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Nationality : Islamic Republic Of Pakistan

Cell: 0559049560


Under Lea rn ing Processes
Visa Status : Employment

Object ive:
I strive to work in an environment that exposes me to a wide spectrum of
situations that would contribute to enhance my learning under a continuous

Educat ion:

Associate Engineering in Computer Technology (Year 2002)

Swedish Groups of Technologies
Punjab Board of Technical Education Lahore.
Rawalpindi Campus, Pakistan

S.S.C(Secondary School Certificate Year 1999)

Profess iona l Cert i f i cat ions:

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA Year 2006)

Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE Year 2004-2006)

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP Year 2003)

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP Uner Study)

IELTS (Year 2008)

Strengths :

 Computer Hardware’s
 Computer Software’s
 Microsoft Servers
 CISCO Firewalls
 Microsoft Firewalls
 Satellite Configure
 CISCO Routers & Switches
 Satellite Routers
 Corel Draw
 Computer Networking
 PCB Designing
 Proficient in English and Urdu
 Self starter and motivated
 Ability to acquire and apply job skills quickly
 Team player

Work Exper ience :

 OGER Dubai as IT Technician

(March 2008 to onward)
Currently I am Working with OGER Dubai my working area is Head office and
Sites . Configure and troubleshoot clients problems related to Advanced
Network and special software’s that configured online through via third party
link just like a CITRIX , PRIMAVIRA. Managed servers i-e ISA , DNS , DHCP ,
Remote Server , Backup Server , File server . Currently there are two big sites
that are under construction each side have above than 150 clients that are
connected to at a time Mail server , DNS , DHCP Server , Anti-virus server
my responsibilities is that maintain the connectivity of users with all servers.
. In HO there are above than 200 clients working in different department with
different Network setting and different latest software’s these all thing are my
under responsibility that I look after .Maintain Link Connectivity with all
Branches , Configure Network Printers , plotters configure troubleshoot
Viruses problems , Hardware issues .
My Hardware Duties in OGER is Troubleshoot , repair desktops systems ,
laptop , printers, plotter . I troubleshoot Dell system Hardware , HP System
hardware in printers side Troubleshoot EPSON2180 , HP5550 , HP5610 , HP
Plotters . I have strong sound knowledge of Computer Hardware

 Synergy Computers (SCL) as System Engineer .

( Dec 2006 to May 2008)

Synergy Computers is a multi-National company and its provides Support
Services & software services . I worked with this company as a System
Engineer on Intel base my responsibility in this company is that install and
trouble shoot Intel base Hardware , Trouble shoot Network problems LAN ,
WAN . Design Network , Physically install network Wireless and Cable both ,
Trouble shoot and install CISCO Routers , Switches , Microsoft Servers
Configuration & Trouble shooting , Anti virus Servers Trouble shooting ,
working on printers HP , TALLY , EPSON & trouble shoot . Synergy Computers
Provides These services in Hotels , Education sectors , Banks , Government
sectors and I goes these area and worked as a System Engineer.

 Uecoms as Network Administrator .

( Jan 2005 to Dec 2006)

Worked with Uecoms as a Network Administrator my responsibility in this
company is that problems analysis , Trouble shooting , Maintain Network ,
updated anti virus servers , monitor WAN network , manage and trouble
shoot servers , Check Maintenance of Intel base systems , Supervision ,
Control DHCP server , DNS servers . I worked in Rawalpindi Branch over all
Uecoms have 5 branches .

 Canteen Stored Department (CSD) as Hardware Engineer /DEO :

( Jun 2003 to Dec 2004)

CSD is a Government organization I worked with CSD as a Hardware Engineer
and Data Entry Operator my responsibility is that Configure and trouble
shoot servers and desktop systems , Get backup & day end . Monitor WAN
Link , Provides and issue Users and passwords over all CSD has 130 branches
in all Pakistan . Service Epson & HP printers , Service Intel base Systems.
CSD is a under Ministry of defense Pakistan I also Worked as a Data Entry
Operator . Entry in data base server Oracle , enter Bank installment , trace
bank slips , enter new forms I worked in HP (Hire purchase) Section Head

 Elecktro Control Industries (ECI) as Asstt CAD Engineer .

( Dec, 2004 to March, 2006)

I worked with Elecktro Control Industries as a Asstt CAD Engineer my
responsibility is that Design Printed Circuit Board , Retrace PCB , Draw
Schematic & convert into PCB , Generate Gerber Files for films , Test dead
PCB and trace fault , go to field and install devices and get result . Manage
the documentation of all PCB , Maintain the store record. The software that I
used for PCB Designing is PCAD . I worked with PCAD4.51 version , PCAD2001
, PCAD2003 , ORCAD , PINPOINT software’s for designing PCB . I also look
after Computer networks , Monitor Servers and clients Computers , Trouble
shoot Viruses , Maintain and control PCAD Software Database. PCB that I
designed is F-7 Multiplier PCB , Line Generator PCB , Signal Generator PCB ,
MTA(Module Trigger Adaptor complete unit PCB. I designed single layer and
multi layer PCB IN ECI.

 College of Information Technology as Lab-Asstt.

(August 2002 to Dec 2002)

In College of Information Technology I worked as a LAB-Asstt . My
responsibility is that maintain LAB computer record , maintain LAB
Computers , trouble shoot problems , installation of new software ,
Install operating systems , and everyday report to Lab in charge .

Technica l Ski l l s :

 Wireless Communication
 Satellite Communication
 FM/AM Frequencies
 Cisco Routers : 2600, 1700, 2500, 4000 series
 I Direct 5000 Series Satellite Router
 Cisco switches : 1900, 2950, 5000 series
 Systems : ACER , IBM , DELL
 Printers : HP , EPSON , TALLY
 Operating System : Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server
 Wan Technologies : ISDN, Frame-Relay, DSL
Worked on Microsoft Servers :

 Mail Server
 DNS Server
 DHCP Server
 Antivirus Server
 Application Server
 Additional Server
 Terminal Server

Hardware Maintenance/Trouble Shoot ing :

 ACER Desktop Systems(5100 , 7500G , 7600GT , 5200D , 7600D)

 ACER Servers (GT300 , GT700 , Altos G530 , G320)
 ACER Laptops ( Travel Mate Series , Aspire Series)
 IBM Desktop Systems
 DELL Desktop Systems & Servers
 EPSON Printers ( EP2140 , EP2180)
 HP Printers ( HP Laser 1100 , 1200 , 1300 , 1320 , 1020 , Laser jet 4L ,
 5L , 6L , HP Laser color 4050 )
 TALLY Printer (Tally 2245)
Tra in ings:

 Attended CISCO SMB training at Marriot in Islamabad

 Attended Microsoft training at Best western Islamabad