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Our Loving GodA Sun and a Shield Thomas B. Warren Discusses why even righteous people may suffer during earthly life. Paper $5.95

Immortality-All of Us Will Be Somewhere Forever Thomas B. Warren Study of what happens after physical death of humans. Paper $10.95

Logic and the Bible Thomas B. Warren Proving that men are obligated to be rational and draw only such conclusions warranted by the evidence. Paper $10.95

Have Atheists Proved There Is No God? Thomas B. Warren Brief but complete study of the problem of evil, the atheist's one argument. Paper $12.95

Truth Acknowledged, Rejected, and Applied Second Spring Apologetics Lectures delivered May 10, 2012, by Rolland W. Pack. Pointing to actual biblical texts and examples of apologists, the reader is challenged to become a better apologist in the contemporary world. Paper $8.95

Jesus-The Lamb Who Is a Lion Thomas B. Warren A book to help know the "real" Jesus -the One who is revealed on the pages of the Bible. Paper $10.95

The Warren-Flew Debate on the Existence of God 1976 Debate between Professors Warren and Flew. Paper $12.95

Things Most Surely Believed Charles C. Pugh III. Faith strengthening essays in Christian Apologetics. Scripture index. 163 pages Paper $9.95

Life's Greatest Acclamation God Charles C. Pugh III. Ten chapters that focus on God's work in creation and redemption. Scripture index. 152 pages Paper $9.95

That Your Joy May Be Full Charles C. Pugh III. More evidence essays including chapters on the virgin birth and religion and rationality. Scripture index. 152 pages Paper $9.95
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Thinking-Living-Dying Early Christian Apologists Speak to the 21st Century. Apologetics lectures delivered May 12, 2011, by highly acclaimed patristics scholar, Everett Ferguson. Paper $7.95

Sin, Suffering and God Commercial printing of Dr. Warren's doctoral dissertation at Vanderbilt University. A must for serious students of Christian Apologetics. Paper $14.95





Graceful Reason: Studies in Christian Apologetics Dick Sztanyo Finally, a text book in Apologetics scheduled for release September 2012! This book considers the three biggest questions: God, the Bible, and Christ. Paper TBA

Warren trilogy


We Can Know That God Is Reprint of classic 1976 booklet by Thomas B. Warren in which he answers Man Against Darkness authored by Princeton University atheistic professor W. T. Stace. Powerful presentation of theism in typical Warren style. Booklet $1.50

A Prayer from Heaven: The Model Prayer as Evidence for the Deity of Jesus Christ W. Terry Varner A rich unique study of the Model Prayer with an undergirding emphasis on its implicative evidence for the deity of Jesus. Scheduled for release December 2012. Paper TBA

History of the Cross W. Terry Varner. A study of the cross of Christ. Booklet $1.50

Walking Through Life's Valleys Charles C. Pugh III How to cope with such valleys in life as disaster, despondency, disease, doubt , and death. New Revised edition. Booklet $1.50

Age of Revelation The Age of Reason Shewn to be an Age of Infidelity, Elias Boudinot Powerful reply to Thomas Paine's Age of Reason by one of his contemporaries. Hardback $19.95

What the Bible Is all About Charles C. Pugh III Information for both skeptics and believers concerning the theme of the Bible with emphasis on Christianity vs. Islam its Christological thrust. Charles C. Pugh III Booklet $1.50 Contrast of Christianity and Islam. Now in its fourth printing. Booklet $1.50

We Can Know That The Bible Is God's Word One of the unique contributions of Professor Thomas B. Warren was his formulation of the logical argument that proves the divine origin of the Bible. This brief essay presents the logical argument developed by Dr. Warren from which the Bible's divine origin is proved. This is the second of three essays in a trilogy by Warren concerning the pillars of Christian culture. Booklet $1.50 We Can Know That Jesus Christ Is God's Son The third and final essay in a trilogy by Warren concerning the pillars of Christian culture. This essay is written within the framework of Professor Warren's basic argument in regard to the Sonship of Jesus Christ--A powerful contribution to Christian Apologetics literature. Booklet $1.50


Apologetics Press
35 years serving churches of Christ

Great Resources for adults & young people

The Dinosaur Delusion
Eric Lyons and Kyle Butt

Surveying the Evidence

Wayne Jackson, Eric Lyons, and Kyle Butt

The evidence within this book provides an irrefutable case that humans and dinosaurs coexisted. The authors masterfully weave the scientic and historical evidence into the biblical model of creation, showing that true science does not contradict an accurate reading of the Bible.

Surveying the Evidence is A.P.s agship book on Christian Evidences. This book, designed for adult Bible class, contains 13 chapters accompanied by thought-provoking questions. The resources within this book will help equip saints to defend the faith.
Dave Miller

The Quran & New Testament Christianity
The Islam Seminar DVD 3-disc set is based on the information provided in the book The Quran Unveiled. The 3 individual disc titles are: Muhammad and Islam, Islam and the Quran, and May Christians and Muslims Agree?
3 discs

ISBN 1-60063-010-1


ISBN 1-60063-007-3


A Christians Guide to Refuting Modern Atheism

Kyle Butt

The Quran Unveiled

Dave Miller

$39.95 Butt/Scott Debate: God Does Not Exist Answering Atheism: Defending the God of the Bible
Kyle Butt

Of all the signicant questions pertaining to human existence, none is more crucial than whether the God of the Bible exists. Atheist and theist meet in this historic confrontation on the campus of the University of South Carolina.
ISBN 1-60063-032-3 Book ISBN 1-60063-020-0 DVD

Is the Quran from God or man? Does this holy book of Islam possess the attributes of divine inspiration, or merely the words of a false prophet desiring followers? This volume assesses these questions, and shows the incompatibility of Islam with Christianity.

Watch and learn how to stand rm against atheists attacks on our God.
ISBN 1-60063-040-8 Debate DVD ISBN 1-60063-039-2 Answering Atheism

$10.00 $10.00

$10.95 $10.00

Pillars of Faith DVDs

ISBN 0-932859-72-0


Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons

I. Truth Be Told II. Behold! The Lamb of God III. Is The Bible From God?

Behold! The Lamb of God Behold! The Word of God

Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons

The Anvil Rings: Answers to Alleged Bible Discrepancies (Volumes I & II)
Eric Lyons

These live seminar presentations expose the myth of evolution, explore the historicity, deity, and personality of Jesus Christ, and defend the inspiration of the Bible.
ISBN 1-60063-012-5 TBT ISBN 1-60063-017-0 Behold!... ISBN 1-60063-019-4 Is the Bible...

These books present a well-documented, positive case for the historicity, deity, and uniqueness of Jesus, and the inspiration of the Bible.

A thorough defense of the Bibles inerrancy, these volumes answer allegations raised by skeptics about contradictions and discrepancies in the Bible. Great references for those seeking answers to tough Bible questions.
ISBN 0-932859-49-6 Vol. I ISBN 0-932859-67-4 Vol. II

$12.00 $12.00 $12.00

Digger Dougs Underground DVDs

Join the adventure in A.P.s premiere childrens educational television program, Digger Dougs Underground. Each DVD contains two fun-lled episodes.
ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN 0-932859-92-5 0-932859-96-8 1-60063-005-7 1-60063-016-2 1-60063-021-9 1-60063-030-9 1-60063-031-6 1-60063-034-7 1-60063-037-5

ISBN 0-932859-93-3 ...The Lamb $8.95 ISBN 1-60063-002-2 ...The Word $8.95

$9.95 $10.95

Dinosaurs Unleashed 2nd Edition

Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons Grades 3-6

Truth Be Told 2nd Edition

Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons Grades 5-8

Packed with beautiful illustrations and informative, easy-to-read text, this revised edition is a must have for those who want to know the truth about the coexistence of humans and dinosaurs. Dinosaurs Unleashed is one of the most fascinating dinosaur books for kids on the market.
ISBN 0-932859-61-5

A compilation and refutation of oft-repeated, alleged proofs used to teach evolution in popular science textbooks. It is designed and written, not as a comprehensive science textbook, but as a guide for preparing and equipping students to deal with false evolutionary assumptions.
ISBN 0-932859-84-4

Episodes 1&2 Episodes 3&4 Episodes 5&6 Episodes 7&8 Episodes 9&10 Episodes 11&12 Episodes 13&14 Episodes 15&16 Episodes 17&18

$12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95 $12.95



Sunday School and VBS

Out With Doubt Book and DVD A Matter of Fact

Kyle Butt Teens

These volumes, written mainly for junior high and high school age groups, examine the existence of God, the inspiration of the Bible, the age of the Earth, dinosaurs and the Bible, as well as other topics. Understandable and relevant.
ISBN 0-932859-43-7 OWD Book

VBS: Gods CreationDigging for Answers Explorer Series Christ and the Continental Congress Book The Silencing of God Book and DVD Continental Congress Proclamation Packet Book
Dave Miller


OWD DVD $12.00 ISBN 0-932859-47-X Matter of... $7.95

The forces of political correctness are expunging Christianity from American life. Yet the historical evidence is decisive: the American Republic was purposely founded on the moral principles of the Christian religion.
ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN 1-60063-026-2 1-60063-018-9 1-60063-003-0 1-60063-041-5 Book Book DVD Book Christ & Congress The Silencing of God The Silencing of God Proclamation Packet

This VBS is designed for a ve-day seriesbut may be easily adapted to four days. All six days of Creation are covered, plus two lessons on dinosaurs and the Flood. Our VBS curriculum is packed with informative lessons, PowerPoint slides, creative craft and game ideas, skit scripts, decoration ideas, templates, and more. It is comprehensive, easy to use, comparatively inexpensive, and above all, biblically accurate.
Sample Disc Comprehensive VBS Material

How do You Know the Bible is from God? 2nd Edition

Kyle Butt Grades 3-6

How can we know that God wrote the Bible? What makes the Bible different from other books? And where did the Bible come from? With 13 chapters, professional artwork, charts, and activity pages, this is an excellent resource for both Bible class and homeschool instruction.

$14.95 $14.95 $12.00 $10.00

This series is an invaluable teaching tool designed for thirdsixth graders. These 13 lesson series are exible enough so that they can be used in Bible class settings, VBS classes, home schooling, or even summer camps. Journey #1Christian Evidences for Kids Journey #2Faith Building Answers for Kids Journey #3Jesus: His Life and Teachings Journey #4Christian Values for Kids $15.00 Journey #5Creation vs. Evolution


$10.00 ea.

Resources for kids


How do You Know God is Real?

Kyle Butt Grades 3-6

This book explores simple reasons why we can know that God exists. It will satisfy childrens curiosity and equip them to be able to defend their personal belief in God. This is an excellent resource for both Bible class and homeschool instruction.

Early Reader Series Learn to Read Series

Dave Miller Kyle Butt, Eric Lyons, and others

Advanced Reader Series

Kyle Butt, Eric Lyons, and others


A.P. Poster 24x36 inches

This beautiful work of art, painted by Louis Lavoie, helps to remind us that God created humans and dinosaurs together on day six of Creation, telling man to subdue and have dominion over the earth.

Most American children have learned to read using such books as Dick and Jane. But what better way to teach children how to read than by using biblical concepts? The Learn to Read series is designed for children (ages 3-6) to assist them in learning to read, while simultaneously introducing them to the Creator and His creation. Alluring pictures!
ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN 0-932859-88-7 0-932859-90-9 0-932859-89-5 0-932859-97-6 0-932859-98-4 0-932859-99-2 1-60063-038-3

Aimed at children in kindergarten through second grade, this series is exible enough so that parents may choose to read to their children, read along with their children, or listen while their children read aloud to them. With stimulating, understandable text and stunning pictures, your children will fall in love with reading and with their Creator.
ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN 0-932859-87-9 0-932859-86-0 0-932859-85-2 0-932859-70-9 0-932859-71-6 0-932859-69-3 1-60063-054-5

A step up from the Early Reader Series, A.P.s Advanced Reader Series is aimed at children in 2nd-3rd grade. With beautiful, full-color pictures and interesting facts about Gods wonderfully designed Creation, your children will develop a greater love for reading and for the grand Designer.


Dogs, Frogs... Birds, Bugs... Bats, Cats... Fish, Flies... Goose, Moose... Ducks, Bucks... Snails, Quails...

$2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00

God Made Fish God Made Insects God Made Plants God Made Animals God Made Dinosaurs God Made The World God Made You

$2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00


1-60063-013-2 1-60063-015-6 1-60063-022-4 1-60063-024-8 1-60063-023-1 1-60063-014-9 1-60063-036-1

Tamable Animals Dinosaurs Human Body Copies Migrating Animals Tails Teeth

$2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00