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Creating the Mirror of the Etheric

Constructing a New World Using the Fallen Etheric Forces

Andrew Linnell, March 3, 2010

Theme/Synopsis In order to prevent humanity from re-ascending to the spiritual world, Ahriman battles for control of the Etheric. Nick Thomas has given indications of how this battle takes place in the Etheric. This paper describes how Ahriman, cognizant of Christs presence in the Etheric, is creating a mirror of the Etheric using the fallen etheric forces, so that humanity is tempted to satisfy its spiritual impulses with this new Maya, namely the Fallen Etheric. Article The year is 2020. As yet another oil-producing countrys reserves dry up, oil prices top $600/barrel. World leaders urge businesses to allow their employees to work from home via the internets expanding virtual reality applications. Tax breaks are offered for what was once expensive 3D, high fidelity, virtual reality body suits (VRBS) that have essentially replaced last decades laptops. Declining prices, thanks to nanotechnology, have made these hot commodities during last holidays shopping season. New models with Touch-Anywhere Foglet technology sold out quickly. Expected later this year in high-end models is technology that offers the ability to blend 256 odors, up from merely 16, for an incredible sense immersion experience. One company, JON, which offers adult MP7s for their boutique mens and womens VRBS, exceeded expectations. Many public schools in the developed world now are experimenting with holding virtual class rooms enabled by PREVENT (PRivate Educations Virtual Experience NeTwork) and Googles well respected Metropolitan Area Youth Advancement Association (MAYAA). These exciting times are not without some detractors who claim that obesiosis, an illness that mysteriously began to affect children about 5 years ago, seems to be due to prolonged exposure to the nano-particles used in VRBS but lack of corroborative scientific studies means the jury is still out on this. One recent industry-funded study showed no viruses or bacteria were found anywhere in every VRBS studied. Apparently these micro-organism pests dont like nano-particles. Some mothers of traditional families decry that their children prefer playing in the virtual playgrounds of MAYAA, which is now available 24 hours per day on the internet, than to playing in their backyard. However, most child psychologists agree that MAYAA provides a safe and healthy environment for children, one free of infectious diseases where all children from all parts of the world can play and interact free of any hostilities arising from race, ethnicity, religion, or sex. Since bullying detection software was deployed two years ago, nearly all complaints about MAYAA by educators have ceased. Is this fiction possible? It is certainly as possible as the future portrayed in Ray Kurzweils article Reinventing Humanity: The Future of Man-Machine Intelligencei where he states The Singularityii is a

future period during which the pace of technological change will be so fast and far-reaching that human existence on this planet will be irreversibly altered. We will combine our brain powerthe knowledge, skills, and personality quirks that make us humanwith our computer power in order to think, reason, communicate, and create in ways we can scarcely even contemplate today. This merger of man and machine, coupled with the sudden explosion in machine intelligence and rapid innovation in gene research and nanotechnology, will result in a world where there is no distinction between the biological and the mechanical, or between physical and virtual reality. These technological revolutions will allow us to transcend our frail bodies with all their limitations. Illness, as we know it, will be eradicated. Through the use of nanotechnology, we will be able to manufacture almost any physical product upon demand, world hunger and poverty will be solved, and pollution will vanish. Human existence will undergo a quantum leap in evolution. We will be able to live as long as we choose. The coming into being of such a world is, in essence, the Singularity. Ray Kurweils analysis of technological trends dates this Singularity as occurring between the years 2025 and 2050. This Kurzweilian frontier is so close in time and so far beyond the concerns of merely The Internet that for some to worry about the internets effects on future life is like being concerned about the weather for tomorrows picnic when your house is on fire. The concern of Spiritual Scientists should rather be about what Ray Kurzweil calls GNR for Genetics, Nanotechnology, and Robotics. The action should be, not on stopping this research, but on permeating it with the Christ Impulse. Shortly, we will see what is meant by such an impulse within these fields. Monsanto has genetically modified many crops to advance the concept of Systemic Agriculture. Monsanto offers genetically modified crops that are not harmed by their weed killer Round-Up. This way, after the crops are planted, the farmer can spray his fields to destroy all weeds while leaving his crops unharmed. This makes the farmers life a lot easier and wealthier. With no weeding, there is much less labor costs and coupling this with greater yields means lots more profits. The only problem is that pigweed, in 2005, modified itself to become tolerant to Round-Up. Now farmers in North Carolina are abandoning fields where the pigweed has overwhelmed their crops. Monsanto modifies genes but the etheric (for now) makes this plant sterile or, if not sterile, the newly inserted trait dissipates from the gene pool in a few generations. Today Monsanto uses this as economic advantage because it means farmers must buy seed from them every year instead of keeping seed from their previous harvest for the next growing season. It is a natural outcome of our everyday consciousness to use death forces to accomplish our goal. Our everyday consciousness understands objects by killing them; that is, by tearing them apart. Monsanto must realize by now that there are some other forces that are higher than genetics. But, if they do, they would not publish this. They may now be striving to find ways to manipulate what we call the etheric or the life body present not only in the Plant Kingdom but also in the Animal and Human Kingdoms. What riches await the one who can master life forces! Nanotechnology promises the tools to rebuild the physical world, our bodies, and our brains, molecular fragment by molecular fragment and potentially atom by atom. iii Through the use of nano-robots, or nanobots it is expected that we will be to expand our minds through the merger of biological and nonbiological intelligence. It is claimed that within the next 25 years we will learn how to augment our 100 trillion interneuronal connections with high speed connections to computers implanted within our

bodies. Several companies are already showing how paraplegics with such implants can, using brain waves and eyebrows, control external robots to accomplish simple housework and eating. Nanomedicine is the combination of nanotechnology and medicine. It seeks To quantitatively characterize the molecular-scale components, or nanomachinery, of living cells To precisely control and manipulate these molecular assemblies in living cells to improve human health Through the use of nanobots, this field of medicine hopes to be able to deliver drugs directly to where they are needed rather than subjecting the entire body to its cell-destroying poison. Chemotherapy could then target just the tumor and not affect the entire body as it does today. One researcher, Robert Freitas, has estimated that eliminating 50% of medically preventable conditions would extend human life expectancy to 150 years. Then, if we were able to prevent 99% of naturally occurring medical problems, wed live to be more than 1,000 years old. One can see by the articulation of its noble goals that this field lacks any understanding of the human life body. Can one master the life forces? We come to the realization that the Battle for the Etheric is now being waged! British scientist and Anthroposophist, Nick Thomas, claims in his booklet The Battle for the Etheric Realmiv is indeed underway and most of the world is comfortably sleeping through it. As early as 1907, Nick notes, Rudolf Steiner had predicted this battle would come in our time. Nick sees an increasing inflexibility of the Etheric body. He points to the symptoms such as our habit of stereotyping, our lazy thinking where we allow others, especially the media, to think for us, the use of meaningless phrases, and the one-sided approaches taken by politicians, religious fanatics, and even medical practitioners and scientists. Nick sees the causes in (1) stopping short of truth and being satisfied with a model and (2) aligning our lives with mechanical repetition rather than living rhythm. Most of science today requires the creation of models to explain the proposed theory. The model should work for all known data and also be able to predict new data. Nick states that the physical plane, such as our environment, is where the problems from (1) and (2) will manifest. Wherever untruths prevail in the etheric or astral, problems arise in the physical to awaken us. Thus, he claims, faithfulness to truth is an antidote to Ahrimansv attack on the etheric through materialism. Ahriman endeavors to generate lies and untruths that seem plausible. Nick adds examples on ways on how one can begin to experience the Etheric realm. There are so many untruths that I would like to explore herein but, alas, there is room for only one! Lets examine the belief that one can reverse engineer the brain so that one can build a thinking machine that functions as if it were a human, in fact, a superior human. Equally important, Spiritual Scientists must get over any antipathy or fear of this future direction. In fact, we need to warmly embrace it with interest so that the world will embrace Spiritual Science with interest. But how can Spiritual Scientists embrace Ray Kurweils concepts such as Most of the intelligence of our civilization will ultimately be nonbiological, which by the end of this century will be trillions of trillions of times more powerful than human intelligence? Or Francis Crick, a Nobel Prize winner, who writes in his book The Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search for the Soul (1994), *Our+ joys and sorrows, memories, ambitions, sense of personal identity and free will [are] nothing more than the behavior of a

vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules? Or when Marvin Minsky, MIT, scoffs at the spiritual with statements such as Many thinkers firmly maintain that machines will never have thoughts like ours, because no matter how we build them, they'll always lack some vital ingredient. They call this essence by various names--like sentience, consciousness, spirit, or soul. Philosophers write entire books to prove that, because of this deficiency, machines can never feel or understand the sorts of things that people do. However, every proof in each of those books is flawed by assuming, in one way or another, the thing that it purports to prove--the existence of some magical spark that has no detectable properties. I have no patience with such arguments. We should not be searching for any single missing part? Spiritual Science traditionally has tried to counter these concepts with its concepts what of constitutes the Human, namely not only the Physical but also the Etheric, the Astral, the Ego, and more. Although this has, so far, done little to sway Science, more and more Spiritual Scientists must take interest in these fields, enter them as their vocation, and weave into them the graspable knowledge of the Etheric. Many people on a spiritual path hope that the good gods will swoop down and wipe out all the evil doers so that we can all live peaceful, prosperous, and comfortable lives that will be the same tomorrow as they are today. Such a view differs little from those of Bible fundamentalists who see a time coming when Jesus will swoop down, riding on a cloud, to establish his kingdom here on the earth after smiting all his enemies. Life will be good afterwards; all we need will be provided for us (our sports teams will always win). It is our egoism that envisions that we are good and that the evil is out there so that we will be part of the chosen ones for the rewarding good life to follow. No, it would be a great evil that could make everyones life prosperous and easy and make time to stand still. Humanity has a long way to go to become part of the Heavens as its 10th Hierarchy. Humanitys mission is Freedom and Love. To accomplish that, we are a mixture of Heaven and Earth, of Light and Dark. In the next planetary condition, which is called the Jupiter Planetary Condition by Spiritual Science, we will be co-creators with the rest of the hierarchies. At that time, different beings will be at the human stage. We will have a relationship to those who are the Jupiter-Humans similar to what our guardian angels have had with us through the Earth Planetary Condition. Just as the angels, while they were at their Human Stage on the Old Moon Planetary Condition, had to deal with us pestering their lives, so will we have to deal with the Jupiter-Humans as pests in our lives through the rest of the Earth Planetary Condition. No where on earth can we escape from their pestilence! Not even an outpost on the moon or on Mars (or on Pandora) can escape them. Normally today, we treat pests with Round-Up. In the near future, we need to find another way a way filled with the Christ Impulse that will lead us to love them so much that we will want to build a new cosmos for them wherein they will discover our love for them just as today we discover in the cosmos the Wisdom that the Gods wished to share with us. Our human mission on Earth is to develop love, agape love, to the point where we will be able to weave it into the next created planetary condition. The stage for those who will be human on Jupiter will not be our physical world; rather it will be what we call Sub-Nature, a realm of electricity, magnetism, and nuclear forces. Who are these Jupiter-Humans? Where do we find them today, if at all? We find them being thrust up from regions below us into our will. It is Ahriman whose role it is to push them into our field of action, in

this case, into our unconscious will. They say to us go ahead, watch that stupid show on the tellie you deserve it because you worked so hard today! Of course the standard for hard work diminishes year by year. And of course you deserve a sweet snack while youre watching TV. Soon this becomes habit. Now the etheric body is imprinted. We could inquire about the etheric quality of the snack food. In most cases we would find that such food has little to no perm eation by etheric forces or substances. We can call this dead food. It will become, in the far, far future a task for humanity, along with assistance from both Ahriman and the Christ, to learn how to turn stones into bread; that is, to be able to nourish the body(s) through the mineral kingdom. But in our time, along with dead thinking, dead food weakens the etheric body. Meant to mediate between ones soul-spirit and ones physical body, the etheric body needs to be flexible and full of life. Since the end of 19th century, Earth has been in a process of involution. Once this mid-point of evolution was passed, forces from the future began to work. From now onwards we will increasingly be forced by destiny to deal with these Jupiter-Humans. From the Sub-Nature realm they interact with our will. This realm of electricity, magnetism, and nuclear forces are so powerful with terrifying destructive powers that Rudolf Steiner remarked how he hoped humanitys moral character would be strong enough when nuclear forces were discovered. Yes, when dealing with these Sub-Nature forces and beings, our moral character is called upon. I hesitate to state this so simply (there is much more to this): the conscious moral deed is one that arises from agape love and agape love arises from wisdom. To deal with these beings and, in fact the whole elemental world, we need etheric thinking. We need for our hearts to participate in thinking. It is not that hearts will begin to think; rather that hearts must begin to think if humanity is to be saved from diving head-first into Sub-Nature. Many may feel that in order to develop heart-thinking, they must withdraw from technology and from those who use it. But where is the agape in such an Essenevi action? By creating communities and islands of Spiritual Scientists where neither Lucifer nor Ahriman has access, we condemn the rest of humanity to experience them all the more intensely! No, the Michaelic Call is to do therapeutic eurythmy within the walls of IBM, Genzyme, and Google. It is to bring healing arts into the souls of those working in these technology fields. Karma leads us to our vocation. It is not for Spiritual Scientists to judge ones vocation; rather it is to take interest in all human endeavors and to offer ones spiritual treasures towards the fulfillment of human destiny; that is, to help complete Gods Will. Scientists feel We are Gods strongly today. From their unconscious comes the excitement of becoming creative beings. Destiny is giving this role increasingly to Humanity. At Carnegie Mellon Universitys Robotics Institute, Professor Hans Moravec claims that, no matter how successfully we fine-tune our DNA-based biology, biology will never be able to match what we will be able to engineer once we fully understand lifes principles of operation. In other words, these scientists believe that we will always be inferior to what we will be able to create! Ray Kurweil predicts that the nanotechnology revolution will enable us to redesign and rebuild molecule by moleculeour bodies and brains and the world with which we interact, going far beyond the limitations of biology. We require an etheric body for memory of our life. Remembrances cannot be in the physical body because all physical matter changes within 6 or 7 years yet our memories remain. The physical is a

spatial body; the etheric is a time body. Those who have undergone near-death experiences witnessed a panorama of their life. As a time body, the etheric reveals ones life not like a movie which depends on time, but rather as a panorama. In the book The Hearts Code, Dr. Paul Pearsall contends not only that the heart thinks and remembers, but that it can communicate with other hearts. One documented story he retells is about an eight year old girl who had received the heart of a murder victim a ten year old girl. After surgery the eight year old began to have nightmares so her parents took her to a psychiatrist. To the psychiatrist she described her memory of the murder. Just in case, the psychiatrist notified the police who were able to track down the murderer by following the girls memory and convicted him on the evidence which the girls story had led them to. The evidence included the time, the weapon, the place, and the clothes he wore. Evidence of the etheric realm clearly confronts us today. But Ahriman does not wish for us to realize it. The elemental beings of the etheric realm are at a point in their development when they must align with either humans or with Ahrimanic beings. Time is growing desperately short now for humanity to see the etheric realm and acknowledge the elemental beings therein. Without this occurring, these elemental beings will align with the Ahrimanic beings thereby making our future tasks that much more difficult especially our destiny which is to confront Ahriman when he incarnates sometime early in this millennium. It is our task not only to confront Ahriman, but also to learn from him what we will need in order to be co-creators of the Jupiter Planetary Condition. How are we to confront him and learn from him if we flee in fear of him or shut him out? The world is enchanted by the Promise of GNR. Through it we are beginning to exercise our nascent abilities to be creators. In our lacking of wisdom to see what GNR is doing, we also lack the morality to create with it in a healthy way. But if we reject this world, it will reject us. Some spiritual scientists are researching etheric technology which is revealed in the reflection of love in the etheric body. When love shines into the etheric realm, then its reflection, like the moons wisdom arising from its reflection of the sun, will reveal wonders of etheric technology. Virtual reality is already here but just as the internet during the 80s awaited its economic justification, so too does VR await an economic justification to make it commonplace. It truly offers an illusion of reality a modern day Maya. It should awaken us to the Maya we live within while in the awake consciousness between birth and death. Before birth, our thinking was alive. Our physical body is the tomb of our thinking before birth. Our everyday consciousness involves dead thinking. Live Etheric Thinking has become possible in our time. Computer programming is to everyday consciousness what everyday consciousness is to Live Thinking. Ahriman is creating an image in Sub-Nature of the etheric realm in Super-Nature. As humans, we must venture into Sub-Nature as much as we do into Super-Nature. And as much as we venture into SuperNature, so must we venture into Sub-Nature. This is our mission. Through love we remain integral as we spread into Sub-Nature and Super-Nature. Love not only for those like ourselves but for all Human Beings (especially for geeks like me).

Ahrimans Sub-Nature image of the etheric already allows each of us to record our life and allows us to be experienced in multiple places at the same time. More will fit into place in the coming years. One is to be the medium for humans to have a spiritual experience. Why is Ahriman doing this? One reason is as preparation for his incarnation. the Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric. Ahrimans base now is in the Intellectual Soul but eventually he will be able to dwell in an ether-body that has been parched by materialism. From within the Intellectual Soul he can lure man to false conceptions and judgments of material things. He can lead him to error, to sin, to lying. Ahriman seeks to make the human intellect similar to his own: a cold, soulless cosmic impulse which equates prosperity with goodness and claims that matter is the sole reality.vii In the near future, everyone will be born with a second being by his side like a guardian angel. Only this being, the Jupiter-Human, will whisper to us of the foolishness of those who speak of the reality of a spiritual world. Eventually this being may be invited in if we begin to insert into a new -borns brain computer circuitry. Understanding what this implies, we should realize that it is our duty to educate children in such a way that they will be competent to understand the spiritual world. The ether-body must be quickened in order that the human being may be able to take his rightful stand, fully cognizant of the nature of the being who stands at his side. If he does not understand the nature of this second being, he will be spellbound by him, fettered to him. We, in our age, must get the better of Ahriman by enriching the Ego with the wisdom that can be born only from knowledge and investigation of the spiritual world, i.e. from Spiritual Science.viii From this wisdom, agape love will arise. The evil brought by the Ahrimanic Spirits can be shed in the course of karma. The good Spirits made possible the working of karma to the end that the Ahrimanic powers might be resisted and the evil made good.ix In his verse entitled Equanimity for the Future, Rudolf Steiner offered these words: We must eradicate from the soul all fear and terror of what comes towards Man out of the future. We must acquire serenity in all feelings and sensations about the future. We must look forward with absolute equanimity to everything that may come. And we must think only that whatever comes is given to us by a world-directive full of wisdom. It is part of what we must learn in this age, namely, to live out of pure trust, without any security in existence - trust in the ever-present help of the spiritual world. Truly, nothing else will do if our courage is not to fail us.

THE FUTURIST, March-April 2006,, pg. 39 A pre-eminent scientist, recipient of the 1999 National Medal of Technology, and inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, Ray Kurzweil is the author of several futurology books including one called The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology (Viking, 2005). iii THE FUTURIST, March-April 2006,, pg. 42

iv v

The Battle for the Etheric, Nick Thomas, Temple Lodge Press, 2006 Ahriman is an ancient Persian term for the Prince of Darkness. In the Bible, Lucifer, which means the Light Bearer, is named as the tempter of Adam and Eve. Lucifer desires to lure humanity away from the earth into a soul-spiritual realm where his egoism is worshipped. Ahriman desires to chain humanity to the earth by denying the spirit and thus forsaking any future spiritual role. vi The Fifth Gospel, Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophic Press, pg.

Outline 1. Humanity has passed the mid-point of Earth evolution. We could call this new period involution. From now on, humanity will increasingly become entangled with those who will the Human on the next Planetary Condition, known esoterically as the Jupiter stage. These beings are thrust up from below by Ahriman into Humanitys sphere. They act as Ahrimanic beings in the will -forces of people. 2. in the future, an event happening somewhere in the world will be known within minutes to those living on the other side of the world. That time has long since passed. Now, with 3G cell phones, people everywhere can have access not only to worldwide news but to social networking, photo and video library, and purchasing applications. 3. The Battle for the Etheric Realm, Nick Thomas: Moral Technique and Etheric Technology Apocalyptic Symptoms. Battle predicted by Steiner in 1907. Flexibility of the Etheric body lessening. Symptoms: stereotyping, lazy thinking, meaningless phrases, and one-sidedness. Causes: (1) stopping short of truth and being satisfied with a model and (2) mechanical repetition rather than living rhythm. Problems manifest on physical plane such as environmental but arise from etheric and astral wherever untruths prevail. Thus, faithfulness to truth as antidote to Ahrimans attack on the etheric with materialism. Ahriman endeavors to generate lies and untruths that seem plausible. Examples of ways on how to begin to experience the Etheric realm. 4. Physical body for consciousness, etheric for memory, astral for Karma, ego for forms that will mould the future reality. Remembrances not in physical which changes all physical matter within 6 or 7 years but in the etheric body. Physical is a spatial body; etheric is a time body. Panorama of life experienced at death. 5. Why? 6. Who stands behind the internet? Who? the same as behind the locomotive and the automobile, the telegraph and the telephone, alternating current, Copernian Astrophysics, AMA, UN, you-nameit. Is the Internet different? You bet it is. Is it merely a tool? Not anymore. Thought, dead thought, is embedded. Weve crossed the boundary, threshold, of objective tools. No more can one see the idea. Question of Morality! Mundane morality issues: Sex & age, Dating?, Job searching, stock watching/advise, maps and directions, cooking, Steiner lectures? 7. Unconscious participation (by Anthroposophists) is the WORST thing 8. What role does human reconstruction play? Do we feel the other while on the phone? What about when texting? What about across time can we feel when reading literature? How? We add

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to what technology presents through our soul. We construct Etheric. We add warmth to what is otherwise cold. We are adding Lucifer to Ahriman and Christ to both (or is this more Maya?). Know your enemy Art of War! AS want computers out or in their place. Fear of Ahriman. Keep him out of my work! But Recall Essenes in the 5th Gospel pushing L & A more intensely into the rest of the world. Man = mix of light and dark. Our mission. We must keep Ahriman in our midst, in our work, in our art. CLOSING: All of you now have this knowledge. With K comes responsibility. Morality. It remains your free choice, but you cannot ignore the call any more, the call to arms to win the Battle for the Etheric. Bees are dying. Animals, plants. NC pigweed mutated to fight back on Monsanto. Genetically modified are sterile the modification (today) works its way out of the plant genes in a few generations. What do we need to win? S+A+R reintegrated. Eurythmists giving yoga classes at IBM, artists working with those whose Vocational Karma has them working in Sub-Nature to be their friends, their healers. Not what painting you can make but who and what you can save. Love vs egoism. New Generations new abilities. Old gen condemns the new loves the old an dying. Fear Technology of the Gods: Nature and the physical world = Maya. Technology of Man = Maya 2 or Son of Maya. By revealing both can we realize that it is all spirit. Social Network sites. Thinking before 15th Century brought the etheric body into movement. Afterwards, we thought with the physical body. Materialism ruled. Now, we can either move to thinking below the physical body or above, again in the etheric body or both! What if, on Old Moon, the angels rejected us? What is a guardian angel to us?


The Deed of Christ and the Opposing Spiritual Powers, Rudolf Steiner Abc, Rudolf Steiner ix The World-thoughts In The Working Of Michael And In The Working Of Ahriman , Rudolf Steiner