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The sixth graders in my reading class hav& just

finished writing some poetry. Since a lot of the thoughts
and words that they chose to use are so interesting, I thought
that it would be fun to put it into booklet £orm so they could
read what their fellow classmates had written and so you as
parents could read some of their work. I feel it is really
quite good for students of their age.
There are four types of poetry here. The first is haiku
which is a form of Japanese poetry. Haiku have three lines,
which are usually in a five, seven, five syllabic pattern. ,
They are often written about some aspect of nature and present
vivid images.

The second type is called cinquain which is a 5-line verse.

The first line names a subject of scene. second line describes
the scene, third line uses three -ing words to describe the
scene, fourth line is a four-word prepositional phrase, and
the last line is one word that sums up the scene.
The third type is called Diamonte' which is a 7-line
verse in diamond shape.

The fourth type that we did was looney limericks which

are strictly for fun. We did have to observe a rhythm pattern
and a rhyme scheme where the first, second, and fifth lines
rhyme and the remaining third and fourth lines rhymed.
We hope you enjoy reading them!
~ITS. Baal



The still of the night
Peace and stillness stole the day
The time of night comes. "

Arrival of Winter
The green leaves fall again
Winter's cold snow breaks through
The ground becomes white.

The Rainbow
Colorful rainbow
The sun shone throug~ the rain clouds
Lightness took over.
-Ryan Heiniger
First SnGw
Cold snowflakes settle
On the blanket of snow
A world of white.
-Ryan Heiniger
The Forest
Beautiful Forest
For everyone to enjoy
Leaves, tre~s, bushes, and grass
-Kara Enke

rj~orning Dew
The wet dew settles
Down on the grassy fields
Softly, quietly.
-Shannon Bartelt

Summer Heat
The grasshopper jumps
Onto the brown, crackling grass
Scorched by summer's sun.
-Shannon Bartelt
Autumn IJeaves
Autumn leaves falling
Glistening red, golden hues,
Shedding from the tree.

\" ---- ---~--- ~---

The dove s in the sky -

Fly over the biggest trees

And soar like eagles.
-l\Tike Nollen

The snow settles down
The bright stars twinkle above
The world is peaceful.
-LI>ri o'Hanlon
The Pond
The still waters lie
A duck ripples the water
All is silent now.
-Tricia r-Ietzger
A Visitor
A fawn looks at me
With its beautiful brown eyes
It glides to the bush.
-Tricia J\letzger
I saw the snow fall. . .
It fell in big. but soft flakes
And landed softly.
-IVachelle T,'Tusic

Snowy f-i1orning
As the morning awoke
On the newly covered snow
The world was peaceful.
-Tenile Luttenegger
Rainbow of Life
The rainbow of life
Has many different colors
Red, orange, yellow. -
-Tenile Luttenegger

A Summer Day
Crispy, clean breezes
Blowing in the grasse~
Keeps you cool today.
-Stacy Housman
The Night Snow
Slowly to the ground
The night snow fell silently
Everything was still.
-Lisa Shinn

The Pine Tree

As the pine tree sways -<
The pine comes fall to the ground
The needles fall, too.
-Brian Carter

The Sun
The brilliant sun
Rises in the ~orning at dawn
To start a new day.
-Brenda Vose

Christmas Tree
A tree of greenery i

In the winter's great snowflakes, 'I

Is a Christmas tree.
-Darcee Chase

The sun sets slowly
The shadows fall silently
The birds hugh their songs.
-Kirk V.fagenbach

Spring l'lbwer
The bright sunlight shines,
Upon a midget flower
The small flower blooms.
-Christina Stafford
Snow Ficture
It began to snow
With the Wind at a light blow
It frosted the trees.
':Josh Coppes

Winter Snow
The snow gently falls
Over the tree covered land
Everything is white.
-Erica Nixon
The Birds
The birds flying in air
Will go south for the winter
Where it is warmest.
-I"~issy Thomas

The Snake
Today is I¥Iay
The snake will come out and play
Just watch where you walk!
-Hissy Thomas

Home Rainbow
Loud, happy Beautiful, sensational
Laughing, sharing, supporting Fascinating, wondering, beautifyi
With contented people At the ~andy beach
Love Excellent
-Mike Nollen -Darcee Chase

Hunting Basketball
Early" chilly Baskets, basketballs
Boomingr flying, falling Exciting, interesting, exhausting
In the boat In an old gym
Water Fun
-Brenda Vose -Josh Coppes

Flowers Basketball
Colorful, fragrant. Winning, losing
Loving, smelling, coloring Shooting, che€ring, exciting'
In the Outdoors Into the basketball hoop
Beautiful Fun
-Erica Nixon -Ryan Heiniger
Fishing Boys
Icy, slippery Onery, uncooperative
Slipping, freezing, catching Outgoing, hurrying, never-ending
On the icy pond On the run'
Fun Energetic
-Brian Carter -Kaci Klenk
Flamingo MonopoJy
Fluffy, feathery Slow, jail
Nibbling, pecking, staripg Renting, moving, buying
At the red dawn At Park Place square
Pink Bankrupt!
-Kirk Wagenbach -Tawn Hansen
Homework Winter
Endless, frustrating Snow, ice
Working, thinking, writing Wondering, sliding, falling
About every single night On the frozen ice
Boring Excitement!
-Kara Enke -Stacy Housman
Outside Baseball Game
White, peaceful Loud, colorful
Refreshing, mindclearing, breathtaking Hitting, running, pitching
In the chilly air In the huge stadium
Winter Exciting
-Lori OtHanlon -Deborah Honson

Game Parade
Loud, suspense Colorful, fun
Exciting, roaring, scoring Exciting, marching, waving
In a large gym On a wide street
Fun. Happiness
-Lindsay Berkmeier -Jennifer Patterson

Snow Playground
Peaceful, quiet Loud, wild
Drifting, blowing, snowing Bewildering, boring, hating
In the cold forest In theMediapolis city limits
Peace Fun
-Christina Stafford -Hichael Dehner

Sleep Basketball
Dark, quiet Effort, exhaustion
Resting, lying, dreaming Running, shooting, passing
In a soft bed In the big gym
Peaceful Fun
-Michelle Nusic -Je~ifer Patterson

Football Bike Riding

Excitement, colorful Alone, carefree
Running, passing, catching Racing, coasting, wind-blowing
At a large stadium Down the gravel road
Touchdown Fun!
-Lindsay Berkmeier -Lori O'Hanlon

Summer Home
Hot, sunshine. Comfortable, relaxed
Swimming, laughing, sweating Sleeping, playing, working
At the swimming pool' Where the family lives
Fun! Castle
-Stacy Housman -Kara Enke
Softball Friends
Tension, exciting Helpful, trustworthy
Cheering, scoring, batting Caring, comforting, willing
At the softball diamond With you all the time
Homerun Friendship
-Tawn Hansen -Kaci Klenk
Arcade Rainbow
Noisy, packed Pastel, colorful, pretty
Exciting, frustrating, challenging Feeling, mesmerizing, interesting
In most large malls In the heavens
Fun! Beauty
-Mike Nollen -Tricia Metzger
Wreck Tree
Bloody, terrible Trunk, leaves
Terrifying, frightening, wondering Blowi~g, growing, shading
Out of St. Louis On the grassy ground
Confusion Peaceful
-Darcee Chase -Deborah Honson


Winter Unicorns
White, cold Magical, mythical
Sledding, sliding, skating Mystifying, electrifying,
Hats, mittens~ boots, coats unbelieving
Freezing, snowing, blowing Stream, Trees, rocks, sky
Ice, snow Beautifying, amazing,
Frostbite imagining
-Deborah Honson Legend, unusual
-Darcee Chase

Hot, steamy
Exciting, thrillihg, sizzling
Sun, flowers, trees, breeze Football
Laughing, swimming, sunning
Sunny, carefree Exciting, interesting
Kot Passing, catching, running
-Erica Nixon Players, coaches, referee~,
Blocking, intercepting,
Game, different
-Josh Coppes
Cold, Fun
Dripping, freezing, sledding
Icicles, snow, coldness, no school
Building, sharing, sleeping
Wonderful, carefree
-Tricia f"Ietzger Ragbrai
Hot, enjoyable
Challenging, thrilling, exciting
Camp site, road, towns, people
Riding, suffering, aching
Fun, hard
School -Brenda Vose
Noisy, informative
Thinking, studying, learning
Teachers, rooms, pupils, books
Tiring, amusing, boring
Loud, chaotic
Wild Fishing
-Hike Nollen Summer, boat
Reeling, casting, catching
River, worms, tackle, quiet
Baiting, snagging, waiting
fun, cooking
Arena Eating
-Ryan Heiniger
Bright, neat
Interesting, exciting, surprising
Stands, food, shop, court
Eating, walking, selling
Talkative, confusion.
-Brian Carter


. Friends, homework
Joking, talking, working
Desks, teachers~ books, fuilding
Laughing, studying, reading
Quiet, peace
-Kaci Klenk Classroom
Quiet, relaxed
Studying, sitting, reading
Chairs, desks, papers, pencils
Rattling, squeaking, shuffling
Large, spaceful
Kitchen Organized
Busy, cozy -Kirk \.vagenbach
Cooking, baking, brewing
Stove, sink, refrigerator, table
Comforting, welcoming, relaxing
Warm, exciting
Food School
-Tawn Hansen Children, teachers
Teaching, learning, playing
Desks, pencils, books, chalkboard
Writing, talking discussing
Country Interesting, exciting
Peaceful, quiet -Kara Enke
Walking, riding, tiring
Horses, sheep, cows, pigs
Helping, feeding, growing
Home, family Recess
-Stacy Housman Active, fun
Running, chasing, playing
Friends, playground, basketball, tag
Talking, sharing, caring
Locker Comfortable, freetime
Relaxed, familiar
-Lori O'Hanlon
Showering, laughing, talking
Dull, dirty, uglym gray
Smelling, yelling, changing
Full, casual Winter
P.E. White, icy
-Lindsay Berkmeier Shoveling, playing, skating.
Frost, icicles, sno\~an, snowdrifts
Sledding, snowing, freezing,
Cold, snow
Old House Pretty
Forgotten, leftaway -Jennifer Patterson
Rusting, frighteni"'g, aging
Stairs, bugs, mice, dust
Breaking, creaking, haunting
Broken, scary
-TfJ.ichelle l'flusic

Noisy, confusion
Talking, walking, thinking
Desks, - chairs, pencils, paper
Writing, testing, learning
Comfortable, homelike Football
Cozy Cold, freezing
-Nichael Dehner Running, catching, passing
Players, fans, field, bleachers
Exciting, entertaining, stimulating
Offense, defense
Birthday -Christina Stafford
- Singing, presents
Exciting, celebrating, partying
Candles, cake,. ice-cream, games
Opening, surprising, eating Town
Friends, family
Fun People, cars
-Deborah Honson Talking, visiting, sharing
Bank, library, friends, houses
Playing, working, helping
Familiary, usual
-Kara Enke
Loud, noisy
Riding, eating, walking
Rides, people, stands, games
Exciting, thrillijg, frightening
Enjoyable, fun
Excitement Home
-Christina Stafford
Cozy, familiar
Comforting, relaxing, working
Rooms, pets, food, decorations
Living, loving, lounging
Grandma's Country-style, roomy
Familiar, nice -Lori O'Hanlon
Playing, talking, sitting
Tree, relatives, basement, presents
Exciting, filling,relaxing
Friendly, homey
-Brian Carter Mountain
Whi te, cold
Glistening, skiing, sledding
beginners slope,ski lift, cross-cQuntry
ski lodge
Climbing, exciting, crunching
Snowy, trees
School Peaceful
-Brenda Vose
Books, teachers
Reading, writing, studyi~g
Desks, chalkboard, pencils, notebooks
Learning, expeY'imenting, thinking
Homework, tests
-Jennifer Patterson


_. _.-

Once there was a guy named Jack

Who woke up for a midnight snack,
He opened the cupboard
And pulled out a small board,
Thinking it was a Big Mac!
-Christina Stafford

There once was loony named Josh,

Who wore the pants, Osh-Kosh-B-Gosh.
There was a rip at the hip
And over a cliff he did trip
And now he looked like a big bowl of squash!
-Kaci Klenk

There once was a guy named Mack

He lived in a dusty old shack.
His hair was curly,
But so unruly
So what he did was smack his hair back!
-Tina Warth

Once there was a small boy

Who was mad at his brand new toy,
It wouldn't type
Or make apples ripe
But he still had to yelp with joy!
-Kirk Wagenbach
There once was an old alligator
Who swallowed a big calculator.
When asked 5 times 5
He replied ~wenty-five,
Then burped and said, "See yhu later! II

-Brian Carter
There was once a man named Laine
Who said he was always in pain.
He went to Doctor Hatter
To see what was the matter.
Said the doctor, "It's only your brain!"
-Lindsay Berkmeier

There was a young man from France.

He knew how to gracefully dance.
He went to a party,
Where he ate something tarty
And all he could do was prance!
. -Tawn Hansen
I once saw a bird in a cage
He grew to a ripe old age.
The bird sits, the bird sings,
He can't flap his wings
And all he can eat is some sage!
-Tawn Hansen

'- -------


There once was a boy named Mike.

He had his hair in a spike.
He went to the zoo,
And stepped in some doo,
~nd now he rides a bike!
-Darcee Chase

There once was a big fat twin,

Who sat upon an inch long pin!
He let out a yelp---
A call for help
As he sat on the pin once again!
-Brenda Vose

There once was a moldy old cake

That nobody ever would take.
But then came Shane
With his dirty old cane
And smashed that cake with a rake!
-Deborah Honson

There once was an otter named Otto.

That animal had won the lotto!
He bought a new sub
For a ride to the pub
And he saw an underwater motto!
-Lisa Shinn

There once was a lonely cat.

Boy! that cat was fat!
I looked with surprise---
I couldn't believe my eyes!
That cat had eaten my new hat!
-Lisa Shinn

There once was a fat TV

It was quite a sight to see.
It ate too much--
Do you get the hunch?
It blew up on top of me!
-Stacy Housman

There once was a big chubby snake.

He lived in a nice little lake.
When swimming aboard
His surfing board,
He ate a whole chocolate cake!
-Barry Grover

Oh, I once went into space

Because I was in a race
And as the sun's heat
Melted my wheat, -
I came back a basket case!
-Tenile Luttenegger



There once was .a Christmas

. tree
That came with a bumble bee.
It stung a boy
And broke a toy
Then they sold it for ~ree!
-Michelle r1usic

There once was a lady fit to be tied

When she found out her little boy lied.
She packed up her bags .
Which were filled up with rags
And ran away and cried!
-Chris Tieman

There once was a wicked old witch

Who once had a terrible itch.
She scratched it once
They called her a dunce
So she threw them all in the ditch
. -Tricia Metzger
I once had a bratty brother
Who refused to love one another.
I slapped him hard on the cheek--
I called hima pes~3ring geek,
And now he is going to tell mother!
-Tricia JYletzger

I picked up a little brown bear

With its pretty pink underwear.
It had a big bow
Attached to its toe.
It was the prize, the best at the fair!
-Tricia IVletzger

There once was a dog named Rover.

When he tried to walk he fell over.
His legs were too short---
But he was a good sport
So he decided to lay in the clover!
-Ivlike Hollen

There once was a man named Fred

Who loved to stand on ~is head.
He got so dizzy,
he fell in a whizzy
And he thought that he was dead!
-Jennifer Patterson

There once was a man named Jack.

On his chair he set a tack.
He forgot about it
When he went to sit.
He now has a tack in his back.
-Shannon Bartelt

- ~ - ~-~--- - -~-- -- .- ~.- --



There once was a cat

Who was wearing a hat.
He was very thin
~. But then ate my din-
And now is very fat!
-Kara Enke

/' ,..



These were handed in too late to be included with the original

poems but we want them to be included.

Robbery Classroom
Panic, bewilderment Desks, chairs
Terrifying, amazing, threatening Teaching, talking, answering
At the town bank On the second floor
Confusing Students
-Lisa Shinn -Shannon Bartelt


Noisy, busy
Shopping, rushing, wrapping
Presents, family, dinner, friends
Caring, sharing, giving
Exciting, suspenseful Park
Love Noisy, children
-Shannon Bartelt Playing, running, shouting
Swing, benches, fountain, slide
Exhausting, sharing, relaxing
Fun, playful'
-Lisa Shinn

'- ~~~ -~- --- -~~ ~-~-~ ~- ~ -~-~ ~