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A) Turn the following sentences into reported speech. Watch out for up-todate reporting!

Benjamin said; "I often have a big hamburger."

Benjamin said that____________________________________________.
Hannah said; "They live in Boston."
Hannah said that they__________________________________________.
Robert said; "Dennis often downloads the latest tunes."
Luke said; "I don't know what to do."
Lily:"Mr Jones is rude to Samantha."

B) Fill in the correct pronouns.

1) Jacob; "I work in an office."
Jacob told me that __ worked in an office.
2) Victoria; I like my cat.
Victoria said that __ liked __ cat.
3) Isabella and Jim; We love our pets.
Isabella and Jim said that __ loved __ pets.
4) Jacks sister; Please give me your toy.
Jacks brother asked __ to give __ __ toy.
5) Alice said to Mary; Help me with my homework.
Alice asked __ to help __ with __ homework.

C) Complete the following sentences.

1) Emily said; "Our teacher will go to Leipzig tomorrow."
Emily said that their teacher would_________________________________.
2) Helen said; "I was writing a letter yesterday."
Helen said that she had been writing________________________________.
3) Michael said; "I am going to read a book this week."
Michael said that he___________________________________________.
4) Andrew said;"We didn't eat fish two days ago."
Andrew said that they__________________________________________.
5) Ann said to him; Come along me.
Anna told him_______________________________________________.

D) Turn the following sentences into reported speech.

1) Andrew: "Clean the blue bike!"
Andrew ordered me___________________________________________.
2) Jessica: "Write a text message!"
Jessica asked me_____________________________________________.
3) Karen: "Don't play football in the garden!"
Karen told us________________________________________________.
4) Denise: "Don't open the door!"
5) Fred: "Wash your hands!"

E) Turn the following questions into reported speech.

1) Christopher: "Do you want to dance?"
Cristopher asked me___________________________________________.
2) Mark: "Has John arrived?"
Mark asked Katy_____________________________________________.
3) Ronald: "Where does Maria park her car?"
4) Justin: "What are you doing?"
5) Anne: "Must I do the shopping?"

F) Fill in the blanks using the following verbs in the appropriate form.
refuse, ask, apologise, explain, complain


Mary _______ to help me practice for the competition because she was busy.
Alice ________ about having too much work.
John ________ for keeping Mary waiting.
Arnold _______ if I was doing anything that night.
The chef _______ to the guests how easy it was to prepare the dish.