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University of Southern California (USC) Fact Sheet

About USC USC is a privately owned highly prestigious non-profit research university founded in the heart of Los Angeles in 1880. Being the oldest of its nature, USC has fostered many professionals and business leaders around the globe. Mission Statement Evolving out of a comprehensive strategic planning process undertaken in the early 1990s, USCs role and mission statement outlines the universitys mission and role in Southern California and beyond. Undergraduate Majors Offered- 150 (many ambitious students double-major) Undergraduate Minors Offered -150 (regardless of your major) Student-faculty ratio - 9:1 Average class size- 26 students Active Students Undergraduates - 18,000 Graduates and Professionals- 22,000 Total - 40,000 Logo:

What is a full-time active student? A student is considered to be enrolled full time when the student has registered for 12 or more units as an undergraduate student or eight or more units as a graduate student. Faculty Full-time faculty - 3,400 Part-time faculty - 11,800 Student workers - 7,500 Total- 22,700 Alumni About 240,000 are a part of the Trojan family. More than of the Trojan family reside in California but many Alums can be found as leaders in all parts of the world

Undergraduate Tuition & Total Mandatory Fees $42,818

Freshman Class of Fall 2012 Applicants - 46,104 Admits - 9,187 Matriculants - 3,021 Average GPA - 3.7 (unweighted) Middle 50% SAT range - 1950-2190 National Merits Scholars - 251 First-generation college students - 14 percent Degrees awarded in 2011 Bachelors degrees -4,915 Advanced degrees -6,815 Graduation 2011 (fall 2010 (fall 2009 (fall Rate 2005 2004 2003 (Last 6 years) freshmen) -90% freshmen class) 89% freshmen class) -88%

How many units do you need to graduate as a USC student? 128 units Financial Aid Expenditures (2011-12 fiscal year) $389 million Endowment (as of June 30, 2011) $3.5 billion University Budget (2012-13 fiscal year) $3.4 billion Sponsored Research (2011-12 fiscal year) $535 million

Fun Facts about USC When USC was first opened, tuition was averaged at $15.00 per term USC students were not allowed to leave town without the knowledge and consent of the university president. The very first valedictorian was a woman named Minnie C. Miltimore, class of 1884 Before USCs students were referred to as Trojans, the sports teams were known as The Methodists or the Wesleyans USCs son Fight On was used to inspire combat troops in the Aleutians Campaign in WWII USC physicians serve more than 1 million patients every year