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Probable Questions Building surveying

1. What remedies are in place when a contractor defaults on a contract 2. What is a bond? 3. What is a parent company guarantee? 4. What is the difference between a bond and a PCG? 5. What is CDM and whose responsibility is it? 6. What is the difference between a principle and main contractor? 7. What role does a planning supervisor undertake during the construction phase of a project? 8. What is the difference between value engineering and value management? 9. What is risk management and give an example of what you would do to manage risk? 10. You are working for a client and a contractor contacts you on the morning of the return date and states he can not make the deadline, what do you do? 11. He returns his tender and it is 100,000 less than the nearest competitor, what do you do? 12. After completing a tender analysis you realise that you have made an arithmetical error, and the tender you thought was cheapest is not the case, what do you do? 13. What would you do if a contract was returned to you from a client and the LADs section was left blank? 14. You get a certificate back from the clients QS and it has been overvalued by 100,000, what do you do? 15. The internet and telephone connections are down on site, you need to source a subcontractor how do you do it? 16. How did you go about procuring the earthworks subcontractor? 17. If a subcontractor is procured and needs an early start on site, what would you do? 18. What would you expect in a letter of intent? 19. Is a letter of intent a binding contract? 20. What are the environmental impacts of crushing concrete on site? 21. It is valuation date, and an assistant QS comes to site, you are very busy and give him the task of measuring stockpiled crushed concrete, what would you do? 22. How do you deal with contamination on site? 23. How do you deal with asbestos on site? 24. How do you value a variation? 25. Can materials be paid for off site? 26. What would you expect to receive from a subcontract if applying for materials off site? 27. What is a vesting certificate? 28. Who has to insure materials off site? 29. You receive an application for payment from your subcontractor and he has applied for

100,000 due to delay and disruption, what do you do? 30. How is a loss & expense claim assessed? 31. Relationships deteriorate on site and your subcontractor serves notice to adjudicate what do you do? 32. Who pays the costs of adjudication? 33. Is the decision of the adjudicator binding and when can you start other proceedings, arbitration, litigation etc? 34. What path can be followed to improve contractual links between parties such as clients and consultants under a traditional D & B job? 35. What is a collateral warranty and what would you normally expect to be included in one? 36. What is the role of an expert witness? 37. Why do you want to join the elite institution ? 38. A client contacts you with a request to carry works, what would you offer and what would you expect to be included? 39. What is Professional Indemnity Insurance and why do we need it? 40. Why do we need to carry out CPD? 41. You arrive on site on a Monday morning and you are informed that one of your subcontractors may have gone into receivership, what do you do? 42. You have passed a certificate for the now bankrupt subcontractor that is due to go out for payment, do you still allow it to be processed? 43. The contract that you completed at Fairford, was it part of the Defence Estates prime contracting procurement process? 44. What is the Defence Estates Prime Contracting Procurement process? 45. You are currently working on a PFI, tell us what is a PFI? 46. What contractual arrangements are in place in a PFI? 47. A client contacts you and requests that you do some work for him, he pays cash or cheque in advance, what do you do? 48. Who is entitled to the interest gained on this money before you draw down on it?
49. What should a contractor hand over at the end of a project?

50. How did you choose the contractor? 51. What was in the tender documents? 52. describe what constitutes CDM? 53. Would you carry out works for a relative? 54. What was your role as the CA/QS? 55. What are the current issues ? 56. What is a structural survey? how does this differ from a building survey? 57. What constitutes planning?

58. What constitutes building regulations? 59. Tell me what you know about collaterall warranties? 60. What does a final certificate mean to a contractor? 61. How do you go about starting a private practice? 62. Tell me what you know about the rules and regulations ? 63. What is a conflict of interest? 64. Say you had a client with a medium sized plot of land on which stood a Georgian house, what type of things would you need to take into consideration, if, for example the client wanted to redevelop the land? 65. What are LAD's and how do you calculate them? 66. Why do you need listed building consent? 67. What is the minimum level of PI cover? How is it worked out for your company? 68. Why do you need PI?