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Ed ELTS Teaching Practice Lesson Plan Year 3 and 4

Date: Time: SST: Lesson: 16-5-2012 9:00 am 11:00 am Mr.Slim At the airport Student: School: Class: No. Ss Maymouna & Khawlah HCT Mothers course 25

Main Lesson Aims Learners will be able to: Communicate at travel agency office (to book tickets). Communicate at the airport check-in. Communicate in the plane and at customs. Personal focus: in this lesson I am working on having students practice the target language as much as possible making students feel that they are in a real airport

Materials: Tickets, money, pictures, worksheets, videos Prior Knowledge (Refer to what you think students already know/need or can do) Some students may know how to meaningfully communicate with the airport society Language Problems students may have Students might not know some vocabulary like One way Round trip Check-in Arrival Custom Declare Airline Immigration Luggage Trolley Excess baggage Passengers Runway Departure terminal Duty free Solutions: As a solution, students will be practicing the targeted words from context and hearing them many times from their classmates.

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Teacher Time Stage Interaction (Activity and Language)

Student Comments

15 mins



-T Asks Ss some questions like: do you like travelling?, have you travelled before? What did you do in the airport? , etc.

-Ss will be able to answer the questions.


-T distributes some pictures and asks Ss to order them according to what should they do at the airport before travelling.

-Ss will order the pictures correctly.

T-Ss T-Ss

-T asks Ss if they would like to travel now -T sticks some pictures of different places in the airport and takes Ss for a tour. -Ss will have a tour around the airport (the classroom)

35 mins

Core At the airport Ss-Ss -T distributes one envelop per group. Each envelop includes a title and an information gap activity about the different things Ss will learn. Ss-Ss -T asks Ss to act the scenes that are related to the titles they have in the envelop Ss-Ss -T moves Ss to the next group and asks them to do the same and so on. T-Ss -T tells Ss that they have only 10 mins before they fly. -Ss will take their break -Ss will take turns and do the activity -Ss will ac the scenes they have -Ss will take the envelops and read the information gap activity

10 mins break

H00153811& H00157665 EDUC300

T-Ss 40 mins

-T plays a video about the time in which the plane will fly.

-Ss will pay attention and get ready for the travel

At the plane T-Ss T-Ss -T takes Ss to their boarding and then to the plane -T plays another video (a pilot talking to the passengers and telling them that they are about to fly) T-Ss -T plays another video (the pilot advising the passengers) T-Ss Closing Ss-Ss T-Ss -T as a hostess distributes the costume forms and the immigration forms and asks the passengers to fill them. -T acts as a hostess and asks the passengers if they would like to eat or drink anything. -T chooses 5 Ss and asks them to act as hostess -Ss will be able to act the scene using the appropriate language -Ss will fill the forms they have -Ss will act as passengers -Ss will lesson to the advices -Ss will move with the teacher -Ss will watch the video


At the airport -T checks the costume forms and the immigration forms and asks passengers if they have anything to -Ss will respond to the T and complete acting the scene


declare. -T asks Ss if there are other things they need to do in the airport referring to what they did before flying. -Ss will answer the questions and talk about what they did in the airport before flying


at the hotel

H00153811& H00157665 EDUC300

-T takes Ss to the hotel and let them book the rooms.

-Ss will book the rooms referring to what they have learned in the previous lesson

10 mins


-T plays the board game with Ss to review the vocabulary words they learned.

-Ss will be able to recognize the new words and their meanings

H00153811& H00157665 EDUC300



Personal Aim for next lesson

H00153811& H00157665 EDUC300

Teachers Notes

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