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To: All Authorized Business Partners Subject: Technical Training Announcement New Product: B2C Color MFPs Training

Format: Self-Paced Update & Blended Learning Product Code D023 D025 D027 D029 D037 D038 D041 Lanier LD528C LD533C LD540C LD550C LD520CL LD520C LD525C Ricoh Aficio MP C2800 Aficio MP C3300 Aficio MP C4000 Aficio MP C5000 Aficio MP C2030 Aficio MP C2050 Aficio MP C2550

Date: November 18th 2008

Savin C2828 C3333 C4040 C5050 C9020L C9020 C9025

The Ricoh Family Group is pleased to announce the release of the D023/D027/D037 family of MFPs. The D023/D027 series MFPs are the successors to the B222/B230 series color MFPs. These exciting new products offer faster speeds and the latest security and management tools, along with finishing options that include hole punching and the ability to create folded, saddle-stitched booklets. The D037 series, which will accelerate our B2C conversion for the Segment 1 & 2 market, is targeted for the cost-conscious customer that requires simple copy, print, fax, and TWAIN scanning. The D038/D041 are full-featured versions that include networking compatibility, the latest security features, management tools, and an optional finisher with hole punch. Training Prerequisites: Product Code B222 B224 B230 B237 Self-Paced Update: Due to the many servicing similarities between the D023/D027/D037 series and the B222/B230 series, service professionals currently certified on the B222/B230 series will be certified on the D023/D027/D037 series upon achieving a passing score on the final exam of the D023/D027/D037 Series Self-Paced Update Course. It is strongly recommended that all the information provided in the D023/D027/D037 Series Self-Paced Update Course be thoroughly reviewed by the service professional prior to taking the final exam. It is also strongly recommended that the service professional perform the review of this material while they have access to a D023/D027/D037 series color MFP, preferably with all options. A minimum of 2 hours should be scheduled to review this new material. Lanier LD435 LD445 LD425C LD430C Ricoh Aficio MP C3500 Aficio MP C4500 Aficio MP C2500 Aficio MP C3000 Savin C3535 C4540 C2525 C3030

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RFG-eSource users may obtain the components of the D023/D027/D037 Series Self-Paced Update Package by performing a search using the following content ID numbers. Description D023/D025 Service Manual D023/D025 Point-to-Point D023/D025 Parts Catalog D023/D025 Operator Guide(s) D027/D029 Service Manual D027/D029 Point-to-Point D027/D029 Parts Catalog D027/D029 Operators Guide D037/D038/D041 Service Manual D037/D038/D041 Point-to-Point D037/D038/D041 Parts Catalog D038/D041 Operators Guide Content ID rfg035502 rfg035507 rfg035434 rfg35608 & rfg035609 rfg035503 rfg035506 rfg035436 rfg35608 & rfg035609 rfg035438 rfg035616 rfg035653 rfg035439 & rfg035440

The self-paced program is available in two versionson CD-ROM, which must be ordered from your Regional Order Entry Department (see ordering info below) and Ricoh University Custom eLearning. The eLearning course has been automatically added at no additional charge to the Color and Full Line custom eLearning contracts, available by dealer contract. Description D023/D027/D037 Series Self-Pace Training Package Instructor-Led Training: For service professionals who are not eligible for the self-paced update course, certification on the D023/D027/D037 series can be obtained by attending the D023/D027/D037 Blended Learning course. This new course, which replaces the B222/B230 Blended Learning course, will provide certification on the B222/B230 Series color MFPs, as well as the new products. The new D023/D027/D037 series Blended Learning training will be available February 2009. Students attending B222/B230 prior to February 2009 are eligible for the D023/D027/D037 Self Paced Update. If you have any questions regarding this or any other training, please visit the Ricoh University web site at www.ricohuniversity.com or contact Ricoh University at (973) 882-2200. EDP Code 003983MIU

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