. B. material. C. value. D. sheen. Question 43: According to the passage, a Mint State coin with which of the following characteristics would be graded the highest? A. One small contact mark, full luster, good eye appeal, and no hairlines. B. One large hairline, diminished luster, good eye appeal, and no contact marks. C. A srnall contact mark, a small hairline, foggy luster, and fair eye appeal. D. No contact marks, luster affested by cleaning, average eye appeal, and no hairlines. Question44: All of the following grades would be possible except A. MS-64. B. AG-3. C. vF-30. D. AU-56. Question 45: The author implies that A. one must be a professional in order to obtain information on coin value. B. the only difftrence between an MS-60 and an AU-58 may be that the AU-58 has been in circulation. C. a low-grade coin never has value. D. cleaning a coin can increase its value. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 46 to 55. The ability to weep is a uniquely human form of emotional response. Some scientists have suggested that human tears are evidence of an aquatic past- but this does not seem very likely. We cry from the moment we enter this (46)_______ for a number of reasons. Helpless babies cry to (47)_______ their parents that they are ill, hungry or uncomfortable. As they (48)_______ , they will also cry just to attract parental attention and will often stop when they get it. The idea that having a good cry can do you (49)_______ is a very old one and now it has scientific validity since recent research into tears has shown that they contain a natural painkiller called enkaphalin. By (50)_______ sorrow and pain, this chemical helps you to feel better. Weeping can increase the quantities of enkaphalin you (51)_______ . Unfortunately, in our (52)_______ we impose restrictions upon this naturally healing activity. Because some people still regard it as a (53)_______ of weakness in men, boys in particular are admonished when they cry. This kind of repression can only increase stress, both emotionally and physically. Tears of emotion also help the body (54)_______ itself of toxic chemical waste, for there is more protein in them than in tears resulting from cold winds or other irritants. Crying comforts, calms people and can be very (55)_______ consider the popularity of the highly emotional films which are commonly called weepies. It seems that people enjoy crying together almost as much as laughing together. Question 46: A. place Question 47: A. communicate Question 48: A. develop Question 49: A. good Question 50: A. giving Question 51: A. produce Question 52: A. socially B. world B. persuade B. evolve B. fine B. opposing B. construct B. society C. earth C. say C. change C. well C. making C. provide C. social D. space D. demonstrate D. alter D. better D. fighting D. achieve D. sociable
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Question 53: A. hint Question 54: A. rid Question 55: A. enjoying

B. symbol B. move B. enjoy

C. sign C. escape C. enjoyable

D. feature D. release D. enjoyment

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that best combines each pair of sentences in the following questions Question 56: Do not adjust your picture.There is a technical fault. A. You should get someone to fix your T.V. B. You should turn of the T.V. C. There is something wrong with the T.V. D. There is something wrong at the T.V station. Question 57: The student next to me kept chewing gum. That bothered me a lot. A. The student next to me kept chewing gum, that bothered me a lot. B. The student next to me kept chewing gum, which bothered me a lot. C. The student next to me kept chewing gum bothering me a lot. D. The student next to me kept chewing gum bothered me a lot. Question 58: There was a hurricane in 1992 over West Affrica.This hurricane was named Andrew . A. There was a hurricane that was named Andrew 1992 over West Affrica B. There was a hurricane which was named Andrew in 1992 over West Affrica C. There were a hurricane which was named Andrew in 1992 over West Affrica. D. There was a hurricane what was named Andrew in 1992 over West Affrica. Question 59: The new restaurant looks good. However, it seems to have few customers. A. In order to get more business, the new restaurant should improve its appearance. B. If it had a few more customers, the new restaurant would look better. C. The new restaurant would have more customers if it looked better. D. In spite of its appearance, the new restaurant does not appear to attract much business. Question 60: The man wanted to get some fresh air in the room. He opened the window. A. The man opened the window in order to get some fresh air in the room. B. The man got some fresh air in the room, even though he opened the window. C. The man wanted to get some fresh air in the room because he opened the window. D. Having opened the window, the room could get some fresh air. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions. Question 61: Many weak and incompetent rulers were overthrown by more powerful forces. A. clever B. incapable C. greedy D. impulsive Question 62: The coveted Oscar was won by the best performing actor A. outstanding B. much desired C. highly regarded D. rewarding Question 63: Library cards will expire when they are not used. A. cost more money B. be mailed to the holder C. cease to be effective D. be continued automatically Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions. Question 64: Henry has found a temporary job in a factory. A. satisfactory B. genuine C. permanent D. eternal Question 65: Mr. Smiths new neighbors appear to be very friendly. A. hostile B. inapplicable C. futile D. amicable

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 66 to 75. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, almost nothing was written about the contribution of women during the colonial period and the early history of the newly formed United States. Lacking the right to vote and absent from the seats of power, women were not considered an important force in
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history. Anne Bradstreet wrote some significant poetry in the seventeenth century, Mercy Otis Warren produced the best contemporary history of the American Revolution, and Abigail Adams penned important letters showing she exercised great political influence over her husband, John, the second President of the United States. But little or no notice was taken of these contributions. During these centuries, women remained invisible in history books. Throughout the nineteenth century, this lack of visibility continued, despite the efforts of female authors writing about women. These writers, like most of their male counterparts, were amateur historians. Their writings were celebratory in nature, and they were uncritical in their selection and use of sources. During the nineteenth century, however, certain feminists showed a keen sense of history by keeping records of activities in which women were engaged. National, regional, and local women's organizations compiled accounts of their doings. Personal correspondence, newspaper clippings, and souvenirs were saved and stored. These sources form the core of the two greatest collections of women's history in the United States - one at the Elizabeth and Arthur Schlesinger Library at Radcliff College, and the other the Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College. Such sources have provided valuable materials for later generations of historians. Despite the gathering of more information about ordinary women during the nineteenth century, most of the writing about women conformed to the "great women" theory of history, just as much of mainstream American history concentrated on "great men". To demonstrate that women were making significant contributions to American life, female authors singled out women leaders and wrote biographies, or else important women produced their autobiographies. Most of these leaders were involved in public life as reformers, activists working for women's right to vote, or authors, and were not representative at all of the great mass of ordinary women. The lives of ordinary people continued, generally, to be untold in the American histories being published. Question 66: The word "they" in the passage refers to __________. A. sources B. authors C. counterparts D. efforts Question 67: In the second paragraph, what weakness in nineteenth-century histories does the author point out? A. They put too much emphasis on daily activities. B. The sources of the information they were based on were not necessarily accurate. C. They were printed on poor quality paper. D. They left out discussion of the influence on money on politics. Question 68: The word "representative" in the passage is closest in meaning to ______. A. distinctive B. supportive C. typical D. satisfied Question 69: The word "celebratory" in the passage means that the writings referred to were _________. A. serious B. religious C. related to parties D. full of praise Question 70: What does the passage mainly discuss? A. The place of American women in written histories. B. The "great women" approach to history used by American historians. C. The keen sense of history shown by American women. D. The role of literature in early American histories. Question 71:The word "contemporary" in the passage is closest in meaning to ______. A. written at that time B. past C. temporary D. belonging to the present time Question72: What use was made of the nineteenth-century women's history materials in the Schlesinger Library and the Sophia Smith Collection? A. They were combined and published in a multivolume encyclopedia about women. B. They provided valuable information for twentieth century historical researchers. C. They were shared among women's colleges throughout the United States. D. They formed the basis of college courses in the nineteenth-century. Question73: On the basis of information in the third paragraph, which of the following would most likely have been collected by nineteenth-century feminist organizations?
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A. Letters from a mother to a daughter advising her how to handle a family problem. B. Biographies of John Adams. C. Books about famous graduates of the country's first college. D. Newspaper accounts of presidential election results. Question 74:In the first paragraph, Bradstreet, Warren, and Adams are mentioned to show that ____________. A. poetry produced by women was more readily accepted than other writing by women B. a woman's status was changed by marriage C. even the contributions of outstanding women were ignored D. only three women were able to get their writing published Question 75: In the last paragraph, the author mentions all of the following as possible roles of nineteenth-century "great women" EXCEPT ____________. A. activists for women's rights B. authors C. reformers D. politicians Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the sentence that is CLOSEST in meaning to each of the following questions: Question 76: I would prefer you to deliver the sofa on Saturday. A. I would rather you delivered the sofa on Saturday. B. I wanted to know if you can deliver the sofa on Saturday. C. I would like you delivering the sofa on Saturday. D. I expected you delivering the sofa on Saturday. Question 77: It is your duty to clean all the windows. A. Your duty to clean all the windows has been suggested. B. All the windows must have been cleaned by you. C. You are supposed to clean all the windows. D. It was supposed that you clean all the windows. Question 78: You should have persuaded him to change his mind. A. You persuaded him to change his mind but he didn't listen. B. You didn't persuade him to change because of his mind. C. It was essential to persuade him to change his mind but you didn't. D. You should persuade him to change his mind but he didn't listen. Question 79: I am sure he badly needed the money. A. He badly needed the money was sure to me. B. He is sure badly needed the money. C. He could have badly needed the money. D. He must have badly been in need of the money. Question 80: A child is influenced as much by his schooling as by his parents. A. A child's schooling influences him as much as his parents do. B. A child can influence his parents as much as his schooling. C. A child's parents have greater influence on him than his schooling. D. Schooling doesn't influence a child as much as his parents do.


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