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May 2013

PYP Newsletter
Principals Message
Dear Parents, Over the last few weeks we have had a lot of questions about what is the meaning of internationalism and what makes a school international. We all have ideas about what defines an international school. In fact, there are now many schools around the world with the word International in their descriptive title. These include national schools in a foreign country or international schools where all students are nationals of that host country. The PYP refers to the concept of international mindedness, where an internationally-minded person is one who strives to demonstrate the attributes of the IB learner profile within and beyond the school community. In a PYP school, teachers and students are making connections between life in school, life at home, and life in the world. In other words they look at what is significant to them personally, locally and globally. International-mindedness is about recognizing that we do see the world in many different ways and that there are many different voices to express this. Our vision is to embrace diversity and explore the world. The PYP also cultivates internationally -minded learners who actively demonstrate responsibility for and commitment to making a difference in the world. This is why a lot of emphasis is put on the action component of our childrens learning. Recently, we had a couple of international events which certainly have enriched different parts of our learning community . On 18th, 19th, 20th April, ISGR hosted the Nordic Network Conference. This was big weekend event where internationally famous speakers came to inspire all staff about education. We also had the chance to meet and exchange ideas with staff from other international schools in Scandinavia. Another big weekend event on 3rd, 4th, and 5th May was the Nordic Network Sports Weekend for our secondary students. This was hosted in Oslo. These events are important for our international community as we reach out in the world of learning. Best WishesMarilyn James, Principal PYP

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Important Dates

Week 20, Culture Week Tuesday, 21st May Art Exhibition Thursday, June 6/7th Holiday Friday, June 14th Students end

PYP Second Graders On The Move! For the last four weeks, ISGR's PYP second grade students have been participating in Movement Classes. These Monday and Wednesday classes have been run by Emma Gran, a dance teacher. Through this movement class, she has helped the students learn how to communicate with each other non-verbally, explore the concepts of empathy, trust, and personal space, and how to individually as well as collectively express oneself through dance. Time has been spent working on what is appropriate contact and how one can move carefully through a public space. Our hope, as classroom teachers, is that participation in these classes will help extend the great work that the second graders began during our Friendship Weeks earlier in the year. The students have found it challenging and are really energized by it! Future dancers? Who knows? Twirling, spinning, and creating statues, the second graders look forward to the end of term when Emma will return for two more sessions. They are on the move! PYP Second Grade

Grade 3
Recently, in class, the Grade 3s have learned more about How We Organize Ourselves. They have been focused on communities and how they are connected. They started by developing an understanding of communities around us by comparing and contrasting urban, suburban and rural areas. Then they moved on to working with the structure of various communities around the world. Towards the end of the investigation, students worked in groups to research a community of their choice. They constructed a model, as well as compiling a fact sheet and creating an advertisement. The unit culminated with a mini-exhibition where the students presented their work to the parent community. This was a really challenging Unit of Inquiry but the children and I were so proud of their achievements! - Brett Stein

This month, we are going to start new units in most of the music classes. I have been busy recently in supporting many groups of students who were preparing for the spring show. As we changed to a new music room last fall, we are still learning from being in this new environment. We are currently working on how to make this environment more PYP friendly, by revisiting our class agreement when using the different rooms and different instruments and by implementing the PYP profiles with the help of new visuals that are put on the wall. (I hope you appreciate the music profiles illustrated on the next page). The programme for the coming month: In K, the students will study some connections between the sound environment and the living things around us. They will, for instance, listen to different animal sounds that tell about their environment and climate. In grade 1, the students will be invited to write, read and perform their own pieces of music and learn about different sound devices. In grade 2, the students have already started a music inquiry about melodies. We can use melodies to create music is the central idea. In grade 3, the students are going to further develop fine motor skills on the keyboard by training on playing the well-known melody O Susanna!. In grade 4, we are following up on the inquiry about the body system. The students are exploring many implications where our body system is directly connected to music. In grade 5, we are extending our understanding on the relations between form and function in music. The students are currently questioning the meaning of rhythm in music (or absence of rhythm).

Leaving ISGR?

It is that time of year when we are welcoming many new families to ISGR but sadly saying farewell to some also. If you plan to leave ISGR it is important to complete a Withdrawal Form so that we can provide you with leaving documentation and avoid unnecessary fees. The MYP & PYP Withdrawal Forms are in the Parent Zone of the new website under Forms & Notifications at the following link: Completed forms should be submitted to Development & Admissions Manager, James Teasdale. THANK YOU! James. School Activities starting just now! School Choir The ISGR choirs are a chance for students from both sections of the school to come together and celebrate our enjoyment of singing. We sing songs from different genres including traditional songs, musical theatre, pop, jazz and other modern styles. We also practice some basic singing techniques and perform regularly at school events such as the Spring Show, Culture Week and on the last day of the school year. We currently have 2 choirs: PYP 1 and PYP 2 rehearse on Wednesdays from 9:50 - 10:10 PYP3-5 and LGR 2-5 rehearse on Thursdays from 12:40 - 1:10 This term, we are busy preparing for the Spring Show and the end of year. New students are always welcome to join, although students need to attend regularly to participate in performances. ISGR Sports Club After School sports club! See notice board in the main entrance hall! If you have questions, thoughts or ideas, dont hesitate to contact me by email

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