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1) Connect the ADSL Modem (SL2141) to your PC with the Ethernet Cable (RJ45) or by Wireless LAN. Remove the ADSL line cord (RJ11) coming from Splitter to Modem. DSL indicator (Steady Yellow) will go OFF. 2) Configure the TCP/IP setting of the LAN Card or WLAN of your PC as below or for non Windows OS follow the instruction of the OS to configure the IP address of your PC to the same Subnet as that of SL2_141 Modem.

i.P. Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway Preffered DNS Additional DNS

I.P. Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway Preffered DNS Additional DNS

3) Open Internet Explorer and type http://192.168.1-1 > Press 'Enter1 on key board. 4) On the opened page type User as "admin" and Password as "admin". Click on "OK" Step 2 5) 6) 7) 8) WIRELESS SECURITY - A MUST FOR LAN CONNECTIVITY ALSO Click on Wireless. Then click on Security. Confirm Select SSID = Default, Network Authentication = WPA-PSK. Type & remember WPA Pre-Shared Key. Keep WPA Encryption = TKIP, Select WEP Encryption = Enabled. Click on Save/Apply. When the page re-opens, Click on display link to verify your WPA Pre-Shared key. _____________________

STEP 1 MULTIUSER CONFIGURATION OF MODEM - COMMON FOR LAN & WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY 9) Click on WAN, then Click on Edit of pppoe_0_35_1. Confirm Connection Type = PPPoE & Encapsulation Mode = LLC/SNAP-Bridging. 10) Click on Next. Type PPP Username = Your Broadband Username, PPP Password = Your Broadband Password. 11) Keep PPPoE Service Name = dataone, Authentication Method = AUTO. Click on Next. 12) Confirm Enable WAN Service is checked, Service Name = pppoe_0_35_1. Click on Next. 13) Verify WAN Setup - Summary. If all are ok, Click on Save. Then Save/Reboot. Wait till the main page re-opens. Close Internet Explorer. 14) Connect the ADSL line to Modem now & wait till LINK indicator glows steadily. For using the connection in more than one Computer,

you can connect other 3 PCs to the Modem via Ethernet port of Modem. For more than 4 PCs, use an Ethernet Switch between Modem and the PCs. Give their IP as ... 12 ... 13 so on. Gateway & DNS are same as above. For Wireless connectivity, no Ethernet Switch is required. Only configure the wireless PCs as mentioned above.

WIRELESS PC CONFIGURATION AFTER PUTTING THE WPA-PSK KEY IN MODEM 1) Your Wireless PC may ask WPA-PSK Key for Wireless connectivity, Put the Key once and for ever, otherwise .... (Step 2) 2) Go to "Start" > "Settings" < Control Panel" > Open "Network Connections" > Right Click on "Wireless Network Connections" > "Properties" > "Wireless Networks" > "Properties" (In Preferred Networks) > "Association" > "Network Authentication" = "WPAPSK" "Data Encryption" = "AES". Type your WPA-PSK code in "Network Key". Retype at "Confirm Network Key". Click "OK". Again click "OK". Wireless Connectivity will re-establish in secured manner.