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Create an access list that will prevent only the host 192.5.5.

148 from accessing a web site located at Choose one answer. a. access-list 10 deny tcp eq 23 access-list 10 permit tcp any any b. access-list 100 deny tcp eq 80 accesslist 100 permit tcp any any c. access-list 10 deny tcp host host eq 80 access-list 10 permit tcp any any d. access-list 100 deny tcp host eq 80 access-list 100 permit tcp any any Question 2 Marks: 1

An access list has been created that will deny the host access to an ftp server located at access-list 111 deny tcp eq 21 access-list 111 permit tcp any any Which of the following groups of commands will place this ACL in the proper location? Choose one answer. a. Router3(config)interface fa0/0 Router3(config-if)# ip access-group 111 out b. Router3(config)interface s0/1 Router3(config-if)# ip access-group 111 out c. Router3(config)interface fa0/0 Router3(config-if)# ip access-group 111 in d. Router2(config)interface fa0/0 Router2(config-if)# ip access-group 111 out Question 3 Marks: 1 Which of the following describes Active Directory? Choose one answer. a. a file system management protocol b. a centralized point of management of users and groups c. an electronic phonebook with changing addresses d. a database management protocol e. a database of network addresses and their associated workstation identifiers

created by DHCP Question 4 Marks: 1 A company needs a WAN connection that is capable of transferring voice, video, and data at a minimum data rate of 155 Mbps. Which WAN connection is the best choice? Choose one answer. a. X.25 b. ATM c. ISDN BRI d. MLPS e. DSL Question 5 Marks: 1 What do routers use to select the best path for outgoing data packets? Choose one answer. a. switching tables b. ARP tables c. bridging tables d. routing tables Question 6 Marks: 1

How many broadcast domains are shown in the diagram? Choose one answer. a. 3 b. 5 c. 4 d. 6 Question 7 Marks: 1

To obtain CDP information from a Cisco router that is not directly connected to the administrator's console, what must happen? Choose one answer. a. The administrator must transmit TTL packets to the remote device and wait for a response. b. The source router must send TLV blocks to the remote router. c. The administrator needs to issue the Router d. The administrator can Telnet to a Cisco device that is connected to the remote router. Question 8 Marks: 1 What command turns on classful routing? Choose one answer. a. no ip classless b. ip classful c. router rip d. ip no classless e. router OSPF serve 1 Question 9 Marks: 1 Classless routing protocols perform the following functions: (Choose 3) Choose at least one answer. a. Support designs that include discontiguous networks b. process switching c. Support variable-length subnet mask (VLSM) because of the inclusion of the mask in routing updates d. fast forward switching e. Send subnet mask information in routing updates Question 10 Marks: 1 You are installing a network in Cody,Wyoming. Which wiring codes must you follow? Choose one answer. a. All local building codes b. All Wyoming building codes c. All National, Wyoming, and Local codes with the National code being the most important. d. All National, Wyoming, and Local codes with the local code being the most important. Question 11 Marks: 1 Which of the following networking devices increase the number of collision domains? Choose one answer.

a. repeater b. hub c. multiport repeater d. switch Question 12 Marks: 1 Waste and loss of material are normal costs in any cabling project. What is a reasonable waste cost to include on a bid? Choose one answer. a. 8% b. 15% c. 20% d. 1% e. 4% Question 13 Marks: 1 Which of the following describes a physical full-mesh topology? Choose one answer. a. It uses a hub or a switch as a central point to connect all wires. b. It requires termination at both ends of the cable. c. It provides maximum connectivity between all network systems. d. It links all computers to a main computer that controls all traffic on the network. Question 14 Marks: 1

Which of the following can be concluded from the router output displayed in the graphic? Choose one answer. a. Inverse ARP has determined the remote ip address as b. none of these answers c. There is currently no congestion on the link. d. The LMI type is ANSI (0x64). e. The interface has been configured for subinterfaces and this map is for subinterface 0. Question 15 Marks: 1

The routers in the diagram are configured for RIP v2 on network Additional static routes are configured as shown in the graphic. What will RA do with a packet it receives on interface that is destined for host on a remote network? Choose one answer. a. forward it to b. none of these answers c. drop the packet d. forward it to e. forward it to Question 16 Marks: 1 Describe the switching function that occurs in a router. Choose one answer. a. uses network addressing to select the best route and interface to forward data b. accepts a packet on one interface and forwards it to a second interface c. allows the router to make forwarding decisions based on Layer 2 addressing d. enables the router to select the most appropriate interface for forwarding a packet Question 17 Marks: 1 Which dial plan component is responsible for selecting the appropriate path for a call? Choose one answer. a. calling privileges b. endpoint addressing c. call routing and path selection d. call coverage Question 18 Marks: 1 A customer wants to interconnect a Cisco Unified CallManager cluster with an SIP carrier. Which features of an IP-to-IP gateway would be required?

Choose one answer. a. codec filtering b. media flow-through c. protocol interworking d. all of the ones listed Question 19 Marks: 1 A Catalyst switch must be in which VTP mode in order to delete or add VLANs to a management domain. Choose one answer. a. domain b. server c. transparent d. client

Marks: 1 Which of the following describes latency? Choose one answer. a. the degradation of a signal as it travels along the media b. the time required for a NIC to place a frame on the network media c. the noise generated from outside a cable d. the delay between the time a frame leaves its source device and reaches its destination Question 21 Marks: 1 The goal of an internetwork designer is to design a cost-effective, scalable, working network. What is the first step when designing a small to medium sized internetwork? Choose one answer. a. Identify the network load requirements. b. Develop a logical diagram of existing network. c. Evaluate traffic-intensive applications. d. Identify the customer's needs. Question 22 Marks: 1 When implementing VoIP services, which two design considerations should be followed? (Choose two.) Choose at least one answer. a. Disable real-time protocols to reduce queuing strategy demands.

b. Confirm that network jitter is minimal. c. Ensure that packet delays do not exceed 150 ms. d. Use TCP to reduce delays and dropped packets. e. Establish priority queuing to ensure that large data packets are sent uninterrupted. Question 23 Marks: 1 Switch port Fa0/24 was previously configured as a trunk, but now it is to be used to connect a host to the network. How should the network administrator reconfigure switch port Fa0/24? Choose one answer. a. Administratively shut down and re-enable the interface to return it to the default. b. Enter the no switchport mode trunk command in interface configuration mode. c. Use the switchport access vlan vlan number command from interface configuration mode to remove the port from the trunk and add it to a specific VLAN. d. Enter the switchport nonegotiate command from interface configuration mode. e. Use the switchport mode access command from interface configuration mode. Question 24 Marks: 1 While deleting the VLANs from a switch, a network administrator receives the following message, "A default VLAN may not be deleted". What did the administrator do to cause this message to be displayed? Choose one answer. a. The no vlan 1 command was entered. b. The no vlan all command was entered. c. The no switchport mode access command was not properly entered. d. VTP was not configured e. The no vlan command was entered in database configuration mode. Question 25 Marks: 1 Router XYZ is to be added to OSPF area 0. Which of the following is the correct syntax for enabling OSPF on this router? Choose one answer. a. XYZ(config)router ospf process 0 b. XYZ(config)router ospf processid 10 c. XYZ(config)router ospf 10 d. XYZ(config)router ospf process 10 Question 26 Marks: 1 Match the OSI model layer name with a characteristic of that layer.

Transport Data Link Physical Application Presentation Session Network Question 27 Marks: 1 Match the date with the Internet development or discovery. US Department of Defense declared TCP/IP as the standard for all military computer networking Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Konqueror, Netscape 6, Opera 4 and 5, Amaya 4.0 Browser hit the market PARC Universal Packet protocol suite The migration of the ARPANET to TCP/IP was officially completed Mosaic web browser Question 28 Marks: 1 By typing _______________ run you will be able to see the current configuration in the router Answer:

Question 29 Marks: 1 According to Wikipedia , March 2011 what percentage of people browsing the internet use FireFox? Answer:
Question 29

30 Marks: 1 The Cisco 2500 series of routers were superseded by the ____________ series of Cisco routers Answer:

Question 31 Marks: 1 The router reads the subnet mask from left to right, bit by bit. If a bit in the mask is set to 1, it indicates that the value in that position is part of the network ID. A 0 in the subnet mask indicates that the value in that position is part of the host ID.

Question 32 Marks: 3 In the original IP address hierarchy, there are two levels: a network and a host. In a classful addressing scheme, the first three leading bit values are used to determine that an IP address is either a Class A, B, or C. When an address is identified by class, the number of bits that make up the network ID and the number of bits that make up the host ID are known. The default subnet masks for the network classes are: Class A Class B Class C

Question 33 Marks: 1 Click Here to download the Packet Tracer File What is the switch image used on Switch0 Answer:

Question 34 Marks: 1 Please download the Packet Tracer file by Clicking Here. Guest Wireless has not obtained an IP number. What service does that laptop have configured to grab and IP number? Answer:

Question 35 Marks: 1 Please download the Packet Tracer file by Clicking Here. What network number would Switch2 be associated with? Choose one answer. a. b. c. d. Question 36 Marks: 1 Please download the Packet Tracer File by Clicking Here. What is the WEP key? Answer:

Question 37 Marks: 1 Please download the Packet Tracer file by Clicking Here. What routing protocol is being used? Choose one answer. a. RIP b. EIGRP c. RIP v2 d. OSPF Question 38 Marks: 1 Was this exam helpful? Choose at least one answer. a. very helpful b. helpful c. not helpful d. no comment Question 39 Did you have trouble with any of the graphics or Packet Tracer files? Pleaselist the numberof the question 1. Your version of Packet Tracer 2. Your operating System 3. Your Web browser. Thank You The NetRiders Team Answer: