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Test on SME 1. Loan applications for credit limit exceeding Rs. 5 lacs must be disposed off within 04 weeks.

2. The small and micro(service) enterprises also include small road and water transport operators. True/False 3. Banks lending to Medium Enterprises will not be included for the purpose of reckoning advance under the priority sector. T/f 4. In our Bank enterprises which may be outside the purview of regulatory definition of SME but having turnover upto Rs 150 crore and real estate projects where the project cost id up to Rs. 50 are treated as part of SME segment. 5. Banks are advised to ensure that ___60_% of total advances to small enterprises sector should go to Micro Enterprises 6. MSMED Act 2006 stands for Micro, small & Medium entp.dev act 2006 7. No collateral security should be insisted upon for credit limits up to Rs.10 Lacs 8. Collateral free loan up to a limit of Rs. 25 lacs to units having satisfactory dealings with the branch for last 3 years and having sound and healthy financial position (P/181) 9. The credit requirement of village industries, Micro Enterprises, Small Enterprises and Medium Enterprises having aggregate fund based working capital limits upto Rs. 5 crore from banking system will be computed on the basis of a minimum___20 % of their acceptable projected annual turnover for new as well as existing units.

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10.If the credit requirement based on first method of lending is higher than the one assessed on accepted projected turnover basis, the same may be sanctioned True/False 11.Margin for Term Loan In case of factory land & building, overall margin of 30 %. In case of Plant and Machineries and Equipment margin is 25 %. In case of second hand imported machinery margin is 40 %. 12.Margin for Working Capital 25 % uniform margin on stocks and receivables. For export credit, margin may be stipulated @ 10 %. 13.The BOBRAM model is applicable to MSME accounts having exposure of above Rs.200 lacs. 14.New Scoring Card type Model for rating MSME accounts with exposure of Rs. 25 lac-200 lacs 15.No processing charges to be recovered if loan up to Rs 5 lac is not sanctioned. 16.In respect of credit applications processed at SME loan factories, it should be disposed off within 14 working days on receipt of full information, if no TEV study is required and within 21 working days on receipt of full information if TEV study is required. 17.External Credit Rating should be carried out in all SME loan accounts with credit limit of above Rs . 5 cr by one of the RBI approved external credit rating agencies. 18. RBI has approved -04- external credit rating agencies. These are :-ICRA,CRISIL,FITCH & CARE 19.Pricing of SME loan is linked to our internal credit rating/external credit rating system.

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20.All the collateral free loans up to Rs. 100 lac sanctioned to Micro & Small Enterprises in manufacturing and service sector are eligible for cover under CGTMSE 21. Our Bank is sharing the upfront fees and annual service charges on 50:50 basis for advances up to Rs.50 lacs covered under CGTMSE 22.Branches have been authorized to review advance accounts with limit upto Rs.25 lac pending receipt of audited financial statements provided the conduct of the account is satisfactory. The account should not be reviewed without financial statements for two consecutive years. 23. Benchmark for Current Ratio:- Micro and Small Enterprises 1.17:1 and above, Medium Enterprises 1.20:1 and above, Units outside the purview of regulatory definition but within expanded definition 1.33:1 24. Debt Equity Ratio( Total of term liability/Tengible Net Worth) for all SME advances 3:1 25. Avg DSCR for Term Loan in SME 1.75:1 26. FACR (Net Fixed Assets/Term Debts) 1.25:1 27.Name any two Thrust industries: - Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Chemical, Defence equipment, Food and Agro Based Industries 28.We have 6 SME products. (a) Baroda SME Gold Card (b) Baroda SME Loan Pack (c) Baroda Overdraft against Land and Building (d) Baroda Vidyasthali Loan (e) Baroda Arogyadham Loan (f) Scheme for financing existing SME customers/Current account holders for purchase of new vehicles upto limit of Rs. 50 lacs. 29.The purpose of SME Short term loan is for temporary short fall/mismatch for meeting genuine business requirements only.
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30. Period of short term loan is Maximum 180 days 31.Minimum period for short term loan is 90 days. 32.SME short term loan amount:- Up to 25 % of the existing fund based working capital limits incase of BOB 1, to BOB 3 rated accounts 33.Minimum amount of short term loan is Rs.10 lacs and maximum amount is Rs.250 lacs. 34. Minimum assets coverage ratio in SME short term loan is 1.25:1 35.Sanctioning power for short term loan will be co extensive with the powers for sanction of ad hoc facility T/f 36. For SME medium term loan Total Debt Equity Ratio should not be higher than 4.5:1 and Total Term Liability and equity ratio should not be more than 3:1 37.In case of SME Medium term loan, prepayment penalty is _1% if loan is repaid within 24 months of drawdown. 38.For eligibility of SME Gold card the existing account should be in Standard Category for last 02 years. 39.Accounts having sole banking arrangement with our bank are only eligible for Baroda SME Gold card True/False 40. SME Gold Card provides additional 10% facility over the assessed MPBF for meeting emergent business requirements. 41. In case of Baroda Overdraft Against Land and Building, the property of promoters son/daughter can also be mortgaged. True/False
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42. Maximum limit under Baroda Overdraft Against Land and Building is Rs.500 lacs 43.Property mortgaged under Baroda Overdraft against Land and Building should not be more than 25 Yrs at the time of sanction. 44.Regional Head is authorized to reduce the margin up to 35 % in deserving cases under Baroda Overdraft against Land and Building. 45.In case of Baroda Overdraft against Land and Building inspection is to be carried out quarterly/half yearly/annually. 46.In case of Baroda Overdraft against Land and Building stock/book debt statement to be obtained on quarterly/half yearly basis 47.Composite limit under SME Loan Pack is 4.5 times of borrowers tangible net worth as per last audited Balance Sheet or Rs .500 lacs whichever is lower. 48.Current Ratio benchmark under SME loan pack is 1.20:1 49.Maximum limit of Term Loan under Baroda Vidyasthali Loan is Rs. 10 crore. 50.Maximum repayment period of loan under Baroda Vidyasthali is 84 Months. 51.Under Baroda Vidyasthali Loan, minimum overall security coverage should not be less than 125%. 52.Under Baroda Arogyadham Loan, the main promoters should have minimum 02 years of work experience. 53.Under Baroda Arogyadham, loan can also be given for construction of rest house, staff quarters True/false
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54.Maximum limit under Baroda Arogyadham at Metro and urban centre is Rs.12 crore. 55.Term loan under Baroda Arogyadham Maximum repayment period is 84 months. 56.Under Baroda Arogyadham, stock/Book debt statement is to be obtained 01 in a year. 57.Maximum limit under Laghu Udhyami Credit Card is Rs. 10 lacs. 58.For Laghu Udhyami Credit Card, there should be satisfactory track record and dealing with the bank for last 3__ years. 59.Under SME Loan pack stock/book debt statement is to be obtained on monthly basis. 60.Under SME Loan pack book debt statement is to be certified by Chartered Accountant on quarterly basis. 61.HUF is not eligible for Baroda Vidyasthali loan T/f 62.In case of Loan under Baroda Arogyadham, an undertaking from borrower for maintaining the Current assets at the level of 125% of the drawings at any point of time is to be obtained 63.Under Baroda Arogyadham, minimum interest coverage ratio should be 2:1. 64.The power of Scale III Branch Head under SME short term loan is Rs.25 lac 65.Branch Head in Scale I and Scale II cannot sanction under SME short term loan T/f 66.Minimum loan under Baroda Vidyasthali loan is Rs. 25 lacs. Maximum loan Rs10 Crore
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67. SME Gold Card scheme is now available to SMEs falling within purview of regulatory definition as well as per expanded definition of our bank. In case of existing SME borrowers the criteria is A/c in standard category for last 2 yrs, obligor rating of BOB- 4 and above, working capital limits of Rs25 lacs and above

68. Fill in the Blanks:Particulars Investment in Plant & Machineries incase of Manufacturing Enterprises Upto Rs. 25 lacs Above Rs. 25 lacs and up to Rs. 500 lacs Above Rs.500 lacs and up to Rs. 1000 lacs Investment in Equipment incase of Service Sector Enterprises Upto Rs. 10 lacs Aboved Rs.10 lacs and up to Rs. 200 lacs Above Rs.200 lacs and up to Rs.500 lacs

Micro Enterprises Small Enterprises Medium Enterprises

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