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Muscles - Pectoral Region and Axilla

Muscles of the Pectoral Region and Axilla Pectoralis major Origin - Medial half of clavicle; manubrium and body of sternum; upper six costal cartilages Insertion - Lateral lip of intertubercular groove of humerus Nerve - Lateral and medial pectoral Action - Flexes, adducts, and medially rotates arm Pectoralis minor Origin - Third, fourth, and fifth ribs Insertion - Coracoid process of scapula

Nerve - Medial (and lateral) pectoral Action - Depresses scapula; elevates ribs

Subclavius Origin - Junction of first rib and costal cartilage Insertion - Inferior surface of clavicle Nerve - Nerve to subclavius Action - Depresses lateral part of clavicle Serratus anterior Origin - Upper eight ribs Insertion - Medial border of scapula Long thoracic Action - Rotates scapula upward; abducts scapula with arm and elevates it above the horizontal

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