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On the job training report




On the job training report


Kerala Tourism Development Corporation

The Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) is a government agency headed

by MR. Cherian Philip that conducts and regulates the tourism activities of the Indian
state of Kerala. The KTDC is headquartered at Trivandrum, and has offices across all
the districts of Kerala. KTDC also operates hotels, resorts and tourist rest houses in
different key locations within the state. The department has the official slogan Official
host to God’s own country. The department has also won numerous awards for many of
its initiatives.

The KTDC, the largest chains of hotels in Kerala, has over 60 properties across the
state. You can choose from the most luxurious palaces to simple budget
accommodation. All of them meticulously designed to provide convenience and comfort.
So that you experience a slice of paradise every time you stay in God’s Own Country.

With an array of prime properties set in the finest spots of Kerala’s theme destinations,
Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, the largest hotel chain in Kerala, present
exotic ways to experience Kerala.

Designed to give you a feel of the heritage of hospitality this land is renowned for.
Offering you a spectacular view of its natural splendor. And a taste of its spicy richness.
With a subtle blend of the traditional and the luxurious, these properties are destinations
by themselves.

On the job training report



Kerala is enriched with her backwaters and lakes. They have dilated her
history. Shaped her present and promise a future by virtue of offering
incomparable beauty and unique experience. The most interesting are in the
backwaters is the"Kuttanad region" called the rice bowl of Kerala. Kerala's
Ayurvedic lifestyle has a profound influence on the food habits and
procedures of cooking. Abundant resources for vegetation, water and paddy
suffice the culinary habits of the land.

KUMARAKOM: When nature is all you need to recuperate, Kumarakom is

undoubtedly the most invigorating, fascinating paradise in Kerala, God's own
country. The slender coconut palms standing here, there and everywhere, its never
ending paddy fields, meandering lagoons and backwaters, mangroves nesting birds
of a hundred varieties can peacefully calm and invigorate your mind with renewed
inspiration for your vocation and life. That is the pristine beauty of Kumarakom.

On the job training report

In and Around Kumarakom

Bird sanctuary

Located on the banks of the Vembanad Lake, the bird sanctuary is spread across 14
acres. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, an ornithologist's paradise is a favourite
haunt of migratory birds like the siberian stork, egret, darter, heron and teal.

Pathiramanal (sands of midnight), an enchanting island on the lake, can be

accessed by boat from here. This 10 acre island on the backwaters is home to many
rare varieties of migratory birds from different parts of the world. According to
mythology a young Brahmin dived into the Vembanad Lake to perform his evening
ablutions and the water madeway for the land to rise from below. The island can be
accessed only by boat. A cruise along the Vembanad Lake is the best way to
experience the sanctuary.

Kerala backwaters

The Kerala backwaters are a chain of brackish lagoons and lakes lying parallel to
the Arabian Sea coast (known as the Malabar Coast) of Kerala state in southern
India. The network includes five large lakes linked by canals, both manmade and
natural, fed by 38 rivers, and extending virtually half the length of Kerala state. The
backwaters were formed by the action of waves and shore currents creating low
barrier islands across the mouths of the many rivers flowing down from the
Western Ghats range.

On the job training report


Waterscape is a cluster of cozy, thatched cottages built on stilts 21/2

meters above the ground. The resort site is broken up into little islets on the
western banks of the lake, is laced with a network of canals with wooden
bridges over them. Waterscape is surrounded by coconut and rubber
plantations, paddy fields and thick mangrove forests. At the other end of the
estate is the Kumarakom bird sanctuary, a natural eco-system of the
backwater birds. Assuring solitude, peace and quiet. It is an attempt to
capture the essence of the Kerala experience and then offer it in a unique
setting. Nothing has been added that does not already belong. It is just 20
km from Kottayam railway station and 110km from Cochin international

On the job training report


• 40 cottages
• Pearl Spot –The Multi Cuisine Restaurant
• The Coffee Lounge-The 24 hours working coffee shop
• Beer Parlour
• View Point-Conference Hall with 250 pax
• Age Halt –The massaging Centre
• High Life – Swimming Pool
• Satellite television & telephone
• Internet and Fax Facilities
• Travel Desk
• Currency Exchange
• Power Laundry
• Doctor on call
• Boat cruise on the backwaters
• Game Parlour
• Fishing
• Kettuvalloms-Traditional House Boats on hire basis
• Car hire facilities
• Sight seeing trips

On the job training report





On the job training report



On the job training report



Haute cuisine is guaranteed at waterscapes resorts food menu, in its

restaurants and its other F&B outlets. The hotel has one of the best
restaurants in Kumarakom, which serves regional, national and international
dishes. The hotel also has its room service, beer parlour, coffee shop also
at its service for the guest.


Pearl spot is a multi cuisine restaurant standing on stilts over the lake offers
a unique dining experience in the serene environs of backwater country.
The restaurant is furnished in a themed and stylish manner.

Pearl spot have a capacity of serving 60 covers at a time. It has 11 tables

and it is classified as per the letters A, B, and C. Letter “A” is having 4
chairs in its 5 tables. Letter “B” has 6 chairs with 4 tables Row “c” is having
8 chairs in its 2 tables.

It has a separate buffet counter in a semi circle shape and buffet counter is
opened for break fast, lunch and dinner. The corners of the buffet counter
will be always decorated with beautiful flower arrangements and by the
crafts of the trained employees doing beautiful carving works made in ice,
vegetable, and margarine etc.The restaurant also serves wine and beer.
Speaking about the guest who comes to the restaurant is mostly foreign
travelers, business delegates, celebrities, beurocrats, and politicians. Its
good place for an excellent dining experience.
On the job training report









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On the job training report


Reports to: General Manager

Job summary:
Ensures that required profit margins are achieved for each F&B area in
each financial period
Updating and compiling, new wine list according to the availability of stocks,
current trends and guest needs Compiling in liaison with the kitchen menus
for the various food service areas of and for special occasions. The
purchasing of all food and drinking materials. Ensure that quality on relation
to the price is maintained

Reports to; Outlet Manager
Job summary;
Overall in charge of the staff teams and is responsible for setting that al the
dishes necessary for the preparation for service are efficiently Carried out.
He will Assist the reception waiter during service and take order if
necessary. He will compile duty rotes and staff holidays. Finally he
motivates and makes appraisal report of each staff.

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On the job training report

Reports to; captain
Job summary;
He is in charge of one rang. He takes all the guest orders and delivers them
to the guest after taking KOT.He maintains the cleanliness of staff.

Reports to; captain
Job summary;
He acts at the instruction of the head waiter. He helps to clear the table after
each course Takes ordered dish from kitchen as per the kot t o the guest.
He does the cleaning and preparatory task

Reports to; waiter
Job summary;
He’s a learner. He clears the tables of dirty plates Keeps the side board well
fitted with equipment. Lifts and carry heavy equipments. Does the mis-en-
place and water service at the tables and necessary refilling at the buffet

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On the job training report

The staff scheduling for F&B service Department differs according to the
outlet. The restaurant, banquet, bar has two shifts per day. There is a day
and evening shift for all departments, except room service departments,
which has day, evening, and an evening night shift. Each employee will
have to work for a minimum 48 hours a week if they work more an extra
leave or an extra pay is given for overtime.
The restaurant department has its employees working on odd even basis,
one day an employee works for the day, the other day he has to work for
night shift. If there is an employee shortage in banquet department the
restaurant employees are taken for overtime shift. Each employee in the
department has to work for 8hrs or more for a day for 6 days a week. Each
shift will have one captain, one headwaiter, two waiters and three trainees
at the restaurant.
The banquet department has also their employee working on one-day
morning and other day evening basis for 8 hours every working day, six
days a week. If there is a shortage for employees then they have to do over
time. Each shift will have two captains, three headwaiters, four waiters, and
10 trainees at the convention center during busy hours.
Room service department has three shifts a day morning shift,
evening shift and evening night shift. The employees doing morning
shift does evening shift next day covering and the employee doing
evening -night shift works for 16hrs in the shift and does it 3 times
a week. There is a pair of employees doing the evening night shift
on an odd even basis. Each shift has one captain one waiter and
two trainees. Bar has two shifts a day, day and night shifts. Each
shift has one caption, one headwaiter, two waiters and three
trainees per shift.
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On the job training report



A: – four covers

B: – six covers

C: – eight covers

S: - sinks

SB: - side boards

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On the job training report



• Bread and Butter plate (side plate)

• Dessert plate (sweet plate)
• Tea & Coffee cup
• Tea & Coffee saucer
• Tea & Coffee pots
• Milk jugs
• Egg cups
• Soup cup
• Salad bowl
• Platter

Cutleries & Flatware’s

• Large knife & Large fork

• Joint fork &Joint knife
• Fish knife & Fish fork
• Dessert spoon & Dessert fork
• Soup spoon
• Bread & Butter knife
• Tea & coffee spoon
• Cruet set
• Pepper mill
• Ashtray
• Menu stand
• Table numbers

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On the job training report

Par stock in the side board

Dinner plates: - 4 * no. of seats.

Salad plates: - 4 * no. of seats.

B&B plates: - 4 * no. of seats

Cups: - 4 * no. of seats

Saucers: - 4 * no. of seats

Sugar containers: - 1 * no. of seats

Flatware: - 4 * no. of seats

Glassware: - 4 * no. of seats

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On the job training report



The operations done at the F and B service unit differs according

to the type of unit.

Each outlet has its own function and guest to be handled. This is
described outlet wise.


v The operations at the restaurant starts at morning 6.30 am with

arrangement of chef en dishes with food at the buffet counter .the
mis en place is completed in the night shift for the morning buffet.
The break fast stars at 7.00 am and room guest start coming to
restaurant. And they are given free breakfast as per the
continental plan. The captain makes a note of the room guest
coming to have breakfast with the room occupancy chart. The
guest is also served with tea, coffee and egg of their choice.
v After the breakfast is over the food containers are taken for
washing along with other dirt vessels, cutleries and the mis en
scene for lunch is done with the arrangement of chef en dishes at
the counter and placement of cutleries, water glass at the table
and placing napkin folding. Then food is placed in the chef en
dishes for the lunch buffet. The lunch starts at 12.30 pm until
3.00pm.during this; guests come and have their lunch buffet or a
la carte lunch. The restaurant also serves alcohol during the lunch

~ 17 ~
On the job training report

on guest request. The captain takes the responsibility of checking

in to the guest payments and giving the cash to the cashier and
providing the guest with receipt and wishing the guest a good day.
In case of a room guest the bill is charged to the room and the
guest signature is taken in the bill and is send to the front office.
At three the day shift gets over and the evening shift takes charge
and removes the dirt vessels and cleans the buffet counter. And
performs the mis –en –place for evening dinner buffet. And during
the evening shift the dirty napkins are send to the laundry for
clean napkins in exchange. And the exchange of linen is noted in
the linen book of restaurant.
v The dinner begins at seven after the buffet table is ready. The
food service and alcohol serving procedures remains the same. On
arrival of the guest they are asked for reservation, if they have
made any reservation at the restaurant. Then the guest are
seated and served water. And the guest is presented with the
buffet menu and the a la carte menu cards. Guest food orders are
taken and the KOT is given to the kitchen for the same, and food
is delivered to guest. In case of guest asks for alcohol they are
given with wine and alcohol list. KOT is given to the bar and guest
is served with liquor of their choice. Finally after the meal the
alcohol bill is charged from the bar and restaurant bill at
restaurant cash. Then dinner ends at 10.30 pm and food
containers are removed and mis en place for the morning
breakfast is done.

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On the job training report


The room service department takes care of coffee shop and room
service. The operations performed by the room service
department involves setting the room service trolley with
necessary mis-en-place like cutleries and crockery, taking guest
food and beverage orders, delivering it on time, clearing the dirty
food plates, taking KOT for the food ordered and placing it on
kitchen, charging the bill or crediting it to room guest account by
taking guest signature, delivering the room guest credited bills to
front office.

These are the main operation done by room service. Other than
this they also have an additional responsibility of looking after
coffee shop which serves snacks and light beverages. Here
employees have to keep ready the coffee shop mis-en-place by
arranging cutleries, side plate, napkin folding, and water glasses.
Taking guest orders on arrival, taking KOT, delivering the food
and charging the guest for the services.

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On the job training report

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On the job training report

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On the job training report

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On the job training report

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On the job training report

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On the job training report

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On the job training report

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On the job training report

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On the job training report

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On the job training report

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On the job training report

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On the job training report

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On the job training report

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On the job training report

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On the job training report

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On the job training report

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On the job training report



The format for KOT, BOT, and Bill is almost the same. All the four have
the table number and name of the food item ordered. But in case of bill
the formats have the price of food item, quantity ordered. And in case of
room guest the bill bears the guest name. In the case of BOT, KOT it
only bears the table number, name of food/beverage item and quantity


The cover occupancy report is used to analyze the sales that occurred in
the restaurant basing up on the occupancy. Each table is shown in the
report. If the sales a la carte/ table de hote are marked in the column
of the concerned table. It has the name of the captain operating during
the hour, number of covers sold, revenue earned, no of resident guest

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On the job training report




v The hotel is eco –friendly

v This hotel got a good natural beauty around it as its located beside the
Kumarakom bird sanctuary.

v The resort has its own house boats for the resort guest to enjoy the

v The resort comes under the chain of KTDC currently known as Kerala Hotels
And Resorts which helps it to get more reservations from abroad.


v The hotel staff is not well trained in guest handling and behaving with the

v Most of the hotel staff doesn’t have professional hotel management


v The regular maintenance of the guest rooms are not done, which is
reducing number of rooms that can be a sold.

v There is problem related to rodents in the villas due to lack of pest control


v The hotel can improve its boating capacity and start a boating club in the
area which can increase the revenue.

v The resort can conduct bird sanctuary tours for the resort guest.

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On the job training report

v The hotel can open bar in the area


v The hotel is getting competition from near by resorts like Taj and
v The hotel should improve its marketing strategy to increase occupancy.
v The hotel needs to recruit and fill in the vacancies of the employees,
trainees. Else it might cause increase in work load to other employees.

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On the job training report


In conclusion, there ware many thing that I have experience and learned during
the three month of my Industrial Training at WATERSCAPES. The whole training
period was very interesting, instructive and challenging. Through this training I was
able to gain new insights and more comprehensive understanding about the real
industry working condition and practice. The three month placement also has
provided me the opportunities to develop and improve my soft and functional skills.
All of this valuable experience and knowledge that I have gained were not only
acquired through the direct involvement in task given but also through other aspect
of the training such as work observation , interaction with colleagues and superior.
From what I have undergone, I am hundred percent agree that the industrial
training program have achieve its entire primary objective. It’s also the best ways
to prepare student in facing the real working life. As a result of the program now I
am more confident to enter the employment world and build my future career.

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