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Atherva Vedic Astrology
Atherva Vedic Astrology

Relates Girls /


Param Pujya His Holiness “Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar”

Girls born in Aries as Ascendant




The following article is based on “ Lagna” - Raising Ascendant and not on Moon sign or sun signs. Please do not confuse your western sun sign also sign based on Surya/ Sun and our Hindu

Moon sign also known as Raasi with the

“ sign names” in this following article.

I have discussed about the signs and

relationship in “ general’ to any females and that too based on Lagna only . For more clarification, please call me @ 408 829 7780( USA cell phone number)

A girl born under a particular ascendant

will carry the effect of that planet Moon, Mars and Venus and are of great importance for a woman. Innate nature, personal beauty, luck and various other things can be judged from one’s ascendant. Marriage and married life, love and influence of opposite sex, children and richness, besides education, profession and husband all

can be detailed through the ascendant of

a woman.

all can be detailed through the ascendant of a woman. Girls born in Aries as Ascendant

Girls born in Aries as Ascendant are lean and of muscular body, middle stature, ruddy complexion but have normally redness on their face. Long face and neck ,broad head at temples and narrow ar chin. Other features are, bushy eye brows, brown eyes grey to grayish

neck ,broad head at temples and narrow ar chin. Other features are, bushy eye brows, brown

brown and are of wiry hair varying in color from dark to sandy.

Mental Tendencies:- Ambitious , dominating, active, courageous and lover of independence. Impulsive and a good guide. They are rash and aggressive.

Personality :- Such girls are truthful, quarrelsome, energetic, fond of relation with opposite sex and of independent views. She always speaks high of his family. Her outstanding weakness is jealousy and pride. She expects to be praised by her husband or friend but cannot tolerate that her husband or friend should praise any other lady in her presence. Aggressive, very romantic, of phlegmatic nature, and loves the person to whom she can admire. Such girls are brave, venturesome, generous, diplomatic, in their opinion, o quick actions and have progressive tendencies. They marry early and in hurry. Legal proceedings may follow her during the life. There can be possibility of residence in foreign land under forced circumstances. Somewhat fiery or quick tempered. Such girls do not shirk taking responsibility, quick actions and decisions. it is said that when one is in love with Arian girls , he is to be congratulated or sympathized. Aries girls is determined to take the load, to be the first to move to action, and that includes the action of making first advance in romance. She wants to be leader in love affair. A man who resists her impact always intrigues her. Your mate should not neglect your talent and abilities. She will demand a lot from you and will return in double measure. After and before marriage Arian girls want complete freedom. She seldom loves

two men simultaneously and before going to other man, the Damsel will say “Good Bye” to the former and not leave him in lurch or guessing. If you are a career girl, you pretty girls cannot be succumbed to the charms of a man , not seduced by an idealist. Treats love on a equal sharing basis. To dampen or injure your pride will almost break your heart. A good house wife also. Arians rarely fall ill or feel fatigue, but when they feel so, they need full and whole time attention of her partner and rest.

Health :- Generally Arian girls enjoy good health , and have power of resistance to the disease. But surely they are prone to injuries and accidents particularly to the head. They are liable to suffer from phlegmatic, headaches, burns, brain affections, irregular disorders, pimples etc.

Cautious :- Arian girls should take plenty of rest and sleep. Green vegetables and good food is must for them. Avoid worry, excitements and anger, also avoid stimulates and non vegetarian food specially during the period when they are on family way.

Finances :- Subject to horoscope planetary position, Arians are not meant for amassing the wealth in spite of your strong desires. Extravagant, she will lose money through impulsive actions and rash investments. in case there are malefic planets in Ascendant, her budget will remain unbalanced and she will start in a flash and end in a crash. So she should think calmly and seriously before taking any action specially regarding finances and investment etc.

Romance And Marriage:- They are extremely frank and enthusiastic in love, their good nature and charm attract the opposite sex, so they marry early and in a haste. Of practical views, lasting affection, freedom and adventure in love these are their basic traits. She generally has the instinct to over ride and over power her husband and friends, aggressive and is very romantic. She have a fiery nature and as such can be controlled with tact and patience. A difficult guy to deal with, sexy and passionate in nature.

Ideal Match :- Leo, Libra and Sagittarius persons with their Ascendants are fit to marry her. Both are advised to be peaceful, avoid lavish spending and have saving disposition.

Domestic Environments :- In order to have happy home and domestic life, she must avoid rash temperament, criticism of each other , being sarcastic and not to be more impulsive and impatient, otherwise she has to face bickering as already hinted under personality, legal proceedings. So be warned, otherwise she loves her home much, keeps it neat and clean, is excellent host and has good friends. Good company, good home and to be cheerful is her basic traits.

Lucky Days, Numbers And Colors :-Lucky days for her are Tuesday, Saturday and Friday. Fair days are Monday and Sunday. (Test them and then use them) for important works. Other days are expensive and undesirable. Day of fast is Tuesday.9 and 1 are lucky numbers for her, which vibrate. Attractive numbers are 4 and 8 whereas 2,3,5 are passive. 6 and 7 are disagreeable. Red , yellow, copper and







Girls born in Taurus Ascendant

Colors. Avoid Black Girls born in Taurus Ascendant Physical Appearance :- Such girls are short to

Physical Appearance :-Such girls are short to middle stature, of broad forehead, plumpy, bright eyes, thick and stout neck, dark hair, clear complexion, and well developed body.

Mental Tendencies :- Preserving, constant, conservative, determined, obstinate, and ambitious of power. Social, affectionate and loving but can also be very unreasonable, prejudiced, when angry will not stop at anything . Slow but good steady worker.

Personality :-This being an Earthy and fixed sign, ladies born under this Ascendant are practical, solid and substantial. Having a great amount of physical, energy, they become very furious and violent when severely angered. Though secretive and reserved they make faithful friends. They are excellent companions to those possessing ideas and as coworkers. They are reliable, trustworthy and sincere. Such ladies are agreeable in nature, obedient to her husband, straight forward and one can depend on their opinion. Skilled in arts and fond o relations. A good host and expects the same in return. Keep the house tidy and up-to-date within their means. Faithful in love , maintains

harmony in domestic life, affectionate, warm and ever loving. Divorce with such ladies is rare. Good wife and mother too. Reserved and calm. You may doubt the character of your husband but keep no secret of their love. Anxious for a harmonious wedded life. Your gender and basic honesty are undiluted with normal feminine tricks and self control on the average. If you like someone you will be loyal to him through all his ups and downs, and Intellectual guy. They are strictly a physical creature and of refined tastes, fond of music and art. A good cook, her kitchen is generally said a real man`s trap. She has good sense of touch. Not so much demanding except love and loyalty. She cannot be pleased if criticized in public, likes to do things slowly. If man rushes her, she will becomes violent. A good mother ,more of a friend to her children than a mother. She dislikes weakness in any form, you never expect to be supported without contributing your share. A soul of hospitability, she will expect from your husband care for you in all directions. A dependable, predictable girl and a good cook too.

Health :- She is less sensitive to pains and normally enjoys robust and super human health. If she falls ill, will suffer for a long time due to non satisfactory of her recuperative power, so recovery is slow. Affliction of throat, tonsils, diphtheria, neck, pyorrhea and apoplexy are the diseases to which you are prone for affliction. She has unbounded appetite and try to lead temperate life.

Cautious :- She should not be obstinate, not slow in action, not be selfish and vindictive. She should not retain anger for long time. Avoid doubting others.

Finances:- She is of saving disposition and will accumulate money but never squander unnecessarily. Of materialistic mind, will get money from others. Practical and rise gradually. In money matters, you do not take chances. Not extravagant and know the value of money.

Romance And Marriage :- This sign indicates love affairs, taste in music, art, cinema and drama etc. Opposition and upsetting conditions may not deter her from sincerity, love and to be loyal to a man whom she likes once from the core of her heart. Impulsive in love and take a long time to select a mate. She does not like quarrels and hate confusion. In married life, she will set well and devoted to husband. Divorce is rare with her. She will bear and suffer the untold miseries and never desert her partner but instead will look after him well, and care him and protect him under any circumstances. Fond of giving parties, sumptuous food to others and hope to be treated in similar way.

Ideal Match :- The best suited people for a taurean girl are those who have Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces as their birth Ascendants. This denotes good partners, contributing to peace, maintain happy married life and harmony.

Domestic Environments :- Good , prosperous, harmonious and happy domestic life, devoted husband and she will have comforts, rest and peace at home. An orderly, good maintained, decorated and tidy house. Five “P” pleasure, property, popularity and position means much to her.

Lucky Days, Numbers And Colors :- Vibrated numbers are 2,8, attractive are 7 and 9, passive are 1,3,4 and 6 where disagree number is 5.Friday, Wednesday, Saturday and Monday are favorable days. Thursday indicates gain through partner, Tuesday expenditure. Sunday for rest at home. Friday is day of Fast. Best suited Colors’ are pink , Green and White. Avoid red color.

Girls born in Gemini as Ascendant

White. Avoid red color. Girls born in Gemini as Ascendant Physical Appearance :- Airy and Mutable

Physical Appearance :- Airy and Mutable sign. Gemini born girls are tall, upright, slender, quick and has moderate complexion. Legs are thin with visible veins, long arms, face, nose and chin. Hazel or Grey eyes, look sharp and active.

Mental Tendencies:- She is very difficult to understand due to her dualistic or vacillating nature but is very reliable in emergency. Form intellectual ranks and so geminis are witty, intelligent , lovely, somewhat shy or retiring, humane, but nervous and restless. Admirer of music, dance, painting, travels and inventions. Science subjects will suit you best.

Personality :- Geminian ladies are very intelligent, and want mental companionship, do not want to be mere house keeper. After marriage even they will not give up their outside activities.

They cannot tolerate any resentment and restrictions by the partner against their wish. They should be more tactful for happy life. No one can better do the things than she can and in graceful way But she lacks concentration and quick decision. She is ambitious, aspiring, argumentative (which should be avoided) and fond of mental recreations. Gemini girls are restless, anxious, highly strung, diffusive, mentally timid, indecisive and excitable. Love ,change

and diversity in all walks of life. She is

a good adviser and can be relied upon

in case of emergency. She is subject to lot of changes in your life. Enjoy the life to the maximum and may suffer continuously the misfortune. She cannot be easily imposed upon, for it she may like to severer may neglect her husband or if she wants to be house wife. may leave her career. So be wise and take the decision calmly and not in a haste because she loves her home, husband and children. She is or will under the influence of opposite sex, capable of making friendship very quickly but such

relation die to her fault finding nature. More the romance, more happy she will be. In case one marries a Gemini girl, one is to be guaranteed that he has at least two different wives. Her age will be important clue. Till she matures, romance is only a game to her. She can be fickle, unpredictable to an incredible degree. First she will be ecstatically carried away by your smile and voice. Then she will reverse her ecstasy and criticism for all your actions and even dress. So you are getting at least two

in one and that is indisputably bargain.

Not heartless, romance is easiest way for them to express as other woman. She needs pity and not anger. She is a lovely and gay companion and enjoys all

the sentimental gestures of romance and appealing charm. Truly in love, a very good mother too, Being of a changeable nature if she is far from you for some time, she may change mate without warning you. Please be careful men folks!

Health :- Worry and anxiety may spoil her health, she should avoid it. Her health will remain normally good. Geminis should avoid mental strain, over work .

Cautious:-- On the other hand she should take rest, plenty of exercise, fresh air breathing, eat conservatively and cultivate physical and mental poise.

Finances :- There will be lot of changes

in her life. She will enjoy the life with

a good fortune and suffer continuous

misfortune experiencing both privation and plenty. Family disputes and disagreement with them. She will bring her downfall herself. Her secret love affairs if any will bring loss and difficulties. Some of them may have progeny through such connections which will be perennial source of trouble and headache.

Romance And Marriage:- Gemini being a dual sign, she always feel that variety is spice of life. She makes quick friendship and find fault quickly and often lose them. So she cannot find a friend of her satisfaction even though she long for it. She cannot be understood easily because of duality in nature but more romance for her is the source of more happiness for her. Geminis are of calculative nature and cynical in love. She is of flirtation nature if horoscope indicates. Excuse me for this ! In case her partner is equally intelligent, she will enjoy the married

life otherwise bickering and separation may follow. Short journeys in life are indicated.

Ideal Match :- Geminis are best suited for Libra, Aquarius. Aries and Leo born people with their birth Ascendants. The combination can lead to happy and favorable life as these men can understand her better and will control her.

Domestic Environments:- She feels delighted in entertaining friends and relations. She is a bit extravagant. Often change residence. Keep the home in a medium way. Cannot remain idle mentally or physically of adjusting nature. Fond of children but less parental care and need careful handling.

Lucky Days, Numbers And Colors:- Monday, Thursday, Wednesday and Friday are favorable days Tuesday and Saturday will be of worries, difficulties and loss. Sunday for short journeys and routine work. The vibrated numbers are 7 and 3, attracted 5,6 and 9. Passive numbers are 1and 2 whereas disagree numbers are 5 and 8.Lucky and favorable Colors’ are yellow, purple, blue, green and pink. Avoid red and black. Day of fast Full Monday or pooranmashi

Girls born in Cancer as Ascendant

Full Monday or pooranmashi Girls born in Cancer as Ascendant Physical Appearance:- Cancer is watery and

Physical Appearance:- Cancer is watery and movable sign. Its Lord is Moon.

Girls born under this Ascendant have round face, full cheeks, short nose but prominent, sometimes at the tipe. Black or light blue eyes or even grey. Pale complexion ,wide breast, small hands and feet.

Mental Tendencies :- Cancerian damsels are fond of change, novelty and travelling. Attached to relations and home. Inclined to public life, sympathetic, changeful and impatient. Emotional, sentimental and over sensitive. Anger comes and goes quickly. Diplomat, discreet and conventional.

Personality :- They are sincere, loyal, affectionate, dutiful and devoted to your husband. A good mother for children. Moody but adoptable with family atmosphere. When they are neglected, overlooked or ignored then they become stubborn and determined, they will not yield. Cancerians become changeable in nature, will not give up unless the partner do something drastic to which they cannot tolerate. Being secretive , they hide much from others. Sensitive and retiring, romantic and imaginative. Easily influenced and will adjust to circumstances. Of emotional nature, of true hospitability, deep feeling of loyalty and responsibility. They are interested to get small money from many sources then a big amount from one source. Impressionable and magnetic. Accumulation of wealth through hard works and efforts.

Their tenacity and honor be kept in mind by all who are in close contact with them. They do not overwhelm their friend with their vivacity and sparkling flattery but impress them with their charm. They keep emotions in safe for persons closest

to them. Any unintentional remark can wound them harshly as they are sensitive and tender. She can be quite touchy. She is not so much jealous but possessive. When things go wrong she will only shed tears and wait for thing to become right because patience is one of her loveliest virtue.

Health :- She will have fragile health in youth but as age advances, she will pick up the health. Nervous and worried . Digestive system and throat to be taken care of. Have a reasonable diet. Guard against weak digestion, rheumatism and sciatica. Also affections of Lungs, throat, flu, cough, pleurisy, dyspepsia, flatulence, gall stone and boils on the chest are the diseases to be safe guarded.

Cautious:- In spite of all the above good points, she should be patient, endured and avoid sensitiveness. Indolence and changeability which are her weak points to be corrected. She should avoid inferiority complex and do not be over anxious, lazy and passive. She should not be vindictive and should control her passions. She should overcome her timid nature.

Finances :- Cancerian ladies are very careful for the money, being honest to themselves, she cannot tolerate any dishonesty and are not extravagant. She will accumulate wealth subject to her horoscope, through her own hard work. Fortunate in finances.

Romance And Marriage:- It is brutally unfair to toy with the heart of this girl, because she will love, honor, obey and nag you a little with sincere devotion. There is nothing shallow or superficial about the sentiments of a Cancer

women. For cancerian Damsels life is monotonous without romance. They are loyal, sincere and affectionate in love but she lack in expressing her love,

loyalty and sincerity to her partner. They are honest and very true. Cancerians are fickle minded and changeable yet stubborn and determined. Her home and family are important and she enjoys

a settled family life. A good homely

bird but of romantic and passionate nature. Good parents for children as she will sacrifice her own need for them to provide them education and all comforts. A calm and good married life. Ideal Match:- She should preferably marry Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces born persons.

Domestic Environments :- Cancerians are devoted to their family and children. Love the home and derive pleasure from them. A good family atmosphere. Her desire is to keep friendship of long standing. A good host for friends will give her satisfaction. She will do

heroic sacrifice for her partner, family , children and those who help to maintain peace. A good companion in odd times, she is possessive but never aggressive. She will remove worries of her loved one through jokes, sensible advice, rich humor and intelligence. In case her man sees her in fire or moon light and asks himself all over again, “Is she really a Moon maiden from some misty garden

or a lovable loony bird.” But the answer

will not be so astonishing because it will be she and she only Cancerian Damsel.

Lucky Days, Numbers And Colors :- Sunday and Fridays are favorable, Monday success in efforts along with Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday for journey and investment. Saturday

is unfavorable. White, Cream, red and yellow Colors are favorable. Green be avoided. 4 and 6 are most vibrated numbers, 8and I are attractive, Passive numbers are 2,7 and 9 whereas 3 and 5are disagreeable and be avoided. Day of Fast is Monday.

Physical Appearance :- It is Fiery and fixed sign of the Zodiac. Leos are introverts. You Leos are energetically gregarious and beautifully indolent. Blush on your face, broad forehead, walk straight and proudly with a hidden, quivering intensity. Commanding air and stately bearing personality. Blue eyes but generally Leos have dark brown eyes that are first soft, and gentle, then snap and crackle with fire, often round in shape and slightly tilted at the corner. Hair is dark and reddish blonde and usually wavy, worn in wild, careless style that upsweeps, stands out fully on top and ruddy or florid complexion. Leos have broad shoulders, large bones and muscles, tall, upright body better formed than lower. Thin waste, prominent knees, round and full size head. Majestic appearance, imposing, commanding and dignifies. Catching and large staring eyes. In short a royal disposition.

Mental Tendencies :- Ambitious, generous, honorable, frank, warm hearted, self confident, fearless, impulsive, determined, of independent views. Preserving and conscientious. Fond of power and distinction in every walk of life. Linking for art, cheerful, optimistic disposition. Magnanimous and generous. Large hearted and noble but of rash temperament and sarcastic.

Personality :- Very independent views, have excellent organizing powers, she

is constructive, inventive, magnanimous and ingenious. She will be ridiculously popular. Leader of her group, born to rule and dictate styles, customs and manners. A man who expects Leo girl to worship at his feet is living in fool`s paradise. Such a man must pay his thanks to her and consider himself lucky if she meets you halfway, respects you, is willing to be your partner and allows wants you to possess her emotionally. She is a Lioness.

Girls born in Leo as Ascendant

She is a Lioness. Girls born in Leo as Ascendant Leo ladies are ambitious and ideal,

Leo ladies are ambitious and ideal, manages her home ideally, successful social worker and make favorable impression on all, you will command social and prominent position, she is a self sacrificing and have everlasting love. Leo born girl need not doubt for her Leo born husband for being popular with opposite sex, not selfish and does not expect return from others. She need one to keep her under control, prosperous and of peaceful life. She is very passionate and requires self control, lest you go beyond control and limits, of fixed views, dogmatic ideas and you expect that your partner should treat her word a law in the home. Her demands, the home is then heaven and more compatibility prevails otherwise it will become a Hell. The Leo girls accept gifts smilingly, vulgarity and snag both leave her ice cold. She can exist without flattery, she admires your masculinity,

she will not love you if you are not strong. Leo girls are athletes and fond of sports. she can be arrogant. Truthful, intelligent, witty, strong and capable yet deliciously feminine at the same time. Confinement within four walls of house can soon rob her of her of her sparkle. She is a free bird.

Health:- Generally Leos keeps good health. In case of illness, she will recover speedily. Heart disease, palpitation of heart, spinal, meningitis, Sun stroke, giddiness. rheumatic fever etc. When in horoscope Capricorn and Aquarius signs are posted or afflicted with malefic planets will cause swelling of ankles followed by heart disease. Jupiter in Leo or aspecting Leo lagna will protect you from heart disease and surgical operation but aspect of Mars on Leo lagna indicates surgical operation. So to avoid above diseases, Leos should take balanced diet, avoid drinks, simulates and hot beverages etc. Simple diet is best for them. Cautious:-Leo damsels are determined and of dogmatic views but this does not mean that before deciding anything she should not take other`s views, ideas and advice.

She is extrovert, roar like a lion and trap yourself in trouble , such temperament be controlled and avoided. Arguments, altercations and actions annoying others be avoided, do not be hasty and get irritated. Leos must avoid forcing your view points, desires and opinions on others, never be arrogant, restrict your wants, behave in a attractive manner, be economical for old age. Avoid rash temperament and impulsiveness. Be patient careful, do not be carried away by other`s flattery. She must remain detached from feelings and control your

passionate nature. Avoid bossing over others. Finances :- She is fortunate and have sufficient resources.

passionate nature. Avoid bossing over others.

Finances :- She is fortunate and have sufficient resources. She is spend thrift, as age advances her bank balance may deteriorate. Tempted for gambling and speculation, luckily rewarded but avoid it.

Romance And Marriage:- Leo damsels are `A` class romantic, passionate, an ideal lovers, fiery in passions but sincere and faithful. She will not show any demonstration of love in public as she considers it below your dignity. She has great affection to the opposite sex. Fond of dress, scents and cosmetics, spend much in beauty parlors. She is center of attention of admiring males, but her husband should not be jealous of this. She may encourage the male compliments and indulge in light, innocent, flirtation, because her deep need for applause and adulation but in spite of all she loves her husband most. She cannot tolerate praising or admiring other Indies in her

presence. She maintains harmony in domestic life. Love for children is must and feel proud of them. She must rely on her children otherwise they may lose her confidence and vice versa.

Ideal Match :- Leo is a fiery sign and best sutted for Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius born persons.

Domestic Environments :- Leos are born to rule, so try to be leader in the house and expect others at home to be submissive, cooperative, obedient and grateful to her. She likes the family members to be magnanimous and noble. She will try to keep peace, harmony and happiness at all cost in the home. She will keep home tidy, decorative and attractive. Careful and choosy for dress, furniture and curtains etc. She is very choosy for friends. Will not hesitate to spend for her prestige and honor. She will lead aristocratic life and your home will be an impressive one.

Lucky Days, Numbers And Colors:- Sundays, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are favorable days Monday and Saturday be avoided for any important and new works. 1,4,5,6 and 9 are lucky numbers, avoid 2,7,8, her passive number is 3. Orange, Red , Green and White are her lucky colors. She should avoid Blue and Black. To reduce the evils, keep fast on full Moon days throughout her life regularly.

For More Help call our Guru Maharaj Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar #@ 408 829 7780 in USA . Or email him to avtemple@ aol.com and do not forget to read or take our volume 71 for other lagnas/ Ascendants

Param Pujya His Holiness “Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar” Meditation is not for a few but

Param Pujya His Holiness “Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar”

Meditation is not for a few but is necessary for all human beings. The inner self of a person touches the Higher Self (the Param-Tattwa) during deep sleep daily. This unknown touch recharges the battery of man. So, when he gets up from his sleep, he feels that he is refreshed, full of strength and relaxed. This is a natural process for all persons alike. If one could not sleep properly, he feels disturbed and is in a sort of weariness. It is the experience of every man, whether he is rich or a beggar, a literate or an illiterate, an executive or a laborer, a farmer or a business man, a housewife or a huckster. So, every man needs peace, strength, ability to discharge his/ her duties and for tranquility of mind. So, a wonderful discovery of man is to keep his inner self in touch with the SOURCE in a wakeful state for longer periods continuously through specific type of systematic practices. This is called the art of meditation. And such a person is said to be a YOGI without any discretion/distinction of caste, creed, color and country.

Dhyanam nirvishayam manah That state of the mind, wherein there are no Vishayas or sensory thoughts, is meditation.

Whether oriental or occidental, Hinduism or Mohammedanism, Buddhism or Jainism, Christianity or Judaism, Shinto-ism or any other ‘ism’, the spiritual purpose and meaning is to lead an individual soul to the ecstatic communion with the Universal Divinity or ONE TRUTH, the SOURCE. A continuous flow of perception of thought is Dhyana Tatra pratyayaikatanata dhyanam. It is the flow of continuous thought of one object or God or Atman or Supreme Source Tailadharavat. According to Raja Yoga, meditation is the seventh rung or step in the ladder of Yoga. One cannot attain this state unless he knows the art of Concentration . What is concentration? Desa bandhas- chittasya dharana. Concentration is fixing the mind on an external object or an internal point continuously, without interruption or break for twelve seconds. So, an aspirant has to develop himself in concentration, which itself is changed into meditation, if his state of keeping the mind focused at one object/point/ subject continuously and spontaneously for 12x12=144 seconds. It is termed as ‘Dhyana’ in Sanskrit scriptures, which comes from the root ‘Dhi’. In English we generally call it ‘intellect’ which is the basic root with different derivations in different practices. However, ‘Buddhi’ (reasoning faculty) is said to be directly based on this root term; yet

this term is used liberally by all systems of Yoga, which is central theme of

this term is used liberally by all systems of Yoga, which is central theme of all mystic techniques leading one to higher levels of spiritual consciousness with profound depths of spiritual expansion and takes one to God-realisation or Self- realisation.

Meditation may be objective, or on qualities or purely subjective or one’s own breath. In objective meditation the Sadhaka meditates upon an idol or picture of his Ishta devata may be Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Rama, Krishna, Christ, Buddha or any other god or goddess. For him, the idol is something alive, vibrating with supreme reality, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent. He may meditate upon the beautitude, the qualities, the activities of his Ishta- devata. Or he may meditate upon the all-pervading pulsating Supreme Energy which is within him and without, permeating everywhere. This is subjective meditation. Similarly on his breath while inhaling and exhaling with MINIMAL SILENCE. All meditations

are good; what counts is the intensity and unbroken continuity of meditation.

An aspirant has to rest his soul on the bosom of the Lord, to bathe in the bliss

of Divine ecstasy, to drown his ego in

the ocean of eternity, to draw sustenance and strength from the SOURCE to attain whatever he is capable of achieving.

A Sadhaka should meditate regularly,

chew and digest what he has learnt,

to transform what he has learnt into

wisdom, to apply that wisdom to solve the problems that cross his path daily.

Says F.W. Robertson: It is not the number

of books you read, nor the variety of

sermons you hear, nor the amount of

religious conversation in which you mix, but it is the frequency and earnestness with which you meditate on these things

till the truth in them becomes your own

and part of your being, that ensures your growth.

A sincere spiritual seeker meditates to

realize the Ultimate Reality to unravel

the mystery of life and death, to understand in the bottom of his heart, what is Truth. Once he knows Truth, he knows the Ultimate Reality, he

becomes That, and there is nothing more

to know. A person who has realized

Brahman, becomes Brahman, and lives

in Brahman. Knowing is being. That is

the highest state.India has been fortunate

to have produced many saints and seers

who had realised the Truth and for more

or less time lived in a state of Divine

Ecstasy. Even during the past hundred years people have witnessed such saints like Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Ramatirtha, Sri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi, Swami Ramdas, Swami Sivananda and several others of world fame. Ramakrishna

would while talking relapse into

Samadhi and often prayed to his Divine Mother not to draw him frequently into Her

Samadhi and often prayed to his Divine Mother not to draw him frequently into Her Bosom so that he can converse with his disciple, particularly his darling Naren later known to the world as Swami Vivekananda so that he could prepare a band of workers to spread his message, the holy message of India. Swami Ramatirtha was often seen in a state of ecstasy during last seven years of life in India and United States. Swami Sivananda was another who would often sing and dance or be just be quiet in divine ecstasy. There have been more in India and quite a few messengers of God in other parts of the world.

Meditation and concentration are often treated as synonymous. However, I have drawn earlier a distinct line between concentration and meditation. In further explanation when one brings to bear all his thought waves on a single point or spot like a laser beam where the scattered rays of light are concentrated, it is concentration. Everybody needs concentration to understand, assimilate and apply any information, any knowledge. When the concentration is prolonged for 144 seconds, it is called meditation and when extended to 144 multiplied by 144 i.e. 20736 seconds = 345.6 minutes, it is said to reach the state of Samadhi. According to Ashtanga Yoga comprising two main parts of

Hatha Yoga Yama, Niyama, Asana and

Pranayama covers the first one, whereas Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi, is the second part. There is

no equivalent word in English language

for Samadhi. Concentration is the sixth, Meditation the seventh and Samadhi the eighth and last stage of Yoga when the Sadhaka is united with the Supreme Being. It shows that concentration leads to Meditation, similarly prolonged constant meditation leads to Samadhi.

In other Yogas Manana, Nididhyasana,

Upasana, Chintana, Dhyana these terms are used in different Yogas with subtle differences in their techniques. Manana is a sort of reflection. It is just to chew the cud slowly and nicely. It is done through into intense practice of Manana. Chintana is also a sort of reflection and meditation to assimilate the thoughts in consciousness for proper and significant impression with profound understanding. Intense meditation on the Self or Brahman or ANY SPIRITUAL ILLUMINED PERSONALITYis termed

as ‘Nididhyasana’. As Saint Francis of

Assisi did. ‘Upasana’ stands for devout meditation which is being used in both i.e., Jnana Yoga Sadhana and Bhakti Yoga. Upasana means ‘sitting nearby’.

In Jnana Yoga Sadhana the seeker has to

sit near the Self or Brahman; whereas in

Bhakti Yoga a devotee has to sit by the side of God.

A keen and true regular practitioner

(Sadhaka) will attain quick and sure results, when he proceeds properly stage by stage under the guidance of his GURU or master. The first four parts are meant to purify the mind and keep the body strong and fit to receive and retain the power of the DIVINE. Many moderns, however, equate Yoga with the

practice of few asanas and pranayamas.

This is not sufficient for spiritual uplift. Yet, it is better to practice asanas and pranayamas for health’s sake than not to do anything at all. But Yoga is really first to withdraw one’s mind from the objects of senses (pratyahara), practice concentration, prolong the period of concentration under proper guidance to reach the stage of meditation and finally become one, unite (Yoga to join to unite) with the Supreme Reality, the TRUTH. Thus meditation is not meant merely for the recluse, the ascetic, the renouncer. It

is of utmost important in man’s day-to-

day life. It is of immense help to a student,

a youth, an old man. A man who can

meditate will become a better manager,

a better businessman, a better executive

and, above all, a better man. Conversely,

if a person cannot meditate, he will lack

composition, courage and confidence to achieve his goal. Nowadays, several medical doctors and psychologists advise to their patients suffering from nervousness, unusual irritation, disordered mind, fear and inferiority complex and lack of self-confidence to meditate in a specific manner along with the medical treatment. So, the meditation is very necessary these days when man leads a life of tension and complexity.Every morning and evening, preferably at dawn and dusk, sit down in a comfortable posture with your backbone straight, relax each and every limb of your body, and then your mind, and sit unmoved, in the same pose, as long as you can. It is always better to invoke your Guru (master) and Ishta

Devata first, when you sit for meditation for their blessings and guidance and gratefully thank them again when you finish the meditation. Gradually, increase the time of your meditation. It

is easier to relax your limbs of the body

but not so easy to relax your mind. This

process of relaxation, stillness and body awareness will automatically reduce the speed of your breathing, which, in turn, will help in meditation. So many thoughts will cross your mind now and then. They may even disturb you. Do not be afraid. Try to remain calm and watch them with equanimity. Let them come, let them go. Do not fight to free your mind from thought waves. Try to be indifferent to them. But do not observe these thoughts with equanimous mind. Gradually, automatically the flitting of thoughts across the canvas of your mind will diminish. After sometime— sooner than later you will be absorbed in your Ishta-Devata if your meditation is objective, or in your Being, if your meditation is subjective. Once, you get the taste of it, believe me, you will like to taste it more and more and more.

For More help and to come out of any of your problems in your life please call His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar for more help. Swamiji is the only Atharva Vedic Scholar in the entire USA. Pleas reach the Toll Free # @ 1-888-808-1418 or email swamiji to avtemple@aol.com

Scholar in the entire USA. Pleas reach the Toll Free # @ 1-888-808-1418 or email swamiji
power and a source of delight and peace. A few of you may feel an
power and a source of delight and peace.
few of you may feel an increase in
Tension. Note what part of your body is
tense and see exactly what the tension
feels like. Become aware of the fact you
are tensing and note exactly how you are
doing this. Note means not to reflect but to
feel and sense. You pick up no sensation.
Why? Your sensibility has been dead
from so much living in head. Our skin

Param Pujya His Holiness “Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar”

One must become aware of certain body sensations of which one is explicitly not aware. To go around by yourself to become conscious of your toes, your feet, your legs, your knees, your thighs, your buttocks, your waist, your stomach, your chest, your shoulders, your fingers (starting from the tips), your forearms, your elbow, your arms, your full back, then again your shoulders, your neck, your chin, your lips, your nose, your cheeks, your ears, your eyes, your forehead, your head, upper side of your head and backside of your head. Do not dwell for more than two or three seconds on each part of your body. REPEAT it again and again for five minutes. This act of yours brings a sense of relaxedness. BIGGEST ENEMIES:

Nervous tension, living too much in head i.e., to remain conscious of the thinking and imagination and to remain conscious far too little of the activities of the senses. It is a must to remain in the PRESENT and not in past and future. One must master this technique of sense awareness. One must learn to get out of the area of thinking and imagination and move into the area from Head to Heart i.e., feeling, sensing, loving and intuiting where contemplation takes birth, prayer becomes transforming

is covered with trillions (3 Powers of a

million) of bio-chemical reactions that we call sensations and you are finding it hard to pick up even a few of them? You have hardened yourself not to feel may be due to some emotional hurt or conflict that you have long since forgotten. And your perception, your awareness, power of concentration and attention are still gross and underdeveloped. It is as a means for attaining relaxation and stillness. GET IN TOUCH WITH SENSATIONS AGAIN AND AGAIN without naming limbs and organs as you sense. If you notice an urge to move or to shift your posture or position—do not give into it. Do continue this exercise for a few minutes. You will gradually feel a certain stillness in your body. Go on with your AWARENESS

exercise and leave taking care of stillness. If you are distracted, get back to awareness

of body sensations, moving from one to

another, until your body becomes still once again, your mind quietens, you are

able to sense again stillness that brings peace and a foretaste of contemplation and

of God. HOWEVER, DO NOT explicitly

rest in the stillness. Because resting in it can be relaxing and even delightful. BUT in it there is DANGER of mild trance or mental blankness which is not good for contemplation. It is like a sort of self- hypnosis that has nothing to do either with the sharpening of awareness or

with contemplation. IMPORTANT: DO NOT DELIBERATELY seek stillness or silence within you and not EXPLICITLY REST in it when it occurs. BUT SEEK SHARPENING OF AWARENESS. In moments, stillness becomes so powerful that all exercise and all your efforts become impossible. Then it is no longer you who go in quest of stillness. But stillness takes possession of you. THEN you may safely, and profitably, let go of all effort and surrender to this overpowering stillness within you

Deepening Exercise Body Sensations The body sensations exercise is so simple, in fact, as to prove disillusioning. To advance in it, you have to preserve in simplicity. Resist temptation to seek novelty, but try to seek DEPTH. You have to practise second exercise over a long period of time. You may ask for benefits. Don’t ask. Do what you are asked to and you will discover yourself. TRUTH is found less in words and explanations than in action and experience. So get to work, with faith and perseverance. Close your

So get to work, with faith and perseverance. Close your eyes. Repeat previous exercise of body

eyes. Repeat previous exercise of body sensations for five to ten minutes.


SENSATION. At the beginning you may not feel. Continue previous exercise, then enter in this area. Be aware of the type of sensations that emerge; itching, pricking, burning, pulling, vibrating, throbbing,


bring it patiently back to exercise.

If your mind wanders,

Breathing Sensations (Become aware of sensations in various parts of your body) Become aware of the air as it comes in and goes out through your nostrils. Do not concentrate on the air as it enters in lungs, but limit awareness to nostrils breath. Do not control your breathing. Don’t attempt to deepen it. It is not breathing exercise, but breathing awareness. Whenever you are distracted, return with vigour to your task to enable you to make you aware of each breath. Continue this exercise for ten to fifteen minutes. This exercise may be difficult for some of you in comparison to previous exercises; but it is most rewarding in sharpening awareness, bringing calmness and relaxation. HOWEVER, in attempting breathing awareness DO NOT tense your muscles. Determination must not be confounded with nervous tension. You may be distracted at the beginning but you must keep returning again and again to the awareness of your breathing the mere effort involved in doing this will bring beneficial effects that you will gradually notice.

After developing some proficiency in this exercise move on to somewhat difficult and more effective variant:

a) Become aware of the sensation of the air passing through your nostrils. Feel its

touch in which part of the nostrils you feel

the touch of the air while inhaling


in what part of the nostrils you feel the touch of the air while exhaling

b) Become aware of the warmth or

coldness of the air

comes in, and its warmth when it goes out.

its coldness when it

c) Also be aware of quantity of air that passes through one nostril is greater than the amount that passes through other

d) Be sensitive and alert to the slightest, lightest touch while inhaling and exhaling STAY with this awareness for ten to fifteen minutes. In case you put in more time, you will get better results. But DO NOT stay on breathing awareness alone

for many hours over a period of more than two or three days. Although this exercise brings you great peace and a sense of depth and fullness that delights you but prolonged concentration on on breathing is likely to produce hallucinations or to draw out material from the unconscious that you may not be able to control.

For More help and to come out of any of your problems in your life please call His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar for more help. Swamiji is the only Atharva Vedic Scholar in the entire USA. Pleas reach the Toll Free # @ 1-888-808-1418 or email swamiji to avtemple@aol.com

1. Scripture as the revelation of God. 2. Discover the revelation that silence brings. 3.

1. Scripture as the revelation of God.

2. Discover the revelation that silence brings.

3. Silence offers, one must attain silence. It


Comfortable Posture. Close eyes for 10 minutes. Observe total silence of Heart and Mind. Describe ‘Silence’ in terms of your attempts. Experience may infinitely be varied. You have to still the constant wandering of your mind. To quiet and emotional turmoil. On approaching frontiers of silence there may be PANIC and WITHDRAWAL. You may have frightening experience. NO REASON TO BE DISCOURAGED. Wandering thoughts are a great revelation. Take time to EXPERIENCE this wandering mind and TYPE of wandering it indulges. SOMETHING ENCOURAGING awareness of mental wandering, inner turmoil and inability to be still shows that you have small degree of silence within you. AGAIN close your eyes, become aware of wandering mind for two minutes. Now sense the silence that makes it possible to be aware of wanderings of your mind. MINIMAL

SILENCE as it grows, it reveals more and more rather it reveals yourself to you. You will have ATTAINMENTS like WISDOM, SERENITY, BLISS, GOD, PRECAUTION:

you shall have no talk and no discussion. Inhale and exhale deep and slow breathing throughout. Again close your eyes for five minutes. SEEK SILENCE. Now see your success whether more or less. Don’t seek ANYTHING SENSATIONAL. In fact, do not seek at all.

Limit yourself to observing. Take in everything that comes to your awareness whether big, small, trite or ordinary. CONTENT of awareness is less important than the quality of awareness. As quality improves, so silence deepens, you will experience. You will discover, to your delight, that revelation is not knowledge. It is power: a mysterious power that brings transformation.

For More help and to come out of any of your problems in your life please call His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar for more help. Swamiji is the only Atharva Vedic Scholar in the entire USA. Pleas reach the Toll Free # @ 1-888-808-1418 or email swamiji to avtemple@aol.com

Param Pujya, His Holiness Selvam Siddhar” “Swamiji Sri Stillness Modern man is unfortunately plagued by

Param Pujya, His Holiness Selvam Siddhar”

“Swamiji Sri

Stillness Modern man is unfortunately plagued by

a nervous tension that makes it almost

impossible for him to be quiet. If he actually

wants to learn to pray he must first learn to

be still, to quieting himself. In fact, this very

quietness and stillness frequently becomes

prayer when God manifests Himself in the form of STILLNESS. Repeat the exercise of

becoming aware of sensations in your body whole body. This time start with the top of your head and end it with the tips of your toes, omitting no part of the body. Beware

of every sensation in each part

You may

find some parts of your body completely

Dwell on these for a

devoid of sensation

few seconds—if no sensation emerges, move


As you become more proficient in this exercise you will, hopefully, sharpen your

awareness to the extent that there will be no part of your body in which you do not

feel several sensations

you must be content to dwell briefly on the blanks and move on to the parts where you feel more sensations Move slowly from

head to foot


As your awareness sharpens you will pick up sensations that you hadn’t noticed


that are extremely subtle, too subtle to be

perceived by any but a man of deep as a whole. Feel the whole of your body as one mass of concentration and deep peace. Now become aware of yours body as a whole. Feel the whole of your body as one mass of

various types of sensations

For the time being

then once again, from head to

and so on for some fifteen minutes.

you may also pick up sensations

Stay with this

for a while, then return to the awareness by

parts, moving from head to foot

again, rest in the awareness of your body as

then, once

a whole

Notice now the deep stillness that has come over you. Notice the complete stillness of

your body

stillness to the extent of losing awareness

of your body

give yourself the occupation of moving once

again from head to foot, becoming aware of sensations in each part of your body. Then, once again, notice the stillness in your body. If you are practising this in a group, then at occasions, notice the stillness in the whole room.It is very important that you do NOT move any part of your body while doing this Sadhana. This will be difficult at first, but each time feel the urge to move, or scratch, or fidget, become aware of this as sharply

as you can

gradually go away and you will become still

once more

Do Not, however, rest in the

If you are getting distracted,

Don’t give in to it

It will

It is extremely painful for most people to

stay still. Even physically painful and you become physically tense, spend all the time you need becoming aware of the tension


stay with it till the tension disappears. You may feel physical pain, rather severe pain. No matter how comfortable the position or posture you have adopted, your body is likely to protest against the stillness by developing

aches and pains in various parts. When this happens, a serious Sadhaka MUST RESIST the temptation to move limbs or read just posture so as to ease the pain. Just become keenly aware of the pain. Your awareness may wholly be absorbed by the acute pain. You may start sweating, may be profusely.

where you feel it, what it feels like

Your mind may think that you are going to faint with pain; at such moment firmly decide

Not to fight it, Not to run away from it, Not

it.Once your hands are resting on your lap, palms facing upwards, become aware of the

sensations in palms

Then become aware of


desire to alleviate it, but to become aware

the gesture itself, this is a gesture of prayer to


it, to identify with it. Then you may see


What meaning does this gesture have

that the pain sensation is broken into its

component parts and you may be surprised to discover that it is composed of many sensations viz., intense burning sensation

a pulling and tugging, a sharp, shooting

sensation which may merge every now and

and a point which may keep moving


from one place to another

may identify as pain

This point you As you will keep

up this exercise, you shall find that you are bearing the pain quite well i.e., pain without suffering.

Every Sadhaka has to experience some types

of pains, as indicated above, until his body

becomes accustomed to remaining perfectly still. Deal with the pain through awareness. When your body finally does become still, you will have a rich reward in the QUIET

BLISS that this stillness will bring you. The temptation to scratch is another frequent temptation with beginners. This is because,

as their awareness of their body sensations

sharpens, they become aware of itching and pricking sensations that were there all along but were hidden to awareness because of the psycho-physical hardening that most of us submit our bodies to and because of the grossness of their awareness. A Sadhaka must resist such temptations during awareness Sadhana.

Body Prayer

(A devotional variant of the body sensation) First quieten yourself through the awareness

of sensations in various parts of your body

Sharpen your awareness by picking up even

the subtlest sensations, Not just the gross

Keep your hands on

knees. Now very gently move your hands

and fingers so that your hands come to rest on your lap, palms facing upwards, fingers

The movement must be like the opening of the And while the movement

is going on BE AWARE OF each part of

and evident


joined together very, very slow petals of a flower

for you? What are you saying to God through it ? Say without words, merely identifying

It may give you some taste

with the gesture

of the kind of prayer you can make with your


When you pray with your body you give power and body to your prayer. People fail to attend to their body in prayer; they fail to take their bodies along with them into the holy temple of God. When they themselves visit temples or places of worship, they stand or sit in the presence of God, but they are carelessly slouched in their seat or standing

in a very slovenly fashion

They are still not

gripped by the living presence of the Lord. Therefore, a devotee of the Lord should try to understand the meaning and purpose of ‘Body Prayer’. The ‘gestures’ suggested are

merely samples. A ‘devotee’ may invent his own gestures to express his ‘Love’, ‘Praise’, ‘Adoration’, ‘Surrender’, ‘Gratitude’ Close your eyes. Quieting yourself through one of your awareness exercises. FEEL you are in the presence of God in a very devout way, hands devoutly joined in front of you, slowly raise your face upwards towards


What are you saying to God through your

upturned face? Stay with that sentiment or

communication for a few moments


become as fully aware as possible of the

position of your face

After a few moments ask

on your face

yourself once again what you are expressing to God through your upturned face and stay with that for a while

Let your eyes continue to be closed

of the sensations

For More help and to come out of any of your problems in your life please call His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar for more help. Swamiji is the only Atharva Vedic Scholar in the entire USA. Pleas reach the Toll Free # @ 1-888-808-1418 or email swamiji to avtemple@aol.com

Param Pujya, His Holiness “Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar” The term Surya Namaskaara means ‘salutation to

Param Pujya, His Holiness “Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar”

The term Surya Namaskaara means ‘salutation to Sun’. Surya Namaskaara is an exercise sequence, which has both the physical and the spiritual aspects. On the physical side, it involves a series of aasanas or yogic postures, which provide the body with a most complete exercise. Virtually all the parts of the body, including the thoracic and abdominal organs, are exercised and rejuvenated with vitality. Spiritually, the Surya Namaskaara is method of propitiating the Sun-god and enjoying his blessings. These include faster progress in meditation, a sharp intellect, a sound health, and acquisition of spiritual wisdom.Surya Namaskaara consists of three important elements each of which needs to be carefully attended to for maximum possible benefits. If proper attention is not given to detail, the results may not be attained in full.

1. Aasanas or bodily postures: Surya Namaskaara is an exercise sequence involving twelve different body postures, as if to signify the twelve signs of the zodiac through which passage of the

Sun results in the formation of twelve months of a year. This exercise involves six postures, which proceed in one direction, and another six, which mark the return to the original position. It is virtually equivalent to the Sun traversing six signs of the zodiac to give rise to one ‘ayana’ of six months and returning through another six signs to give rise to another ayana, thus constituting the Uttaraayana (the northerly course ) and the Dakshinaayana ( the southerly course). The completion of a cycle of Uttaraayana and Dakshinaayana brings the Sun back to its original position from where the next solar cycle starts. Even as the apparent movement of the Sun through the zodiac is of importance to astrologers, so also is the practice of the Surya Namaskaara to them.

2. Breathing: Yogic practices lay great stress on regulation of breathing which helps the yogi to gain control over the life force within the body as well as outside. Synchronisation of breathing with physical postures is thus an important constituent of the practice of Hatha yoga. In Surya Namaskaara the different postures when correctly practised appear rhythmical, one naturally leading to the other. The sequence of breathing, consisting of inhalation, exhalation or retension, has also been advocated as it would most naturally be during the various postures. It requires some extra attention in the beginning to be able to synchronise the breathing with the physical posture. With practice, the sequence of posture and breathing would get integrated and appear natural. Obviously, the best results from the practice of Surya Namaskaara can only be expected when the posture and the breath proceed in harmony.

3. Incantations or Mantras : Surya Namaskaara is not undertaken merely as a physical exercise

3. Incantations or Mantras : Surya Namaskaara is not undertaken merely as a physical exercise though it is eminently qualified to be levelled as the most effective bodily exercise. It is practised with a religio-spiritual intent as well. The propitiation of the Sun is one intent, and the consequent spiritual benefit accuring from a benevolent Sun the other. Each of the twelve postures of this exercise sequence is associated

with a mantra or potentiated incantation.

A specific mantra has to be chanted as

a specific posture in the sequence is

attained. it is thus a synchronisation of

posture, breath and mantra, all together proceeding in a sequence. Each of the mantras literally is an affirmation salutation to the Sun. But those who know about the mantras are also aware that the literal meaning of a mantra is of little consequence. It is the energy hidden in the structure of the mantra that is of significance. It produces a tremendous impact, often in a highly subtle manner, when uttered in the prescribed manner and sequence. Since the mantras here involve a form of worship of the Sun, the element of devotion becomes important. The Surya Namaskaara is thus a physical exercise (body postures) integrated with praanaayaama (controlled breathing) and devotioned worship (chanting of mantra).

The Sequence of Postures It is appropriate now to describe the various postures that constitute the different steps of the Surya Namaskaara.

is appropriate now to describe the various postures that constitute the different steps of the Surya
Fig. 1 (the prayer) Namaskaaraasana Stand erect facing east, feet together. The feet, buttocks, back,

Fig. 1

(the prayer)


Stand erect facing east, feet together. The feet, buttocks, back, neck and head should lie in the same vertical plane. Fold the two hands together in front of the chest, eyes closed and body relaxed.

Breathe naturally.

the chest, eyes closed and body relaxed. Breathe naturally. Fig. 2 ( the prayer with raised

Fig. 2

( the prayer with raised arms )

Oordhva Namaskaaraasana

Raise both arms above the head, hands folded together. Carry the arms as far back as possible, extending the spine at the same time.

Inhale the breath while raising the arms.

Fig. 3

( the forward bending )


Bend forwards, withdraw the stomach

) Hastapaadaasana Bend forwards, withdraw the stomach and place the palms of both hands on the

and place the palms of both hands on the ground on either side of the of the feet. Keep the legs straight at the knees. This posture should be attained gently without exerting too much. It may not be possible in the beginning to attain the final position as described here.

Exhale while bending forward.

position as described here. Exhale while bending forward. Fig. 4 (the horse) Ashwa Sanchaalanaasana Retaining the

Fig. 4

(the horse)

Ashwa Sanchaalanaasana

Retaining the hands where they are ( on the ground on either side of feet), stretch the right leg backwards as far as it goes, bending the left leg at the same time, without altering the position of the left foot

Inhale deeply while this posture is being attained.

Fig. 5 (the mountain) Parvataasana Move the right foot forward and the left foot backwards

Fig. 5

(the mountain)


Move the right foot forward and the left foot backwards so that the two feet lie side by side. Lower the head, left the buttocks as high up as possible. The legs and arms must be straight and the soles of the two feet must be on the ground, the heels also touching the ground.

Exhale deeply as this posture is attained.

the ground. Exhale deeply as this posture is attained. Fig. 6 ( salutation with eight points)

Fig. 6

( salutation with eight points)

Ashtanga Namaskaaraasana

This posture is so called because eight body points ( two hands, two knees, two feet, chest and forehead) are made to touch the ground. Lower the body and let the feet and the knees touch the ground. Pull the abdomen in while lowering the chest and the forehead to the ground even as the hands remain on the ground close to the chest. The hips

and the abdomen have to be pulled up to keep them off the ground.

Hold the breath outside.

up to keep them off the ground. Hold the breath outside. Fig. 7 Sarpaasana ( the

Fig. 7

Sarpaasana ( the cobra )

Straighten the arms while arching the head and the spine backwards. Lower the hips. Only the hands and feet should touch the ground while the rest of the body remains of the ground.

Inhale deeply, filling the chest with air.

of the ground. Inhale deeply, filling the chest with air. Fig. 8 ( the mountain )

Fig. 8

( the mountain )


Regain the position as shown in fig. 5

Exhale while attaining this position.

Fig. 9 ( the horse ) Ashwa Sanchaalanaasana Attain the position shown in fig. 4.

Fig. 9

( the horse )

Ashwa Sanchaalanaasana

Attain the position shown in fig. 4. The right leg must be extended backwards and the left leg brought forwards. Inhale deeply.

backwards and the left leg brought forwards. Inhale deeply. Fig. 10 ( the forward bending )

Fig. 10

( the forward bending )


Come back to the position shown in fig. 3.

Exhale deeply.

Come back to the position shown in fig. 3. Exhale deeply. Fig. 11 ( the prayer

Fig. 11

( the prayer with raised arms )

Oordhva Namaskaaraasana

Attain the position shown in Fig. 2.

Inhale while the body and the arms are lifted up.

in Fig. 2. Inhale while the body and the arms are lifted up. Fig. 12 (

Fig. 12

( the Prayer )


Return to the same position as Fig. 1.

Breathe normally.

This brings us to the original position wherefrom the next cycle of Surya Namaskaara can be commenced. In fact, a complete cycle of Surya Namaskaara would consist of two cycles of twelve postures each, a total of twenty-four positions. In the second set of twelve postures, instead of stretching the right leg backwards in the Ashwa Sanchaalanaasana ( Fig. 4), it is the left leg which is extended backwards. Similarly, in step 9 ( Fig. 9 ) in the Ashwa Sanchaalanaasana, it is the left leg that remains stretched while the right leg is brought forwards. The cycle of twenty-four steps thus makes the whole sequence properly balanced.

Param Pujya, His Holiness “Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar” What is Pranayama Tasmin sati svasaprasvasayor- gativicchedah

Param Pujya, His Holiness “Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar”

What is Pranayama Tasmin sati svasaprasvasayor- gativicchedah pranayamah Regulation of breath or the control of Prana is the stoppage of inhalation and exhalation, which follows after securing that steadiness of posture or seat.

This is the definition of Pranayama in the Yoga-sutras of Patanjali.

‘Svasa’ means inspiratory breath. ‘Prasvasa’ means expiratory breath. You can take up the practice of Pranayama after you have gained steadiness in your Asana (seat). If you can sit for 3 hour in one Asana, continuously at one stretch, you have gained mastery over the Asana. If you are able to sit from half to one hour even, you can take up the practice of Pranayama. You can hardly make any spiritual progress without the practice of Pranayama.

Prana is Vyashti, when the individual is concerned. The sum total of the cosmic energy or cosmic Prana is Hiranyagarbha who is known as the floating ‘Golden-

Egg’. Hiranyagarbha is Samashti Prana. One match stick is Vyashti (single). The whole match box is Samashti. A single mango-tree is Vyashti. The whole mango grove is Samashti. The energy in the body is Prana. By controlling the motion of the lungs or respiratory organs, we can control the Prana that is vibrating inside. By control of Prana, the mind can be easily controlled, because the mind is fastened to the Prana, like the bird to the string. Just as the bird that is tied to a post by a string, after flying here and there, finds its resting place in the post, so also this mind-bird after running hither and thither, in various sensual objects, finds its resting place during deep sleep in the Prana.

Pranayama (According to the Gita) Apane juhvati pranam pranepanam tathapare; Pranapanagatee ruddhva pranayamaparayanah (Gita, Ch. IV- 29.). Others offer Prana (outgoing breath) in Apana (incoming breath) and Apana in Prana, restraining the passage of Prana and Apana, absorbed in Pranayama. Pranayama is a precious Yajna (sacrifice). Some practise the kind of Pranayama called Puraka (filling in). Some practise the kind of Pranayama called Rechaka (emptying). Some are engaged in the practice of Pranayama called Kumbhaka, by impeding the outward passage of air, through the nostrils and the mouth, and by impeding the inward passage of the air, in the opposite direction.

Pranayama (According To Sri Sankaracharya) Pranayama is the control of all life-forces by realizing naught but Brahman in all things as the mind, etc. The negation of the Universe is the outgoing breath. The

thought: ‘I am Brahman’ itself is called the incoming breath. The permanence of that thought thereafter is the restrained breath. This is the Pranayama of the wise, while the pressing of the nose is only for the unknowing. (Aparokshanubhuti, 118-120).

Pranayama (According to Yogi Bhusunda)

Bhusunda says to Sri Vasishtha: In the cool lotus of the heart within this visible tenement of flesh composed of the five elements, there are two Vayus, viz., Prana and Apana, commingled in it. For those who tread smoothly and without any or the slightest efforts, the path of these two Vayus, will become the sun and the moon themselves in the heart Akasa, and will rove in the Akasa and yet be animating and carrying their fleshy- tabernacle. These Vayus will go up and down to higher and lower states. They are of the same nature in the waking, dreaming and dreamless sleeping state, and permeate all throughout. I am moving in the direction of those two Vayus and have rendered nil all my Vasanas in the waking state lit unto those of the dreamless sleeping state. Divide a filament of the lotus-stalk into a thousand times and you will find these Vayus more subtle than that. Hence it is difficult for me to treat about the nature of these Vayus and their vibrations. Of these, Prana does ceaselessly vibrate in this body, with an upward motion, both externally and internally, while Apana having the same fluctuating tendency, vibrates both external and internal to the body having a downward motion. It will be beneficial if the Prana exhaled to the extent of 16 digits, is inhaled to the same extent. Only 12 digits are inhaled ordinarily. Those who have brought

to experience viz., the equalization of Prana in exhalation and inhalation will enjoy infinite bliss.

Now hear about the characteristics of Prana. The inhalation to the length of 12 digits of the Prana which has been exhaled, is called (the internal) Puraka (inhalation). This also is called the internal (Puraka), when Apana Vayu re-enters the body from outside without any effort. When Apana Vayu ceases to manifest itself and Prana gets absorbed in the heart, then the time occupied in such a state is (internal) Kumbha. Yogins are able to experience all these. When the Prana in the Akasa of the heart manifests itself externally (to the heart within) in diverse aspects without any affliction to the mind then it is called (the external) Rechaka (exhalation). When the externally fluctuating Prana enters the nose and stops there at its tip, then it is called the external Puraka. But when it is passing from the tip of the nose it goes down 12 digits. Then also it is called the external Puraka. When Prana goes arrested without and Apana within, then it is called the external Kumbhaka. When the shining Apana Vayu takes an upward bent within, then it is styled the external Rechaka. All these practices lead to Moksha. Therefore they should ever be meditated upon. Those who have understood and practised well all

lead to Moksha. Therefore they should ever be meditated upon. Those who have understood and practised

the external and internal Kumbhakas and others, will never be reborn. All the eight courses, I have given out before, are capable of yielding Moksha. They should be practiced both day and night. Those who are associated with these practices smoothly and control their minds by not letting them run in other directions, will in course of time attain Nirvana. Such practitioners will never thirst after material pleasures. They will ever be in their uniform practice, whether walking, standing, waking, dreaming or sleeping.

Prana, having flown out, will again be absorbed in the heart having run back 12 digits. Similarly will Apana be absorbed in the heart, having issued out of the heart and running back 12 digits to it. Apana being the moon, will cool the whole body in its passage. But Prana being the sun, will generate heat in the system and cook or digest everything in it. Will pains arise in one who has reached that supreme state, where the Kalas (rays) of Apana the moon, are drowned by Prana the sun? Will rebirth arise in one who has reached that powerful seat, when the Kalas of Prana, the sun, are devoured by Apana the moon? These will arrest at once the seven births of those who reach that neutral state where they find Apana Vayu consumed by Prana and vice versa. I eulogise that Chidatma, who is in that intermediate state, where Prana and Apana are absorbed in one another. I meditate ceaselessly upon that Chidatma, who is in the Akasa, directly in front, at the end of my nose, where Prana and Apana both become extinct. Thus it is through this path of Prana’s control, that I attained the supreme and immaculate Tattva, devoid of pains.

Control of Breath The first important step is to master the Asana of posture or to control the body. The next exercise is Pranayama. Correct posture is indispensably requisite for the successful practice of Pranayama. An easy comfortable posture is Asana. That pose is the best which continues to be comfortable for the greatest length of time. Chest, neck, and head must be in one vertical line. You should not bend the body either forwards or laterally, i.e., either on the right or left side. You should not sit crooked. You should not allow the body to collapse. You must not bend the body either forwards or backwards. By regular practice the mastery over the pose will come by itself. Fatty people will find it difficult to practise the Padma Asana or the Lotus Pose. They can sit on the Sukha Asana (comfortable pose) or Siddha Asana (perfected pose). You need not wait for practicing Pranayama till you get full mastery over the Asana. Practise Asana and side by side you can practise Pranayama also. In course of time, you will acquire perfection in both. Pranayama can also be practised by sitting in the chair erect.

In Bhagavad-Gita, the Immortal Song of Lord Krishna, you will find a beautiful description of seat and pose: In a pure secret place by himself established in a fixed seat of his own, neither too high nor too low, with cloth, black antelope- skin and Kusa grass one over the other, there, making the mind one-pointed, with thought and the functions of the senses controlled, steady on his seat, he should practise Yoga for the purification of the Self, holding the body, head and neck erect, firm, gazing steadily at the tip of the nose without looking around (Ch. VI10,11, & 12).

Pranayama is the control of the Prana and the vital forces of the body. It is regulation of the breath. This is the most important step. The aim of Pranayama is the control of Prana. Pranayama begins with the regulation of the breath for having control over the life-currents or inner vital force. In other words, Pranayama is the perfect control of the life-currents through control of breath. Breath is external manifestation of the gross Prana. A correct habit of breathing must be established by the regular practice of Pranayama. In ordinary worldly persons the breathing is irregular.

If you can control the Prana you can completely control all the forces of the Universe, mental and physical. The Yogi can also control the Omnipresent manifesting power out of which all energies take their origin, whether concerning magnetism, electricity, gravitation, cohesion, nerve-currents, vital forces or thought-vibrations, in fact the total forces of the Universe, physical and mental.

If one controls the breath or Prana, the mind also is controlled. He who has controlled his mind has also controlled his breath. If one is suspended, the other is also suspended. If the mind and Prana are both controlled one gets liberation from the round of births and deaths and attains immortality. There is intimate connection between the mind, Prana and semen. If one controls the seminal energy, the mind and Prana are also controlled. He who has controlled his seminal energy has also controlled his Prana and mind.

He who practices Pranayama will have good appetite, cheerfulness,

handsome figure, good strength,

courage, enthusiasm, a high standard

of health, vigour and vitality and good

concentration of mind. Pranayama is quite suitable for the Westerners also.

A Yogi measures the span of his life

not by the number of years but by the number of his breaths. You can take in a certain amount of energy or Prana from the atmospheric air along with each breath. Vital capacity is the capacity shown by the largest quantity of air a

man can inhale after the deepest possible exhalation. A man takes fifteen breaths

in a minute. The total number of breaths

comes to 21,600 times per day.

Varieties of Pranayama

Bahya-abhyantar-stambha-vritti-desaa-kala Sankhyabhih patidtishto deergha-sukshmah. Yoga Sutras Chap. II, Sa. 50

Pranayama is regarded lengthy or subtle according to its three components, the external, the internal and the steady; the retention processes are modified by the regulations of space, time and num

When the breath is expired it is Rechaka, the first kind of Pranayama. When the breath is drawn in, it is the second, termed Puraka. When it is suspended,

it is the third kind, called Kumbhaka.

Kumbhaka is retention of breath. Kumbhaka increases the period of life. It augments the inner spiritual force, vigour and vitality. If you retain the breath for one minute, this one minute is added to your span of life. Yogins by taking the breath to the Brahmarandhra at the top of the head and keeping it there, defeat the Lord of death, Yama, and conquer death. Chang Dev lived for one thousand and four hundred years through the practice

of Kumbhaka. Each of these motions in

Pranayama, viz., Rechaka, Puraka and Kumbhaka, is regulated by space, time and number. By space is meant the inside or outside of the body and the particular length or the breadth and also when the Prana is held in some particular part of the body. During expiration the distance to which breath is thrown outside varies in different individuals. The distance varies during inspiration also. The length of the breath varies in accordance with the pervading Tattva. The length of the breath is respectively 12, 16, 4, 8, 0 fingers’ breadths according to the Tattvas—Prithvi, Apas, Tejas, Vayu or Akasa (earth, water, fire, air or ether). This is again external during exhalation and internal during inhalation.

Time is, the time of duration of each of these, which is generally counted by Matra, which corresponds to one second. Matra means a measure. By time is also meant how long the Prana should be fixed in a particular centre or part.

Number refers to the number of times the Pranayama is performed. The Yogic student should slowly take the number of Pranayamas to eighty at one sitting. He should have four sittings in the morning, afternoon, evening and midnight, or at 9 a.m., and should have thus 320 Pranayamas in all. The effect or fruit of Pranayama is Udghata or awakening of the sleeping Kundalini. The chief aim of Pranayama is to unite the Prana with the Apana and take the united Pranayama slowly upwards towards the head.

Kundalini is the source for all occult powers. The Pranayama is long or short according to the period of time, it is practised. Just as water, thrown on a hot pan shrivels upon all sides as it is being dried up, so also air, moving. in or out

ceases its action by a strong effort of restraint (Kumbhaka) and stays within.

Vachaspati describes Measured by 36 Matras, is the first attempt (Udghata), which is mild. Twice that is the second, which is middling. Thrice that is the third, which is the intense. This is the Pranayama as measured by number.

The ‘place’ of exhalation lies within 12 Angulas (inches) of the tip of nose. This is to be ascertained through a piece of reed or cotton. The place of inhalation ranges from the head down to the soles of the feet. This is to be ascertained through a sensation similar to the touch of ant. The place of Kumbhaka consists of the external and internal places of both exhalation and inhalation taken together, because the functions of the breath are capable of being held up at both these places. This is to be ascertained through the absence of the two indicatives noted above, in connection with exhalation and inhalation.

The specification of the three kinds of breath regulations, by all these three— time, space and number is only optional. They are not to be understood as to be practised collectively, for in many Smritis we meet with passages, where the only specification mentioned with reference to the regulation of breath is that of time.

The fourth is restraining the Prana by directing it to external or internal object; Bahyabhyantara-vishayakshepi chaturthah (Yoga Sutras: 11,50).

The third kind of Pranayama that is described in Sutra 50 of the Yoga Sutras, is practiced only till the first Udghata is marked. This fourth Pranayama is

carried further. It concerns with the fixing of the Prana in the various lotuses (Padmas or Chakras) and taking it slowly, and slowly, step by step, and stage by stage to the last lotus in the head, where perfect Samadhi takes place. This is internal. Externally it takes into consideration the length of breath in accordance with the prevailing Tattva. Prana can be described either inside or outside.

By gradual mastery over the preliminary three kinds of Pranayama, the fourth kind comes in. In the third kind of Pranayama the sphere is not taken into consideration. The stoppage of the breath occurs with one single effort and is then measured by space, time and number and thus becomes Dirgha (long) and Sukshma (subtle). In the fourth variety, however the spheres of expiration and inspiration are ascertained. The different states are mastered by and by. The fourth variety is not practiced all at once by a single effort like the third one. On the other hand, it reaches different states of perfection, as it is being done. After one stage is mastered, the next stage is taken up and practiced. Then it goes in succession. The third is not preceded by measurements and is brought about by a single effort. The fourth is however preceded by the knowledge of the measurements, and is brought about by much effort. This is the only difference. The conditions of time, space and number are applicable to this kind of Pranayama also. Particular occult powers develop themselves at each stage of progress.

Three Types of Pranayama There are three types of Pranayama, viz., Adhama, Madhyama and Uttama (inferior, middle and superior). The

Adhama Pranayama consists of 12 Matras, Madhyama consists of 24 Matras and the Uttama occupies a time of 32 Matras. This is for Puraka. The ratio between Puraka, Kumbhaka and Rechaka is 1:4:2. Puraka is inhalation. Kumbhaka is retention. Rechaka is exhalation. If you inhale for a period of 12 Matras you will have to make Kumbhaka for a period of 48 Matras. Then the time for Rechaka will be 24 Matras. This is for Adhama Pranayama. The same rule will apply to the other two varieties. First, practise for a month of Adhama Pranayama. Then practise Madhyama for three months. Then take up the Uttama variety.

Salute your Guru and Sri Ganesa as soon as you sit in the Asana. The time for Abhyasa is early morning 4 a.m., 10 a.m., evening 4 p.m., and night 10 p.m., or 12 p.m. As you advance in practice you will have to do 320 Pranayamas daily.

Sagarbha Pranayama is that Pranayama, which is attended with mental Japa of any Mantra, either Gayatri or Om. It is one hundred times more powerful than the Agarbha Pranayama, which is plain and unattended with any Japa. Pranayama Siddhi depends upon the intensity of the efforts of the practitioner. An ardent enthusiastic student, with Parama Utsaha, Sahasa and Dridhata (zeal, cheerfulness and tenacity), can effect Siddhi (perfection) within six months; while a happy-go-lucky practitioner with Tandri and Alasya (drowsiness and laziness) will find no improvement even after eight or ten years. Plod on. Persevere with patience, faith, confidence, expectation, interest and attention. You are bound to succeed. Nil desperandum Never despair.

The Vedantic Kumbhaka

Being without any distraction and with a calm mind, one should practise Pranayama. Both expiration and inspiration should be stopped. The practitioner should depend solely on Brahman; that is the highest aim of life. The giving out of all external objects, is said to be Rechaka. The taking in of the spiritual knowledge of Sastras, is said to be Puraka, and the keeping to oneself of such knowledge is said to be Kumbhaka. He is an emancipated person who practices his Chitta thus. There is no doubt about it. Through Kumbhaka the mind should always be taken up and through Kumbhaka alone it should be filled up within. It is only through Kumbhaka that Kumbhaka should be firmly mastered. Within it, is ‘Parama Siva’. At first in his Brahmagranthi there is produced soon a hole or passage. Then having pierced Brahmagranthi, he pierces Vishnugranthi, then he pierces Rudragranthi, then the Yogin attains his liberation through the religious ceremonies, performed in various births, through the grace of Gurus and Devatas and through the practice of Yoga.

Pranayama for Nadi-Suddhi

The Vayu cannot enter the Nadis if they are full of impurities. Therefore, first of all, they should be purified and then Pranayama should be practised. The Nadis are purified by two processes, viz., Samanu and Nirmanu. The Samanu is done by a mental process with Bija Mantra. The Nirmanu is done by physical cleansing or the Shatkarmas.

1. Sit on Padmasana. Meditate on the Bijakshara of Vayu (Yam) which is of smoke colour. Inhale through the left

nostril. Repeat the Bijakshara 16 times. This is Puraka. Retain the breath till you repeat the Bija 64 times. This is Kumbhaka. Then exhale through the right nostril very very slowly till you repeat the Bijakshara 32 times.

2. The navel is the seat of Agnitattva.

Meditate on this Agnitattva. Then draw the breath through the right nostril repeating 16 times the Agni Bija rö (Ram). Retain the breath, till you count the Bija 64 times. Then exhale slowly through the left nostril till you repeat mentally the Bija letter 32 times.

3. Fix the gaze at the tip of the nose.

Inhale through the left nostril repeating the Bija Yö (Tham) 16 times. Retain the breath till you repeat the Bija (Tham) 64 times. Now imagine that the nectar that flows from the moon, runs through all the vessels of the body and purifies them. Then exhale slowly through right nostril till you repeat the Prithvi Bija l:ö (Lam) 32 times.

The Nadis are purified nicely by the practice of the above three kinds of Pranayama by sitting firmly in your usual posture.

purified nicely by the practice of the above three kinds of Pranayama by sitting firmly in
“Based on “ the Girls/ Ladies” Height Hair Head Forehead Eyebrows Eyes Nose Ears Face

“Based on “ the Girls/ Ladies”

Height Hair Head Forehead Eyebrows Eyes Nose Ears Face Cheeks Lips Teeth Chin Tongue Palate Voice Neck Arms Shoulders Hands Belly Navel Fingers and thumb Waist Thighs Hair on body Back Knees Calf muscles Ankles Heels Feet Toes Toe nails Lines under feet

Nose : If the nose of a woman is hooked like a parrot, she is good natured, enjoys fame, is clever and a well wisher of her family. A straight nose and of normal length makes a woman beautiful, wise, witty and diligent. A woman with a small nose is cunning, shrewd, mischievous and lustful. If the nose is depressed in the middle, the front part very high, crooked or very fat, then such a woman will be devoid of love and sympathy. she will be wicked, cruel, loose in character and hasty in decision. If the nostrils are fat and wide, the woman will be lazy, strong headed, proud and fond of a pleasurable life. If the tip of the nose is small, the woman will pass her life as a slave. If the tip of the nose is long, she will be of harsh temperament. If the tip is depressed, it is an omen for longevity of her husband. If there is hair on her nose, she is shrewd and unlucky.

Ears : When a woman has long ears, a little flabby, soft, proportionate in dimensions, and appeals to the naked eye, it indicates that she will be lucky and will lead a comfortable life. If ears

are crooked, thin, unequal in size, they indicates a woman to be unlucky.

Face : It is said that a face is round, soft, flushed red, smooth, fleshy, glamorous, lustful, the lady is considered fortunate. She is respected, she is a good administrator, can control all situations with confidence. If the face is like her parents, it is a sign of her parents, it is a damsel of good luck. If the face is pale, the woman is of questionable character and of loose morals. If the woman has a shining face, she can be classified as shrewd, a cheat but lucky. A wide mouth indicates her passionate nature.

Cheeks : Red, blood-colored radiant cheeks are liked by everybody. If a damsel has round, fleshy, full and red cheeks, it indicates good health and beauty, and is a sign of prosperity. When the cheeks are depressed, fleshless, skinny and have hair on them, they indicate ill-health and she is considered unfortunate. Dimples on cheeks while laughing and talking are not a lucky sign. But if dimples are there only while smiling it is an indication of a woman being liked by her husband. Apple colored cheeks do not presage a good character. Black spots on cheeks indicate depravity and loose character.

Lips : If the lips are red, thin, smooth ,hairless, well shaped and of equal proportion, the woman is loved by her husband and is sexy by nature. A woman

with thin lips has longing desires and tenderness, is good in household work and in addition loves talking. If the lips are heavy, drooping and thick, the lady may become adulterous and unchaste. If the lower lip is of red color and round and has a line thereon, she leads

a life of a queen and a very lucky and

wealthy. But if the lower lip is thick and black in color, she is of a questionable character and nature and may lose her husband. When the lower lip is thin, long, broken and dry, it is a sign of ill- luck. If the upper lip is soft and convex in the center and is devoid of hair, it is considered lucky, full of passions. If the upper lip is thick, has hair on it, is long and dry, it is sure sign of loose character and shows that the woman is fond of the pleasures.

Teeth : White, lustrous, shining, pearl like of equal size and 32 in number,

indicate fortune. If the teeth are big, dirty, crooked, a woman is unlucky and unworthy of being married to anyone.


the number of teeth in the lower jaw


more than those in the upper jaw, is a

sign of ill luck. Gap between the teeth or rat like teeth or black gums are a sign of bad luck.

Chin : A round, smooth, soft, symmetrical and proportionate chin is

a sign of good luck. When the chin is

heavy, fat, round, conical, it denotes

a woman of short temper and hasty in

actions. She may be secretive, harmful, self centered and may face troubles in

life. If there is dimple in chin, the woman is cheerful, lovable, kind hearted but would be unlucky as far as the wealth and happiness in the life is concerned.

A lady with long chin is full of worldly

desires and of loose character.

Tongue : A red colored tongue indicates a lucky woman. If the color of the tongue is black, such a woman will be quarrelsome, jealous, hot tempered and envious. If the color of tongue is white, the lady will not maintain good health. If the tongue is rough and abrased near it’s tip, it denotes a woman of quarrelsome and wicked nature. She is back bitter and generally remains gloomy for no apparent reason. A too long tongue indicates an unlucky woman.

Palate : A soft palate, red in color indicates fortune. If it is white in color, the woman will be a good administrator and will be like a queen. If black in color she will be quarrelsome, leading a miserable life. If it is yellow in color, she will be cheat, a liar and wicked. If palate is fleshy, her wealth will be wasted.

Voice : A sweet voice is God’s gift and such woman are good natured, loving and attractive. A harsh and rough voice

: A sweet voice is God’s gift and such woman are good natured, loving and attractive.

indicates a wicked, cunning and shrewd woman. A woman with man like voice is unlucky. A woman who moves her eyes while talking enjoys the company of men.

Neck : A smooth, conch like, not very long adds beauty to a woman. This

is called as the ‘surahidaar’ neck.

A long necked girl is not lucky. A

fleshy and cushion like neck is a sign

of widowhood and a very short neck

indicates childlessness. A deer like neck

shows that she is beloved of all. If the neck is too fat and wide, nature of such woman will be bad and she will involve herself in mischievous actions. Three wrinkles on the neck indicate wealth and good luck.

Shoulders : Not too long, short and fleshy shoulders are considered as lucky. When the shoulders are crooked,


and hairy, they are an indication of



Arms : Straight, hairless, soft, well

of ill luck. Arms : Straight, hairless, soft, well shaped and fleshy arms generally belong to

shaped and fleshy arms generally belong to a lucky lady. If the arms are hairy, hard, stiff and small, the woman is unfortunate. If the veins are clearly visible on the arms, she may lead a miserable life. Thick, rough, bushy hair on the arms indicate widowhood.

Hands : Extraordinary long hands denote ill-luck and may lead to widowhood. Beautiful, soft and delicate hands are a sure sign of wealth and good luck. Rough, unequal, dry hands are a sign of misfortune and life of struggle. If there is sweating in hand, it leads to misfortune.

Fingers and thumb : Long, thin, soft and conical fingers are sign of good luck. Women whose thumbs are weak and thin in the middle and fat at tips with knots, will marry for the sake of wealth alone. Small, broad, spatulate fingers with hair on the back, indicates ill luck. When the thumb is supple and bends too much towards back and the fingers are smooth and pointed, the woman is very particular about her dress and is self centered. Thin and pointed fingers make a woman very passionate and social. Short, curved fingers with space in between when together are a sign of life of struggle. Short and fat fingers and thumb indicate a stubborn nature. When the thumb is small and fingers are conical, woman is clever and faithful to her husband. Woman with broad thumb and square fingers are mischievous and quarrelsome. When the fingers are crooked, small, rough, uneven, flat or of bad color, such a woman is unlucky.

Belly : Not too wide and high, proportionate and symmetrical, soft, smooth, hairless, not too large belly

indicates good luck. Woman with long or high, bulging or protruding belly is considered unlucky and doomed. A very long belly indicates ill luck. Short, soft belly with veins visible is a sign that woman is sweet and passionate. If the belly is like that of a beer and blue veins are visible, the woman becomes

a good administrator. When the belly

is like a drum or pitcher, life will be

miserable for that woman.

Navel : If the navel is deep, the woman

is popular and is loved by her husband.

Broad, fleshy and not very deep navel indicates that such a woman is quite lucky. A woman with navel raised

on the right side, leads a queen like comfortable life.

Waist : When the waist of a lady is fat,

it indicates her loose character, she is

fond of good dresses. A waist that is narrow, well formed, not too small nor very large or fleshy. But it should be smooth and hairless, is the sign of good luck. If the waist is bent, big, flabby, hairy, rough and crooked, then the lady will be wicked, shrewd and unfortunate. Hair on the waist indicates an unfortunate woman with a loose character.

Thighs : The woman with straight, round, tapering, hairless, fleshy thighs

is lucky, brave and kind hearted. Broad

and hairy thighs indicate poverty and struggle. If the thighs are thin, skinny, such a woman is unlucky. If the junction

of thighs and trunk of the body is broad,

such a woman have roaming tendency.

Hair on the body : Where curly and even hair are sign of good luck, standing and hard hair indicates that she will tend to

be a slave. Scanty, thin and broken hair

are sign of widowhood.

Back : When the back of a woman is

fleshy and long, such that the backbone

is not visible, such a woman will be

lucky and wealthy. If the back is bent and full of veins, it is a sign of bad luck.

Hair on the back indicate widowhood.

Knees : Fleshy and round knees are sign

of fortune, whereas, not so fleshy knees, the woman will have a wanderlust. When the knees are long and strong, it

is an indication of poverty.

Calf muscles : If the calves are tapering, round, fleshy and hairless, it indicates that such a woman is pious, religious and will do good deeds. If there is hair on calf, it is a sign of bad luck and she may lead life as a servant. When the calves are flabby and disproportionate, that is a sure sign of ill luck.

Ankles : When the ankles of woman are fleshy and round, they promise a

fortunate life. If the ankles produce

a sound while walking as they get

rubbed against each other, it denotes widowhood. Broad and disproportionate ankles indicates ill luck.

Heels : When the heel of a right foot are high and fat, the woman is lucky and will children and good disposition. Broad heels denotes widowhood. A woman with fat, fleshy and lustrous heel is proud, unfaithful and with loose morals.

Feet : While walking, if the full foot falls on the ground and all the toes touch the ground, it is a sign of fortunate. In case, the third and the fourth toe does

not touch the ground, it indicates widowhood. The best foot are of red color, well formed, of medium size tend to make a woman proud, daring and successful.

Toes : Soft, round, fairly raised and closely set together toes are a good sign of good fortune. A woman with crooked or broken

loose character. If the third and second toes are small, the woman may not marry at all. If the big toe of a woman is red, she will not be held in esteem by her husband. If all the toes are round, she will be a wife of a rich man and will love him with constancy.

Toe nails : When the nails are red, she will be blessed with all comforts of life and will have children. If black, she will be of a loose character. If yellow, she will

be poor; If pink, she will be

shrewd and wicked. In case

of white color, she may lead

a miserable life.

Lines under feet : If the line starts from the sole of the

foot and runs to the first toe, such a lady marries early and

is beloved of her husband.

Hair lines on the feet denote

a passionate nature and a

flirtatious disposition. If signs

like fish, flag, conch ,lotus

are found on the feet, the woman will be wealthy and lucky. She will be a blessing

to the man she marries

For More help and to come out of any of your problems in your life please call His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar for more help. Swamiji is the only Atharva Vedic Scholar in the entire USA. Pleas reach the Toll Free # @ 1-888-808-1418 or email swamiji to avtemple@aol.com

Free # @ 1-888-808-1418 or email swamiji to avtemple@aol.com toes, is of deceiving nature. Short toes

toes, is of deceiving nature. Short toes predict short life. If the feet and toes are flat, the woman will be unlucky. When the first toe is longer than the big toe, she is self willed, and of a domineering nature. If the second toe is longer than the big toe, the woman is unlucky, and a source of worry to others. If the second toe is longer than the first, the woman is wealthy and lucky. If the third toe is longer, she is of a

Pundit Kumar- Chief Priest, Shiva Vish- nu Temple of Texas (This is a recapitulation of

Pundit Kumar- Chief Priest, Shiva Vish- nu Temple of Texas

(This is a recapitulation of most of the pre- vious exercises) Do any of the awareness exercises that have preceded. Take your body sensa- tion, for instance, as the focus of your

Observe not only the sensa-


tions that yield themselves readily to your awareness, the grosser sensations but also

the subtler ones

If possible, do not give

the sensations any names (burning, numb-

ness, pricking, itching, cold

). Just feel

the sensations without putting a label on to them

Do the same with sounds many of them as possible

identify the source of the sounds. Listen to the sounds without putting a label on

to them. As you proceed with this exer-

cise you will notice a great peacefulness


become aware, briefly, of this peaceful-

how good it is to

be here now. To have nothing to do. To just

be. Be.For those who are more devotion-

ally inclined. Do the previous exercise un- til you sense the peacefulness that comes

aware, for a brief while,

of that peacefulness and silence

with it

ness and silence

coming upon you, a deep silence

Capture as Do not try to



Now express yourself to God non-verbal- ly. Imagine that you are dumb and you can only communicate with your eyes and your breathing. Say to the Lord, non-verbally, Lord, it is good to be here with you. Or, do not communicate with the Lord at all. Just rest in His presence. Also, for the de- votionally inclined, a rudimentary exercise

in finding God in all things. Return to the

world of the senses

aware as possible of the air you breathe

of the sounds around you tions you feel in your body

Become as keenly

of the sensa- Sense God

in the air, the sounds, the sensations. Rest in this whole world of the senses. Rest

Surrender to this whole world

in God

of the senses (sounds, tactile sensations,



Individual’s Uplift And World Welfare The Divine Life ideal offers a panacea for all the social and political ills of the modern world. The three fundamentals of Divine Life—Serve, Love, Give are the pillars upon which an individual can stand and uplift himself and the brotherhood of man can be built. Thus the life in this world can become more fearless and happy as well as purposeful. If one tries to observe people, one may see their three types of persons extroverts, introverts and ambiverts. Ex- troverts are persons whose mind always goes outwards. They become slaves of their senses. They are after money, pleas- ure and passion, position and power, hon- our and acclaim. They are bound with the conditions and circumstances and the cir- cumference of life. Naturally, their pursuit is of the outer and they forget the purpose and destination of human life.

Introverts are those persons who are reflec- tive and contemplative and long to study their inner realm, the inner universe hid- den within. Goethe called it as Man’s in- ner universe. They renounce pleasure and position, keeping themselves aloof away from acclaim and honor. The charm of the world is such that one may find only

Karma 46
Karma 46
Karma 47
Karma 47

a few who are introverts. Ambivert is a

person who does not cut himself from the outer, but lives in the ‘inner’ and makes the outer a vehicle of the inner. He dedicates his life in selfless service of humanity and

places his life as an offering at the altar of the Great Creator of the universe the Lord. Such a person realizes the sanctity of serv- ice, seeking nothing for himself, keeping ablaze the Divinity within. They are the embodiments of humility and compas- sion and love pure and simple at heart. But without becoming introvert it is not pos- sible for anyone to become ambivert. And such a person is called sadhaka in its real perspective. In fact, man is an inborn sad- haka, but fails to recognize the same due

to misconceptions, misunderstandings, ar-

rogance and vanity.

Holistic View There is a common tendency to isolate spiritual principles from politics, espe- cially in these days of great intellectual power. Dreamers and visionaries are often brushed aside as people with their heads in the clouds, out of touch with stark re- alities. In so many ways man has become wedded to the doctrine of self-salvation, self-achievement and self-dependence that in the resultant excitement of great material achievements he is in danger of forgetting the eternal truths upon which this entire universe exists and its future heritage depends. The bad habit of com- plaining against others, the conditions and slackness in sincere attempts, and a lack of love for himself and humanity and man be- comes a prey of vanity which subsists on false values. Man generally thinks falsely that he is unblemished and superior to oth- ers and that others are blemished and in- ferior. The inevitable consequence is that

he gets a perverted vision and loses the ca- pacity for seeing and accepting Truth. If a man develops an attitude of selfishness, he

is liable to poison every good sight and tie.

But, if his attitude becomes one of help-

fulness and understanding, he shall beau- tify every time foes will turn into friends, problems will have their solutions and man will have his salvation. Unfortunate- ly, man thinks his gain in the loss of oth- ers, his progress in another’s downfall and his happiness in another’s unhappiness. It is a tremendous mistake and a danger- ous trend born out of indiscrimination and selfishness. The inspired visions of saints, mystics and leaders in the religious educa- tion, social, economic and artistic scene of every country have truly reflected the true aspirations of the people. From these vi- sions was born the practical reality of eve- rything which is recognised to be good in their way of life. And of course, everything that is discordant or bad is the outward re- sult of individual and collective negative or evil thinking or beliefs.

One of the greatest saints of the present day Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar Maha- raj has placed before the world the ‘Divine Life’ gospel for the uplift of the individual and attainment of divinity in the end which can be summed up in six succinct words, Serve, Love. Give, Purify, Meditate, Real- ize.

The physical frame of a man owes much to the world because it is made of the same five elements of which this world is com- posed. One has, therefore, to serve one and all without any distinction whatsoever and without any expectation of return or reward so that he may clear out his debt towards the world. One must properly un- derstand that the acquired wealth and pow- er are not his own but are the ‘trust’ of the poor and weak. In the right use of things lies the key which consists in the service of others. Service and sacrifice, hence, are the acme of duty and dutifulness. When a duty is performed as a duty for duty’s sake, it becomes the source of salvation and not the bondage of attachment. But he should not have the idea of doer ship. Hence the

service and performance of duty with a feeling of responsibility and pure heart without expectations, which is prompted by an inner sense of fellowship and unity, reduces attachment and destroys the sense of doer ship and thus liberates the man.

Love is light, life, eternity. There is noth- ing else to achieve in this world but love. In love consists the perfection of human life. All impurities are rooted in the craving for the pleasure of the senses, but love is not there. Love is the nature of the beloved and the life of the lover. One must know that faith and Love go together, because in the sense of unity resides Love and in the ending of desire is the dawn of Love. Man has sincerely to understand that the outer form of action warranted by a given situation generally makes little difference to the Love and sympathy in one’s inner at- titude. The man has to learn a great lesson that he has to love even a sinner, while hat- ing the sin. A man, who is an inborn sad- haka, must learn the lesson of forgiveness even without asking for the same from the person who has done something wrong. Thus only the impurities of man’s mind can be washed off. Of course, it requires great moral strength to seek forgiveness for one’s own past wrong actions. Only one who is truly repentant and who has realised that any satisfaction of the senses derived from evil propensities is bound to reap a harvest of evil and sorrow.

Man should not be confounded with a seeming contradiction between forgive- ness and justice. Man’s sense of justice is distorted, on account of the limitations of his ego, his reactions are perverted. Strictly speaking, in one sense, man can do justice only to himself because he can understand his own mind and not of others. As a man and as a sadhaka one should, therefore, refrain from judging others; and also one should be forgiving others in so far one feels wronged by others. When the mind is

devoid of hate, a long step is taken by man towards recovery. Love is the tremendous curative force for an individual and for the society. So the great Master emphasized greatly this love factor and preached in practice Love all, hate none. God is in all, do not hurt Him. The urge to give happi- ness to others helps man to destroy his own craving for pleasure. The desire for pleas- ure is the cause of frustration; giving and sharing what you have and serving others with compassion consumes the craving for pleasure. He warned an aspirant that generosity motivated by attachment, and renunciation caused by anger are fruitless. The truth is that the supreme giver is ours, but all the things He gives are His. There- fore, man should learn the lesson of giving and giving with happiness all the good that he possesses and not think that by giving he will lose. In fact he will gain something which is Divine and Eternal.

If the three mottos above Serve, Love and

Give are properly understood and prac- ticed by man in his day-to-day life, he will find that his heart has become purified and he is living in a higher stage and better so- ciety. In fact, in the renunciation of one’s rights and protection of rights of the oth- ers lies the secret of attainment. His mind becomes purified and then alone he is in

a position to meditate and realize. This is

the gospel of Divine life which is the need of the hour, and if we follow this, we shall be serving this world in a better way on its upward march. Then alone can there be ‘Ramarajya’.

Let us march on this path with confidence and faith, with sincerity and His holiness Gurudev Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar bless you!

path with confidence and faith, with sincerity and His holiness Gurudev Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar bless
Param Pujya, His Holiness “Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar” This is a devotional variant to the

Param Pujya, His Holiness “Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar”

This is a devotional variant to the exercises on body sensations that you

will find helpful if you have reservations about calling the body sensation exercises true prayer or contemplation. Repeat one of the body sensation exercises. Take some time to experience as many and as subtle sensations as you can in various parts of your body Now make the REFLECTION: Every sensation I feel, no matter how light and subtle is the result of a bio-chemical reaction that could not exist except


for God’s Almighty Power

God’s power at work in the production

Feel HIM

of every single sensation

touching you in each of those sensations

Feel the touch

that HE is producing

of God in different parts of your body:

rough, smooth, pleasurable, painful The experience of God need not be

something sensational or out of the ordinary, unless your devotion and Divine Love is developed. There is, no doubt, an experience of God that is different from the ordinary run of experiences that we are accustomed to:

there is the deep silence that I spoke of earlier, the glowing darkness, the emptiness that brings fulfillment.

There are sudden, unaccountable flashes of Eternity or of the infinite that comes to us when we least expect them, in the midst of our work. One needs to do so

little, really, to experience God. All one needs to do is quieten oneself, become still and become aware of the feel of your hand. Beware of the sensations

in your hand

There you have God,

living and working in you, touching

you, intensely near you

Experience HIM. Most of the devotees look upon an experience like this as far too pedestrian. Surely there is more to the experience of God than just the simple feel of the sensations of one’s right hand. This needs a long explanation to know the reality Yet, you are assured that these simple and humble exercises shall help you a lot to march towards that reality. We forget all too easily that one of the big lessons of incarnations is that God is found in the ordinary also. Do you wish to see God? Look at the fact next to you. You want to hear him? Listen to the cry of a baby, the loud laughter of a simple party, the wind rustling in the trees. Or just quieten yourself, become aware of the sensations in your body, sense HIS ALMIGHTY POWER at work in you and feel how near He is to you.

Feel HIM

Concentration (This is an exercise in pure awareness) Choose one sense object for a basic object of attention. It is suggested that you choose either the sensations in one part of your body of your breathing or the sounds around you.Focus your attention on this object, but do so in such a way that if your attention shifts to something else you are immediately aware of the shift.

Let us suppose you have chosen for your basic object of attention your

breathing. Well, then, concentrate on

It is quite likely that

after a while your attention will move

to something else a thought, a sound, a

Now provided you are aware

of this shift of attention to something

else, this shift is not to be counted as

a distraction. It is important, however,

that you be aware of the shift while the

shift is taking place or immediately after

it has taken place. Count it a distraction

only if you become aware of the shift long after it has taken place.Suppose you choose breathing as your basic object of attention. Then your exercise will possibly go something like this:


your breathing

I am breathing

thinking thinking

Now I am listening to a sound

I am thinking

I am breathing


your attention (breathing)

in self-awareness may become so great that you will not only become aware of the shift of your attention on to some

object, but even of the desire to shift, the impulse in you to shift on to something else. As when you want to move your hand you will first become conscious of the desire arising within you to move the hand, your consent to this desire, your carrying out of this desire, the

very first stirring of your hand

of which activities are performed in an infinitesimal fraction of a second and so we find it impossible to distinguish one from the other until the silence and stillness within us has become almost total and our awareness has acquired razor edge sharpness. Self-awareness is a powerful means for increasing in love of God and of neighbor. The self- awareness heightens the love. The love, when it is genuine, fosters deeper self-awareness. Do not go in search of abstruse means for developing your self- awareness. Begin with humble things like the awareness of the feel of your body or awareness of the things around you and then more on to exercises like the ones which are suggested here and it won’t be long before you notice the fruits of peacefulness and love that heightened self-awareness brings with it.

your skill







For More help and to come out of any


irritated. Now I feel bored

of your problems in your life please



call His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam

In this exercise, the wandering of the mind is not considered a distraction provided you are aware that your attention is shifting to some other

Siddhar for more help. Swamiji is the only Atharva Vedic Scholar in the entire USA. Pleas reach the Toll Free # @ 1-888-808-1418 or email swamiji to avtemple@aol.com

Once you have become aware

of this shift, stay with the new object

(thinking, listening, feeling





while, then return to the basic object of




VASTU SASTRA CONSULTANT IN THE ENTIRE WESTERN COUNTRIES. Vasthu Sastra is an ancient Indian science dealing

Vasthu Sastra is an ancient Indian science dealing with construction technology and techniques for building environment friendly dwellings which are in harmony with nature, surrounding environment, cosmic energy, gravitational forces, electromagnetic waves and the universe.

Tracing the origin of the vastushastra, we find that it’s different versions have been associated with various vedic scriptures and ancient texts. Rigaveda, Samaveda, Atharvaveda in one form or other have vastushastra related topics. Vastushastra can be understood as a road to happiness, but not being the only one. It’s effective use can be seen in the town planning norms observed at Indus valley civilisation as represented by ancient cities of Mohanjodaro and Harrapa. People at that time used the knowledge of stars and astronomy to determine the direction and location of various buildings for various purposes. Vastushastra can be defined as harmonious, proportionate, and positive interaction of all the matters encompassing human life. Vastushastra offers adequate representation to all factors governing life to create, in a sense , harmonious and melodious music in human dimension. Artistic view point and aesthetic outlook are essential ingredients of vastushastra. Vastushastra

can be explained in terms of constructive or destructive combination of the various oscillatory fields.

Vastushastra effectively manipulates the web of cosmic energy for the betterment of humankind. It’s well defined rules and regulations ensure that all the houses, buildings and other structures are in harmony with the surrounding environment. Where modern architecture aims at bodily comforts of a dweller and functional effectiveness of the structure; the vastu aims at ensuring the health, happiness, prosperity, and well being of the human being occupying the dwelling and endows him with a sustained peace and tranquility of mind. Through vastu the physical world and the abstract world have to be matched properly and equitably in order to build the best possible dwelling. Physical world includes aspects as building material, construction equipment, budgetary estimates, time duration to complete the construction, the contractor, skilled and unskilled labors. In the Abstract world we encounter the mysterious and the incomprehensible. There are numerous minor things that can’t be seen but can be felt or experienced. Some of them are religion, traditions, effect of five great elements (air, water, fire, earth, sky),

eight directions, geomagnetic and other fields, frequency spectrum of sound waves and light waves, influence of planets.

In vastushastra, the north east direction

is considered as the direction of ‘heaven’

as stress concentration of energies is

minimum in this direction. Similarly, the south west is considered as the direction of ‘hell’. The deficiencies in the vastu can effectively be tackled by employing symbols, colors, light, and sound as prescribed in the vastushastra. The ill effects of ‘vastu doshas ‘ can be diluted through these techniques. Vastu is the reflection of love and affection between a man and his abode. From symbols like Swastik and Omkar flows

the cultural affinity which in turn creates

an atmosphere conducive to the proper

development of the mind. The symbols serve as catalysts in inculcating positive thoughts for all round development. In the same manner the vibrational energy levels created by these conches serve in enhancing the functional efficiency of human body and mind through a type of ‘auto-suggestion’.

It is to be noted that the mathematical principles attributed to Archimedes and Pythagoras can be traced to ancient scriptures written much before these mathematicians. The microscopic effects documented in vastushastra reflect many of the modern concepts from the fields

of particle physics, electromagnetism,

biophysics, radiation and gravitation. Vastushastra gives fruition to these

ideas by using different entities like soil, stone, mortar, water, fire and direction to provide a harmonically balanced living environment for thee human beings.

A broader perspective is used these

days and vastu is studied extensively

in correlation with other sciences as yogashastra , astrology , jyotisha and tantra and mantra.

Solar Radiation And Vastu

It is observed that one side of a house or a vastu is subjected to intense solar radiation, while the other side remains in shadow region. This leads to formation of ‘Aushnik Dwandwa ‘ or a thermocouple in the space around the house. In tropical countries , the southeast, south and southwest directions suffer scorching sun, while the north, northeast, and northwest directions are in shadow region.

This higher imbalance creates disturbances in the naturally ordered geomagnetic flux lines, with formation of nodes at the points where flux lines cross each other. The nodes represent distorted energy potential and sub atomic particles travelling along the flux lines can get trapped at such dislocations. Under specific conditions, these particles can start resonating to give micro level hazardous radiations. These emissions can work against the existence of life forms. Vastu Purush Mandal represents this phenomenon through the symbol of ‘Yama’ (death).

This thermal imbalance creates imbalance in the smooth flow of energy through and around the vastu. The vastushastra tries to equalize the thermal differentials and provide a harmonious living conditions for the dweller. some of the measures to offset the disturbance

and provide a harmonious living conditions for the dweller. some of the measures to offset the

in the south are -

1. Thick , heavy walls and no openings

in the south side.

2. Avoiding any slopes towards south.

3. More open spaces in the north and

east direction.

4. Raising of plinth in the south direction.

5.Planting of Trees as ‘Audumber’ in the south to have humid environment.

Any pits or basements in the south direction distort the electromagnetic lines and result in severe dislocations due to thermal variations during daytime. Vastushastra considers these pits in south zone as ‘sins of planning’ and advises raised plinth and loading in these zones.

The ordered electromagnetic field in the north and east zones represent ‘Godhead’ or ‘bliss of nature’. The disordered elctromagnetic field patterns in the south, southwest zones represent the ‘curse of nature’.

Source And Sink Directions The east, west, north, and south

directions are called the main directions of vastu , while northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest are the sub


represent streams of specific energies. Since these directions act as source or sink for energies, orientation and alignment of forces are predetermined in their zones of influence.

The main directions of vastu

In absence of such constraints, sub directions play important role. It is because sub directions represent zone of confluence of different energies that are

at right angle to each other. As such any disturbance in flow in any sub direction initiates turbulence in energy flow which is aligned to the main directions. In ancient texts, sub directions are called ‘Marma - Sthan’ or focal points.

The east and north represent source directions for” Pranik” and “Jaivik” energy flows respectively While the west and south represent the sinks for these energies. This leads to the following source and sink combinations - Northeast - It is a source-source focal point. Minimum or no load and maximum side margins lead to ample positive energy flow for vastu.

Southeast -It is a sink-sink focal point. Maximum loading and minimum side margins allows for balancing hte energy- matter equation.

Similarly, comparatively reduced charges are indicated for the southeast and northwest zones, which are sink- source and source-sink focal points respectively.

Aura Of Directions Main directions north and south are related to geomagnetic organic flow. East and west are related to solar pranik flow. Hence flow in main direction have direct effect on one stream only. But any flow in the sub directions (the most effective zones) contributes to disturbance in both streams. A fault in sub direction leads to cut and break in the flow of cosmic helix of energy.

The reason behind this is that in a spherical sky of 360 º., there are in all 12 points (30 deg. each) allotted for main and sub directions together. This implies that main direction controls 30 deg. of

space whereas sub direction rules over 60 deg. of adjacent space.

Hence in ‘Dwar Nivesh Phal’ main doors are not situated in the sub directions. Dwar nivesh phal considers the hidden source-sink and energy -matter relationship while determining the position of the enterance to the vastu. The specific deities, virtues, and vices in dwar nivesh phal symbolically represent the micro variations in the energy levels. Directions And Flooring Pattern

Selection of flooring material and patterns can be finalized by making use of the qualities of the five great elements, energy, source-sink relationship, and energy matter equation as applied to sub directions. The flooring pattern is selected in such a manner that the pranik and jaivik urja create positive energy envelope for the vastu.

North-east zone - White marble enhances positive energy sources as it reflects and polarizes sunlight. Also white color is the color of ‘jal tatwa’ and the north- east zone requires the qualities of the jal tatwa.

South-east zone - Agra red stone or any other pink colored stone provides the necessary loading to compensate the energy sink and the red color representing ‘agni tatwa ‘ satisfies the requirements of this zone.

South-west zone - Yellow colored stone as yellow jaisalmer stone represent the ‘prithvi tatwa’ and hence orients the ‘gurutwa’ (heaviness) towards this zone. Gurutwa is required to compensate the sink-sink combination in this zone. North-west zone - Kota or blue tandoor stone is suitable for this zone. Blue color

represents ‘vayu tatwa’ matching the qualitative requirements of this zone.

Jaivic Urja And Pranik Urja

The north and south geomagnetic flux is termed as ‘Jaivik Urja’ or organic energy. This force field helps in locating the energy medians in living beings and providing them with natural orientation. This eternal unidirection flow defines, directs and propogates the existence at cellular level. The solar energy flux keeps on changing as per the position of the sun relative to the earth. This force field with photon quanta as energy packets is termed as the ‘Pranik Urja’.

For More help and to come out of any of your problems in your life please call His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar for more help. Swamiji is the only Atharva Vedic Scholar in the entire USA. Pleas reach the Toll Free # @ 1-888-808-1418 or email swamiji to avtemple@aol.com

Scholar in the entire USA. Pleas reach the Toll Free # @ 1-888-808-1418 or email swamiji
-Atharva Vedic Samrat Param Pujya ‘Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar” If there is an ever a

-Atharva Vedic Samrat Param Pujya ‘Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar”

If there is an ever a question whether Palmistry is a science the competent palmist will always find the test of matrimony as the best ground on which he can meet all challenges and scrutinizes most satisfactory and effectively. The rules of applied palmistry can stand all analysis, and the universal applicability of its laws can be established effectively while predicting marriage compatibility. Marriage is perhaps the most important

social institution and yet it is one of the greatest of social problems. According to Havelock Ellis. Marriage is not only

a contract in the true sense, but in the

only sense in which it is a contract, it is

a contract of an exceedingly bad kind.

Most important factors constituting the sound foundation of a happy married life


(1). Right choice of partner ; (2). A good psychological attitude on the part of the partners, both to the world in

general, and towards each other; & (3). A vigorous and harmonious sex life.

A marriage is as successful as the

couples are adjusted to each other. Compatibility in marriage is the most

important common factor for happiness.

It has become a fashionable belief

among the educated people that sex education makes for sexual compatibility in marriage. But many highly educated persons like doctors, biologists, and nurses have sexual difficulties despite their knowledge, and many uneducated labourers have quite satisfactory sex life despite their ignorance. If there is a basic

psychological conflict between the two partners, sex education cannot be of much help. Sex is un doubtly the foundation of love, but sex alone can never sustain love. Loving is a creative act and left entirely to chance, It cannot sufficiently grow. In examining marriage compatibility from hand-reading start with the skin texture. The surface examination of the skin texture is made by the holding the hand palm downwards and feeling the back of

Initiated Under “Atherva Vedic Agama Karma 57
Initiated Under “Atherva Vedic Agama
Karma 57

the hand by thumb. The skin texture may either be soft, or normal, or coarse. The soft texture indicates developed aesthetic sense, and the coarse skin betrays the lack of it. It must be remembered that soft skin is no guarantee for high morals and the coarse skin, by no means an indication of low morals.

The next important point to note is the thickness of the hand and its consistency. The thickness of the hand indicates the strength of emotional factors; the feeling capacity is judged from this thickness. Generally speaking, a man with thick hands has better chances of making marriages successful than a man with thin hands. The man with thin hand may lack the warmth of heart, his relational tendencies accentuate beyond limits, and he will be cold and excessively calculative even in matters of love. But a woman with thick hands may ba a difficult proposition in the case of a great number of males. She may subordinate her reasons to her emotions and the man may find it difficult to cope with her emotional demands.

Thickness or thinness of hand is rather very closely connected with its consistency. Consistency is judged by the holding the hand tightly by both the hands and pressing the palm by the thumbs at various palces in order to judge the resistance of the hand muscles. The consistency of the hand may broadly be divided into three types: hard, elastic and soft.Consistency is hard when the hand muscles do not yield to thumb pressure and to be composed of hard massive substance. This type of consistency always betrays a hard, unbending, primitive type of emotional quality. Elastic consistency is that in which the muscles when pressed offer somewhat

less resistance. When this type of

consistency is found, it should be treated

as a good indication in any hand. When

the hand muscles offer little or almost no resistance, the consistency is known to be soft. The flabby consistency, in which the substance of the muscles can be squeezed, is the extreme variety of soft consistency. This type of consistency betrays indolence and accentuated sensuousness.

Thumb formation tells us quite a bit about

the quality of love one is likely to possess. Remembering that absolute monogamy

or polygamy is not to be found in human

beings, much useful knowledge about this aspect can be obtained from the thumb. The strong thumb means strong

sentimental attributes. Sentimental attributes should not be confused with emotional attributes. A person with

a strong sentimental attribute is one whose love is composed of a number

of strong emotive motives directed and

concentrated towards one individual. This person will love a woman not merely for sex attraction, but his love will be composed of a number of diverse factors. His sexual and other emotional impules will be oriented towards the objects of his love. With a weak thumb, the position will be otherwise.

A well-shaped thumb speaks of polish

and decency in love making. With a

coarse thumb, the motive will be sex in

its instinctive, coarse form.If this thumb

is supple, that is, if it is a flexible over the joint, it indicates shifting sentiments.

Such persons are generous in love and give more for small returns in love. They are splendid lovers--, so long they love. The trouble with them is that they find it difficult to keep their sentiments fixed on one subject for a long period. Stiff thumb

promises better stability and constancy in love and sentiments. A heavy nail phalange makes the person rather a bully particularly on occasions of emotional upsets. If the second phalange is wasted, it betokens tactful foresight which shapes behavior in a well-defined pattern.

Should the person with a supple thumb be avoided in matrimony? Not at all. Thumb formation certainly indicates monogamic and polygamic aptitudes in persons, but while drawing conclusions one must remember that both these conditions differ not in kind but in degree. I submit that the approach to monogamous or polygamous dispositions as good or evil is not correct. They are two different ways of emotional expression. Barring the pronounced cases, which can easily be detected from the hand traits in general and from the thumb formation in particular, monogamy and polygamy depend much on the circumstances and environments.

We must be able to appreciate the complex traits of personality and should be able to detect the relative distinctions. A man of shifting sentiments may or may not be mech sensual, but the difference in his psychological composition from the former type lies in the fact that his sentiments and love for a woman tend to shift rather quickly and easily. A person with a strong well shaped stiff thumb may have a number of sexual affairs depending on the nature and circumstances of his life, but he will never give others the same or similar position in his heart which he gives to his beloved. On the other hand, supple thumb denotes the love for variety and also an easy generous disposition which is ever prepared to give and take confidence quite easily. Such a type of

person should be allowed to develop new interests. If his desire for variety is thus fed, he will remain faithful; and he will be better person to live with in daily routine than the one with a strong, stiff thumb.

The shape and build of the fingers is also important. If the fingers are slender

and flexible over the joints, it is a very positive indication of lack of restrictive control over the instinctive desires. In

a woman’s hand, such fingers with a

weak supple thumb bespeak of a nervy person predisposed to polygamy. If the Head and Life are also widely separated

at the beginning, the useful inhibitive

female tendencies are also lacking. Add to this, a jutting little finger, we have

a picture of a woman of promiscuous

disposition resenting any restrictive

control whatsoever.

The Girdle of Venus indicates sensitivity

in the emotional plane. The bumps on the

finger tips also indicate sensitivity on the

intellectual plane which may sometime find expression in fastidiousness. If the hand is filled with numerous thin lines going on all directions, it indicates nervous sensitivity. The Via Lasciva betrays marked love for excitement. If the main lines of the hand are thin and well traced, it is an indication of moment refinement.

If the heart line is widely curved, it indicates masculine directional trends emotions. If the heart line is straight, it shows feminine directional expressions

of emotions. The term masculine signifies

a direct, physical approach. The straight

type of heart line shows passiveness in approach and fastidiousness. Mental stimulation is a prerequisite to physical stimulation. This does not mean that the

person with a curve type of heart line has no aesthetic discrimination, that physical stimulation is all that he or she cares for, and that the person will receive mental satisfaction from anyone who is capable of giving physical stimulation. Nothing of this sort is implied. The curving of heart line has nothing to do with morality, and character.

The formation of the heart line should

be judged in relation to the head line. If the head line is long and curves down deep into the Mount of Luna. It indicates

a basic feminine, abstract and romantic

mind. If this type of heart line associated with a straight type of heart line, physical approach without mental preparation will be very much repugnant to such persons. It will be difficult to bring this person down to facts life from the romantic ideas of love and sex.

If the Head line is straight, not very long and Heart line is curved, the person seldom loses sight of practical matters in romance. If the Head line is rather short and straight, you can be sure that the person’s concept of beauty and

appreciation of the beautiful is very much limited to the physical attributes. Such

a man will insist that his wife must be

beautiful first and everything afterwards. This is just a general deduction. It presupposes some desire for beautiful things, and a strong, masculine sexual urge. These are easily discernible from hand traits. If the hand is coarse and betrays lack of any aesthetic appreciation, the person will not care for a beautiful wife, but will insist that his wife should be quite useful in material life. Such persons will not hesitate to use their wives to achieve things in the material field. Some of the answers to the general matrimonial problems will be found in

the sex factor. Sex is the foundation of marriage. It is very necessary that the sexual demands of the partners do not vary too much. Sexual demands of men and women can never be alike. At best that can be complimentary.

If the hands of a man are pronouncedly thick, the Mount of Venus is well developed. the lifeline traces a wide curve round the Mount of Venus, we can immediately visualize that the sexual urges if the man must be vigorous and his demands for sexual satisfaction squarely met by his partner before she can expect to receive adjustments on his part. The mode and manner of the sexual satisfaction varies from time to time, because he cannot be reconciled if his partner insists on conventional time and postures. But the sexual desires of woman are strongly inhibited by social mores. Young women rarely consider sex outside a romantic framework. Very few normal women can derive pleasure from sex act if no feeling of love is associated with it. Often the man with thick hands will think of sex without associating it with any feelings of love.

If the hands of women proposed to be married to the above type of a man, are rather thin, the mounts are flat, the lifeline in both the hands is narrowly traced thereby confining the Mount of Venus to a rather narrow space, we have a woman whose feelings and demands for sexual satisfaction are not the prime factors in her psychological make-up. She can neither be quickly stimulated for the act, nor can she regard sexual satisfaction as a measure of her mental satisfaction. With this type of woman, sexual compatibility is definitely a result and not the cause of emotional compatibility.

But the man whose sexual demands are strong will assert them in no uncertain manner. Sexual compatibility will be the cause and not the effect of the emotional compatibility if his case. He will take

her attitude for coldness in love and a

predisposition to frigidity.

Suppose the skin texture of the hands of the man is rather coarse and that of

the woman, soft. The passions of this

man will sleek more direct channels of expression, whereas the woman will be refined and insist on a more harmonious and aesthetic atmosphere before she can prepare herself to surrender. His

approach will be crude and she will feel disgusted at the scant respect shown to

her delicacy of mind.

If the skin texture of the hand is soft, it will modify his vigorous sexual demands to a great extent, and sublimate it, and he will be much more considerate for the feelings of his woman.

These rules of hand reading can be very usefully applied to predict marriage compatibility. Anyone can successfully make use of these rules, but following facts must be kept in view:

(1). Marriage compatibility based on sexual and emotional compatibility is primarily a psychological subject. Never can be successful in predicting these matters without being familiar with the psychological principles involved.

A fair knowledge of psychological

from standard textbooks is an absolute


(2). One must appreciate that between any two extreme indications of a particular hand trait, numerous variations in degree are found, and hence our conclusions

must be arrived at judiciously in keeping with the degree of variation. For instance, a hand may be very thin, but the degrees of actual variation from person to person may extend over a wide range, none of which being exactly alike.

(3). Psychological traits are never judged faculty wise. For the purpose of academic explanation and study, these traits are individualized, classified and explained in particularized contexts. Actually, all these traits act, interact, and modify one another in such a way that you may recognize any particular trait in any person in its classical and typical form. Ability, and competence to synthesize properly various indications of predispositions and to make a correct assessment of the personality as a whole therefrom, must be acquired through patience, understanding, experience, study, and practice, before anyone attempts seriously to predict marriage compatibility by judging personality compatibility.

For more help and come out of all kinds of problems, to have a confidential consultation to discuss about your concerns, please call Swamiji @ Toll Free: 1-888-808- 1418 for more spiritual help. Swamiji will definitely and guaranteed way to help and remove your problems” if” there is a good reason or cause behind it. Please remember Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar is the ‘only” Atharva Vedic Swamiji in USA and a Living Siddhar in USA and Not simply come from India for few weeks and run away to India back

Atharva Vedic Samrat Param Pujya ‘Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar” Astrology is the study of influence

Atharva Vedic Samrat Param Pujya ‘Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar”

Astrology is the study of influence of movements of stars, etc. on human affairs, whereas Astronomy is a science of heavenly bodies. It is needless to mention that one need not to dilate into the science of the heavenly bodies, as it is very crystal clear and as sure as the Sun rises in the east at a paritcular time and sets in the west at a particular time. So in the case of another heavenly body-Moon, which also has its fixed rotation. This is evident in the Holy Quran.

“And the Sun runneth on unto a resting place for him .That is the measuring of the mighty, the wise. And for the

Moon, we have appointed mensions till she returns like and old shrivelled palm leaf. It is not for the sun to overtake the Moon, nor doth the nights outstrips the day. They float each in an orbit.” (Surah

X X X VI. verse 38,39,and 40). These

verse prove the well ordained for well-

knit mechanism of Allah’s creation. At another place He says, “He is who

appointed the Sun a splendour and the Moon a light and measured for her stages that he might know the number

of the years, and the reckoning. Allah

has created not (all) that save in truth.

He detaileth the revelations for people who have knowledge (Surah X verse 5).” He further commands, “He is the cleaver of the day break, and he hath appointed the night for stillness, and the Sun and the Moon for reckoning. That is the measuring of the mighty, the wise “(Surah VI verse 96).

We find that in the Holy Quran, in several verses, Almighty has asked and encouraged mankind to look into and ponder over the objects of his creation, including the heaven, the stars and the Moon, in orders the understand his signs and thereby his supreme might, glory and greatness.

“Say (O Muhammad) : Behold what is in the heaven and the earth! But revelations and warnings avail not folk who will not perceive.” (Surah Yunus

in the heaven and the earth! But revelations and warnings avail not folk who will not

: verse 101).”Say (O Muhammad) : Travel in the land and see how he originated creation, so will Allah produce a later creation, for Allah has power over all things.” (Surah Al-Ankabut : verse 20).”Do they not reflect in their own minds? Allah created not the heaven and the earth, and that is between them, save with truth and for a destined end; you are there truly many among men who deny the meeting with their Lord (At the Resurrection)! (Surah Al-Rum : verse


“And verily in the heaven we have set mansions of the stars and we have beautified it for beholders.”

(Surah Al-Hijri; verse 16).”And he hath constrained the night and the day and the sun and Moon to be services unto you, and the stars are made subservient by His command. Lo! herein indeed are portents for people who sense.” (Surah Al-Nahi : verse 12).It is further observed that the Quaranic narration into practice is observed in the Sun and the Moon eclipse at appropriate time

and the day, as also occurrence of the seasons.It is therefore, irrational to call Astronomy a science and Astrology hocus pocus.Mention in regard to Astrology or the influence of plants and stars is found in the Holy Quran in connection with Pharaoh, who was warned of the birth of Prophet Moses

(A. S.) which took place.

As a consequence of the prediction by the court astrologers of King Namrood

who predicted birth of Prophet Ibrahim

(A. S.) so much so that they predicted

accurately the conception of Prophet

Ibrahim (A. S.) in spite of the best efforts of the King Namrood to prevent it.Can there be doubt to regard Astrology as

a science which is just application of Astronomy ?Astrology is more than

6000 years old and the movement of the plants and stars are very accurately measured; there cycles are fixed by the ancient seers. Hence, the commentaries prove it’s prior existence. There have been many occasions in the past 2,000 years when astrological predictions have come true. Hippocrates predicted

a plague swept the city, Alexander the

Great was warned by the astrologers to flee from the walls of Babylon where his evil stars prevailed, but like Hitler he took their advice only when it suited

him, entered the city, and met his end.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, opined “A physician who was ignorant of Astrology was not worthy to be called a physician. He had no right to heal anyone.”

One of the jurists of repute, Imam Shafee (R. A.) actually learnt this science at the hands of experts. He had once upon a time predicted birth of child to a person after seeing his chart with a mole in his left thigh, within twenty - seven days and shall remain alive for 24 days and shall expire.

This was related by Hajr Allama Ibn Asqalani (R. A.) Imam Shafayee who was also expert in the science of Physiognomy, as he could read Imam Bukhari, when asked by his teacher, Imam Hameedee. (Naq - she - Kokan, Mumbai, December, 1987 issue, Page


Another Muslim scholar Allama Maudoodi, Justifies Palmistry as one of the branches of Astrology, for channellising human resources, while replying to various enthusiasts reproduced in the magazine Tajalli published from Deoband, in the issue of October and November, 1972 on page 72 of this issue.

Some of our learned theologians equate Astrology with the knowledge of the unseen (IIme-Gaib). IIme-Gaib is revelation which is corroborated by another verse “this is of the tidings of things hidden.” (Surah III, verse 44). Yet another scholar Maulavi Shabbir Ahmed Usmani, writes in his commentary on verse no. 59 Surah, VI that the key of unseen and treasures are only with Allah, and only Allah endows endows out of it whom he so wishes and hence, it cannot take the peace of Astrology which is based on calculations of the planets and stars. As such, it cannot be equated with the knowledge of the unseen (IIme-Gaib).

It is a matter of much regret that in this age of amazing scientific advancement, the Muslims are lagging behind and have left it to others to make scientific investigations in the field ofAstronomy, space and other related sciences.

in the field ofAstronomy, space and other related sciences. Pursuit of such knowledge, it would be

Pursuit of such knowledge, it would be seen from the verses quoted in this article is in keeping with the teachings of the Holy Quran and uphold the truth of the revelations made therein.

Indeed, Muslims scholars and scientists have made significant contributions in the field of astrology in the past. But the present offers a greater challenge and opportunity.

Achievement of such knowledge not only gives greater insight into the objects of Allah’s creation, Which he terms as his signs, but also helps to develop greater conviction and faith in the supreme glory and greatness of Almighty Allah, the Creator.

If Muslims really paid heed to the Quranic teachings and acted upon them, they could no doubt become accomplished and distinguished people in all respects as individual and as a nation.

For more help and come out of all kinds of problems, to have a confidential consultation to discuss about your concerns, please call Swamiji @ Toll Free: 1-888-808- 1418 for more spiritual help. Swamiji will definitely and guaranteed way to help and remove your problems” if” there is a good reason or cause behind it. Please remember Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar is the ‘only” Atharva Vedic Swamiji in USA and a Living Siddhar in USA and Not simply come from India for few weeks and run away to India back.

-His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar The sun is the soul of universe. Sunlight is

-His Holiness Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar

The sun is the soul of universe. Sunlight is the basic source of all life and energy on earth. Sun-worship and the love of basking in the Sun date back to antiquity.


“Let there be light” was one of the first comments of the creator of the universe. In the year 1666 Issac Newton discovered that sunlight is a combination of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet colors of the rainbow(VIBGYOR), which he called a spectrum. The different visible colors are due to their different wavelengths. The three colors on one extreme i.e. Violet, Indigi and Blue are cooling and soothing in nature. The three colors on other extreme i.e. Yellow, Orange and Red are hot and stimulating in nature. The green color in the middle

of spectrum is a harmonizer color. It maintains the equilibrium between the hot and cold colors.


It is the property of light. It is the ability to receive the vibrations of the light through the eyes. It is the most attenuated form of energy. Color is all around us. We are bathed in it everywhere, but if we are unaware of it and unconscious of its influence, its wealth is not properly utilized. The trinity of colors , The Red, Yellow, and Blue , finds representation in the three great elements of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen.


Chromo therapy is also known as heliotherapy, solar therapy or colortherapy means healing with the color or through the use of the color. It may be said to be the science which uses different colors , visible or invisible to the human eyes, to change diseased vibrations into healthy vibrations.

Different colors have been assigned to different planets. They are summed up as below:-

the individual lacks or to reduce a too abundant color. According to the Ayurvedic system of treatment , there



are three types of disturbances(doshas) in the body, i.e.





(1) Vat(Wind) - It is indicated by



accumulation of morbid matter or



toxic matter or foreign matter. It is



balanced by Green color.



Ultra Violet – Rahu



Different colors can be generated by different gems They are given as below :Red - Ruby, Orange - Pearl, Yellow - coral, Green - Emerald, Blue - Topaz, Indigo - Diamond, violet - Blue Sapphire, Ultra violet - Onyx, Infra- red - Cat’s eye.: Our body is made up of five elements. Each elements has its own color:Akasha(Ether) - Sky Blue, Vayu(Air) - Green, Agni(Fire) - Red, Jal(water) - Deep Blue, Prithvi(Earth) – Yellow:

According to Ayurvedic system of medicine, there are three Doshas(Tri- doshas) which are as under.

1. Vata (Ether + Air)

2. Pitta (Fire)

3. Kapha (Water + Earth)

Colors of five sense organs, when examined with prism are as below:

Eyes - Red, Skin - Violet, Nose tip - Green, Tongue - Orange, Ears - Blue


The general principle in color healing is to supply the color which

(2) Pit(Bile) - It is indicated by excess of heat in the body. It is balanced by cold colors (Violet, Indigo and blue).

(3) Kaph(Phelgm) - It is indicated by the excess of cold in the body, It is balanced by hot colors Yellow, Orange and Red.


chakras:Relationship between Herbs, Foods, Plants and their colors. HEALING POWER OF RED COLOR It is

chakras:Relationship between Herbs, Foods, Plants and their colors.






It is the thermal color. It is the element of fire. It is the warmest of all colors. It increases circulation, vitality, energy and warmth in the tissues. It stimulates and tones up the nervous system. It improves anaemia and is an excellent color in all blood deficiency diseases. It promotes circulation of the arterial blood. It controls over the Adrenal Glands. It releases the adrenalin and stimulates the sensory nerves. It is very beneficial in case of physical debility, polio, paralysis, rheumatism, gout and arthritis. Red charged oil is used for external applications and Orange - charged water is used for internal uses. The hot colors are never used in empty stomach. Only 1/4th cup of charged water should be taken fifteen minutes after each meal. These colors should not be used in fevers, inflammation, diarrhoea or excessive heat in the body.






The blue ray is one of the greatest antiseptics in the world. It is cooling and soothing color. The blue color controls the throat center. It can stop bleeding of lungs, dysentery, inflammations of bowls etc. Violent and maniacal patient become calm and quiet when kept in blue radiated rooms.

become calm and quiet when kept in blue radiated rooms. HEALTH A man is said to


A man is said to be in state of health so

long as the colors of the spectrum are

in a harmonious state in the body.


A man is said to be in diseased

condition if there is disturbance in the balance of colors of the spectrum in

the body.


There are various methods of medication by sunlight. The method of color healing is to create harmony in

the nerves and all parts of the body and

mind. Some of the methods are given


Surya Namaskar :Sun Bath :Charging solids, liquids and gases with colors:

Color Radiation

Color Inhalation :Color Meditation:

Color efficacy of Gems :Relationship between the visible colors and

Blue light has relieved many cases of high blood pressure. Blue oil massage over the

Blue light has relieved many cases of high blood pressure. Blue oil massage over the crown centre and the brow centre, induces sound sleep. Foods containing blue color like Blue-berries (Phalsa), Blue Plums(Jamun) etc. should be included in the treatment.

These colors should never be used in chills, rheumatism, gout, arthritis, cold and respiratory diseases, like bronchitis and bronchial asthma etc.

most important medicines for chronic constipation, fevers, eye diseases, skin diseases and chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. It stimulates heat, liver, kidney and gall-bladder. Yellow help in diabetes and stimulates the pancreas. Heart diseases and depressions etc. are well controlled with yellow color.

It is very good tonic for the nerves. It influences the higher mind and soul.








Green is the color of nature. It is neither hot nor cold and neither acidic nor alkaline. It is the middle color of the spectrum. It is very good color to throughout the toxic matter. It is an eye tonic. It is a disinfectant and germicidal detergent. It is an excellent blood purifier. It is also a muscle and tissue builder. It has been found that Green affects the whole system and is particularly beneficial for sympathetic nervous system. Green foods in the form of raw green salads, green cabbage, green asparagus, green celery, green peppers as well as green peas etc. should also be taken along with the treatment.


Yellow stimulates the third chakram or solar plexus, the great brain of nervous system. Yellow activates all body functions except the spleen. Yellow charges water is one of the

It is the combination of seven visible colors or the rainbow. Sunlight has been in use for healing since ages. Water solarised in colorless transparent glass bottles acts as a good tonic for aged people . It makes up deficiency of calcium in the children. We get Vitamin ‘D’ directly from the Sun rays.

For more help and come out of all kinds of problems, to have a confidential consultation to discuss about your concerns, please call Swamiji @ Toll Free: 1-888-808-1418 for more spiritual help. Swamiji will definitely and guaranteed way to help and remove your problems” if” there is a good reason or cause behind it. Please remember Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar is the ‘only” Atharva Vedic Swamiji in USA and a Living Siddhar in USA and Not simply come from India for few weeks and run away to India back.

Rupa Dayani, Minnesota, USA Swamiji Sri Selvam”Siddhar” Dear Swamiji with your prayers, I was through

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Meera venkat, Simi valley, California, USA Every one please chant the following powerful siddhar mantra 108 times to get the blessings of our great swamiji his holiness sri sri selvam siddhar “om jai jai jai siddhar swamiji om hara hara siddhar ye namaha”- meera venkat

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Hari Bhat, Louisiana, USA Siddhar Maharaj, I am a patient of chronic arthritis. Even after continued medication for years together I was not able to get rid of my sufferings. Only after getting your special oil and traditional massage I am getting a very good remedy. Thanks for bringing me out from my prolonged ailments.

Anita Kumari, Houston, Texas, USA Swamiji thanks for your excellant Vedic Astrology advise to my problems, I am so much happy after talking to you Pranam,

Mehara S Nalani, Dallas, Texas, USA Wonderful and Merciful Swamiji, Thanks and Pranams for bringing out my wife from the worst disease she had. By the power of your manthra, thanthra, yanthra, aushadha andasthra, my wife is OK now.Thank you very much for giving her a rebirth. We are under your service round the clock. Please keep us as the first in your list and give us a chance.

Sindhu Dulani, Mesquite, Texas, USA Namaskars Siddhar Swamiji. Jai Ho. I had many problems with my husband. Only because of your blessings, now I

lead a comfortable life with my husband.

I am ready even to dedicate my whole

life time for your spiritual life. You have given me a rebirth by making me to have

a happy and peaceful living with my

husband. Whenever you visit NJ or NY please inform me. My husband will take care of you. Please bless us once again. Thank you Swamiji

Merchant S Vijay, Austin, Texas, USA Respected Swamiji, You have done wonders in bringing up my down trodden

business through your wonderful rituals.

I wish to have your continued blessing for my entire family and business.

Please be one in theboard and guide us

to prosper more and more.

David S Kota, San Antonio, USA Dear Swamiji I have heard your speeches long back. I came to know that

you are going to deliver some lectures in my area. Please let me know the dates,

so that I can come tohear you once again

and get your blessings personally. Thank you very much Swamiji.

-Atharva Vedic Samrat Param Pujya ‘Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar” MARRIAGE is an institution with varied

-Atharva Vedic Samrat Param Pujya ‘Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar” MARRIAGE is an institution with varied association. In Hinduism and in

the Catholic religion at least, marriage

is taken to be an indissoluble and sacred

institution. To these faiths, marriages

are literally made in heaven. In some countries marriage is a contract and it

is therefore capable of being dissolved.

Even where the law of divorce is found

on the statute book, some countries like the United Kingdom do not allow

a divorce as far as the royal family is

concerned. When we turn to astrology, we only know that marriages are largely governed by planetary dispositions. We do not think that astrology would sanction divorce or oppose it, since astrology is neither a legislature nor a judge. Astrology only enables us to make a marriage happy or otherwise.

Since the zodiac begins with Aries (Mesha). The natural seventh is Libra (Tula). The main indicators of marriage are Libra and its lord, as far as men are concerned. The seventh from Libra being Aries, the chief indicators of marriage for a woman are Aries and Mars. In

a woman’s chart, the Moon too must

be taken into consideration since the

menstrual period is regulated by Moon

and Mars; and in a man’s nativity Sun too must be examined carefully.

In a man’s chart, we have to consider Libra and the 7th from the ascendant, Sun and Venus; and in a woman’s we must note Aries and the seventh from the ascendant, Moon and Mars. The eighth houses from these govern the sex life; and therefore Scorpio for the men and Taurus for women has to be added to the list. Then the extra marital life is determined by the twelfth house from the ascendant; and in a man’s chart, Pisces too need scrutiny while in a woman’s Virgo too deserves a study. This might terrify one since all the houses and planets appear to get into the picture. But what is needed is to findout the strongest among the ascendant, Sun and Venus in a man’s chart, and among the ascendant Moon and Mars in a woman’s. The major scrutiny should be from this point only. The others are needed as corroborating or strengthening aids only.

An affliction to a planet or house arises from a conjunction with or an aspect by a planet that is a malefic by nature or by ownership or by both. If a conjunction with or an aspect by a benefic also operates, then we get mixed character of the house or planet.

A strong, well-placed and unaffiliated Venus gives a harmonious and balanced marital life of man. A similar Mars governs the balanced sex life of a woman. These are the two basic planets. Venus is to be examined with the Sun, and Mars with the Moon. The position of Venus in a male chart is to be compared

with that of Mars in the wife’s chart; and

a similar comparison between the Sun in

the Husband’s chart and the Moon in the wife’s is necessary. Whether they aspect one another, they are in square or trine to one another, or they are inimical to one another must be carefully noted. The next step is to see whether the Navamsa chart of the wife agrees with the Rasi chart of the husband, and whether the Rasi chart of the wife agrees with the Navamsa chart of the husband. These preliminary observations will be taken up for a scrutiny and a later stage. Now we have to consider the possible effects resulting from certain positions of the planets. In the following, he means and includes she also.

The Sun in the seventh indicates a successful marriage; and in the eighth a successful interest in the affairs where the strongest feelings are involved and in matters of sex. The moon in the seventh makes one change his attitude frequently towards those intimately related to him; and he hopes the marriage partner to be motherly. The eighth house position stimulates these interests. Mercury in the seventh can either advance or related reciprocity of feelings and emotions; and in the eighth he affects the emotions roused by others. Venus in the seventh is