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How Pakistan can go through the war on terror?

How Pakistan can go through the war on terror? Discuss in bullets Regards __________________ Everyone lives for himself/herself but the life is to live for others and that is the real essence of life. 1- Clearly define the war. i.e. it's goals and objectives. Please make sure that every Pakistani knows that whether this is his war or America's war! 2- Try to stem out the causes of this terror in Pakistan. Whether it be the Baluchistan unrest or TTP insurgency, find out the causes first. Who/What motivates them, supports them, funds them, trains them, and particularly directs them. 3- Improve the educational system of the country. not just focus on quantity but our aim should be quality. introduce historically authentic curriculum that should eliminate fundamentalism and promotes moderation. 4- As Quaid put it more than 75 years back, Development in Baluchistan and NWFP on equal footings with the rest of the country. Especially FATA areas, which are worstly affected by the present scenario. 5- We should appreciate the economic factors of terrorism. both those which lead to terrorism and those due to the effects of terrorism. In an area already poor, terrorism would only add to its poverty and thus fuel more terrorism. Obama's step in this regard is the right one. He suggests/proposes the establishment of economic zones on the border areas of Pakistan. 6- Have a consensus on this issue within Pakistan and then implement it wholeheartedly. For example, develop a consensus on drones. Directly/Indirectly they are adding fuel to the fire that already is eating away our social and economic fabric. 7- Raise popular support for this cause. i.e. involve all the security agencies, government machinery and common populace. Remember there must be a cohesion between all these arms. For example. The people of PF-10, under their respective elders, have commissioned a lashkar that is dedicated for the eradication of Talibans from their areas. However 2 of the 4 leaders have already been blown away by the terrorists which is a clear sign of lack of inter-agency transfer of information. We should ensure that all the relevent are taken on board and provided with adequate and timely information and intelligence. The formation of community police in Peshawar is already a commendable step. 8- Last but not the least, as Imran Khan points out so many times, the door for dialogues should never be closed. Remember USA is considering a dialogue with Taliban and even they accept the fact that Afghanistan cannot be secured without their support. On the other hand they demand of Pakistan to ACT MORE in this regard. The SWAT peace deal, may or may not have been a good/sensible act, but America was opposed to it and

there is every reason to believe that the violations by both the parties were instigated by the US in one way or the other. I guess they are some of the few steps that the Pakistani Government, common people and agencies need to implement/take in order to bring back this Nation of the Pure to normality!