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Free NDTi Webinars for members of the Mental Health Providers Forum

The Purpose
Exclusively for members of MHPF, NDTI are delivering a series of six seminars at monthly intervals starting in May 2013. The webinars are free for forum members as part of the NDTis desire to su pport the spread of good practice. The topics identified have been chosen to reflect current issues and challenges facing providers in the mental health field.

Who the webinars are for

They are primarily designed for participation by middle and senior managers in provider organisations. i.e. people with a responsibility for shaping and overseeing service delivery and the capacity to influence and change practice. Each online presentation and discussion will be open to a maximum of 25 participants

The Process
The aim is to create a short learning and discussion opportunity for MHPF members in a time and cost effective manner. Webinars will last for one hour. There will be a presentation of key issues and learning from NDTis work on the topic for the session. The aim is that participants have gained an overview of some key issues and outline ideas they can apply within their organisation. Each participant will need both a computer AND a telephone (landline or mobile).

MHPF Members participating in a webinar who commission follow up support or training from NDTi around any of the issues will get a 10% discount off our usual rates. Proposed webinars These are stand-alone webinars i.e. participation in one is not a pre-requisite for participation in another. Each session is held on a Tuesday and starts at 10.00am : 21ST MAY 2013 Meena Patel Age equality for mental health providers A broad understanding of the Act, how the toolkit can help to meet legal responsibilities, examples of best practice, and early ideas for action. 4th JUNE 2013 Steve Dowson Person centred plans to individual support plans A broad understanding of key strategies for ensuring that person centred plans get translated into support plans and service delivery. 2nd JULY 2013 Peter Bates Supporting community organisations to be welcoming An understanding of approaches to identifying and working with community organisations and resources. 6th AUGUST 2013 Sue Turner Reasonably Adjusted? This webinar is for people interested in making mental health services more accessible to people with learning disabilities and people with autism. It will aim to spread the learning from Reasonably Adjusted project. 3rd SEPTEMBER 2013 Peter Bates Positive staff and positive about risk An appreciation of how understanding approaches to risk can help deliver service objectives and knowledge of issues to consider to change practice. 8th OCTOBER 2013 Rich Watts Payment by Results, Personal Health Budgets and personalisation An update on policy progress in each of these three areas and practical things, based on good practice, that providers can do now in response To book your place or for more information contact Claire Jones at claire.jones@NDTi.org.uk
Web: www.ndti.org.uk

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