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Krishna’s Appearance 17

Mathura and Vrindavan water was very high and all of the land was
inundated. He thought, “How can I cross?”
Exactly at the same time when Yasoda- Just then Vasudev saw Mahamaya in the
mata gave birth to Krishna in Vrinda- form of a she-jackal crossing the Yamuna.
van, in Mathura, in the prison house of So Vasudev followed her.
Kamsa, Devaki also gave birth to a child. Finally he came to the quarters of Nanda
That is described in the tenth canto of Maharaja. There he put his son on the lap
the Bhāgavatam. Lord Hari appeared in of Yasoda-mata and took Yasoda’s daugh-
Mathura in a four-handed form. He had ter with him.
a crown on His head and with His four
hands He was holding a śakha, cakra, Born in Two Places
gadā, and padma — a conchshell, disk, Hearing this, Snigdha Kantha said,
club and lotus. Kanaka-kuala-kara, on “What is this? Yasoda-mata gave birth
His two ears there were golden earrings, to one son and one daughter, and Va-
and a bright effulgence was coming out sudev took the daughter. What hap-
of His body. Although it was a dark and pened to the son?”
cloudy night, by the effulgence coming Madhu Kantha said, “This is a very con-
from the body of Lord Hari everything fidential matter. Yasoda-mata’s daughter
was illuminated. was sākāt-yogamāyā. By her potency, Yo-
Seeing this wonderful child, Devaki gamaya kept the son of Nanda hidden,
paid obeisances with folded hands and and Vasudev could not see Him. He only
offered prayers. Vasudev immediately saw the daughter.”
took bath. How could he take bath in The son of Nanda and Yasoda is svaya
the prison house? He did so by medita- bhagavān, the original Supreme Personal-
tion within his mind, manasā-snāna. Also ity of Godhead — ete cāśa-kalā pusa
in his mind he observed a grand festival kas tu bhagavān svayam.2 Nanda-nandana
for the birthday of Lord Hari and gave ka, yaśodā-nandana ka is svaya
away innumerable cows in charity to the bhagavān, and all avatāras are His plenary
brāhmaas and vaiavas. Like Devaki, he
portions or portions of His plenary por-
also offered prayers to Lord Narayan.
tions — asa and kalā.
Then Narayan told him, “Immediately
From the womb of Devaki came the four-
take Me to Vraja-Gokul and put Me on the
lap of Yasoda-mata.” handed form Vāsudev, who is a prābhava-
Hearing this, Vasudev was very, very prakāśa of Krishna. Krishna has two
happy. By the wonderful will of Lord Hari, types of expansions, prābhava-prakāśa and
those who were guarding the prison all vaibhava-prakāśa. In the temporary category
fell asleep. All of the strong iron doors and of prābhava come the incarnations Mohini,
shackles opened and Vasudev was free Hamsa and Sukla. In the eternal category
to leave. Exactly at the same time when comes Dhanvantari, Rishabha, Vyasa, Dat-
Vasudev was leaving the prison of Kamsa, tatreya, Kapila, etc. The vaibhava-prakāśa
Yasoda-mata gave birth to a second child, are partially powerful. In this category
a daughter. comes Kurma, Matsya, Nara Narayan
When Vasudev came to the bank of the Rishi, Varaha, Hayagriva, Prishnigarbha,
Yamuna he saw there was a great flood. The Baladev, Yajna, Vibhu, Satyasena, Hari,
18 Mathura Meets Vrindavan

Yasoda gave birth to twins

Vaikuntha, Ajita, Vaman, Sarvabhauma, In the Hari-vaśa (2.4.11) it is described

Rishabha, Vishwaksena, Dharmasetu, how Lord Hari simultaneously took birth
Sudama, Yogeswar, Brihadbhanu, etc. in two places:
When svayam bhagavān Krishna comes, garbha kāle tv asapūre aame māsi te striyau
all of His portions and portions of portions, devakī ca yaśodā ca suubāte sama tadā
asa and kalā, all come within Him. The
In the eighth month of pregnancy, which is
son of Vasudev is Vāsudev, a four-handed
considered asapūra, incomplete, Yasoda and
form of the Lord. Vāsudev is a plenary Devaki both gave birth at the same time.*
portion of Krishna. So when Vasudev put
his son on the lap of Yasoda, that Vāsudev Just after that, Yasoda gave birth to
entered into the child Krishna who was a daughter, Yogamaya. Mahamaya is a
already lying there. Just as all rivers flow portion of Yogamaya, and she was thus
down to enter into the ocean, similarly also there. Vasudev took away this Ma-
all the plenary portions and portions of hamaya and handed her over to Kamsa,
the plenary portions of the Lord all come while Yogamaya stayed, hidden, in
and enter into the original Lord. By the Vrajabhumi. In this way it was declared
activity of yoga-māyā, Vasudev could not that the eighth child was a daughter, not
understand any of these things. a son. Kamsa was cheated.
Krishna’s Appearance 19

Yasoda’s Joy hearing the crying sound of the new-

born child. Everyone came and said,
Madhu Kantha then said, “When Yaso- “Oh, it is not a daughter, it is a son!
da-mata gave birth to Krishna, all were Yasoda has given birth to a son!”
asleep. Everyone slept through the whole Everyone was very happy and bliss-
night. Then in the morning Lord Hari ful. It was as if all of Gokul, Vrajab-
started crying, “Kwaaa! Kwaaa! Kwaaa!” humi, had drowned in an ocean of
Everyone woke up. Yasomati also woke blissfulness. All the gopas and gopīs
and saw her nice son. came running to Nanda Maharaja’s
Seeing her wonderful, very beautiful quarters to see Yasoda’s newly born
son, mother Yasoda completely drowned son. The demigods were dancing in
in the ocean of blissfulness. She couldn’t the heavenly planets, beating drums
think what to do. She was shedding tears and singing, “hari hari hari-bolo! hari-
of bliss and love. From her breast, milk
bolo! hari-bolo! hari-bolo!” The fourteen
was flowing. The new-born child was
planetary systems resounded with the
there in her lap and Yasoda was very bliss-
sound of “hari-bolo”.
fully looking at Him.
In the heavenly planets the deva-nārīs, the
Yasoda-mata’s voice was faltering in
wives of the demigods, were showering
joy. She could not speak anything, and
flowers. All of the gopas and gopīs were
was simply shedding tears of love.
dancing blissfully. Embracing one another
Up until that day she had only looked
with love and affection, they were all
at the sons of others. Today she was drowning in an ocean of happiness.
looking at her own son. Tears poured Immediately Nanda Maharaja took bath
from her eyes and milk flowed from according to Vedic rites. Then he per-
her breasts. Her whole sari became formed the jāta-karma-saskāra — purifi-
completely soaked. Again and again catory ceremony for childbirth. Brāhmaas
Yasoda-mata looked at the beautiful came and uttered svasti-vācana, prayers
lotus-like, moon-like face of her son. for auspiciousness.
All the nurses, gopas, and gopīs awoke, Many musicians came playing variet-
ies of musical instruments. The sound of
In his purport to Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 10.3.47 His Di-
drums, kettledrums, and other musical
vine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
describes this topic: “Srila Viswanath Chakravarti instruments resounded throughout all of
Thakur discusses that Krishna appeared simultane- the three planetary systems.
ously as the son of Devaki and as the son of Yasoda, The three planetary systems were
along with the spiritual energy Yogamaya. As the completely filled with supreme happi-
son of Devaki, He first appeared as Vishnu, and ness, mahā-ānanda. Prithivi-devi, Mother
because Vasudev was not in the position of pure
affection for Krishna, Vasudev worshiped his son
Earth had been very, very distressed and
as Lord Vishnu. Yasoda, however, pleased her over-burdened by the asuras, demons.
son Krishna without understanding His God- Now the demons were to be killed and
hood. This is the difference between Krishna as Prithivi-devi would be relieved of her
the son of Yasoda and as the son of Devaki. This heavy burden. All of the sādhus, vaiavas,
is explained by Viswanath Chakravarti on the
and dvijas, brāhmaas, were happy.
authority of Hari-vaśa.”