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Argument Writing

(Write to Convince or Persuade... aka to Argue a point)

1a) Read a newspaper or listen to the news to find a current political, social, economic or environmental issue about which you have a strong opinion. Conduct research to learn more information about the issue, and prepare a persuasive presentation that persuades your peers to believe as you do. SL

How you will complete assignment:

1. Research necessary information in order to argue your point. a. You want to be able to provide REASONS to support your choice. b. AKA facts, statistics, interesting items, programs of interest, etc 2. Find images, videos, quotes to add to your poster to give it color 3. You will be using Glogster, an online interactive poster maker, in order to create persuasive posters. Your poster should include your answer to one of the prompts above. So, it is either a persuasive poster for the college of your choice or your opinion on an issue. Think of it like a persuasive advertisement! 4. The more creative and persuasive the better! You are DEFENDING and JUSTIFYING your point and you have to PERSUADE or CONVINCE someone to believe you (without being offensive, be logical!). Use logic (it should make sense), emotion (appeal to feelings or heartstrings), and ethics (make yourself believable by showing youve put in the grunt work/rese arch) 5. To make the poster, Go to Glogster Login Page 6. Enter CODE: 4UD695

7. Fill in the rest of the information (save your username and password under
UN/PW small group page on Edmodo in case you need them later) pictures, fonts, graphics, audio, video, etc

8.Create a new glog choose a template.


You can add images,

9. When you are finishedfollow steps to save and publish (make it 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
FOLLOW CAREFULLY click go to dashboard then click on the icon/thumbnail image of your glog Scroll down to the bottom until you see share options/rate it! Box Click on embed into your page.

Highlight blog size option, copy & paste the code (all those crazy numbers) by clicking copy button Go to your KIDBLOGS BLOG (cafsclass.com > Period 2 Blogs) and login NEW POST

16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Title: Persuasive Poster Tag: GLOGSTER, ARGUMENT

THIS IS VERY, VERY IMPORTANT! There are 2 tabs on the upper, right corner of your post (see them?). One says visual and one is lighter and says HTML click HTML. SWITCH THIS FIRST!

NOW paste code.

Click Publish


You have OFFICIALLY embedded your FIRST HTML code!!! When you view your post, you will NOT see a link, scribble, or nonsense you will ACTUALLY see YOUR poster!