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To Christopher J. Lawrence Hiring Manager Adept Telecom Pvt. Ltd.

2786 Clark Street Setauket, NY 11783, USA Phone no.: (661)-332 9887 Date: October 10, 2009 From George J. Geoghegan 670 Settlers Lane Huntington, NY 11743, USA Phone no.: (631) 246 9971

Dear Mr. Lawrence, I am writing to you in relation to your advertisement given in 'The Express' newspaper on 28 September 2009, regarding applications for the position of an Electrical Engineer. My resume is attached with this cover letter. I am a highly skilled and experienced Electrical Engineer with 2 years of job experience. I have undergone rigorous training to enhance my expertise. I am confident that you will find me as a apt candidate to obtain this job, and I shall give my best towards the job and the company. I have worked at External Technologies Pvt. Ltd for 2 years and my stint as an Electrical Engineer there has instilled great confidence in me with the ability to take more challenges and contribute towards my growth and the growth of any company I will be working for in the future. I am well aware of your company policies and find that I will immensely contribute towards the growth of your company. I hope you kindly grant me the opportunity of an interview for the aforementioned job to give a detailed description of my profile. If you wish to contact me, then kindly do so through the above-mentioned details. I would be glad to arrange an appointment at any time according to your convenience. I thank you for your consideration and hope to hear from you soon. Yours Sincerely, George J. Geoghegan

Enclosures: Resume

Electrical Engineering Job Application Letter

To, Liam Nelson Manager of Recruitment GE Electricals Limited 45 Hilly Billy Road California, Las Vegas 4590 Dated: 3rd of June 2012 Subject: Application for the position of an electrical engineer Respected Mr. Nelson, This letter is in response to the online advertisement posted by your organization in News Portal on 1st of June 2012 regarding the requirement of an electrical engineer. I would like to apply for the same position as I have the required job qualifications and needed experience. I have a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from University of California. I am currently employed with Central State Electricity Limited where I am working in the position of an electrical engineer. I have designed and executed a number of projects in my current job role. I can assure you that I have excellent organization skills and like to get involved in all aspects of a project. I can deliver projects that are of high level and can do so within the budget. I also possess excellent designing skills and have developed number of electrical equipments. I am a committed professional and will contribute positively towards the technical aspect of your organization if given a chance. Please find my resume enclosed with this letter. Yours sincerely,

John Lennon

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20 / 42-44, Houston Road, Kingsford, Sydney, Australia 2030 Home PH: 96627777; Cell PH: 0422222382; nameee123@hotmail.com

Dear: ___________________ I am eager to provide my expertise in Electrical Engineering to a leading industry force and am enclosing my resume in application to the position advertised with provecta as Process Control System Engineer (Graduate). A graduate of UNSW, Sydney with a BS in Electrical Engineering, I have working knowledge and some experience in control technology, including input to designing program that successfully controls machines to maximum potential. I have also helped to enhance maintenance and repair by adjusting program values and testing. This helped to keep down time low and customer satisfaction high in order to achieve increased sales and profits. Fluent in three languages, I am excellent in communications among diverse peoples at all levels in society and internationally in order to build both sales figures and bold, strong teams of professional in superior control technologies. My research and professional experiences in engineering technologies, technical sales, computer services, and mathematics have prepared me well for research and development, design, and other aspects of control technology and systems. My qualifications will add a fresh eye toward innovation, cost savings, and excellence in engineering solutions to you as a leader in Electrical Engineering products and services. Through hard work and continued training, I pledge to contribute well to your profits, streamline processes and reduce waste, design new and better products and services, and add to your bottom line and high reputation in the field of engineering in the 21st century. Please contact me at 042-123-4567 or nameeee123@hotmail.com so that we may set up a face-to face appointment in which we may discuss in detail what I can contribute to your organization. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, [Insert Signature] Richard, Yat-Fai, Au