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Awareness Test 1. Bank of Baroda has 100 overseas offices in 24 countries. 2. We have 5 off shore banking units. 3. Banks Total business as on 31.12.2012 s Rs. 71451 crore. 4. Banks Capital Adequacy Ratio as per Basel II as on 31.03.2012 was 14.67% 5. Net NPA as on 31.12.2012: 1.12%. 6. NIM as on 31.03.2012: 2.72% in Global and 3.17% in domestic operations. 7. ROAA at 0.84%as on 31.03.2012. 8. Net Profit for for Oct Dec 2012 quarter 1012 crore 9. No. of Banks RRBs 4. 10. Banks Central data base which facilitates decision making - HRNes. It automates Roster, Pay Fixiation, Seniority, Calculation of Salary, PF and Loan Deductions. It facilitates on line applications for request transfer, grievance redressal, promotions, selection, asset liability statement, income tax deduction, overseas assignment, faculty selection, etc. 11. No. of Retail Loan Factories 37 as on 31.03.2013. 12. No. of SME 51 as on 31.03.2013. 13. A comprehensive transformation programme launched by bank on 22.06.2009 Nirman. 14. We have 2 Representative Offices abroad 15. Currency of Kenya Kenya Schilling . Currency of Brussels Euro. Currency of UAE Dirham 16. Working capital requirement is 20% of turnover as per Nayak Committee. 17. Repo Rate is 7.5% 18. Maximum compensation Omabudsman can award - 10.00 Lacs 19. What is the cut-off amount for referring to CDR? Rs.10.00 Cr. 20. What is the minimum amount to be sent under RTGS? Rs. 2.00 Lacs. Nav

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21. What is the name of the facility given to the customer for paying their utility bill online ? Baroda Bill Pay. 22. Injection of funds for liquidity by RBI is known as Repo Rate 23. Rapid Funds to India is an online transaction facility from any Branch in India to Overseas Branch. False / True. 24. SB Interest is payable in the month of May and November. 25. Gen Next Junior is Asset/Liability Product 26. ALM is meant for assessing Liquidity risk. 27. Current Ratio is defined as Ratio of Current Assets over Current Liabilities. 28. Repayment period of Overdraft facility under Baroda Advance against Property is up to Ten Years. 29. BSVS stands for Baroda Swarojgar ikas Sansthan. 30. A sub standard account referred to CDR can be deemed to be a standard account True 31. Life certificate is obtained from pensioner once/twice a year. 32. The validity period of Banks international debit card is 10 years. 33. A documentary bill is a bill accompanied by Bills of Lading. 34. Endorsement of Document of Title of Goods constitute a valid sale 35. Performance Appraisal system for Award staff is called PASAS. 36. Assets which are not covered under SARFAESI Act 2002? -Pledge of Moveables. Lien on goods. Aircraft, Hire Purchase /Lease, Any security interest not exceeding Rs. One lac, Agriculture Land, Where 80% of total dues have been paid. 37. CIBIL stands for CREDIT INFRORMATIN BUREAU OF INDIA LIMITED . 38. The product reverse mortgage is known as Baroda Ashray in our Bank. 39. The maximum period of extra ordinary leave on loss of pay can be sanctioned to an employee through out the service. 365 Days. False / True. False /

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40. Mention any two sources available to Indian Corporates to raise resources from overseas Market. ECB, Buyers Credit, GDR, FCCB. 41. Name of the application software used for processing text document MS Word. 42. Punishment prescribed u/s 138 of NI Act is -Twice the amount of cheque or Punishment for 2 years. 43. Net Profit for FY 2012 Rs. 5007 crore 44. Fixed Cost of an enterprise is Rs.40000/-; Selling price per unit is Rs.16/- and Variable Cost per unit is Rs. 12/-. What will be the BEP 10,000 units 45. Under Baroda Connect, if users not logged in last 90 days the passwords has deactivated. 46. Gen-next Lifestyle is Assets/Liability Product (True/ False)

47. Advance against EEFC account can be granted.

48. Banks are not required permission for Offsite ATM from RBI. (True/False) 49. Period of Exporter Gold Card is 3 years 50. How to calculate NIM ? _______________________ 51. Under Project NAVNIRMAN the main objects are Business Process Reengineering and Organizational Restructuring. 52. Whether a Clerk can be sanctioned 2 days CL and 2 days PL adjoin. (Yes/No) 53. In Savings Bank A/c interest is paid on the basis of monthly/quarterly/half yearly/ daily products. 54. Share Capital of our bank as on 31.03.2012 is Rs. ______ crore. 55. CTR is to be submitted for Cash Transaction above Rs. 10.00 lacs. 56. In case of Baroda Premium Currant Account quarterly minimum average balance should be Rs.75,000/57. Debt Equity Ratio = Total Term Liabilities/Tangible NW. 58. Banks Tie-up partner for Bancassurance (i) National Insurance Co Ltd for Non Life Insurance General (ii) National Insurance co. Ltd for Baroda Health Medi Ins (iii) India First Life Insurance Co for Life Insurance (Our Joint venture co.) 59. Chairman of IRDA T.S. Vijayan.

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60. Chairman of SBI Prateep Chaudhary. 61. Chairman of LIC D. K. Malhotra. 62. Chairman of IBA K. R. Kamath. 63. Dy Governor of RBI looking after Monetary Policy Urjit Patel. 64. Chairman of NABARD Dr. Prakash Bakshi 65. Chairman of RBI Committee on Revised guidelines on Priority Sector Lending M. V. Nayyar. 66. Chairman of RBI Committee on Issues and concerns on NBFC Sector Usha Thorat 67. Chairman of Committee on Customer Service in Banks M. Damodar Committee. 68. Our Forex Reserves: Between USD 290 to 300 Bn/100 to 150 Bn/350-400 Bn/250-275 Bn 69. The notice for taking possession of the property to be issued under the SARFAESI Act is signed by ________________________________ (i) Branch Manager (ii) Regional Manager (iii) Law Officer of the Bank (iv) Authorized Officer 70. Who is the Chairman of SEBI? (i) Shri C. B. Bhave (ii) Shri M. Damodaran (iii) Shri M B N Rao (iv) Shri U. K. Sinha 71. How many Regional Training Centre Bank has? (i) 9 (ii) 10 (iii) 11 (iv) 13 72. . How many ZICs Bank has? (i) 9 (ii) 8 (iii) 12 (iv) 10 73. The Gold Coin is available in a combination of _________denomination and in____shapes (i) 2, 4, 5, 8(Round) & 10, 20 (Bar) (iii) 2, 4, 6, 8 (Round) & 10, 20 (Bar) (iii) 2,4,5,8(Round) & 10 (Bar) (iv) 2,4,5,8,10 & 20 (All Bars) (V) 2,4,5,8(Round)&10,20,50 (Bar) 74. The Baroda health Insurance Policy covers self, spouse and____________ (i) One Child (ii) Two Children (iii) All members of family (iv) None of these

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75. What is ASBA? (i) Accepted Scheme for Building Accounts (ii) Account of Saving Bank Associates (iii) Application Support by Blocked Accounts (IV) Application for Share Budget Accounts (V) Application Support by Blocked Amount 76.. Which of the followings are credit facilities that falls under Non Fund Business? (i) Letter of Credit (ii) Bank Guarantee (iii) Co-acceptance (iv) All of these ________________________________________________________________________ 77. Goodwill is represented in what kind of an asset as per accounting norms? (i) Intangible asset (ii) Fictitious Asset (iii) Current Asset (iv) Fixed Asset 78. . Which of the following Role is not played by FEDAI ? (i) Formulating Level playing field for ADs in Foreign Exchange Transaction (ii) Maintaining Currency volatility by intervening in Forex market (iii) Providing training to the bank officers in the field of Foreign Exchange (iv) Issuing guidelines for Forward Contact Extension, Cancellation etc. 79. Which of the following category is not considered as a NRI? (i) Indian Citizen who proceeds abroad for Education (ii) Indian Citizen working in UNO (iii) Indian Citizen going abroad for Business Promotion (iv) Officials of State Government posted abroad. 80. Maximum Loan amount that can be granted against FCNR (B) Deposit to the Depositor / Third Party. ______________ (i) INR 50 Lakhs (ii) INR 75 lakhs (iii) INR 100 Lakhs (iv) No maximum ceiling is stipulated 81. Outer ceiling for a project to be financed to a group & an individual under Agriclinic, Agribusiness are : (i) 25 lacs, 5 lacs (ii) 50 lac, 10 lac (iii) 100 lac, 10 lac (iv) 200 lac, 25 lac 82. In case of wrongful dishonor of a cheque, a banker is liable to: a) Payee of the cheque b) all parties of the cheque c) his customer d) None of these 83. Material alteration implies an alteration in the: a) date; or b) payee; or c) amount; or d) all of these 84. District Consumer Forum deals the claims up to Rs---------a) 20 lac b) 25 lac c) 50 lac

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d) 100 lac 85 . Under Loan Policy 2012, a proposal falling under the power of Regional Manager can be rejected by a) Branch Manager b) Regional Manager c) Zonal head d) Above all 86. Packing credit at concessional interest rate may be granted a) For a maximum period of 365 days b) As per process cycle c) For a maximum period of 270 days d) Whichever is earlier out of above 87. The maximum amount of loan that can be sanctioned against security of shares, convertible bonds, convertible debentures and units of equity oriented mutual funds to individuals is Rs____lacs; if securities are held in demat form a) Rs. 20 lacs b) Rs. 10lacs c) Rs. 50lacs d) Rs. 1 crore 88. Finished goods is to be valued at a) b) c) d) Cost price Market price Book value Cost price and market price whichever is less

89. Incase of Company account, for registration of charge with ROC, permissible time limit is : a) 90 days from the date of document b) 60 days from the date of document c) 15 days from the date of document d) 30 days from the date of document 90. This is an obligatory contract to deliver or receive certain quantity of foreign currency at a specified rate and on a stipulated date. What are we talking about? a) Bid Contract b) Ask Contract c) Forward contract d) Option 91 . Loss accounts are those accounts where there is no security or value of security is less than ______ of outstanding balance a) 5% b) 15% c) 10% d) 20% 92 . Debt Recovery Tribunals have been created by the Govt as a result of recommendations of:

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a) Narsimhan Committee b) Goswami Committee c) Jilani Committee d) Vyaas Committee 93 . Repayment schedule of rural housing advances to agriculturists should be linked to a) Crop cycle b) Term loans for other housing advances accounts c) Half yearly basis d) None of above 94. For availing Phone Banking the customer on applying, would be provided with a) User id and password b) Only password c) Only TPIN ( Telephone Personal Identification Number) d) Only user logon in 95. Funds transfer under Baroda connect can be done online a) At any time b) c) d) Only after registering the beneficiarys name Only after registering/confirming the beneficiary Funds transfer by merely entering the CBS account number of the beneficiarys name

96 . For Corporate Customers in Baroda Connect a) Transfer of funds can be done by any one of the signatories a) There can be only single user by the corporate b) Any two of the designated persons can operate the corporate module c) Multiple users for initiation/approval as desired by the corporate can be facilitated 97 . What types of cards are accepted under our gateway? a) all types of cards b) Only Mastercards c) Only Visa cards d) Both Visa and Master Cards 98. Which of the following is not a distance learning module in our Bank? a) Trade Finance b) Retail Products c) Metro Finance d) NPA Management 99. The maximum distance taken into consideration for encashment of LFC in respect of Officer in Scale IV is ______ kms. a) 5500 Kms. b) 5000 Kms. c) 7500 Kms. d) 3500 Kms. 100 . What is full form of HRnes? a) Human Resource Number of Employee Service

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b) Harness Resource Network of Employer Service c) Human Resource Network of Employee Service d) Harness Resource Network of Employee Service 101 . What is the Relationship between banker and customer in the transaction of Bill purchased / discounted. Banker is a) Holder b) Holder for value c) Creditor d) Debtor 102. Minimum Balance to be maintained under Baroda Subh Savings Bank Account in CBS is _______ on AQB basis a) 15,000/- b) 25,000/- c) 10,000/- d) 5,000/103. Under Baroda Salary Advantage Saving Bank Account, the minimum take home Salary should not be less than _______/a) 5,000/- b) 10,000/- c) 1,000/- d) 3,000/104. The repayment period under Baroda Home Improvement loan is Maximum of ______ years with Moratorium period of 6 months. a) 2 b) 3 c) 10 d) 7 105 . Under Home loans to NRI/PIO/OCI, loans can be sanctioned for the purchase of land provided; the House is constructed within ______ year/s from the purchase of plot a) 1 b) 3 c) 2 d) 4 106 The age of the building under Advance against Property to Residents / NRIs / PIOs should not exceed a) 15 years b) 20 years c) 15 years d) 10 years e) 25 years 107 . Maximum repayment period which can be allowed under Baroda Advance against Gold Jewellery / Ornament is 24 months b) 36 months c) 48 months d) 60 months 108 . Our logo is a unique representation of a universal symbol and comprises dual B letter forms that hold the rays of
the rising sun having _____ number of Rays which are moving in the upward direction.

a) 3

b) 5

c) 4

d) 6

109 . Our Bank is having presence in _____ number of the World's major financial centers a) 3 b) 4 c) 6 d) 8 110 . Under Baroda Salary Advantage Saving Bank Account, an O.D. limit of Maximum of can be granted a) 1 Lakh b) 0.50 Lakh c) 0.75 Lakh d) No O.D. facility can be granted ___

111 . Under Home loans to NRIs/PIOs/OCIs the minimum amount of gross annual income is o a) 5 Lacs b) 10 Lacs c) 8 Lakhs d) 2 Lakhs 112. Liquidity ratio is used to:

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a) b) c) d) Measure the term loan repayment capacity of a borrower Measure the short term solvency of a borrower Measure the long term solvency of a borrower Measure the profit earning capacity of a borrower

113. Which one is not a step in Money Laundering: a) Induction b) Placement c) Layering d) Integration 114. The BCSBI has been set up as per the recommendations of the Committee which was headed by a) b) c) d) S.S. Tarapore H.L. Khan K.J. Udeshi K.L. Narayanan

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