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APRIL 2009


What’s on
your “to- do” list
this Spring?

Stop Springtime Water Stains Building, Fixing, Upgrading,

Every year, wet winter weather, followed by the warmer spring Additions, Landscaping,
months, causes a common problem in homes across America...
Gardening, Going “Green” & More
Separate Spaces For Couples? Everything from the basement to the roof,
from the driveway to the doorstep.
The desire for separate spaces has begun to affect home construction.
Home Improvement
Projects More
PER WINDOW (10 MAX) Important Than Ever

Look for products with high value and low cost

Families know how important it is to retain the value of their homes,
especially when we hear so much about diminishing home values and
foreclosures. Still, remodeling is one of the best ways to preserve your home’s
value and in some parts of the country, homeowners can still recover up to 90
percent of their remodeling costs despite falling home prices. If you’re a
homeowner who’s in the process of remodeling, consider budget-friendly options
to get the look you want without breaking the bank. Here are several tips to give
you some less expensive options when remodeling.
The countertops are one of the high impact surfaces in your kitchen. While
natural stone options like granite and quartz, as well as solid surfaces, are
Luxurious Pirouette® window shadings combine the personality of a classic fabric shade with the ability to control incoming alluring, they’re expensive and can quickly drain your remodeling budget. Now
light in an enchanting new way. With the gentle pull of the operating cord, textured fabric in a choice of delightful colors is a good time to check out a contemporary laminate countertop, which offers
transforms from contoured folds to opened vanes, softening the outside view through the sheer backing while bringing
the light deep into the room and providing up to 99% UV protection. OFFER luxury looks at a surprisingly low cost when compared to stone. Wilsonart® HD
THRU 30 30TH
High Definition Laminate is available in 43 designs created specifically for
ALL heavy use horizontal surfaces like countertops. The deep, rich look and
dimensional texture can give your kitchen countertop the look you want without
Hours: M-F 10AM - 5PM; SAT. 10- 1PM the sacrifice. Custom cabinets, though gorgeous to look at, can also make a
significant dent in your budget plan. To get the same look for less, install
FABRIC 304-263-6800 oversized crown molding on top of stock cabinets to make them “pop.” Most
people won’t notice the difference, and you’ll save enough to buy a new
Manufacturer’s rebate. Limits and restrictions apply. ©2009 Hunter Douglas Inc. ® and TM are trademarks of Hunter Douglas Inc.
appliance or two.

Page 2 Buyers Guide Spring Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Bathroom your family to sleep and take refuge from the outside world. A master bedroom
A beautiful, updated bathroom will undoubtedly add value to your home, but remodel should reflect an atmosphere of serenity and comfort. It’s also the
it can also be a money pit that sucks away your remodeling dollars due to perfect place to install energy efficient windows, which will help keep you cool
potentially high material and labor costs. In an effort to cut back, try searching in the summer, warm in the winter, and allow you to eventually recoup the cost
for discounted fixtures like shower heads and faucets at home improvement with savings on your monthly energy bill.
stores or at online sources like eBay. Color is typically one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to make a
Oftentimes, the cost of new luxury-name fixtures can run between $500 to significant change in the look of your bedrooms. Kids’ bedrooms can benefit
$1000 while mass-market versions may provide the same look for less. Many from bright colors and easily washable surfaces. Pick up a pre-fabricated
manufacturers, like Moen and Delta, provide detailed installation instructions so laminate countertop slab and a couple of file cabinets at a local home center to
you can save there, too. Those popular glass or decorative nickel knobs and pulls create a simple desk with the look of a custom piece. Wilsonart has a large,
on cabinets and doors can often run as much as $20 apiece. A better option is cutting-edge collection of colorful laminate patterns that children can easily grow
oversized hardware -- eight to 12 inches long as opposed to the standard four to into, in addition to a bevy of designs perfectly crafted for a children’s room.
five inches -- which gives you a bold look for less.
You can also save money on bathroom countertop surfaces by considering

durable laminate instead of stone, which can be stained by cosmetics and
cleaners. Another advantage of laminate is that if you decide to change the
color scheme of your bathroom in a few years, laminate can be switched out
easily and inexpensively.
Family Room

Estimates tell us that adding a family room, as opposed to simply
remodeling one, will help a homeowner recoup as much as 80 percent of their
original investment at resale. Remember to plan the space by factoring in the
size of your family, the ages of your kids (and their friends), and perhaps even
the possibility of additions to your immediate family, like grandparents or
babies. Some families go as far as taking out walls to improve space, but
careful planning and wise furniture positioning can help you avoid drastic
changes to the room that tend to drain your budget. If you’re handy or can Come Out And
afford to hire a carpenter, built-in shelving and possibly an entertainment/
gaming nook are useful and popular additions, and can be painted, stained, or
simply covered with laminate to match your decor.
See The Latest
From a purely practical standpoint, your bedrooms are places for you and
Sheds & Outdoor Storage Buildings by LANTZ
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Propane Sales & Service
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1834 Valley Road • Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Phone (304) 258-3495 Take Rt. 45 west at I-81 Exit 12, 4 miles to stop sign, follow signs.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Buyers Guide Spring Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden Page 3
Gear Up Your Tractor
Spring Mulching
for Spring Serves Both Cosmetic,
Lawn Care! Practical Purposes
Few and far between are the homeowners who have the time to cultivate a
~ Tires ~ Tubes ~ green thumb. Be it obligations at the office, full schedules with the family or,
most likely, a little bit of both, many times homeowners are understandably quick
~ Batteries ~ to trust their landscaping to a local professional.
But in the harsh economy of the day, it can’t hurt for homeowners to have a
NOW OPEN SATURDAYS little landscape knowledge of their own. In that case, should the purse strings
8am - NOON need to be tightened a little bit, homeowners won’t watch their lawns wither
under the harsh summer heat.
Rogers Tire & Auto One of the best tricks of the landscaping trade is to utilize mulch around
plants, trees and shrubs. Both aesthetically appealing and beneficial to soil,
Service, Inc. mulch helps to reduce weeds, conserve soil moisture and keep soil strong
throughout the often trying temperatures of summer. For homeowners hoping to
(304) 264-TIRE (8473) get the most out of their mulch this season, the following factors should be
1501 New York Ave., Martinsburg, WV
considered before beginning a mulching project.
• Appearance. Many homeowners want to make their lawn as aesthetically
appealing as possible. A good looking lawn can increase property value and
instill a sense of pride for all who live at a home.
Mulch comes in a variety of appearances. Color and tidiness are two
sticking points for many homeowners. Typically, no one wants the mulch
to be the talk of guests and neighbors. Instead the plants, trees and shrubs
the mulch surrounds should garner the bulk of the attention. Dark-colored

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28° Wire Weld TOOL FOR THE JOB”
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and easy-to-service
We’re not afraid of a challenge. The PARTIES & WEDDINGS air filter. Comes
BOSTITCH framing nailers are ready to • TENTS • SILVERWARE standard with primer
tackle any job you put before them.
Engineered lumber? No problem. Our • TABLES & CHAIRS • GLASSES bulb and starting
nailers tout a staggering power-to-
• CHINA • CHAFING DISHES throttle lock.
weight ratio. Forgot your tape measure?
Relax … we’ve got you covered with a
16” layout indicator. These tools deliver
the features that matter most to pro’s.
On the jobsite, it’s survival of the fittest.
We’re up for that challenge, are you? TRI-COUNTY RENTALS
www.bostitch.com MON.-SAT. 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM • 267-2974
Dawson’s Farm & Home Center
99 Business Park Circle, Berkeley Springs, WV
stihlusa.com Are you ready for a ?
Page 4 Buyers Guide Spring Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden Wednesday, April 15, 2009
mulches tend to instill a relaxing feel to gardens, while brighter colored the spring, consider mulching a summer garden with hay, wood shavings or even
mulches might work better in vegetable gardens. Don’t be afraid to seek compost. These mulches will insulate the garden from summer heat. In the winter
advice from the sales representatives where you’re buying your mulch as time, pine needles or straw are effective at trapping heat once the ground has
to which mulch goes best with each area. Mulch does not have to be frozen. Other mulches, including bark and stone, are essentially the multi-taskers
uniform throughout the property to provide maximum aesthetic appeal. of mulch, working to insulate in both summer and winter.
• Benefits to the soil. Arguably the biggest
advantage to using mulch is its positive impact on
soil. However, according to the Union of
Concerned Scientists, a nonprofit group dedicated
to working for a healthy environment, different
mulches serve the soil in different ways. While all
organic mulches fertilize the soil as they decay,
they do so at different speeds.
If improving the soil is a priority when mulching,
rapidly decaying or nitrogen rich mulch is most
beneficial. Rapidly decaying mulches include
shredded leaves and grass clippings and are typically
recommended for annuals. Slowly decaying mulches,
such as bark or straw, are generally considered most
beneficial to trees and shrubs.
• Application. For some homeowners, finding
the time to get outside and lay mulch can prove
very difficult. In such cases, easy application is
9AM - 4PM
probably paramount. At this point, it’s probably
best to consult a professional as to which mulch is
not only the easiest to apply, but also the easiest to
Special Sales!
During Event
maintain, as anyone who doesn’t have much time
to mulch probably doesn’t have much time to
maintain it either.
• Protection. How well mulch insulates is also an
Join Us For...
important factor to consider. For example, during the
summer months mulch should work to keep heat out,
• Grilling
while it should do the exact opposite in the winter.
Once the weather has taken a turn for the warmer in
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d o f Se !
E n s e o u t s This Sunfire
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Martinsburg, WV

Class A Lic. – VA #2701006389A WV #000554

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Buyers Guide Spring Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden Page 5
Did You Know? Stop Springtime
Mosquitoes are among the most common uninvited guests at backyard
barbecues and other outdoor gatherings. But warding off these hungry and
intrusive insects can be done in a number of ways. One of the ways in which
Water Stains
Every year, wet winter weather, followed by the melting snow & ice during
homeowners can minimize the likelihood of mosquito infestations is to ensure the warmer spring months, causes a common problem in homes across America -
gutters are clean and clear of debris. Mosquitoes are attracted to decaying leaves, - water stains on ceilings and walls.
so ridding the gutters of such debris can reduce the risk of mosquito infestation.
Another, though probably less popular, way to reduce the risk of mosquitoes Thinking about covering water stains with a fresh coat of paint?
wreaking havoc on a backyard barbecue is to ask guests to refrain from wearing Unfortunately, most stains will bleed right through your new paint job, no matter
perfumes, aftershave or other products that have strong aromas. Such items how many coats you apply; but it’s easy to block stains and prevent them from
attract mosquitoes and can increase the risk of guests getting bitten. Wardrobe coming back. Just follow these steps from the home improvement experts for
can also play a role in a person’s susceptibility to mosquito bites. Tight-fitting Zinsser products:
clothing can be bitten through by hungry mosquitoes, while more loose fitting • Eliminate the source of the moisture or you’ll soon have another unsightly
clothing can be more efficacious when it comes to protecting partygoers. Finally, water stain.
maintaining any areas where water can gather is also an effective means to ward • Clean the surface with a solution of one-cup bleach per gallon of water and
off mosquito attacks. Turn over a dog’s water bowl when not in use or throw sand rinse thoroughly with water to remove mildew, dirt and other unsightly deposits.
or dirt in any rain puddles to make the property less attractive to pesky and
• Dry the surface completely. Use a hair dryer to dry small areas. Larger areas
problematic mosquitoes.
may require the use of a dehumidifier, heater or fan to ensure the surface is
Introducing the
completely dry before painting.
Tri-State Area’s
Premier Faux • Prime the surface with an oil-base stain killing primer like Cover Stain®. If
you try to block a water stain with a water-base primer, the stain is likely to
“rewet” or bleed through. Cover Stain is specially formulated to block water, and
water-soluble stains like those from markers, ink, food and nicotine, in just one
coat. Tip from the Pros: For quick ceiling touch up consider using a vertical
aerosol like COVERS UP™ Stain Sealing Ceiling Paint. It matches most
acoustic ceiling tiles, so it’s great when you want to cover a spot or two.
• After the primer has dried, finish up with your desired topcoat.
by sue kauffman
Custom Designing
of Upscale, High-end Finishes,
Painting & Wallpaper

Visit My Website:
For More Finishes & Design Ideas!


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D esign...
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in your location..
Everything you need for your makeover project

and application.
“It was a pleasure to work with Sue. Her work is
“Bar none... the most spectacular work I have ever seen by
anyone in the area! Sue truly knows how to create looks impeccable and she is very easy to work with. We would
recommend Sue’s work to anyone.”
Lumber & Building Supply
that have not been done before. It’s nice to see one thinking
WAY outside the box!” ~David Garisto, York, PA Tom and Amy Scott, McGrath’s Pub & McGrath’s
Emerald Grille, Harrisburg & Camp Hill, PA
Call For Your Consultation 304-264-8480 1456 Winchester Avenue • Martinsburg
Page 6 Buyers Guide Spring Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Maintaining a Col ble!
Green Lawn Availa
Particularly in today’s economy, homeowners are
looking for inexpensive ways to add value to their
homes. Perhaps nowhere is that more possible than
out in the yard, where the landscape can be a blank
palette just waiting for homeowners to add their
individual touches. The following easy and
inexpensive tips don’t require a green thumb, just a
little elbow grease and dedication.
• Aerate: When kids and pets play in the yard, it’s
not only the grass that can take a pounding. The soil
beneath that grass can become compacted, resulting
in poor air circulation, drainage problems and
possibly even causing nutrient depletion in your
yard. Aerating the lawn will loosen the soil
underneath, allowing for better circulation and
ensuring your grass and soil get all the water and
nutrients they need to stay green and healthy.
• Mow at the correct height: Busy homeowners
understandably want to cut their lawn as low as possible
to minimize the number of times they need to cut the
grass. However, different grasses require different
cutting heights, and homeowners could be doing
significant damage to their lawn by cutting too low or
too high. Homeowners should first determine what type
of grass they have, and then consult a professional to
determine the best height at which to cut.
• Consider composting your grass: The benefits of
composting grass clippings are numerous.
Composting helps give grass a greener look, and is
also beneficial to the environment by cutting down
on waste. In addition, composting stimulates root
growth while preventing topsoil erosion.
• Water at the right time: While it might seem
ideal to set sprinklers in
mid-afternoon when the
sun is shining brightest,
mornings are actually the
ideal time to water.
New! Rustic
Because it’s cooler in the
morning, the water will ur dealers said their customers want choice, choice and more choice! So in
not evaporate as much as O addition to the literlly thousands of choices our Smart Styles already offered,
we’ve added Design Elements, an entirely new kind of program that allows us to
it will during the midday continuously adjust our overall door style offering to satisfy ever-changing consumer
heat, and watering in tastes. A program that now makes it possible for dealers to show their customers a
midday will draw the hot palette of choices never before available in real wood at a mid-price point!
sun to a lawn, potentially bg-0046-5008
Shown above: kitchen and details in 1K Maple, Taupe w/Chocolate – one choice out
burning the grass as a of over one hundred thousand color, finish and style combinations!
Our dealers say we’ve scored another bull’s eye. If you’d like to know all of the
advantages enjoyed by Jim Bishop dealers – and there are a potfull – visit our
website or give us a call. One of the things you’ll quickly discover is that we’re
FIRE SAFETY different in ways that’ll help you make more money!


Fire Extinguishers • Sales & Service
Carbon Dioxide • Hydro Testing • Fire Suppression Systems

P.O. Box 638

606 West Race Street
Martinsburg, WV 25401
Yvette Manley-McAllister 304-263-0650
District Sales Manager
E-mail: fire_safety@comcast.net
Fax 304-263-0694 304-258-2226
Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Buyers Guide Spring Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden Page 7
Above Ground Pools 100
Gardening Doesn’t
purchase any above
ground pool & receive
FREE.... Have to Hurt
Underwater lighting, fountain, I enjoy gardening so much, there have been times when I have started my day
solar cover and pool cleaner in peak shape, only to crawl into the house from pain and fatigue 12 hours later.
Would I do it again? You bet, and I have on numerous occasions. Sure, I attack
100% FINANCING - NO MONEY DOWN my hobby with all the vigor I can muster. By the time the weekend rolls around I
always have so much to do and so little time. Yet, in spite of my overzealous
A& A Pools & Spas, Inc. approach to the weekend warrior duties, the fact remains, I overdo it!
“Where Quality Pools & Supplies Are A Must” Now, truth be told, I don’t always take the time to use the right tool to make
Berkeley Plaza - Martinsburg, WV • 304-263-1300 the job at hand easier and pain-free. So, I’m as much to blame for my aches and
pains at the end of the day as anything else I can think of, especially these days
where there are so many great tools and methods to make gardening accessible
and easy for just about anyone.
No matter what your age or physical condition, we could all benefit from
CARPET COUNTRY making some smart choices when it comes to gardening.
Gloves: Above all, gloves offer protection that no gardener should be without.
Complete Floorcovering, Commercial or Residential.
Yet, who wants to wear an uncomfortable or clunky pair? All too often, we make
• Wall-to-Wall Carpet Vinyls by Mannington the choice to do without for the sake of comfort but at the cost of painful blisters
• Ceramic Tile • Domco • Tarkett • Flexitec or worse. Today there is a style of glove for every job, from the highly tactile,
• Hardwood & Laminates super comfortable and lightweight Atlas gloves, to the fashionable yet rugged and
–Mannington –Mohawk comfortable West County Gardener gloves that even offer a line made from
–Quick-Step –Shaw recycled water bottles. And yes, they come in ‘green’.
–Armstrong –Beaulieu Outerwear: Now that your hands are covered, what about those knees? I’ve
–Formica discovered one of my all time favorite things to have on when I’m getting down
Stop In & See Greg Van Metre Today! and dirty: Green Jeans. These ‘garden chaps’ are very much like what you’d see
Eagle Plaza • Rt. 9 • Hedgesville, WV on a cowboy. But these aren’t heavy leather. They’re made of a washable, wind
resistant, water repellant rip-stop nylon that’s lightweight and comfortable to
304-754-7018 WV Lic#013473 – INSTALLATION AVAILABLE –
wear. But wait! Here’s the best part; these chaps not only protect your pants from
dirt and grime; they have kneepads sewn right into them. That’s right folks -- no

With prices this low you’ll have

money to burn.
Compare Quadra-Fire
E ND OF S EASON S ALE ! Pellet Stoves

On All All Remaining
Dutch West Stoves In
Stoves Stock
In Stock
See Why Many People Are
Switching From Oil & Propane To
Pellet Fuel Heat!
Dawson’s Farm & Home Center 99 BUSINESS PARK CIRCLE
99 Business Park Circle RT. 522 SOUTH
304-258-2111 (304) 258-2111

Page 8 Buyers Guide Spring Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden Wednesday, April 15, 2009
designed to grab, hold and easily extract even the toughest tap-rooted weeds like
dandelions, all while standing in an upright position.
So you see, gardening really doesn’t have to hurt anymore. With the proper
protection on your hands and knees and tools to protect your extremities and
back, what’s left? Well, I guess someone needs to come up with a stylish hard hat
for when you cut through those overhead limbs faster than you realized!

Back By Popular Demand

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Do you need...
more dealing with uncomfortable pads held in place with tight elastic that CARPET • HARDWOOD • CERAMIC • STONE
collects sweat and dirt and then slide down your leg. The Green Jeans’ pads stay COUNTER TOPS • VINYL • LAMINATE • GRANITE
in place because they’re part of the chap that’s supported from your waist. And
they’re a snap to get on and off ... literally!
Tools: I’d always heard, having the right tool for the job makes all the
difference in the world. Over the years, I’ve been reminded of just how true It’s All On Sale for
this is. Here are some of my favorites for the yard and garden. They all the Month of April
happen to be made by Fiskars. But that’s not surprising. I’m a big fan of their
products and you’re about to see why. I only wish these had been around as Sale ends April 30, 2009
long as I’ve been gardening!
PowerGear Pruners: To start, these babies have three times the cutting power
compared to standard pruning tools. They look good and feel great, too. The
patented design provides maximum leverage near the middle of the cut, right
when you need it the most! The added feature I love about this pruner is the Route 40 East of Hagerstown
rotating handle. As you make a cut, the handle rolls with your fingers, reducing 301-790-2440
fatigue and stress. These pruners, along with the other power gear tools in the www.dorseybros.com
Fiskars lineup are the only tools in their class to receive the “Ease-of-Use” Don’t forget, we have been sanding and refinishing
Commendation by the Arthritis Foundation. Now that’s saying a lot! wood floors for ovr 43 years!
Telescoping Power-Lever Bypass Lopper:
Speaking of pruning, I hate to drag out the ladder
for those low-lying branches that I just can’t reach.
I’ve discovered a great solution: these telescoping
loppers can reach over 37 inches with a simple
extension of the handles. In addition, they have the
added benefit of Power-Lever mechanism that
increases leverage to make cutting easier.
Telescoping Pruning Stick Tree Pruner: I’ll tell
you what would hurt; falling off a ladder while trying
to prune those low hanging limbs. Actually, falling
off a ladder at all would hurt. But, thanks to this stick
pruner, the ropeless cutting action eliminates the
tangled lines I always seem to get caught up in. The
Pruning Stick extends to 12 feet and includes a 15-
inch saw blade for tackling those larger limbs. The
added bonus for this tool is that it works just as well
when cutting or pruning shrub growth at ground level
or when reaching into tight spaces. And did I
mention the rotating head for getting just the right
cutting angle? This is one versatile cutting tool,
which allows anyone to get a lot of work done while
safely on the ground, and without bending over.
UpRoot Weed & Root Remover: Speaking of
bending over, I try to do less and less of that every
year, which is part of the reason I think most of us
loathe the dreaded but necessary task of weeding. Yet
once again, Fiskars has come to the rescue with their
UpRoot and Extended Reach Weeders. Both are
Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Buyers Guide Spring Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden Page 9
Looking to Replace 15 Landscaping Mistakes
Your Windows ?
There are many reasons to replace old windows. From better aesthetics
You certainly want your lawn and garden to
look beautiful, but far too often homeowners
succumb to making landscaping mistakes. Here
to eliminating drafts, new windows are a great investment for your home. are some of the more common gaffes and how to
Because drafts can cause energy loss, new windows can make your remedy them.
home more tight, therefore lowering your heating and cooling costs. 1. Lawn ornament overkill: Putting too many
lawn ornaments into your yard can take

~PLUS~ away from the natural beauty of the

landscape. If you want to add a whimsical
touch, stick with one or two instead of

Get 2. Improper plant locations: The reason garden
centers and nurseries put those care tags on
Up plants is so that you will know how to care
for the particular plant. You should take into
To consideration the proper sunlight and
exposure your plants will need.

Tax Credit
(up to $1,500 on qualifying replacement windows)
3. Scalping the lawn:It is not true that cutting
your lawn short will mean less mowing. The lawn has different
requirements throughout the year. In the cooler weather you can get away
with cutting it shorter so that sunlight can penetrate the soil. In the summer,
keep the blades longer to maximize water retention and promote soil shade.
• Transferable, limited lifetime warranty
4. Picking the wrong plants: Many people pick plants because they simply
• Individually registered product number look good and not because they’ll be appropriate for their yard.
• Lifetime glass breakage warranty 5. Thinking animals won’t bother your landscape: Once you plant attractive
and delicious flowering plants you could find your yard is the new dining
Authorized Dealer spot for a host of wildlife. Intersperse bitter-tasting flowers with the sweet
ones to deter deer. Birds, rabbits, squirrels and other animals may need
for barriers to keep them out.

24 HOUR Going Green Tax Credit 6. Pruning willy-nilly: Many plants prosper when pruned. However, over-
pruning or doing so the wrong way or at the wrong time can harm a plant.
SERVICE Products Learn the correct way from books or a gardening center. Otherwise, it could
be better not to prune at all.

FREE ** 7. Too much color: A smattering of color here and there can be too much and
distracting when your landscape is viewed. Instead, choose a color palette
and stick with a few similar hues.
8. Forgetting the family: An ornate garden certainly looks pretty, but how
practical is it for your way of life? If you have kids, you may have to think
about how your property is used and plan your landscape around that.
Pick-Up & Delivery 9. Failing to be safe: Follow the recommendations and warnings on any tools
you use for gardening. Always read the instructions and user’s manual.
On All Repair Items! 10. Grab and go: It’s easy to want to buy everything you see at the garden
* Call for Service/Delivery Area
center, but it’s better to go in with a plan and a shopping list. Mixing and
R matching too many elements in your yard could look sloppy and not well
CITIZUNTS Including Mobile Repair, Supplies 11. Poor maintenance: Garden beds generally require weeding and tending
DISCO & Products once or twice a month. Make sure you have the time to take care of your
landscape after you create it. Otherwise, find someone reliable whom you
• Replacement Windows • Custom Glass & Mirrors can hire to care for it.
• Beveled • Polished Edges • ALL TYPES OF GLASS REPAIR 12. Failing to budget: Gardening, just like any hobby, can cost money. Make a
“We can fix anything but a broken heart” list of what you’re willing to spend and stick to it. Otherwise the bills can
Hours Service done the old fashioned way quickly escalate.
M-F 13. One-season landscape: Your landscape should grow and change with the
7:30am weather. Plan for plantings that bloom or offer color all year round.
– 4pm
14. Forgetting the day-to-night transition: Of course you want your yard to
look great during the day, but what about enjoying it at night? Make sure
it is safe and plan for exterior illumination so that you can have many
wonderful evenings under the stars.
email: backdoor llc@verizon.net 15. No roadmap: You must have a plan for your landscape. Plot it out on
paper, make a list of your materials and costs, run the idea by all those in
the household and only then begin.
Page 10 Buyers Guide Spring Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Separate Spaces For Today’s Couples?
You may find a new option in homes being built by you, catering to improved according to his or her style.
comfort for couples. It’s not uncommon to find dual master bedroom suites to For those who don’t have a problem sharing the same space, only prefer
accommodate couples who can’t compromise in the bedroom. These solitary separate beds, then go ahead and renovate with two beds in the room. They can
retreats help ensure a good night’s sleep or give couples some personal space. always be pushed together if you desire closeness.

A 2005 survey by the National Sleep Foundation uncovered that nearly 25

percent of American couples sleep alone. The number was almost double of the
percentage of solo sleepers from merely four years prior. The Sleep Council of
England has found that 1 in 4 people regularly heads to another room or the
living room couch to escape his or her sleeping partner and get some rest.
The desire for separate spaces has begun to affect home construction. The
National Association of Home Builders says there has been a steady increase in
the number of requests for two-master bedroom homes since 1990, prompting the
organization to predict that by 2015, 60 percent of all custom upscale homes will
be built with two “owner suites.”
1950s Mentality or Modern Revolution?
When many people envision separate sleeping arrangements for married
couples, they think of the popular sitcoms of the 1950s. In these shows, separate
twin beds with a night table between them were the norm. It was considered
risquee to show a couple sharing a bed. But many couples today are choosing to
sleep in separate beds or separate rooms for a number of reasons:
• snoring
• restless leg syndrome
• night owl vs. early bird
• different preferences in linens
• different preferences in room temperatures
• TV watcher vs. book reader
Berkeley Paint & Flooring
• caring for new baby without disturbing the other, etc. 325 Winchester Ave.
Some people say that it’s not good for the marriage to sleep separately,
offering that sharing a bed takes intimacy to a different level. However, Martinsburg, WV 25401
Stephanie Coontz, author of “Marriage: A History” and director of research and (304) 267-2101
public education at the Council on Contemporary Families, a nonprofit research
organization has said that sleeping separately in order to get a good night’s rest is (304) 267-3460 Fax
“reasonable and revolutionary.” She offers that there are more ways to have a
good marriage and sexual relationship today. If sleeping separately is the way to
that end, then so be it.
Come Over to My Place
Couples who support separate sleeping arrangements say that it’s fun to invite
over their spouse for “date night” and find creative ways to get together. And
when well rested, they’re happier and more inclined to want to spend time
together or with the children.
In a report by CNN, Alisa Bowman, a 37-year-old freelance writer from
Emmaus, Pennsylvania, offered, “I’m a better mom and wife when I’m rested,”
who says she’s always had trouble sleeping with another person in the room. “I
also think it makes you appreciate each other more.”
Renovating Your Home
If you are not moving to a home that offers separate master bedroom
suites you can create personalized spaces if you prefer to sleep separately. If
your master bedroom is large enough, perhaps you can divide the room into
two spaces, even if it’s with modular room dividers. Empty nesters may have
the advantage of one or more other bedrooms to call his or her own. Flip a
coin over who gets the bigger room. Then each can personalize the room
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