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Democracy via translation

Books Titles
Advances in democracy from the French Revolution to -1 the present-day European Union Beyond Liberal Democracy Political Thinking for an East -2 Asian Context Comparative Politics Democracy and Social Choice -3 Delegation in Contemporary Democracies -4 Deliberative Freedom Deliberative Democracy as -5 Critical Theory Democracy and Coercive Diplomacy -6 Democracy and New Media -7 Democracy and the Public Sphere -8 Democracy in Europe a history of an ideology -9 DEMOCRACY IN MUSLIM SOCIETIES -10 Democracy, pluralism and political theory -11 Deterring Democracy -12 Dirty Politics: New Labour, British Democracy and the -13 Invasion of Iraq Egypt, Islam, and Democracy -14 Europe between Democracy and Dictatorship 1900 -15 1945 Genetic Democracy: Philosophical Perspectives -16

Innovating Democracy: Democratic Theory and -17 Practice after the Deliberative Turn Liberalism democracy development -17 Losing the News the Future of the News That Feeds -18 Democracy No place for amateurs: How Political Consultants Are -19 Reshaping American Democracy Political Disaffection in Contemporary Democracies -20 Public Choice and the Challenges of Democracy -21 Science, truth, and democracy -22 Spinoza's Revelation: Religion, Democracy, and Reason -24 The Coming Democracy -25 The Dark Side of Democracy: Explaining Ethnic -26 Cleansing The Diversity of Democracy -27 The Future of teledemocracy -28 The politics of electoral reform -29 The Rise of the Unelected Democracy and the New -30 Separation of Powers After the Nazi Racial State Difference and Democracy -31 in Germany and Europe Building democracy -32 Corruption, capitalism and democracy -33 Deliberative Democracy -34 Democracy -35 Democracy and Dictatorship -36

Democracy and pluralism in Muslim Eurasia -37 Democracy at the digital age -38 Democracy in Iran -39 Democracy, America and the age of globalization -40 Democracys Dilemma -41 Digital Democracy Discourse and Decision Making -42 Economic Democracy the Political Struggle of the -43 Twenty-First Century Elections, Parties, Democracy Conferring the Median -44 Mandate Fascism and Democracy -45 How Democracy Works -46 Islam and Democracy in Iran -47 Liberalism, Constitutionalism, and Democracy -48 Marching Towards Democracy -49 Party politics in new democracies -50 Political Economy of Institutions, Democracy and -51 Voting Representative Democracy -52 Secularism or Democracy -53 The Challenge of Democracy Government in America -54 The Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy -55 The Death of Why The Decline of Questioning and -56 the Future of Democracy The Fox in the Henhouse: How Privatization Threatens -57 Democracy

The Gender of Democracy 58 The Paradox of Scientific Authority: The Role of -59 Scientific Advice in Democracies The Voters Dilemma and Democratic Accountability -60 Against the Personification of Democracy -61 Civic talk: peers, politics, and the future of democracy -62 Counter-Democracy: Politics in an Age of Distrust -63 Deliberative Democracy, Divided Societies -64 Democracy against capitalism -65 Democracy and Expertise: Reorienting Policy Inquiry -66 Democracy and the Politics of the Extraordinary, Max -67 Weber, Carl Schmitt, and Hannah Arendt Democracy for the Few -68 Democracy in Islam -69 Democracy, Human Rights and Law in Islamic Thought -70 Democracy children -71 Digital Media and Democracy -72 E-Governance and Civic Engagement Factors and -73 Determinants of Elite Foundations of Liberal Democracy Forging Democracy, the History of the Left in Europe -74 1850-2000 Income inequality in capitalist democracies -75 Islamic Political Culture, Democracy, and Human Rights -76 Liberalization against democracy -77 Marxism and Democracy -78

Philosopher of Democracy and humanism -79 Poverty, Participation, and Democracy -80 Ruling America: A History of Wealth and Power in a -81 Democracy Social Democracy in the Global Periphery Origins, -82 Challenges, Prospects The Challenge of Pluralism -83 The Cultural Contradictions of Democracy -84 The death of social democracy -85 The Future of Democracy -86 The last days in Israel -87 The Quest for Democracy in Iran -88