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To Whom It May Concern, LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION Dear Sir / Madam, This letter is in reference to the graduate studies application

of Bayode Adeyemi who worked under my direct supervision and Mentorship during his three(3) months of student industrial work experience at Huawei Technologies Company Nigeria Ltd. as a Trainee 3G /UMTS RF Planning and Optimization Engineer . I had the pleasure of seeing him grow and blossom from a Telecoms Student into a fully functioning RF Engineer. Within this period, he was able to grasp the WCDMA principles and performed the following tasks: i. Network Key performance Index (KPI) monitoring and Improvement ii. KPI analysis and troubleshooting iii. Drive test, analysis and network optimization iv. Site Surveys Bayode is a self motivated, hard-worker who invariably understands what is involved in RF Planning and Optimization of a 3G network. He knows how to get work done quickly and effectively as well as meeting major Deadlines. I had many opportunities to observe his great talent, capacity and enthusiasm in identifying problems and generating solutions and ideas. During his time with me, Bayode proved to be an excellent student with a willingness to work hard to learn. He is sincere and well-behaved. His great high team- work sprit and good behavior endeared him to fellow colleagues. He has a great devotion for his duties. He is also very resourceful, and solutionoriented and innovative person who in several occasions was able to come up with new ideas and approaches to his assigned duties. On the interpersonal side, Bayode has good written and verbal communication skills. He gets along extremely well with staff as well as colleagues. He is respectful and also well regarded both as a person and an aspiring engineer, by colleagues and superiors alike. I therefore strongly recommend Bayode as a graduate student of Telecommunications Department at your University. I have no doubt in my mind based on my experience working with him and his background as a graduate of Ghana Telecoms University that he is prepared for his graduate studies. His passion for telecommunications will make him as valuable in the classroom as he was in our organization. I am confident he will be a strong asset to your program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone or email to discuss his candidacy for your program.

Yours faithfully, Ifeanyi Opareke 3G/UMTS RF Consultant, +971506391860 ify.oparaeke@advacomm.co.uk, ifyjoslyn@gmail.com