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BESISTA rod systems

Installation instructions
These installation instructions must be followed without fail. They also apply to BESISTA compression rod connections. BESISTA tension rod system are composed of safety components, which we subject to multiple tests and inspections.
Example with locking/cover sleeve Example without locking/cover sleeve

5. At the other end, hold the other rod anchor in the joining plate and turn the rod Damaged components must not be used. until the pin ts into the pin-hole. 2. If your system is tted with locking/cover 6. Insert the pin and locking rings and tensleeve, rst tighten the sleeves as far as sion the rod in accordance with the structhey will go. Do not lock securely until the tural engineers instructions. rod is tensioned. 7. Check that the thread fully appears in 3. Liberally grease the threads of the rods, the inspection hole. In this way, you can then screw them into the rod anchors until be 100% certain of the thread penetrathey appear in the inspection hole! tion depth. This is particularly important 4. Insert one rod anchor into the joining plafrom the standpoint of your liability! te at one end and secure with the cross pin and locking rings. 1. Check all system parts for transit damage

and perfect condition before installing.

Follow these instructions:

Do not modify, heat, hit or distort the rod anchors, e.g. by smashing the pin with a hammer. In particular, do not spread the straps or press them together. The thickness of the joining plates must correspond to the wrench opening. Use only the pins supplied. To avoid the mistake of using materials of different grades, always scrap any surplus pins!! When turning, i.e. pretensioning, the rods, restrain the rod anchors by the wrench faces so that they cannot twist and distort the straps. When using extension sleeves, take care to ensure that the thread ends are securely
Subject to modications
Local Court Ulm HRB 532686

Parts delivered cannot be returned or exchanged! We give no warranty on modified, re-

locked at the centre of the sleeves.

Any such action will immediately invalidate the approval and the type stress analysis. According to the approval, tension rods Use only hot-dip galvanized tension rod systems outdoors. Damaged areas must always be expertly repaired. The tension rod systems must be accessible for maintenance and repair at any time.

placed or improperly treated components.

may not be modified, deformed or welded.

Protected by several patents

Manager: Dr.-Ing. A.P. Betschart Place of performance and legal venue for both parties Gppingen 29.06.08

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