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1 1. B1 6 . 1 6 , A G. , , . . . . A. B. C. D. E. F. G. Cooking over a campfire was a problem. The speaker is giving campers some instructions.

giving campers some instructions. Life in the camp stopped being fun. They didnt go camping because of bad weather. The speaker expected to have more fun in a camp. Making a campfire is an art. The speaker got frightened while camping. 1 2 3 4 5 6

. , 1 7 (1 True), (2 False) , , (3 Not stated). . . A1 The man refuses to check the womans car. 1) True 2) False A2 The assistant mechanic is very young. 1) True 2) False A3 The woman lives far away from this town. 1) True 2) False A4

3) Not stated

3) Not stated

3) Not stated

The woman thinks fixing her car is going to be very expensive. 1) True 2) False 3) Not stated A5 The woman will get a discount due to the local festival. 1) True 2) False 3) Not stated A6 The service centre will be closed on Monday. 1) True 2) False A7 The woman decides to talk to the mechanic at the Pumpkin Festival. 1) True 2) False 3) Not stated

3) Not stated

. 8 14 1, 2 3, . . A8 The target members for the programme Amigos de las Americas are 1) young people from Latin America. 2) high school students from Europe. 3) students from all over the world. A9 The programme trains young people to 1) give first aid to the sick and injured. 2) do community service work. 3) do research on sanitation. A10 The speakers major motivation for joining the programme was 1) getting qualification. 2) earning money. 3) taking care of orphans. A11 The speaker took the final decision to go to Ecuador because 1) she had admired it since her school years. 2) it was a great opportunity to study animals. 3) she wanted to learn to give vaccinations to humans. A12 The most challenging experience for the speaker was 1) building a childrens playground. 2) giving lectures on infectious diseases. 3) teaching children English and the Bible. A13

Darryl Jones landed his helicopter on a football field because 1) this was part of an air show. 2) his aircraft was on fire. 3) he had run out of fuel. A14 The speaker recommends joining the programme Amigos de las Americas because it 1) helps the participants find a husband or a wife. 2) changes personality of the programmes participant. 3) teaches a participant how to be a success in business. 1 1 14 1! , 1, 1 14 .. 1 . 1 2. B2 A 1 7. . . . A. B. C. D. Ways of getting education Fighting the cold Food from many countries Street festival E. F. G. H. Ways of paying Colours and associations Sense of humour Money description

1. The decimal system now in use in Britain replaced the old pounds, shillings and pence. Now a pound consists of 100 pence. Pound coins are round and gold-coloured. They have the Queen's head on one side and one of four designs, English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish, on the other. There are also paper notes, which have the Queen's head on one side and a famous person, e.g. Charles Dickens, on the other. 2. British people think green represents nature. Green is also used to describe someone who is young and inexperienced. Purple is connected with kings and queens. If someone goes red in the face with rage, they are very angry. Blue brings the idea of coldness. If you say that someone is blue with cold, you mean that they are very cold. 3. Many young people in Britain take vocational training courses in fields such as building, engineering, hairdressing or secretarial skills. On other courses, called sandwich courses, people divide their time between periods of paid work and periods of study. They usually get day release from their work to go to college one or two days a week over several years. 4. Many of America's most popular dishes have been taken from other cultures. The sandwich, originally from Britain, is made with great variety in America. Many popular

dishes come from Italy, especially pasta dishes and pizza. From Mexico there are tacos and enchiladas; from China there are egg rolls and chop suey; and from Japan sushi. 5. Stephen Leacock, a Canadian humourist, once said that life in Canada consisted of preparing for winter, enduring the winter and recovering from winter. Houses are prepared for winter by adding storm windows. All the larger cities have big indoor or underground malls where you can shop, see a movie or have a meal without going outside and suffering from frost. 6. People now pay less often in cash or even by cheque for goods. Most use credit cards, informally called "plastic", for anything that costs more than a few dollars or pounds. Credit cards are passed through an electronic device that reads them while the owner is present. Cash or change is still needed to buy small items. 7. Every July in Worthing, a small town in the south of England, there is a massive carnival, which actively involves over ten thousand people from different organizations in the town, such as the scouts and guides, the youth clubs, the fire service and business organizations. Each group dresses up in fancy colourful costumes and drives through the town in a procession trying to collect as much money as possible.

B3 1 6 AG. G . . A person will sometimes announce that he is going to have a good sleep to "charge up his batteries" or to "build up a reserve of energy". Sleep is obviously a restorer, but researchers have not been able to discover the exact nature of the processes involved. We do know, however, that most people awake feeling refreshed and energetic 1__________. We also know that when a person is deprived of sleep, he is likely to feel certain unfavourable results the following day. There are no significant effects on such physiological functions as metabolism 2_________. Simple mental operation, such as adding figures, are usually not affected by sleep loss, 3__________. People also react emotionally. They tend to be more irritable or laugh or cry without apparent cause if they have been on a short ration of sleep. Everyone should sleep enough so that he can waken in the morning without being called. He should get up feeling refreshed 4______________. Newspapers occasionally carry accounts of people 5_____________. When investigated, these claims are shown to be without foundation. A person who says he can get along without sleep usually neglects to mention the many naps he takes, perhaps in a sitting position, during the day. Lost sleep seems to be made up rapidly. In one experiment, people lost sixteen hours of sleep 6_____________. When they were allowed to sleep as long as they could, they awakened refreshed after about eleven hours of sleep. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. but the more complex mental functions almost always suffer. who claim to have gone without sleep for years. because they had been kept awake for two consecutive nights. that sleep is natures great restorer. if a moderate amount of sleep is lost. and in condition to do complex mental work. after a night of deep sleep. 1 2 3 4 5 6

15 21, 1, 2, 3 4, . Sometimes people look at me like I'm strange. Their sideways glances pass through me, and I feel judged, unaccepted. My best friend, Mariah, never looks at me that way, though. Even though we are opposites I spend my time in the world of books, escaping into other stories, while she spends hers in the world of boys and crushes - we have always gotten along perfectly. Somehow, our differences just seem to work well to create a relationship of comfort and acceptance.

On our first day of high school, Mariah and I walked into school together. It was intimidating, so I was glad that I had Mariah at my side. As we turned the corner toward our first class, we both saw him. He was beautiful. We giggled like little girls and followed him. After school, Mariah and I waited at the bus stop together, discussing the day's events and laughing. In mid-sentence, I looked over, and there he was, standing right next to us! As I stood petrified by his looks, Mariah walked boldly up to him and asked him his name. "Jonathan," he said, while he ran a hand through his hair, brushing it out of his pale blue eyes. That is when my infatuation began, even though I knew nothing about him. And for the first time in our whole lives, Mariah and I had the same crush. Then began the routine that I followed for about a week: seeing him in the hall, nervously sitting near him in the bus, and calling Mariah each night to reconstruct every detail. Our school had a dance planned, and the date was approaching. Mariah was determined to go with Jonathan, but she had a list of guys, just in case he didn't work out. I laughed, the chances of Jonathan asking me were slim to none, but it was fun to fantasize. Then, one afternoon, when we boarded the bus, Jonathan sat right down beside me. He leaned over to me and whispered, "Hey, how about you let me take you to the dance on Friday?" I barely squeaked out my reply, "Yeah, sure, I guess... I mean, if you want to." He smiled and said, "Cool." Without words, Mariah motioned for me to get off at her stop. I was on cloud nine. We remained calm until the bus was out of sight, and then we grabbed onto each other and started jumping up and down. Mariah shrieked, "Danielle, this is s-o-o-o-o-o cool!" The night of the dance, I was frantic. When we reached the school, Jonathan wasn't there yet, so I waited outside and motioned for Mariah to go ahead while I waited. I looked up and saw him. There he stood, with those pale blue eyes, that soft hair, that smooth skin and that sweet smile. There he stood, but... with another girl! He wasn't alone, and he definitely wasn't waiting for me. I walked home and into my room, ignoring my mother's questions of why I had returned so early. Sitting alone on my bed, I was plagued by a voice in my head, the voice that told me I was ugly and unloved. Later, my phone rang. It was Mariah. She reminded me that there always would be other guys. She told me I was beautiful, and most of all, that I was loved. The self-deprecating voice quickly faded. A15 Danielle and her best friend Mariah always got along perfectly because they 1) shared a passion for reading. 2) were both interested in boys. 3) seemed to work well together. 4) accepted each other unconditionally. A16

On their first day at school Danielle and Mariah followed Jonathan because they 1) did not know which way to go. 2) wanted to talk to him. 3) both took to him immediately. 4) found him funny.

A17 Danielle called Mariah each night to 1) discuss their school day. 2) talk about Jonathan. 3) discuss in detail their home assignments. 4) decide what to wear to the school dance. A18 As the date of the school dance approached Danielle 1) was determined to go there with Jonathan. 2) expected Jonathan to take Mariah there. 3) couldnt help imagining Jonathan asking her out. 4) made a list of guys to take her out. A19 When Jonathan asked Danielle to go to the school dance with him she 1) thought she was fantasizing it. 2) was very pleased and excited. 3) was hesitant to accept the invitation. 4) didnt understand what he meant.

A20 After Jonathan had asked Danielle out Mariah 1) was happy for Danielle. 2) remained calm. 3) started to fight with Danielle. 4) was jealous.

A21 After Mariahs phone call Danielle felt 1) self-pitying. 2) self-critical. 3) self-confident. 4) self-important.

2, 3 15 21 1! , 2 3, 15 21 . 2 3 .


. , B4 B10 , . . B4 B10. The Stranger The stranger rarely went out by day, but in the evening he would go out, wrapped up to the eyes, whether the weather was cold or B4 not. He always __________________ the loneliest paths. His glasses and bandaged face under his great black hat would come suddenly out of the darkness upon a man going home. One night B5 B6 B7 a man __________________ by the strangers white round head lit by the sudden light of the open inn door while he __________________ with his hat in hand. It seemed that the stranger hated boys even __________________ than they hated him. Of course people talked about him, and were unable to decide what his business was. The innkeeper said that he B8 B9 __________________ an accident, and after that he did not like people to see his ugly face. Some said that he was a criminal __________________ from the police, and others that he was part white and part black. The doctor was interested in his bandages. All through April he wanted to talk to the stranger, B10 and at last he went __________________ him. He was surprised to find that the innkeeper didnt know his guests name. VISIT HIDE HAVE WALK MUCH FRIGHTEN CHOOSE

. , B11B16 , . . B11B16. The National Museum in Wales The National Museum of Wales is one of the most B11 __________________ tourist attractions in the centre of Cardiff. It provides the public with enjoyable experiences through its collections. B12 It gives __________________ by its publications and a wide B13 range of __________________ programmes. The museum presents collections of Welsh and international B14 __________________ which include coins, medals, minerals, IMPORTANT silver and zoological specimens. The East Wing galleries, completed in 1991, have provided more B15 space for the museums __________________ art collections. The fine collection of French Impressionist art and special exhibitions of worldwide interest also contribute to the B16 museums high __________________. POPULAR IMPRESS KNOW EDUCATION FAME

, 22 28. A22 A28, . . Spending Energy The good functioning of every organ in our body is connected with energy. Every activity of life A22 ______ on it. All the processes of life from hearing to experiencing emotions use nerve energy. If nerve energy is abundant, the organs work well. All of this energy is spent on the work the body does to A23 ______ the needed level of health. How then is nerve energy generated? Through rest and sleep. Only when we are inactive can our bodies recoup their energy supply. When the amount of energy we spend is greater than the amount we build, there is a lowering of the energy supply in our bodies. This produces a state that we need to understand and A24 ______. This state is called enervation. Since nerve energy is in short supply, the organs cease to function efficiently. Toxic wastes start to accumulate and finally that toxic state A25 ______ a real body breakdown. We become diseased! It means that you should be A26 ______ of how you spend your precious energy. It is not a limitless commodity. If you run A27 ______ of energy, you feel lethargic and you may get sick. Hence, try not to spend energy excessively. For example, many people think they are getting relaxation in front of a television. Much of television can be very enervating, both mentally and emotionally. Many of the habits of daily living that we A28 ______ for granted drain far more energy that we realize. So we should think what we do in periods of inactivity when we can be recharging our batteries. A22 1) requests 2) depends 2) hold 2) reject 2) affects 2) acquainted 2) out 2) receive 3) requires 3) maintain 3) neglect 3) causes 3) familiar 3) through 3) have 4) demands 4) support 4) avoid 4) results 4) accustomed 4) behind 4) take

A23 1) remain A24 1) omit A25 1) leads A26 1) aware A27 1) back A28 1) get

4 16, 22 28 1! , 4 16, 22 28 . 4 16 .

4. 1, 2 2. 1 2 , 2. . 2 1, 2, .

C1 You have 20 minutes to do this task. You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Mike who writes As you are going to visit us soon I would like to know what kind of food you prefer. What do you think of fast food like McDonalds? Do you think you could cook some national dish for us? I have to finish now. Tomorrow my parents are coming home after their holidays and I have to clean the flat Write a letter to Mike. In your letter - answer his questions - ask 3 questions about his parents holiday trip Write 100 140 words. Remember the rules of letter writing. C2 You have 40 minutes to do this task. Comment on the following statement. Books for small children usually contain a lot of pictures. Many books for adults have no pictures at all as it is believed that grown-up people do not need them. What is your opinion? Are stories improved by illustration? Write 200 250 words. Use the following plan: - make an introduction (state the problem) - express your personal opinion and give reasons for it - give arguments for the other point of view and explain why you dont agree with it - draw a conclusion