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Acharya S LMFAO!

Here's the whole thing from a "Matt Wycoff," for your amusement - bilocations and levitations included: I condemn all your views and work. It is a complete rejection of science. Scienc e totally proves the Resurrection and Crucifixion of the Almighty God and Lord J esus Christ. Easter really is the most scientific thing there is. There is Absol utely No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church see www.vaticancatholic.com You probably have a short attention span. Then read the bolded portions. The wor ld is a hater of Truth such as you are. The anti-Christ media runs some blasphem ous programs during holy times, as this is their modus operandi. St. John 15:1820 If the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you. If you had b een of the world, the world would love its own: but because you are not of the w orld, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. Re member my word that I said to you: The servant is not greater than his master. I f they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you: if they have kept my wo rd, they will keep yours also. As you should know, carbon dating is quackery but the world still rides along with the already invalidated fiction of the 1988 Shr oud of Turin carbon dating. In 2008 Aug. 15th the Los Alamos National Laboratory released its findings that scientifically proved and confirmed that the materia l used for the radiocarbon dating of the Shroud in 1988 was not from the Shroud s fabric. The Shroud is made of linen, but the samples used in the 1988 carbon dat ing were composed of cotton! The Los Alamos National Laboratory s work confirms th e research published in Thermochimica Acta (Jan. 2005) by the late Raymond Roger s, a chemist who had studied actual C-14 samples and concluded the sample was no t part of the original cloth. Months before the Los Alamos Lab came out with the findings, interestingly in March 2008 Christopher Ramsey the head of the Oxford Radiocarbon unit Accelerator which participated in the 1988 Carbon 14 dating, s aid the now discredited 1988 carbon dating was wrong and that further research i s certainly needed by experts to ascertain the history of the Shroud. Even befor e the Los Alamos National Laboratory came out with its scientific findings, many experts were already proving how the 1988 dating was totally worthless and a fr aud. Many scientists and experts have identified the Fold Axis and the Zero Thre ad - the point at which the weaving pattern turns in a different direction- of t he 1988 carbon 14 samples. It is a coordinate system that allows scientists to c ompare the pieces like finger prints! The 1988 samples are NOT identical to the Shroud s coordinate system. When the Shroud pieces were being cut, the process was videotaped and it took 8 hours, but the cameras were then turned off when the S hroud pieces were taken to another room and put in 3 different containers 1 for ea ch lab. Experts and scientists point out manipulations have taken place. The STURP Team (The Shroud of Turin Research Project) said that the body had to be weightless during the formation of the image and that there was no entropy du ring the formation of the image. Nobel Prize winning physicist Dame Isabel Picze k also said that physics prove that the body was floating between the top and bo ttom part of the 2 sides of the Shroud when the intense burst and flash of the l ight of the Resurrection occurred. Had this hovering of the body not occurred, t he image would have appeared distorted since there was hard rock at the bottom t he body was laying on moments before the unprecedented event of the Resurrection . Also the Holy Shroud is a 2 dimensional object encoded with 3 dimensional info rmation! This is physically impossible and is miraculous. It is absolutely impos sible scientifically for anybody or any technology to put 3 dimensional informat ion in a 2 dimensional object! The Shroud has not been and cannot be reproduced. The fact that there is 3D info in a 2D artifact is absolutely incredible and ir replicable. We are dealing with spiritual realities here. Surely no human person can stop entropy in order to form the image. None of the unique characteristics of the Shroud can be replicated. Members of the STURP team, in particular, agre ed that the image on the Shroud is of a man who had been subjected to a savage s courging before being Crucified, with unusual head wounds wearing the Crown of T horns, consistent with Gospel accounts of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. You r

eally need to do more research instead of believing everything pagan media tells you. The most elite scientists on the planet went to the Church begging for the Shroud of Turin. It is miraculous and has healed many people from terminal illn esses and has caused many many miracles. These elite scientists on earth (STURP) spent over 150,000 man hours studying the Shroud with the most advanced technol ogy in science today. Through mystical theology, hagiography, ascetical theology, and Lectio Divina, t he Saint realizes that to gain an access from beyond the threshold of magnitude -from beyond Angled space; one must be in touch with authentic spiritual forces. Catholic Saints and Padre Pio are a prime example. Padre Pio was the most photo graphed and famous man in the world at his time, he died in 1968. He performed s o many miracles, healings, and resurrections, cured the blind, - he bilocated nu merous times and flew over large crowds of people - while going to enter the Tri bunal of the Confessional. His levitations were truly astounding and that of the Saints. During WII he flew into the sky and stopped allied bombers from droppin g bombs on Rotondo Italy, the flight commanders were forced to report on base th at their airplanes were being turned automatically back and that the bombs dropp ed by themselves into the woods undetonated - while the planes were being turned back. They also reported seeing a bearded Monk waving his hands in the mid air and telling them to stop. Commander Bob Currie later paid him a visit and more f antastic occurrences and events happened. He restored sight to Gemma di Giorgio in 1947. She was born without pupils and it is anatomically and scientifically i mpossible to see without pupils. She still has no pupils and sees as a result of Padre Pio healing her. She has been examined by word class expert doctors since her youth and they say her being able to see is inexplicable. She is now 72 yea rs old and still can see perfectly. Such powerful miracles and evidence can't be summarily dismissed. Padre Pio also healed mangled bodies of people and also la me people, and restored their body parts perfectly. Catholics are 'an advancement of the human potential'. We know what it means to really be human. To be a human becoming. We do not try to impress anybody with n umbers or with what we know - but we show[ed] by doing. Padre Pio and also other Saints during their time swelled the fame of Christ to exceeding magnitude. It was the Saints who made the Lord Jesus Christ famous. Th ey exploded His fame by leaps and bounds of Magnitude. Every false religion has been forced to confront the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Padre Pio is so big , that even Buddhists, Hindus, Moslems, Jews, and some Protestants want to claim him for themselves and as a member of their religion. Every major false religion has been forced to confront the person of Padre Pio.