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Dale H.

Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineer
E-mail: danders37@msn.com JOB OBJECTIVE Seeking a mechanical engineering position that offers opportunities, challenges and leadership in the design and manufacture of mechanical and/or electro-mechanical component assemblies. Thirty years of solid experience in the design of mechanical hardware, and have demonstrated the ability to collaborate with multi-functional development teams, production planning & control, manufacturing engineering, service planning, reliability engineering, agency compliance, and the customer. Detail driven covering all aspect of design from concept to End of Life management. Superior multi-tasking and effective communication skills to drive innovation and creativity with a global development team. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Tucson, Arizona 85747 520-647-3372 (home) 520-977-3372 (cell)

IBM, Storage System Division, Tucson AZ

1998 to present

Mechanical team leader for the high end Enterprise System Storage since 1998. Design core team member along with system architects, power engineers, customer engineers and marketing to define product requirements, then lead a team of design engineers and test engineers to deliver a competitive Storage System with leading edge technology and best performance in the industry. Create schedules and reported status on a weekly basis to program manager with status of key checkpoints, issues, and dependencies. Presented proposals to cross functional team member with designs that enhance the productive objectives and customer needs. Coordinated interdepartmental development activities with Manufacturing Engineers, Production Control and Planning, Procurement Engineering, Safety Engineering, Service Planning, Reliability Engineering, and Agency Compliance. Managed weekly work assignments to the design engineers on the team. Defined and maintained the Bill of Materials for the DS8000 product, which includes over 1400 parts and sub-assemblies. Provided design and engineering support for existing products in the field. Received Requests for Engineering Action from manufacturing and customer engineers. Evaluated each proposal, then created a solution to the issue, and released the design change into production. Coordinated all Agency Compliance testing for the DS8000 product line. Create and define schedules for the products to be tested for radiated frequency interference, ESD, acoustics, thermal performance, drop and tilt testing, shipping shock and vibration testing, volatile organic compound (out-gasing), safety, operation vibration testing, and seismic testing. Provided weekly status to program management and addressed issues found during these tests. Created innovative solutions and implemented design changes so the machine will be in compliance with the Agency requirements. Reversed engineered competitor products and looked for way to improve our cost and function of the machine to maintain leadership, competitiveness, and innovation with the product. Meet yearly with our major suppliers to brainstorm ways to reduce product cost, then implemented changes to the product structure. This week we project to save about $1.8 million in manufacturing costs. Provide workload, headcount, and capital requirements to department manager. When new hires are needed, reviewed list of candidates, interview them, then proceed with the administrative process to bring them on the team.

Train new employees who joined the development team, both external and internal employee transfers. Worked on the IBM Corporate Commodity Council to collaborate mechanical design across IBM product brands in an effort to reduce the amount of redundant design and parts management, resulting in saving millions of dollars each year. Common Building Block coordinator for the Division. Define the process to track and report the number of common parts used in approx 26 machines that is developed in the division. Provided a quarterly report on the number of reused and preferred parts usage to Corporate Vice Presidents.

IBM General Products Division and AdStar, Tucson AZ

Design mechanical components and assemblies using CADAM and CATIA V5. Designed cables, flex circuits, and define the cable routing requirements.

Aug 1980 to 1998

Procurement Quality and Manufacturing Engineer. Defined inspection process, tools, and parameters for injected molded parts, die casting (aluminum, zinc, and magnesium), sheet metal forms, and welded racks. Evaluated Supplier and Vendor manufacturing capabilities and processes. Provided recommendations for the preferred supplier, then provided support and training once they are awarded the contract. Travel extensively throughout the US and Europe reviewing supplier capabilities and innovations that are available in the industry. Collaborated designs with manufacturing effort to keep manufacturing costs low and efficient. QUALIFICATIONS Understanding of manufacturing process for plastic molding, die casting, sheet metal forming, CNC machining and stamping, wire and laser cutting, cable assemblies, and welded rack assemblies. Vast experience with developing global partners. Work daily with colleagues throughout Europe, Mexico, and Asia. Proficient in 3D CAD programs with 25 years experience in CADAM and CATIA. Contacts in the industry with hardware cable components suppliers. Working knowledge of ANSI Y14.5 drafting, geometric dimensioning and tolerances practices. Proficient using Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Brio, Lotus Notes, etc. Good interpersonal and communication skills and works well with team members. EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Magna Cum Laude. Utah State University. Leadership Development. 12 day course taught by IBM Consultant. 2002. Design for Operational Excellence, 45 hours training by Statistical Design Institute. Green Belt. 2010

Patents Direct Dock Storage Device Laminated Damping Device Cartridge Adapter Electrical Connector Patent No. 6058,016 Patent No. 6,209,842 Patent No. 5,331,627 Patent No. 5,051,366 Issued Issued Issued Issued May, 2, 2002 April 3, 2001 July 19, 1994 Sept 24 1991

References, performance evaluations, awards, and salary history available upon request.