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Budget 2009 Adjustments V3

• NOTE: Draft 2 of the 2009 Budget now shows an overall 30k deficit.

• NOTE: 09 budget Tab; Line I30; Account #450 went from 13718 to 30907, 30K which is for the front
entrance to Ontelaunee Park leaving 907; 13718 has been decreased by 12811

• NOTE: The 2nd draft of the 2009 Budget does not allow for pay increases.

• General Fund cash to start 2009: 09 budget Tab Line D2, 1st draft was 460K; 2nd draft 220K

• Truck for Park: 09 budget Tab Line G7 -25K for truck; G27 25K.

• Sale of JD 2755: Took low end quote of 13K; GF Adj. Tab line X17; 09 budget Tab D18

• Salary delta for road crew employee: GF Adj. Tab line Z129; 09 budget Tab D27; $5720

• Health Insurance adjustment for increase: GF Adj. Tab line Z168; 09 budget Tab D33, increase of
$4,262.00. We kept it at 6 family and 2 single coverage, expecting Randy Schmoyer to become a
complete full time employee which will make him eligible for health coverage.

• Newsletter Adjustment: GF Adj. Tab line Z60, 37; 09 budget Tab D24. A cut back of $1,672.00

• NW Ambulance cap on fuel @ 5K: GF Adj. Tab line Z99; 09 budget Tab D25, -$2,880.00
• NOTE: Am I to cut off the fuel for the ambulance corp. now or is the cap only for 2009?

• Heating System for maint. bldg. & safety issues in main bldg.: GF Adj. Tab line Z81; 09 budget Tab
D24. Budgeted $6950 for Maint. Bldg. and $3850 for Main Bldg. = $10,800.00. NOTE: No
adjustments were made for the cost per gal for propane vs. oil. To difficult to project.

• P/T employee cut in Ontelaunee Park: GF Adj. Tab line Z138; 09 budget Tab D27. $1,500 cut.

• Transfer Station/copying fees/mulch increase: GF Adj. Tab line X13; 09 budget Tab D17. Copies
$240; Transfer Station/Mulch $3,340 = $3,580

• Park Rentals: Park Adj. Tab line W12; 09 budget Tab I15. Increase of $775.00

• Transfer of money from REC to Park: 09 budget Tab includes the last transfer of $7,000

• Cell Tower 10% increase for 2009: GF Adj. Tab line X7; 09 budget Tab D15. $1,200 increase.

• Codification of Ordinances: GF Adj. Tab line Z103; 09 budget Tab D25 additional $1365.00

• Pay increase for full time employees: Total for all full time employees $14,800.00. GF Adj. Tab line
Z34-44-145-103-107; 09 budget Tab D24-25-27-30

• NOTE: 3K was set aside a donation time for Madison Park Tot-lot. The swing set has been ordered
and total cost comes to approx. $3,136.00 includes timbers and rubber mulch. We could pay for this out
of the REC fund if the BOS wishes? Let me know. The BOS made a motion at the 11/13/08 meeting to allow the
expenditure of $136 to be paid out of the REC fund for the swing set for the Tot-Lot.