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A. ONSHORE (SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROJECT) 1. At the end of second semester examination, every student of MBA will undergo on-thejob practical training in any manufacturing, service or financial organization. The training will be of 6 to 8 weeks duration. 2. During the training, the student is expected to learn about the organization and analyze and suggest solutions of a live problem. The objective is to equip the student with the knowledge of actual functioning of the organization and problems faced by them for exploring feasible solutions and suggestions. 3. During the course of training, the organization (where the student is undergoing training) will assign a problem/project to the student. 4. The report (based on training and the problem/project studied) prepared by the student will be known as Summer Training Project Report. The report should ordinarily be based on primary data. However, proposals based on Secondary Data can also be considered after detailed investigation. 5. It should reflect in depth study of problem, ordinarily assigned by the organization where student undergoes training. 6. Relevant tables and bibliography should support it. 7. Chapter Scheme: i. One comprehensive chapter must be included about the organization where the student has undergone training. This should deal with brief history of the organization, its structure, performance products/services and time series data analysis. This chapter will form part I of the Report. Part II of the Report will contain the study of research problem. Another chapter will focus on the objective of his training in the organization. The entire objectives should be properly defined and should reflect on the process of the summer training. The problem should be identified after studying the organization or the area of his concern as per the objectives. The suggestion and conclusion should be properly satisfying the objectives. The suggestion should be properly justified by the researcher in proper concern

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with the guide at the organization. For Secondary Data based Reports, the importance will be given to the latest Data attached and its analysis for reaching the set objectives.

B. OFFSHORE (SUMMER STUDY TOUR PROGRAM) 1. At the end of the study tour, students will submit a detailed report based on the below mentioned topics:i. PEST Analysis sector/industry highlights ii. Major Players in the identified sector/industry Role of Key Stakeholders iii. SWOT of sector/Industry KSFs of the said sector/industry iv. BCG Matrix Analysis/GE Matrix analysis v. Forecast the future of the said sector/industry C. COMMON - REPORT SUBMISSION AND EVALUATION GUIDELINES I. The student, after the completion of training will submit a report to the Centre/Institute, which will form part of its examination and award of Letter Grade (Incomplete), U (Unsatisfactory) and S (Satisfactory). A student must satisfactorily complete Summer Training to move to Semester-III. In other case, he/she will do the correction highlighted by the Examiners within stipulated period or may be asked to undertake the same again at the end of Semester-IV. The report must be submitted by the deadline declared or before the start of third semester so that it is evaluated well in time. The average size of Report ordinarily will be 100 to 150 typed pages in standard font size (12) and double spacing. Three neatly typed and soft bound (paper back) copies of the report will be submitted to the Centre/Institute. The report will be typed in A-4 size paper. The depth of the study will be evaluated by the faculty guide on the basis of timely reporting and follow up parameters. Faculty guide will take care of the regularity of the student before signing the certificate of concern. The Report will have two certificates. One by the Summer Project Guide from the Institute/Centre and the other by the Reporting Officer of the organization where the student has undergone training. These two certificates should be attached in the beginning of the report. The report will be evaluated by a panel of nominated examiners. It is mandatory that the student will make presentation in the presence of teachers and students. The student is expected to answer to the queries and questions raised in such a meeting. =0=