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PA Women Work Social Media Final Report | Andrea Matuszak

The PA Women Work social media campaign took place from January 14, 2013 to May 1, 2013. During this time there was clearly an increase in engagement and awareness. This report will highlight the results.

Followers/Likes Before and After Strategy Implementation

450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Facebook Twitter Before After LinkedIn Instagram 26 32 0 4 229 253 328 394

The effects of the social media strategy were extremely visible during PA Women Works biggest spring event, the Career Conference. Participants had the opportunity to register online. During registration, they had the opportunity to state how they found out about the Career Conference.


Total registrants Indicated how they heard about event Online registrants Found event through social media

Participants 0 Total registrants Online registrants Indicated how they heard about event Found event through social media 50

52 100 150

159173 200

218 250

Participants 218 173 159 52

PA Women Work Social Media Final Report | Andrea Matuszak

This years Career Conference boasted the biggest turnout in the organizations 14 year history of hosting it. The main way participants hear about it is if they are current clients. This year, however, 30 percent of online registrants found out about the event through social media. These are individuals who may have not been informed about the event had it not been posted on the PAWW social media channels. The following are the most popular posts from the PAWW social channels. This shows the type of content that received the most engagement and also which time of day generated the most attention to posts.


4:41 p.m.; reach: 530; engaged users: 64

PA Women Work Social Media Final Report | Andrea Matuszak

12:14 p.m.; reach: 434; engaged users: 25

5:29 p.m.; reach: 326; engaged users: 19

PA Women Work Social Media Final Report | Andrea Matuszak The Facebook posts that get the most engagement are photos that show the success of PA Women Work programs. Twitter

PA Women Work Social Media Final Report | Andrea Matuszak The Twitter posts that receive the most engagement mention other organizations. The organization retweets the PAWW tweet, some of their followers retweet and/or follow PAWW, and so on. This is an accomplishment because prior to the social media campaign, PAWW was seeing virtually no engagement on Twitter. LinkedIn

PAWW does not have enough LinkedIn followers yet to measure the impact it has made or create high levels of engagement. Relevant followers were gained during the social media campaign and posts were shared; previously, there were no posts on the PAWW LinkedIn account. Instagram

PA Women Work Social Media Final Report | Andrea Matuszak

As previously stated in other reports, the impact of the Instagram account does not appear to be happening. Although there are likes, it is inconclusive that the engagement is meaningful. Conclusion

Overall, the social media campaign proved to be a success with an increase in likes, followers and engagement. Problems have been identified and improvements have been made to the PAWW social media strategy, which will only lead to a bigger impact in the future. The positive effect that the PAWW social channels had on the Career Conference is only a preview of the increased awareness about the organization that has yet to occur.