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[ sociable starters ]

better when shared

Bruschetta all’Aglio €1.60
Three hot crusty slices of bread covered with garlic sauce.

Bruschetta al Pomodoro €1.85

Three hot crusty slices of bread topped with fresh diced tomatoes.

Bruschetta al Formaggio €2.30

Three hot crusty slices of bread with tomatoes and melted cheese.

Focaccia ai Pomodori Secchi €4.50

Baked dough dressed with sun dried tomatoes, olive oil,
black olives and Gozo cheese sprinkled with parmesan.

Focaccia Tradizionale con Rucola €5.50

Dough baked the traditional way with olive oil, black olives,
anchovies, rucola and a hint of parmesan.

Sapori Mediterranei €6.70

A choice of four dips to select from either
hummus, bigilla, chicken liver pate, galletti
dip (mashed galletti with tomato
paste and garlic), mango and tuna
served with warm focaccia bread.

Cozze €8.00
A delicious pot of fresh
mussels cooked in white
wine, with mint and garlic.

Antipasto di Mare €8.80

Marinated octopus in olive oil, garlic,
lemon and parsely, sauteed fresh mussels, local
prawns and baby calamaretti with a citrus vinagrette.
[ seasoned greens ]
from the garden patch
Insalata di Bufala €6.90
Tasty salad with fresh bufala mozzarella, sliced tomatoes,
dressed with basil oil on a bed of seasonal leaves.

Insalata Piccolo Padre

With tuna €6.80
Without tuna €5.70
A colourful combination of mixed lettuce leaves and rocket with grilled zucchini and
mushrooms topped with Gozo cheese and tuna tossed in balsamic vinaigrette.

Vegetali Misti alla Griglia €6.00

Grilled aubergines, zucchini, mushrooms, pumpkin and
peppers drizzled with olive oil and lemon.

Insalata di Salmone Affumicato €7.00

Smoked salmon on a bed of mixed greens, rucola and cucumber with onions and
capers drizzled in a lemon vinaigrette served with warm whole grain focaccia bread.

La Classica Caesar Salad

Plain Caesar €5.70
With Chicken €7.00
The traditional combination of crisp green lettuce leaves, french bread croutons,
anchovies, topped with crumbled bacon bits and parmesan shavings.

Extra pitta bread - €0.50

[ pasta e risi ]
pure pleasures
Spaghetti Vulcano main €6.90 · starter €6.30
Spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, peperoncino, ripe
tomatoes and fresh basil (when available).

Ravioletti con pesto di salvia e Parmiggiano

main €7.00 · starter €6.60
Cottage cheese ravioli with sage and Parmesan cheese.

Rigatoni con Salsiccia e formagelle main €7.50 · starter €6.90

Rigatoni with tomatoes a tasty Maltese sausage and Gozo cheese sauce.

Penne ai Quattro Formaggi main €7.20 · starter €6.60

Penne tossed in a creamy cheese sauce sprinkled with parmesan and parsley.

Pennette Prosciutto e Spinaci* main €8.50 · starter €7.70

Pennette with spinach, Parma ham, garlic, olive oil and a touch of cream.

Penne al Tartufo* main €8.70 · starter €7.90

Cream of truffle, fresh mushrooms, parsley, garlic and
a touch of onions to top this delicacy.

Spaghetti Cozze main €8.80 · starter €7.90

Spaghetti with fresh mussels, herbs cooked In wine and garlic garnished with a prawn.

Spaghetti al Gambero e Zucchini main €8.60 · starter €7.70

Spaghetti pasta tossed in olive oil and garlic, white wine,
served with marrows and fresh prawns.

Spaghetti Frutti di Mare*

main €8.90 · starter €8.40
Spaghetti pasta served with a combination
of mussels, prawns, calamari and
octopus, cooked in olive oil
and a touch of garlic.

* Dishes may also be served with rice.

[ grills ]
meat lovers
Bistecca alla Brace €14.90
Char grilled fresh rib eye. (Mushroom, pepper, or BBQ sauce add €0.70

Petti di Pollo alla Griglia €11.00

Grilled chicken breast with extra virgin olive oil and lemon.

Costiglie alla Brace - Spare Ribs

Half rack €10.00 · Full rack €14.50
Char grilled Spare Ribs, barbeque or honey glazed.

Burger alla Fiamma €6.50

Homemade char grilled Beef Burger
(With melted emmenthal cheese and/or fried egg add €0.50 per ingredient).

All Grills are accompanied with fries and a side salad.

Kids Menu
All meals include a soft drink of your choice

Pasta €6.90
A plate of penne tossed in your choice of tomato sauce or butter and cheese.

Pizza €6.50
Tomatoes mozzarella and cocktail sausages.

Chicken Nuggets and Fries €4.90

Kiddie Burger with Fries €4.90

Fries – regular portion €1.80 · large portion €2.20

[ pizza ]
your lifestyle choice
Welcome to Piccolo Padre’s Life style choice initiative. Lifestyle choice was
created to ensure we continue to cater for our customer’s dietary wants and
needs. Our lifestyle meals are: Lower in fat, utilize light ingredients and
most importantly remain full of flavour and delicious.

Pizza al Pomodoro fresco,

Basilico e Rucola €6.20
Pizza dough cooked until golden
brown drizzled with extra virgin
oil and topped with freshly diced
tomatoes, basil and rucola.

Pizza alla Ricotta €6.80

Pizza dough brushed with spicy oil,
with fresh ricotta, roasted cherry tomatoes
and topped with shavings of ricotta salata.

Pizza Snella €6.50

Tomatoes, black olives, anchovies, tuna, green peppers,
shredded onions and fresh mint.

Pizza a Farina Integrale con Salmone Affumicato €8.20

Whole grain pizza with smoked salmon, Philadelphia “Light”,
onions, capers and dill drizzled with olive oil and lemon.

Pizza allo Scoglio €8.50

Tomatoes, shrimps, mussels, octopus, olives and herbs.

You may choose to have whole grain dough if you prefer

with any of the above. Please check availability.
[ pizza ]
360° of goodness
Pizza Margherita €6.20 (with three slices of Parma ham €2.10 extra)
Tomatoes, mozzarella, Parmesan cheese and basil.

Pizza ai Funghi €6.70

Tomatoes, mozzarella and a double portion of mushrooms.

Pizza Capricciosa €6.90

Tomatoes, mozzarella, mushrooms, eggs, ham,
artichoke hearts, olives and oregano.

Pizza Sfincione €8.30

Closed pizza topped with sesame
seeds, filled with mozzarella, onions, fresh
tomatoes, mushrooms, ham and salami.

Pizza Piccolo Padre €7.00

Tomatoes, mozzarella, Maltese sausage, Gozo cheese, salami and eggs.

Pizza Quattro Stagioni €7.00

Tomatoes, mozzarella, eggs, salami, cocktail sausages and peas.

Pizza Paolo €6.80

Tomatoes, mozzarella, tuna, fresh tomatoes, onions, black olives and oregano.

Pizzotto €7.90
Rolled pizza with sesame seeds, filled with mozzarella,
mushrooms, onions, blue cheese and a touch of honey.

Pizza Maltese €6.90

Tomatoes, mozzarella, bigilla, peppered Gozo cheese and Maltese sausage.

Pizza Pepperoni €6.70

Tomatoes, mozzarella and pepperoni salami.

Pizza ai Quattro Formaggi €6.80

Gorgonzola, Edam, Mozzarella and Gozo cheese.

Extra ingredients €1.10

[ bar ]


Local White Wines Gavi di Gavi
Full €14.00 / Lm6.01
House Wine Palladino, Piedmont

Half €4.60 / Lm1.97 - Full €7.50 / Lm3.21 This is an extremely elegant wine, pale gold with hints of green,
Piccolo Padre private label and delicately scented in bouquet. Dry but not astringent,
A fruity, dry, crisp and easy drinking light white wine. lean yet with a slightly flinty complexity and subtle body, it
is a wine to be consumed while fresh and youthful.
Green Label “Blanc de Blanc”
Half €5.00 / Lm2.14 - Full €8.20 / Lm3.52 Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico
Delicata, Malta Half €7.50 / Lm3.21 - Full €11.70 / Lm5.02
A classic Maltese wine brand with a crisp refreshing acidity Fazi Battaglia, Marches
and full fruit flavours. Modern fermentation techniques have Verdicchio has come a long way from an ancient fresh and pale wine
been used to ensure that traditional “Blanc de Blanc” delivers to the well structured fruity and good value wine we all love today.
classic, clean, fruit driven flavours time after time. Consumers never let the traditional Amphora shaped bottle to go away.

Chardonnay Frascati Superiore

Half €6.50 / Lm2.79 - Full €9.30 / Lm3.99 Half €6.50 / Lm2.79 - Full €9.50 / Lm4.07
Marsovin, Malta Villa Franca, Latium

Complex aromatic notes and flavours of citrus fruits and A crisp wine with easy drinking characteristics
buttery notes. It is easy drinking with a refreshing acidity. made from the Malvasia grape.

Sauvignon Blanc Zilath Bianco

Full €9.30 / Lm3.99 Full €12.80 / Lm5.49
Marsovin, Malta Casale Cento Corvi - Lazio

Marsovin’s Sauvignon Blanc has a very fruity nose reminiscent of Made from a blend of Trebbiano, Malvasia and Chardonnay.
melons, tropical fruits and freshly cut grass. It is dry and acidic; Delicately fruity bouquet with hints of almonds.
crisp yet round to the palate. It is best enjoyed in its youth. Dry on the palate, refreshing, balanced acidity.

Victoria Heights~Chardonnay New World White Wines

Full €10.00 / Lm4.29
Delicata, Gozo Chenin Blanc
A soft, fruity full flavoured dry white wine produced entirely Full €11.50 / Lm4.93
from Chardonnay grapes grown in the valley vineyards of Simonsig, Stellenbosch~South Africa
Gozo. This is an attractive, slightly honeyed barrel matured An aromatic nose of ripe pears, apples and flowers with a touch
white wine full of character and subtle vanilla flavours. of honey. Fresh and intense fruit salad flavours fills
the palate with delicious richness on the aftertaste.
Chardonnay “Isis”
Half €10.70 / Lm4.59 - Full €17.00 / Lm7.29 Santa Digna~Sauvignon Blanc
Meridiana, Malta Full €12.80 / Lm5.49
Made from Chardonnay grapes, Isis is characterised by Miguel Torres, Curico~Chile
fresh, natural, tropical fruit flavours. The name recalls A fresh and well-structured New World Sauvignon Blanc
the Phoenician goddess of sailors whose vigilant eye that is elegant and round balanced by a crisp acidity.
still graces the prow of the Maltese fishing luzzu.
Semillon, Chardonnay
Italian White Wines Full €14.50 / Lm6.22
Wolf Blass, South Australia

Pinot Grigio The complex bouquet displays attractive aromas of both varieties in this
Half €6.70 / Lm2.87 - Full €13.00 / Lm5.58 complimentary blend. The palate is well balanced with lively fruit and a
Pasqua, Veneto hint of oak combining perfectly with a long finish.
Fresh, with a pleasant fruity bouquet.
Full, crisp and well balanced.
[ bar ]


Rose` Wines Medina Vineyards~Syrah,
Grenache, Carignan
Palazzo Verdala Full €10.00 / Lm4.29
Half €5.00 / Lm2.14 - Full €8.20 / Lm3.52 Delicata, Malta

Marsovin, Malta This beaujolais-like red is undeniably a Malta grown gem. It is a

Verdala Rosé is an elegant blend of grape varieties light bodied red blend of three complimentary grape varieties.
namely Montepulciano and Uva Troia. It is a smooth Syrah, Grenache and Carignan grapes have all been harvested
and well-balanced Rosé that combines a fruity locally in small pocket sized vineyards and skilfully turned into
aroma with a crisp and refreshing palate. an easy drinking fruity relish reminiscent of boiled sweets.

Medina Vineyards~Grenache Victoria Heights~Merlot

Full €10.00 / Lm4.29 Full €10.00 / Lm4.29
Delicata, Malta Delicata, Gozo

A fruity, aromatic rose` wine with real character This soft, fruity full flavoured dry red wine is
produced entirely from Malta grown Grenache produced entirely from Merlot grapes grown in
grapes. This refreshing wine has a lush strawberry nose the valley vineyards of Gozo. A touch of oak is
with hints of cherry and forest fruits on the palate. well balance by true Merlot characteristics.

Mateus Cheval Franc

Half €6.20 / Lm2.66 - Full €11.70 / Lm5.02 Full €14.00 / Lm6.01
Sogrape, Bairrada~Portugal Marsovin, Malta

A light, slightly fizzy medium dry rose wine. Cheval Franc is Marsovin’s Thoroughbred and is
produced from the Cabernet Franc grape variety.
Rose d`Anjou This wine is medium bodied with peppery and herbaceous
Full €9.50 / Lm4.07 aromas that are typical characteristics
Saveurs de Loire, Loire~France of the Cabernet Franc grape variety.
A gentle medium dry, easy drinking and
fruity rose` coming from the Loire valley. Italian Red Wines

Local Red Wines Barbera d’Alba “Ruvei”

Full €15.30 / Lm6.56
House Wine Marchesi di Barolo, Piedmont

Half €4.60 / Lm1.97 - Full €7.50 / Lm3.21 A wine that offers fantastic value for money. Based on the Barbera
Piccolo Padre private label. grape, the second most important of the Piedmont region.
A fruity, round and easy drinking red wine.
La Valette Full €13.50 / Lm5.79
Half €5.00 / Lm2.14 - Full €8.20 / Lm3.52 Villa Chigi, Latium

Marsovin, Malta A classic Merlot; beautiful red fruit aromas with notes
This wine is predominantly produced from Merlot and of herbs and spice; on the palate this wine has plenty of ripe
Cabernet Franc. The strong character of this wine and cherry flavours balance by mouth tingling acidity.
its fruity aromas and flavours make it very versatile and
enjoyable both at an early and later stage in its life span. Zilath Rosso
Full €14.00 / Lm6.01
Cabernet Sauvignon Casale Cento Corvi Lazio

Half €6.50 / Lm2.79 - Full €9.30 / Lm3.99 Made from a blend of Montepulciano, Sangiovese and Carignano.
Marsovin, Malta Pleasant aromas reminiscent of violet. Soft and dry on the palate,
A Cabernet Sauvignon that offers the attractive fruity, low in tannins, light bodied, easy drinking with a good finish.
combination of structure an body accompanied
with bright fruit.
[ bar ]


Chianti Classico Vina Montgras~Merlot
Half €6.90 / Lm2.96 - Full €12.80 / Lm5.49 Full €9.90 / Lm4.25
Ruffino, Tuscany CHILE

This wine is characterized by a lively, ruby red This wine is bright red in colour. It has aromas
colour and a fruity, vinous nose. It is a soft, of fresh fruit. Medium to full-bodied.
well-structured and balanced wine with
aromatic hints of cherry, blueberry and plum. Woodbridge~Zinfandel
Full €14.00 / Lm6.01
Valpolicella Classico Robert Mondavi, California~U.S.A

Half €6.50 / Lm2.79 - Full €11.70 / Lm5.02 This Zinfandel showcases blackberry and raspberry
Bolla, Veneto flavours with nuances of clove and spice. A soft peppery
Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara make this fruit driven note is complemented by a hint of vanilla oak.
wine full of flavours reminiscent of wild cherries.
Malbec “Reserva”
Piano Maltese~Nero d’Avola Full €11.80 / Lm5.06
Full €13.50 / Lm5.79 Bodegas Trivento, Mendoza~Argentina

Rapitala`, Sicily Ripe, lush Malbec is Argentina’s signature red wine.

Piano Maltese Rosso is a product of the most typical of the Sicilian Malbec can be considered unique to Argentina,
grape varieties: the Nero d`Avola with its deep colour and robust as no other country in the world has managed to
structure. The grape, vinified on its own, gives this wine an intense red obtain the quality, which it has achieved here.
colour, a bouquet of ripe fruit and a typical, balanced, deep flavour.

Sparkling Wines
Spanish Red Wines
Zarina Gellewza Frizzante
Sangre de Toro Full €9.90 / Lm4.25
Half €6.80 / Lm2.91- Full €11.60 / Lm4.97 Delicata, Malta

Torres, Catalunya Gellewza Frizzante is made from the Maltese red

Undoubtedly the most popular Spanish wine in Malta, it is made grape Gellewza and its constant stream of fizz
from a blend of Garnacha and Carinena. Characterized by complex pushes up a wonderful strawberry bouquet.
Mediterranean aromas and notes of spices, soft red fruits and liquorice.
Fragolino Rosso Frizzante
Full €9.00 / Lm3.86
New World Red Wines ITALY

The name fragolina derived from uva fragola or better Strawberry

Robert’s Rock Cabernet grapes, which give the very evident berry taste on the mouth.
Full €10.00 / Lm4.29 Prosecco Villa Jolanda
South Africa Full €12.50 / Lm5.36
A lively wine with a well-balanced structure which A natural sparkling wine, delicate bouquet
results in a soft, easy drinking wine. fresh and inviting.

Full €14.00 / Lm6.01
Simonsig, Stellenbosch~South Africa

A youthful, unwooded red wine with luscious ripe berry

fruit aromas and flavours from mature bush vines.
[ bar ]


Quarter Bottles Beverages

Soft drinks (by the glass 30cl)

White Wines €1.60 / Lm0.68

Vina Sol Local beer

€3.60 / Lm1.54 Half Pint €1.70 / Lm0.72 - Full Pint €3.10 / Lm1.33
Torres, Penedes~Spain

An elegant, fresh and fruity wine with fine Foreign beer

spicy hints, built around the Parellada variety. €2.00 / Lm0.85

Chardonnay Sweet and dry cider

€3.60 / Lm1.54 €3.80 / Lm1.63
E&J Gallo, California~U.S.A

This Chardonnay exhibits ripe flavours of green apple and Aperitifs

tropical fruit, supported by mild oak and butter notes. €1.80 / Lm0.77

Spirits / Special brands

Red Wines €2.40 / Lm1.03 - €4.20 / Lm1.80

Sangre de Toro Liqueurs

€3.60 / Lm1.54 €2.90 / Lm1.24
Torres, Penedes

Undoubtedly the most popular Spanish wine in Malta, Local mineral water
it is made from a blend of Garnacha and Carinena. €2.60 / Lm1.11 - €1.70 / Lm0.72

Cinsault, Pinotage Foreign mineral water

€3.60 / Lm1.54 from €3.00 / Lm1.28 - €3.20 / Lm1.37
Kumala, Western Cape~South Africa small €1.70 / Lm0.72
A ripe, flavoursome wine with bags of juicy,
plummy fruit on both the nose and palate. Ice Tea Lemon or Peach
€1.60 / Lm0.68
Cabernet Sauvignon
€3.60 / Lm1.54 Fresh orange juice
E&J.Gallo, California~U.S.A €2.00 / Lm0.85
Rich berry and plum flavours are supported
by a backbone of subtle oak finishing with a Juices
soft mouth feel and good length. €1.60 / Lm0.68

Thick ice-cream milkshake

Hot Beverages (different flavours)
€1.90 / Lm0.81
Tea or Lemon Tea €1.50 / Lm0.64
Cappuccino €1.55 / Lm0.66 Mixers
Espresso €1.30 / Lm0.55 €0.45 / Lm0.19
Hot Chocolate €1.60 / Lm0.68
Juice mixers
€0.60 / Lm0.25